8 Skills make sex life more passionate

When speaking of sex, every couple is no stranger, but talked about the quality of sex, presumably most people will fall into thinking, how their own sex quality? Or in sex simply do not consider the quality of the problem, but very plain to complete this wonderful moment. This is certainly not understand what is the soul of sex and what methods can enhance the quality of sex life?

1, Couples bathing together

Husband and wife activities together to help narrow the distance, enhance feelings, but also increase the fun of sex. Vacation two people have more time, you can play with a bet game, sharing food, you can also bathe, wash each other for the body, enjoy each other, play, increase sex passion.

2, The temptation of sexy underwear

Do not think those expensive sexy lingerie is flashy, they really make men crazy for this. Especially with lace and chiffon underwear, can increase the sense of mystery and look forward. And so everything is ripe, both sides of the skin contact, the explosive and excitement will be more intense. Said sex skills is the common efforts of both spouses, but the sex life is not less fun with the supplies, more can not be less sexual satisfaction, so the appropriate to use “Masturbation G-Spot Rabbit AV Vibrator“, with dual motor drive, unique double shock, flow line symmetry modeling, rhythm sexy rhythm.

3, Timely shy with more passionate

If you are already familiar with each other, the sex has been no secret, may wish to try to suddenly change the style. Think about how you blushed to accept his affectionate request, so shy you will let him sex big hair. Men can ask if she can hold the porn movie together.

4, Self-warmer with more passionate

And winter cars, women in sex also need to warm up. If the candlelight, music and wine before dinner, the woman had been excited, then the process of sex is much easier climax. And her husband before the skin contact “savings” of the greater the energy of sex, the easier for women to reach orgasm. Women’s self-caressing is the best way to warm up, in addition, reading erotic novels can also lead to sexual association.

5, Ask the foreplay of desire

When the wife asked her husband, “whether you can use your face to rub your naked chest? Can you kiss your little nipple? Can you take off your pants?” When the problem is actually playing “pleading before the play.” This foreplay can make her husband in the “command” is gradually evoked, and thus enhance its combat effectiveness.

6, Light the lights more feel

“Sexual Behavior Archives” magazine published a study found that not only men in the sex concerned about visual stimulation, women will also be subject to visual stimulation. Sex can be opened before and after the lights, opened his eyes, which helps the two sides exchange, observe the other side of the reaction. In front of the mirror sex, or sexual life while watching the passion film, will help enhance the passion of both sides.

7, Master the power of the party

The traditional concept that couples in sex should be equal to each other, but the new concept has put forward, sex power can be handed over to the husband and wife control, as long as the couple can be satisfied from the sex and pleasure, who power does not matter.

8, Kiss the hand of sex life

Accept kissing ceremony is not a woman’s privilege, men also like the feeling of both hands kissed. Use the tongue to kiss the root of the mesh area, and then slowly slide up. The area as the inner ear, the sensitivity is extremely high, so you can let the man “goose bumps”.

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How can we maintain a high quality of sex life ?

How to maintain a high quality of sexual life? Any age, people want to have a happy sex life. So, how can we maintain a high quality of sexual life? The following is to restore sexual desire and should pay attention to several aspects.

Maintain the initiative of life

Perhaps the way to maintain sexuality is only to use sexuality. Many experts agree that men and women who are willing to live a long-term sexual life and maintain a positive attitude in adults may continue to be happy from sexual life, whether or not the aging process brings some change to them, Are so. In addition, there is some evidence that regular sexual life helps to maintain the function, especially the ability to lubricate, and even stimulate the production of estrogen. In the absence of a spouse, masturbation is also feasible.

Try to change

Do not let sex life become routine, should do something extraordinary. Sexologists recommend living in different rooms or re-decoration of the bedroom; at different times of sexual life, such as in the early morning when both sides are fully rest after; for sex to create a romantic atmosphere, the use of candlelight, soft music and meal There are special dinners; try to use the new couple life posture; use sexual fantasies and sexual appliances, such as the oscillator and adult love film; understand and pay attention to the spouse’s request, desire and meet him (her).

Keep optimistic

If we remain positive and optimistic about life, we can not only improve our sexuality, but also change other aspects of our lives. The more optimistic about the life of the people, the more able to adapt to life.

