12 Habits Make Sexual Life More Intimate

Emotional and sexual life harmony are an important guarantee for a lasting marriage. Recently, the US “Women’s Health” magazine published a cover article, it states the following 12 habits to make partner becomes more intimate, Flirt.

1. Give praise
“I solemnly tell at least once a day her husband how he was handsome and charming. Every so doing, he will fondly gazing into my eyes.” Sex and marriage expert Mei Lisa • Chapman said, to express your companion for him appreciation, is the relationship between the most simple but magical way promote.

2. Hand five minutes a day
The survey showed that, compared with those who walked one after couples, couples walking hand happiness stronger. Walking side by side to increase the physical contact, but also increase the sharing and exchange of time, so you feel in a romantic “life together.” • clinical sexologist Charley Ferrer recommend couples holding hands five minutes a day.

3. Adhere to kiss
Sexologists Pam • Spahr said kissing people work in the morning before the day memorable, and easy to go home after work to stimulate sexual desire. The more intense the more passionate kiss, the more profound memories.

4. Say more thank you to each other
In marriage, saying “thank you” with “I love you” as critical. Studies have found each other to express gratitude to enhance marital relations boost.

5. Sleeping together
Try to keep the habit to go to bed at the same time, adhere to a month will be able to improve the marital relationship and sex life. Together they go to bed can not only increase the chances of sex, you can also chat or embracing sweet sleep. The bed was a warm haven, you can cast a good marriage.

6. Discuss the allocation of housework
If the couple are engaged in full-time work, they should have equal share of housework, do not just let one person responsible for all the housework, to alleviate their burden. Thus, the couple sex in the bedroom will be more enthusiastic, the atmosphere outside the bedroom will be more harmonious.

7. Squeezed toothpaste for each other
This sweet gesture to remind the couple that you are thinking about each other and loving.

8. Replace linen color
Take the privacy of a bedroom playing undisturbed, so two people will feel more relaxed, more intimate, sex between husband and wife will be back. Color sheets should be changed regularly, increasing the freshness, but also allow children and pets to sleep as little as possible into your bedroom.

9. Send the sweet words of love
Do not wish to send together with the love of text or pictures via SMS, e-mail and so on. This not only shows that you are thinking about each other, but also to lay the groundwork for intimacy when you meet.

10. Insists on say “good night” to each other
No matter how emotional, insisted that “good night” with each other, which is communicated to each other, no matter what happens, you cherish this feeling.

11. Watch less romance drama
Seattle psychologist Dr. Patrick Sean Hart believes watch romance drama, it is very easy to put the characters as a reference, the couple relationship have unrealistic expectations, easy repeatedly rebuffed, feeling the pain.

12. Control drink
Alcohol can seriously affect the relationship between husband and wife, also increases the risk of divorce. Love to drink, like to participate in a variety of parties, would increase the chances of having an affair, to the marriage poses substantial risks. Dr. Hart recommends that, in order to have a stable and close relationship between husband and wife, to learn to control the amount of alcohol, sensible face of emotion.

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