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Long-term premature ejaculation means have health risks

Core Tip: According to expert clinical observation, the incidence of premature ejaculation getting higher and higher, preliminary statistics, about 1/3 of married men plagued by premature ejaculation. May be more than impotence due to the negative effects of premature ejaculation, only a small number of patients come to treatment, the actual premature ejaculation male.

1/3 of married men plagued by premature ejaculation

What are the criteria for premature ejaculation? This is also plagued by a lot of men and the medical profession. Some studies suggest that the sex life of less than 2 minutes belongs to premature ejaculation, some twitching in the sex life less than 20 times the number of premature ejaculation, as well as that in the life of men, if more than 50% of the sexual activity can not women satisfaction belongs to premature ejaculation.

These the numerous premature ejaculation standards so many men feel today. Expert thought:  “I personally recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health definition of premature ejaculation, as long as both husband and wife sex life time is too short, that men with premature ejaculation problems premature ejaculation is often greatly affect men’s self-confidence, with the passage of time easily lead to sexual life time is getting shorter, followed by impotence. ”

According to expert clinical observation, the incidence of premature ejaculation is getting higher and higher, preliminary statistics, about 1/3 of married men plagued by premature ejaculation. May be more than impotence due to the negative effects of premature ejaculation, only a small number of patients come to treatment, the actual premature ejaculation male.

In this regard, expert analysis said: “The data does not mean the decline of the male physique, speaks more to the attention of female sexual awakening of consciousness and quality of life. Many patients come to treatment and his wife, communicate with them in the process, I found that many women have exchanges with girlfriends’ sex by ‘habits, such as asking each other’ you, sir, how many times a week, once a long time ‘, and then to their own husbands’ facilities pressure ‘. much nagging wife, men will naturally hurry up, take the initiative to seek medical attention. “

Male sex with sick, impotence is on the way

wholesale herbal ninety degrees,buy ninety degrees pills,cheap ninety degrees sex pillsImpotence is defined as when sexual intercourse, the penis can not get an erection or been able to erectile erection is not firm, or an erection can not be maintained, and that it can not complete the sex of the whole process of a disease.

Cause impotence for many reasons, one is mental factor, such as the feelings between husband and wife indifference, or the tense mood for some reason, can lead to impotence. If the frequency of sexual intercourse is too much, the erectile the central constant state of tension, over time, can also occur impotence. another reason is physiological reason, such as erectile central exception occurs.

Many men refuse to discuss the impotence topic, in that case, it would itself do the impotence of preventive health care.


Prevent impotence three bogey, as follows:

1. Do not be unhappy barely engaged

Some couples in the party mood is poor forced sex, not only the harmony of the lack of sex life, but also make it a bad mood to party resentment. If recurrent, will lead to the woman’s frigidity or male impotence.

2. Do not fatigue Sex

Sex life to consume a certain amount of strength and energy, mental or physical fatigue sex tend to reach orgasm, received less than a mutually satisfactory results, easily lead to both frigidity.

Especially tired after sex, it will damage to health.

3. Do not have sex sick

Are suffering from some serious organic disease, and doctors have been asked to not have sex, can not be forced to have sex;

Suffering from tuberculosis and infectious, it should avoid sexual intercourse, especially suffering from a venereal disease, can not have sex;

Sick sex, not only victims, but also passed to the lover, in fact, should be avoided.

How to get rid of premature ejaculation distress for men

General speaking premature ejaculation, a lot of people would say that premature ejaculation is not a disease, but the impact of premature ejaculation of life is quite large. The first is men’s emotional impact, premature ejaculation men always feel that they are not strong enough, not confident enough to do anything, and have brought a certain influence on the work and life. Second, premature ejaculation affect the quality of life, discordant couples sex life naturally influence their emotions, giving the men a great deal of pressure, to family happiness threat. Finally, the long-term premature ejaculation treatment can cause erectile dysfunction, and finally complete loss of sexual function, loss of enjoyment of life of the power.

1. Both husband and wife to correctly learn to master the relevant knowledge, understanding reaction physiological differences between men and women, to eliminate misunderstanding, a proper understanding of the need for skills in the sexual life.

2. To spare caress before intercourse,  make woman enter the exciting period first even plateau, easier to meet the requirements of the woman.

3. Change the time of intercourse, general sex life in the evening, but if you change it when you woke up, physical fatigue has been released, energetic, Chewable chewing gum flirting believe will be to improve the quality of intercourse.

4. Wearing double condoms can reduce the sensitivity of the penis, prolong ejaculation time. Reduce the penis twitch amplitude and speed and reduce the sexual stimulation of the penis, woman take the initiative to cater to the action, to achieve orgasm as soon as possible, in order to the satisfaction of both parties.

5. Man can disperse attention to the sexual intercourse, such as eye off the woman transferred to the penis feeling to think about other issues, or even count, will help delay ejaculation.

6. Occasional premature ejaculation, the woman ought to comfort, understanding, caring man, gentle help man to overcome fear, tension, feeling of guilt, should not complain, blame the man.

7. Aggressive treatment may cause a variety of organic disease of premature ejaculation, find out the cause and prescribe the right medicine, for example you can use Vegetal Vigra to enhance male sexual ability, it is the best Herb Supplement; You can use Ying da wang to increase the penis size, it can makes penis bigger and thicker, prolongs coition time; and the super hard, it can increases blood flow and vascularization to the penis, fundamental to avoid the occurrence of premature ejaculation.

Coordinator good interpersonal relationships, family relationships, as well as the relationship between husband and wife, to feel comfortable, strive to create a warm, family atmosphere and quiet sex life environment. Each act of intercourse do not have tension and anxiety, the more intense the more thinking “tonight can not premature ejaculation”, but more likely results strengthen the psychological implications of premature ejaculation.