Keep romance

Romance is not a trivial matter, I am referring to the romantic is not a spouse for the romantic, such as dating, with a spouse to go out, prepare a dinner, go out for a ride, go to a picnic or go to the spouse do not know where to give him (her) a surprise. To be romantic to have each other to participate in, do the other side like things, so that can only make sexual fun to restore.

Use body touch

We recommend massage to the couple, so that people know how important the hand; massage is not just the traditional sense of the prelude to sex. It is not just an alternative treatment (massage use of lubricating ointment, ointment can contain small amounts of estrogen). Amenorrhea almost does not affect the acquisition of orgasm, in fact, some women only after menopause began to experience orgasm.

For men, people are concerned about the decline in erectile ability. On the whole, men do not lose erectile function, and ejaculation with age changes and change. After 30 years of age men began to worry about the erection function, they noted that the function of sexual organs and young people have been very different, but did not realize that erectile function between the different people are very different, with age and stability The In fact, the hardness and verticality of the elderly after the erection is not as normal as before, he only need to do a little longer time to stimulate the erection of the state; visual stimulation in the role of sexual arousal will be weakened.

Some causes of initiating problems

There are many reasons that can affect sexual behavior. In addition to normal age factors, but also include a variety of diseases, such as: heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, prostatitis and cystitis; wine and drug abuse; surgery, such as prostatectomy and hysterectomy; There are psychological problems such as depression, marital problems; unfortunate events of tension and personality disorder. Of course, many people have experienced these difficulties, and always maintain the initiative. However, when there are problems, well-trained experts can help, most of the problems can be successfully treated.

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19 ways to improve his sexuality

He was busy all day long and did not have time to pay attention to his own health until one day when you were gentle and found that his sexual ability was facing a crisis, it caused you and his tension, in fact, some way in daily life can make you Of the sexual ability greatly improved, which depends on you are willing to work hard!

1. Massage scrotum to strengthen male energy

Often by hand massage the scrotum, you can make the testicular blood circulation improved. As can often continue to supply the testicles to fresh blood, of course, will enhance the testicular function, improve male energy. Massage can be done once a day, every 2-3 minutes. Use your fingers to gently rub the testicles from the upper part of the scrotum. But the time is not easy too long, because the stimulus is too strong, but will make the testicular dysfunction. Massage is best once a day, to develop a daily habit than the occasional more effective.

2. Close your mind and beauty girls

Spare time or leisure time, eyesome meditation, like what? Imagine and a beautiful woman or you want to dream of “on” the woman sex, you can even imagine the specific details, this daydream is fictional, but it does make your body’s male hormone secretion To strengthen, so that your body’s sexual organs have been a small exercise, greatly improve the sensitivity of sex.

3. Exercise sexual intercourse muscle

The pelvic pelvis of the penis is called the male sexual intercourse of the muscle, in which the pubic bone mass plays a major role. Enhance these parts of the muscles, can increase the entire pelvic and penis blood supply, can promote erection, increased orgasm when the pleasure, and can help patients control ejaculation, men can also use urinary disruption to find their own pubic bone. Once you find these muscles, you can consciously exercise, the method is to imagine urinating urine. Usually exercise twice a day, each time under 15, increasing the number of shrinking daily, until once a day to do 50, on this basis, you can make a little change. Such as before the relaxation, shrink the pelvic muscles and keep for 3 seconds, adhere to this exercise for 1 month, you can generally feel the help of sexual intercourse.

4. Alternating hot and cold water bath

This is a very old way to enhance the exercise of men’s sexual function. When using hot and cold water alternate bath, it is best to maintain a certain indoor temperature, to prevent the cold, in the bath after the full warm and then out of the bathtub, to the genitals to apply cold water to be about 3 minutes, penis, scrotum contraction and then into the bathtub. So repeated 3-5 times after the end, if the daily adhere to do “alternating bath”, can be middle-aged men after the energetic, sexual function, reduce fatigue.

