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How can you increase the size of your penis?

Before thinking about how you can increase penis size and why you feel the need to do this, you should know that the size you are given is down mainly to the genes you inherit through your ancestry. This is normal and natural, just as in your overall size in general. Everyone is different and you will grow to whatever size you should be.

Men are more concerned about their own penis size than their partners are, and the concerns are most often unfounded. If the penis is 2 inches or longer it is big enough to perform any sexual activity from procreation to pleasuring your partner. Technique is more important than size.

If you think there is a problem with your genitals, check with a urologist. More than likely, there is nothing wrong.

Boys’ penises start to grow during puberty achieving between 2 and 5 inches (5 – 13 cm) in length. They will continue growing until approximately the age of 20. If you are under 20 you may still experience some growth naturally. The average adult man will have a penis size of 5.1 – 5.9 inches (13 – 15 cm) erect.

The oversize penises seen in pornography are not the standard. The producers seek out actors who are above average size. Some of them are accidents of nature, just like having a freakishly large nose. Others are not real. Fake body parts and trick photography are common in porn production.

Literary descriptions are also generally inaccurate. Writers on the subject tend to be men; they also tend to describe their wishes rather than reality. “Letters to magazines” are an example of such fiction, as is much of what is written on the Internet. Men often lie about penis size to flatter themselves. This makes surveys less than reliable.

The following are the known enlargement methods:

Surgical penis enlargement usually takes the form of implants for increasing girth or severing of the ligament that attaches the base of the penis to the pelvis for added length. This is major surgery done on an in-patient basis with general anesthesia. As any surgery, this is risky. The results are not always what people expect. A common side effect of the ligament severing is inability to control direction of the penis. Sometimes during surgery nerves can be severed and all sensation in the penis can be lost completely.

Generally, doctors will only do this in cases of severe deformity or trauma.

Non-surgical enlargement methods are various forms of stretching by hand, mechanical device or attachment of weights and the use of vacuum pumps. All of these carry the risk of severe trauma and potential loss of sexual function if done improperly or excessively. The inner tissues of penis, the corpora cavernosa, are fairly delicate and can be damaged. The gains are seldom dramatic.

Hand stretching, also called jelquing, is probably the most harmless, as a person will likely stop before hurting himself. However, there is no medical evidence that it is effective for anything beyond pleasuring oneself.

Traction by use of weights or mechanical devices can add some length, but it is not a permanent effect and will reverse if the practice is discontinued. Excessive traction can tear penile tissue which may negatively affect the ability to achieve erections and deform the penis. Also, if the attachment is too tight it can impair blood circulation. This can lead to scarring, loss of sensation, and, in extreme cases, necrosis of tissue, which requires surgery to treat. Untreated, it can be life-threatening.

Vacuum pumps do not produce a permanent enlargement effect either. They are really just sex toys. They can, however, cause permanent deformation of the penis due to scarring if the suction is strong enough to break blood vessels.

There are no pills, creams, powders, or drops that will make a penis grow larger or longer. The emails offering these are scams and the advertisements are lies. These “medicines” are usually not tested for safety, either. At best, there will be no effect whatsoever. At worst, you can develop an allergic reaction or get poisoned with substandard ingredients.

There are no “miracle foods” that affect penis size. Vegetables are good for you, but for completely unrelated reasons.

Other considerations
It should be noted that one thing that affects perceived penis size is excess body weight. Having “extra padding” will conceal some of the length of a penis. Getting some exercise and improving your general physical fitness is the best way to improve your sexual performance and length. A healthy diet would definitely be helpful in this.

Masturbation does not affect penis size one way or the other. The penis is not a muscle and cannot be exercised.

All natural Lv Shou weight loss diet pills

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Green slim (Lv Shou) diet pills main raw materials are cassia, Coix seed, Alisma, Poria, lotus, arrowroot, suitable for people with intractable constipation, stomach bulge, workplace obesity, local obesity. So what are side effects of green thin? To prevent side effects how?

Green thin all-natural, the new formula, no diarrhea, no fatigue, no dizziness! Thin green is a day of natural plant extracts, so it is no side product! Green thin more easily absorbed, more professional, higher performance! Green thin enhance weight slimming effect, targeted slimming, mainly for arms, thighs, waist and so easy to accumulate fat in places that make dieters less excess body fat, fat factor shorten the residence time in the body, the body of excess fat absorption and accelerate fat metabolism, promote human metabolism, and decomposition, burn body fat, while reducing the activity of enzymes, control and calories into fat absorption, inhibit fat accumulation and then reach full slimming effect, which Xiangshou which to lean, arms, thighs , abdominal fat all are clean clean, every move with confidence, and light energy.