How to choose a healthy weight loss product

Experts from the World Health Association survey that: the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands last year, women who do lose weight action taken women mentioned five kinds of ways to lose weight (increase the amount of exercise, weight-loss drugs, diet, use of professional weight equipment, surgical liposuction), weight-loss drugs products accounted for 93.2%, more than half of taking the health food consumers.

Secretary-General of the World Health Association recommends that in choosing a weight loss health food, pay attention to the following points:

First, select government departments approval number.

Weight loss health food must be related to the State Food and Drug Administration or the Ministry of Health issued health food “national food and health word” national food and health into the word “or” Wei Jian fresh word “symbol.

Second, careful selection of product advertising excesses.

Some weight loss health food advertising product can not be objective and true description, it sounds incredible, exaggerating the publicity of the suspects. Of these products, it is best not to buy.

Third, do not use the underground factory production of three non-product.

Fourth, look carefully at the product manual.

Buy health food weight loss should pay attention to see whether its formula containing hormones. Hormone-containing product is easy to cause endocrine disorders, leading to other complications. The same time, see the instructions on the mechanism of weight loss products, to ensure that the product is safe and effective.

So is the choice of the best natural medicine hormone diet pills, such as Lida, the meizitang Series (Meizitang, New meizitang, MSV) they are pure Chinese herbal formula, good results and no side effects.

Fifth, as far as possible, choose the brand products.

Large enterprises overall strength of strong, targeted product development, high level of skills, and improve service. Therefore, the quality brand name products is thus guaranteed.

How to lose weight for students

Students in school, the purpose is to learn knowledge, but the child can not sit up all day. Sitting for all days the children will in poor health, and is easy to gain weight. Now, adolescent obesity, indeed plagued children and families. Well, for school children how to lose weight free? Today, together to share it.

Tip 1: Run or trackwork in the morning
The students do not like running up in the morning, or operation, in fact, this perception is wrong. For students, the morning so simple physical exercise is no better. Because it allows your body’s physiological function is activated, make your breathing becomes fun. This also allows you to maintain a slim body. Of course, obese children can also lose weight, albeit slowly, but very healthy.

Tip 2: Drink plenty of water
For students, stay well hydrated is also very critical, so that can not only help detoxification, but also make their own body to remain active and slim. Many students do not like to drink water, think drinking water to the toilet, and the body will become puffy. In actual fact, if you drink, then you can not only keep good mechanism, but also contribute to weight loss. The right to drink water, drink boiled water or mineral water, rather than those beverages.

Tip 3: Place to run
In school, there is no much time to go for a run or exercise to lose weight. No, not the case, the students would prefer the school and the students in the classroom yatter, is not willing to stand up and find a place where no one, or stand up while talking to students, while running in place exercise, if you insist every day practice in this way, then you will not only get their own health, but also to achieve weight loss results .

Tip 4: Climbing stairs
Health and weight loss experts have pointed out, stair climbing is a good way to lose weight. For the students. Not fixed to stay in the classroom, but class, and climb the stairs, the sports movement is excellent thing. Thus, not only can lose weight, but also make you exercise a muscle to. Do not bother to do some special action, as usual climbing stairs is the same way. This movement, suitable for those big ass girls use.

Tip 5: Walking
If your home is far from the school or the need to act and when not too far away, do not with the transport, but make good use of his legs. As long as you adhere to a daily walk way, it will have the effect of weight loss. Remember, at noon in the home half an hour after dinner went to school, they begin a uniform way, Remember don’t half-hearted walk, but uniform ground to walk, there will be effect.

Please note rebound after weight loss

“I lost 10 pounds, YEAH!”
“I rebounded 12 pounds, the tragedy!”
The dialogue above each of the people who lose weight will encounter classic scenes, In fact, almost every one of the weight loser have experienced the powerful weight rebound. Once doctors statistics obese people to participate in a weight loss camp weight loss results, found that more than 90% of successful weight loss eventually bounce back. In other words, the weight loss is not difficult, the hardest part is how to maintain the weight, prevent rebound. What are rebounded risks?

The dangers of rebound:
1. Disrupt the nervous system is relatively stable, lower body immunity.
2. Increase the risk of heart disease, weight fluctuate too much too often, the heart will be difficult to adapt.
3. Rebound to make people lose weight and lose confidence in themselves, that it can not control the focus of life, mood swings.

What is the reason for the rebound? Usually rebound, there are three reasons:
The first one is the wrong way to lose weight, minus the water rather than fat, as long as a stop adding water, the weight will naturally rise again, this phenomenon is most common in taking weight loss products diarrheal crowd. More seriously, not only to lose weight results in vain, will cause great harm to the body, such as electrolyte imbalance.

The second is not to achieve weight loss cycle. The fat is in memory, it will resist changes in the outside world to its development as much as possible to the original form. Some people lose weight initially a little effect, to achieve the purpose of weight loss, stop weight loss, not knowing that this time it is decided to lose weight the success of the critical period. Usually exercise to lose weight is pay attention to the course of treatment, do not reach the required course of treatment, the fat will take the opportunity to rebound, weight loss efforts come to naught. Metabolic cycle is three months, each month has a different purpose of weight loss, the first month is to allow the body to adapt to the needs of the weight loss (some people may not feel too obvious), the second month sprint to lose weight, the third months is to maintain weight loss three months indispensable, can not just leave when it have a little effective.

The third is the most common bad habits. Thought you was a successful weight loss once and for all, overeating, never exercise, the absorbed energy consumption does not go out, how could no longer gain weight?

Once you know clearly why it easy to be rebound after lose weight ,you know how to do to always keep a good shape in the future. Hope our articles can bring you some benefits in keep in shape.