5. Auxiliary elements: zinc

Male semen contains a higher concentration of zinc, zinc can ensure that men’s sexual function, in addition, it also helps to improve people’s resistance to disease. It is recommended that men take 15 micrograms of zinc per person per day, the dose is for men with large amount of exercise, under normal circumstances, men only need to take the dose of 2/3 on it. However, the amount of zinc per day must not exceed 15 micrograms, because excessive use of zinc will affect the role of other minerals in the human body. 120 grams of lean meat containing zinc 57 micrograms. In addition, turkey meat, seafood, soy zinc content is also high, may be appropriate to eat.

6. Stimulate the groin tube, strengthen the testicular function

Stimulate the inguinal canal on both sides of the penis can also greatly improve sexual function. The groin is a passageway to the testicles to deliver blood and connect nerves. Therefore, it is very important to have good blood circulation in the inguinal canal. Massage the inguinal canal is to use two fingers to press the penis on both sides of the root, from the top down to stimulate the blood flow to the testicular pathways. Daily massage once, you can sleep in bed every night before going to sleep.

7. Eat more fish and seaweed

In ancient Rome, people found that fish is the ideal food to nourish sexual desire, especially shark meat, as the sex “catalyst” is still renowned. Scientific research shows that fish is rich in phosphorus, for male and female functional health care is very important, “husband and wife sex harmony,” said.

Seaweed contains more than other animals and plants. The lack of or lack of sulfur can lead to miscarriage, male sexual function decline, decreased libido. Therefore, we should always take some algae food, such as kelp, seaweed, wakame and so on.

8. Penile finger pressure to strengthen the ability

Often use the “penis finger pressure” massage penis, can effectively improve sexual performance. Method is to repeatedly use your fingers to pinch the penis. Thereby enhancing the activation of the penile nerve and blood vessels. This is like people in the cold repeatedly rubbing or fist can improve the blood circulation of the fingers, so that the fingers like red and warm. Repeated hand grasping penis can cause penile erection. Penile erection is not necessary to mind can continue to massage. Morning and evening massage in bed. Such as as a part of sexual intercourse before sexual intercourse is more conducive to the establishment of a friendly atmosphere of friendship.

9. Eat chives

Leek, also known as Yang grass, aphrodisiac, longevity leek, it is a strong growth of common vegetables. For the kidney impotence, nocturnal emission dream of auxiliary diet Jiapin, male penile erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other diseases have a good effect. Patients with leek every day to eat, or leek seed powder, daily morning and evening service of 15 grams, with water delivery service. As a result of eating leek can lead to some people stomach attack, need to pay attention to, if the oral leek taste too heavy, you can chew tea confrontation.

10. Stimulate the index finger, strong strong impotence

A serious lack of vitamin E can lead to penile degeneration and atrophy, decreased secretion of sex hormones and loss of fecundity. And malt oil can prevent and change this situation, so we should eat in their daily lives, wheat, corn, millet and other foods rich in malt oil.

11. Malt oil and dried fruit nuts delay aging

A serious lack of vitamin E can lead to penile degeneration and atrophy, decreased secretion of sex hormones and loss of fecundity. And malt oil can prevent and change this situation, so we should eat in their daily lives, wheat, corn, millet and other foods rich in malt oil.

German doctors found that in some people who often eat pumpkin seeds, no prostate disease occurs. This is because the pumpkin seeds contain a mysterious substance that can affect the production of male hormones. In addition, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts are also beneficial to sexual function.

12. Keep regular sex life

“Food color, sex also”, the ancients of the understanding of sex is extremely profound. Sexuality is human instinct, hearty, beautiful, moderate sex is always unforgettable, sexual life can eliminate sexual tension, so that physical and mental pleasure, endocrine normal, immune function can be adjusted and normal play, the normal functioning of metabolism. Experience sex to the wonderful people always have infinite yearning for sex, so sex itself is the best promoter, but it is recommended to do what it can.

13. Keep the intake of honey every day

Honey is not only rich in nutrients, but also contains gonadal endocrine, with significant activity of active gonadal activity. Appropriate use of honey every day can improve physical fitness and improve sexual performance. Especially for those who are weak and sexual function has been reduced, can adhere to take honey products better.

14. Appropriate masturbation is not a crime

Men from masturbation experience pleasure is different from sexual intercourse, masturbation will be more concerned about the feelings of the penis, if you can not carry out regular sexual life, masturbation can be replaced. Biological evolution on the point of view that any biological or any function there is “with the fee back”, sexual function is no exception, if you have no chance to regular sexual life, then masturbation it, this is not harmful, but useful, Is conducive to training your ability to control the penis.