Overall, lv shou diet pill helps the body excess fat extraction and discharge, effectively achieve weight loss results. Choose the right according to their own conditions amount to arrange a good time, generally do not have side effects. However, to note that pregnant and lactating women, children disabled. Have severe high blood pressure, heart disease, physical shortcomings point disabled. If you drink a resistance, to stop the medication, and recommended to the hospital to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Taking pills period, tea coffee, snacks high in calories and less fat snack, drink 8-10 glasses of water during the cold physiological disabled, herbal preparations separated application. Because lv shou aromatic glycosides containing soap, some people will emerge after taking dry mouth, mild fatigue, sleep time shortened phenomena, just drink plenty of water or you can take the next day the first six days.

Tomato weight loss pills vs Reduce 15mg weight loss pills

Below to introduce two kinds of best effective reducing weight medicine.

Tomato weight lose pills:


Tomato plant weight lose pills have long-term weight control (weight loss, weight maintenance and prevention of rebound) effect, which can inhibit the absorption of fat, allowing you to easily lose weight without dieting.

Reduce 15mg:

Reduce 15mg      reduce 15mg

Reduce 15mg pills with the stomach through the gastric lipase and pancreatic lipase intestinal cavity part of the formation of the active serine covalent bond, to inactivate enzymes, which play a role in the treatment of obesity. And its side effects are very low, you can rest assured that taking. through the stomach lipase and small intestine inside the lumen of the activity of pancreatic lipase serine form covalent bonds, enzyme inactivation, which play a role of the treatment of obesity. And its side effects are also very low, can rest assured that taking.

Vast number of friends to pay attention to bad habits lead to obesity, good disease control. Develop good habits, to keep us healthy and slim body.

How can you lose your stomach fat?

How can you lose your stomach fat?
Lose your stomach fat

Here various contributors have provided excellent tips about how to lose your stomach fat:

Body fat accumulating around the stomach is caused by certain eating habits. In other words, consuming too many refined processed carbohydrate. Refined processed carbohydrates are a major cause of excess stomach fat or fat accumulating around the abdomen, insulin resistance, heart disease, and many diet related diseases. If you are unsure what these foods are, you will find a list further down this page, listed in the Sources and Related Links section.

Therefore, you need to reduce or eliminate (apart from the occasional treat) refined processed carbohydrate and replace those foods with ‘fat burning’ foods. Take full advantage of the thermic effect of fat burning foods. If you are unsure what these foods are, you will find a list of fat burning foods, and more about the thermic effect, further down this page, listed in the Sources and Related Links section.

It is simple fact; as deliciously addictive as refined processed carbohydrates can be, our bodies were not designed to eat them. Our ancestors did not have them in their diet, but they did have fat burning foods. Those ancestors were fitter and leaner. The diseases often referred to as diseases of Western civilization, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, dental caries, and others, became pervasive in the twentieth century primarily because we consume too many refined processed carbohydrates.

The reason you are accumulating fat is that you are giving your body so much carbohydrate that it not only does not burn body fat but it actually stores fat (mainly around the abdomen). Once you significantly reduce the amount of carbohydrate that you consume, your body will begin to “burn” fat and you will lose the fat stored around you stomach (and elsewhere if you have it). Carbohydrates, whether simple carbs or complex carbs, become sugar when digested. Eating refined processed carbohydrate foods is like eating concentrated sugar.

In addition to the above dietary changes, you need cardio exercise. A cardio exercise plan is an excellent way to lose stomach fat (and body fat elsewhere). Cardio can be such things as brisk walking, jogging, running, cross-country skiing, steep hill biking, and trampolining, etc.

Moreover, the best way to burn more calories and build firm muscle is through cardio exercise plus weight training (if you are able). Nonetheless, you can still achieve good results even if unable to weight train. To get you started, you will find free cardio plans — one easier plan, one harder plan, one intense plan, further down this page, listed in the Sources and Related Links section.

If you follow the information given above, and use the lists from the Sources and Related Links section, you will know what to eat and what to avoid on a daily. From there, simply follow the instructions and maintain a balanced diet that is low in carbohydrates and lower in calories than the calories burned each day. Eat smaller meals, several times per day in order to avoid food cravings. You will not be eating more food; you will simply be spreading it out. That way your body does not think that you are starving and begin consuming muscle instead of fat. Our bodies love to hold on to a certain percentage of fat. If we go too low, then our body starts to tear down our muscle — an effect that works against us.

You may wish to get a training partner or a fitness trainer if you can afford it (a worthwhile investment). With or without a fitness trainer, using the advice set out on this page, and the links to the free plans and programs given in the Sources and Related Links section, you will have an excellent eating and exercise plan and you can achieve your goals.

For example, you can do cardio activities like walking or jogging thrice weekly and weight training twice weekly. You may also wish to add abs exercises. It is important to get sufficient rest and recovery on non-exercise days. Keep a “diary” of your results. Get inspired and set your mind to it.