15. Movement more can show more men’s character

According to a foreign study shows that long-term habit of sitting in the work of men, if you can adhere to participate in a period of physical exercise, their sex life will increase, the quality of life will be greatly improved. Exercise can enhance the body’s sexual reactivity, increase the coordination of the pudendal muscles, on the other hand, exercise can be the speed of the body’s blood circulation, is conducive to the improvement of local microcirculation of the penis, which Witt erectile ability is useful. Adhere to moderate physical exercise, physical enhancement, sexual function of the recession can be delayed, is conducive to reducing sexual function degradation.

16. Good contraceptive measures

If the two men do not want to immediately have children, and do not eat contraceptives, both sides have concerns about the couple, the woman is more afraid of pregnancy, so the idea can not be highly concentrated, the quality of life will be greatly reduced, if the woman in time to take birth control pills, Sets, the two sides will be no worries, energy concentration, sexual life will achieve satisfactory results, usually also interesting.

17. After sex, he should do this

Many people will immediately ignore the mutual, cast a blanket whirring sleep, in fact, this is not good, the two sides should embrace the touch, carefully aftertaste just feeling, to the body a recovery of the steps, in addition, the genitals are unhealthy parts of the human body , Sexual intercourse process, the two sides of the body full exchange of bacteria, easily lead to urinary and genital infections, so in addition to doing a good job of relaxation, it should urinate, the bacteria will be discharged within the urethra, thus ensuring the reproductive system health.

18. Let his genitals breathe freely

Some men like to wear tights, such as small jeans. Although looking very sexy, but in fact their own body is very sexy. As the tights can make the soup and testicles closer to the body, an increase of local temperature testicles, hinder the production of sperm. At the same time, tight pants tightly wrapped around the soup, so that the scrotum skin is not good at the ability to heat the test, the local temperature of the testicles will be increased; tight pants limit and hinder the scrotum parts of the blood circulation, especially obstruction of venous blood Reflux, resulting in testicular blood stasis, resulting in spermatogenic adverse. Often wear tight pants is one of the causes of male infertility. So you should wear loose underwear, so that the external genital full stretch free breathing.

19. Quit smoking, alcohol, maintenance of his sexual function

A lot of drinking will of course bring sexual dysfunction. Alcoholic poisoning, 50% of men with sexual dysfunction, this is because alcohol reduces the rate of testosterone production. In addition, chronic alcoholism may also occur nutritional deficiencies, causing gonadal hormone disorders, clinical manifestations of male gonadal dysfunction, including testicular atrophy, breast feminization, loss of libido, impotence and infertility. Smoke toxins on the human spermatogenic function, but also inhibit the role. Long-term smoking will block the blood flow to the limbs, so that the penis blood circulation blocked, and thus impotence. Tobacco and alcohol on the human body less and more harm, to maintain high-sex sexual function of alcohol and tobacco should quit, especially alcoholism.

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How to effectively treat erectile dysfunction by food?

In this modern life, male impotence seems to be a common disease, impotence refers to the man’s penis atrophy soft, can not erect, or reluctantly erection, but not held, can not carry out normal sex life, may be because now life stress Too heavy or because there is usually no good living habits may also be because of the usual sexual life in life, these reasons are very likely to lead to the occurrence of this situation, impotence treatment process is relatively complex, and The time of treatment is also very long.

First: a lot of time we are male impotence are starting from the food treatment, so usually the male diet must be very attention, can not eat some of the prostate prostate stimulating food, such as some spicy food, some stimulation Fried food is not possible.

Second: usually life is also a lot of time for the male kidney has a regulatory function, such as lamb can be used to make up the essence and blood, but also help the role of Yuanyang, there are some marine products such as shrimp, shrimp calcium content High, impotence, kidney, fill the role of fine.

Third: the stomach of the patients usually have to remember to eat some vegetables, can not underestimate the vegetables, vegetables which contain a lot of nutrients for men’s sexual function is also adjusted, for example, leek is what we often say from the grass , Can help men adjust.

Men in addition to the diet should pay attention to these, as well as in normal life is not lazy, to remember a lot of exercise every day to improve our own immune capacity, so that the male sexual function is also adjusted.

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What are the reasons for erectile dysfunction

Because people’s diet does not pay attention, it will lead to a variety of diseases, like hard to be such a disease, only early cure erectile dysfunction, hoping to form a certain role in erectile dysfunction patients, and then according to the specific erectile disorder etiology to carry out some targeted treatment, what are the reasons lead to erect not hard, here we share some experience with you.

The first is the psychological side, the patient has sexual cold or other sexual problems, resulting in erectile dysfunction. If the patient has erectile disorder, the second is the patient may have the associated primary disease

Will reduce the excitement of ejaculation center, wear underwear too tight will increase the stimulation of the head and glans, or sexual excitement by watching the yellow novel, because of these inflammatory stimulation, foreskin is too long, phimosis caused by: men if the penis is too long, some Male genitourinary diseases such as urethritis, prostatitis, fine Fu inflammation and other easy to cause erection is not hard, often occurs penis erection time is not long. Film recording caused, resulting in erections not hard and erection time is not long.

To take more about sex education, the spirit of the heart pressure will lead to male erection time is short: If the men long-term indulgence, masturbation too frequent, emotional tension, excitement will lead to increased cortical central excitement, spinal ejaculation excitement also increased, Can carry out some physical exercise, it will cause penile erection is not hard and erection time is not long. With a scientific and rational point of view of sexual life, and other patients are advised to go out more, to develop a positive and optimistic attitude of life, erectile dysfunction in patients with erectile dysfunction related to treatment.

Only the early treatment of erectile dysfunction, know the penis erection is not hard and erection time is short, these explanation hope to erectile dysfunction patients to form some help, men should pay attention to prevention. Above is the advice on some of the views of erectile dysfunction, to help patients to restore the health of the body as soon as possible.

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Improve the sexual function for middle-aged men

How can you be able to promote sexuality, and that the following methods, you may feel nothing new, but it is a good way to have no side effects.


1. Exercise can enhance the sexual function for middle-aged men

For men, the one-time behavior of oxygen consumption, rapid heartbeat, blood pressure rise, just like to climb 2 or 3 stairs. If you climb 2 or 3 stairs to blush, asthma, then you will of course can not enjoy good sex life.

So usually have more exercise, exercise and heart and lung function, in order to enjoy the beauty of good as long as the aerobic exercise can increase the ability of heart and lung are effective, such as running, riding a bicycle, swimming, play.

The human erection and the lower body of the motor nerve are closely related, but also have a strong ejaculation, must have a strong lower abdomen muscles, and the strength of the muscles tend to help, this is a serious love of people, after the feet and climbing After the same reason of soreness.

2. Relaxation can improve the sexual function for middle-aged men

The pressure is the middle-aged man “sex” the biggest fatal injury.People under pressure, must focus on dealing with, so it will cause tension, it is natural body adrenaline secretion will increase, resulting in accelerated vasoconstriction heart rate, blood pressure to cope with sudden The situation of the hair.

Adrenaline is a negative effect on male penis, because the blood vessels relax, penis can be erected, but the pressure of adrenaline increased the results, but let the blood vessels shrink, the penis naturally slump.

3. Curiosity can improve the sexual function for middle-aged men

Men should keep themselves fresh in their lives and be curious about things.

Among the many social roles, men are best kept one or two preferences, allowing some space to be able to face their own desires and setbacks.

“Fantasy is God’s best gift to mankind, especially in the physical retirement, it is a self-pursuit of life in a self-seeking,” said American sexologist, Target. “However, those creative fantasies should be tried with his wife, not to steal fishy.

4. Middle-aged man pay attention “3 do not” 

Do not stay up all night, do not smoke, do not drink. keep the law of life, is to maintain physical fitness and to prevent atherosclerosis caused by the basic principles.

5. Weight loss, treatment of chronic diseases to enhance men’s sexual function

Because of the disease (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids) caused by sexual dysfunction, there is no cure, so the most important prevention methods, or good control of the disease. Obese people suffering from these chronic diseases more likely than others, so the most good or to lose weight.

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