If you opt to do weight training and cardio, weight training should be first, then cardio. Weight training requires quick and immediate power sources (carbs are burned easily). Cardio will use leftover carbs if any, then go to fat burning, which is a more complex energy source. Cardio does not demand the quick burn of energy weight training does. If you weight train after cardio, then your body burns protein, which is your muscle.

In summary, to lose your stomach fat and to avoid body fat accumulating around your abdomen in the future, you need to engage in cardio exercise, limit refined processed carbohydrates and replace those foods with fat burning foods. Add weight training if your are able. Even without weight training you can still get good results if you strictly follow the other guidelines.

Oftentimes, our genes dictate where the fat goes. Spot exercising will build the muscle but it will not enable you to lose your stomach fat. Avoiding refined processed carbohydrates and cardio exercise will do that. One other point to remember, the older you get the harder it is to achieve a defined stomach. You can still do it but you may need to work a little harder.

So, for the free list and plans to show you how to lose your stomach fat:

1. List of Foods that Speed Up Metabolism (and how to use them),
2. List of Refined Processed Carbohydrates (to avoid or strictly limit),
3. List of 15 Fat Burning Foods (to replace refined processed carbohydrates), plus more about the thermic effect of these foods,
4. Free Cardio Exercise Walking, Plan 1 (the easier plan),
5. Free Cardio Exercise Walking, Plan 2 (the harder plan),
6. Free Cardio Exercise Running, Plan 2 (intense plan),
7. Fee Weight Training Workouts (these are suitable for males or females, young or old, from beginners upwards),

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Can Male Enhancement Pills Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common, but not inevitable symptom of aging. Lifestyle, healthy habits and commitment to regular sex all contribute to man’s ability to produce wood, whether he’s 30 or 90.

But erectile dysfunction persists, in bedrooms and homes around the world. Seniors and men with erectile dysfunction pounced on Viagra upon its introduction in 1998. Cialis and Levitra entered the fray in 2003, as competition.

Recently, consumers and men with erectile dysfunction are turning to male enhancement pills. This may surprise observers, but it’s not unforeseen, nor undeserved. Natural male enhancement products use botanicals and nutrients used for centuries, to boost sex drive, increase semen production, and among other things, to treat erectile dysfunction.

Can male enhancement pills treat erectile dysfunction? And if so, are they as effective as prescription pills, like Viagra?

Prescription ED pills work. Of that there’s no confusion. They’re popular too. Some estimates claim that up to 20% of American men over 40 have tried Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction. Prescription pills aren’t without side effects, mind you, including headaches, nasal congestion, vision impairment, and in rare cases, heart attacks.

But a recent study notes some interesting findings about ED prescription pills, and more specifically, the men who use them – they’re three times more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease.

The study, conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Medicine, analyzed the insurance records of 1.4 million study participants from 1997 to 2003. The study didn’t include information about the participants’ sexual behaviours, but rather looked at their private insurance claims, and highlighted some surprising results.

STDs among older adults are rare, at about 1 in 1,000 adults. But men who used ED prescription pills contracted STDs, especially HIV and chlamydia, at three times the rate of men who didn’t use prescription pills.

About 40% of men ages 57-85 suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction, and as the researchers noted, people age 50 and older are one-sixth less likely to wear a condom, and one-fifth less likely to be tested for HIV compared to people in their 20s.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that prescription pills are, by definition, drugs. ED prescription pills don’t address the underlying issues that cause erectile dysfunction, they merely give the ability to produce an erection for one “session”.

In other words, ED prescription pills attract a large market of men looking for a quick fix, many of whom don’t practice safe sex.

This brings us back to male enhancement pills. We’ve heard them mentioned in passing, and we’ve been spammed many times with promises of “penis pills”. Are they legitimate, and are they safer than Viagra?

Clearly there is evidence that shows that some male enhancement pills work. In a recent clinical study, users of VigRX Plus reported a 62% improvement in ability to produce and sustain an erection. Common ingredients in male enhancement pills include damiana, ginkgo biloba and muira pauma. All of which have been used for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction and boost sex drive.

ED prescription pills versus male enhancement pills appears to be a case of modern pharmaceuticals versus ancient wisdom. But there’s more to it than that.

Male enhancement pills don’t provide the immediate gratification of prescription drugs like Viagra. They take about three months to deliver best results and haven’t entered mainstream acceptance quite like the little blue pill.

But male enhancement pills, while slower to act, deliver the nutrients, amino acids and botanicals to the male reproductive system and address the root cause of erectile dysfunction. Where prescription pills give temporary pleasure, male enhancement pills elevate sexual health, so that you’re always ready to go.

To look at it another way, ED prescription pills give the ability to have sex. Male enhancement pills give the desire. And with that, reduced erectile dysfunction. Without a prescription, or the lingering effects of men who use prescription pills.