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What causes the male impotence?

what causes the male impotence? A large part of our male friends have impotence happens, just a difference in degree, not only feel hurt face, but also in front of the other half is suppressed, then the male impotence is what causes it? How to determine whether they have the impotence it?


How to determine whether they have the impotence ?

1, For patients with mild symptoms in terms of: the basic requirements to maintain normal, stimulated by the opposite sex or masturbation quickly after erection; penile erection, but not hard, low frequency of sexual activity, sexual pleasure was okay, but the erection during intercourse not lasting, and sometimes need help hand into the vagina.

2, Moderate symptoms: decreased sexual requirements; irritating sensitive areas or by heterosexual sexual stimulation, not immediately after erection; often not erect penis during intercourse, or erectile hardness is not strong or very poor; significantly reduced the frequency of sex, sexual pleasure significantly diminished, but not lasting erections; intercourse the penis into the vagina can not; erection angle less than 90 °.

3, Severe symptoms: either irritate sensitive areas or heterosexual stimuli, masturbation and so can not cause any reaction, libido disappeared, no life, pleasure, sex life basically stopped.

Well, what causes male impotence ?

1, Urinary diseases atrophy: some male friends also be complicated by urinary disorders appear impotence. Such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, epididymitis, varicocele, etc. can often lead to impotence. Because elderly patients is part of prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia and cause impotence.

2, Alcoholism Smoking: men with heart disease smoking and drinking can easily cause erectile dysfunction, and half of the people after years of abstinence failed to restore erectile function. Nearly half of patients with depression sexual indifference.

3, The age factor: male friends increases with age also cause impotence, with age, the likelihood of occurrence of impotence is very large, of course, not all elderly people will impotence.

4, The spirit of factors: male friends at a young age if psychological trauma, or lack of knowledge married with psychological stress and anxiety, or marital discord, or bad habits, such as masturbation excessive force, thus leaving the sensitivity of the penis reduce stress, thinking overburdened, etc. can cause impotence; fatigue, poor mental stimulation, sexual excess, etc. can cause brain function disorders and impotence.

5, Drug factors: male long-term use of certain drugs may also endanger the male sexual function. Some male friends, he found himself can not lift it up will produce fear, anxiety, paranoia and other phenomena, so blindly taking impotence drugs. As everyone knows, it is these drugs enhance the difficulty of treating impotence. After the discovery of any disease, it must be implemented immediately for treatment.


Which circumstances prone to premature ejaculation ?

Sexual dysfunction is a disease that is great, premature ejaculation is one of them. Many complications of this disease. Bring great harm to the patient, then under what circumstances prone to premature ejaculation, here to tell you about:

premature ejaculation

Which circumstances prone to premature ejaculation ?

One, In general, patients with a history of masturbation is to occur in patients with premature ejaculation because of masturbation in the course of their parents for fear of being discovered, psychologically and causing panic, slowly will cause hasty ejaculation, which led to premature ejaculation ; there is a patient in premarital sex, fear of pregnancy, and my heart was too nervous, so excited fast shoot something else, can easily lead to premature ejaculation.

Two, Under what circumstances prone to premature ejaculation, prostate patient if the patient ‘s disease, it is needless to say, premature ejaculation is normal ; also some patients due to normal life and work pressure, or a long- separated husband and wife, but no longer had sexual relations, this time demanding too much will increase premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation and some patients are very concern, intends to reduce the number of sexual intercourse, making constant mental stress accumulation, aggravated premature ejaculation ; some patients because of less the opposite sex, the relative lack of sexual knowledge, and women together when comparing binding and shyness, there is a strong sensitivity to sexual organs, premature ejaculation caused panic easily.

Three, Some patients at the right time for intercourse ejaculate see particularly heavy, by the ” one drop of semen, ten drops of blood,” the impact would be worried that sex will harm your body. Excessive fear it will cause premature ejaculation, but excessive indulgence makes sexual function disorder, also can occur premature ejaculation.


The three kinds of self-massage for prostatitis patients

Prostatitis is a common male diseases, in addition to actively cooperate with the clinical treatment of patients outside, but also make the necessary self-massage to achieve an effective adjuvant therapy purposes. So, prostatitis patient self-massage, what does? Next, we take a look at this knowledge.

The three kinds of self-massage methods prostatitis patients:

1, head massage

The body’s forehead with a lot of points, such as the prostate with holographic point and a lot of the efficacy of acupuncture Tiaoshen Shugan, so parts of the right forehead massage can effectively improve the treatment of prostatitis. Simple and effective method of massage such as daily fortune to the top of the head once gently comb the hair.

2, lumbosacral massage

Effective human lower back massage can affect the prostate has a dominant role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic, Yang Shen is a traditional method, the specific methods, such as massage and scrub palm rubbing, until the local thermal sensation can, prostatitis is an effective auxiliary massage treatment.

3, cullen massage

Body supine, with navel as the center, looking around the small joints and, or throbbing, the sound of water present site, rub with your thumb tap, which can effectively improve the body’s gastrointestinal function, help the body sleep, and to promote prostate blood circulation, prostatitis local pain have a good supporting role in mitigation.


How to prevent impotence effectively ?

Impotence is a common clinical and multiple diseases, harm, so many men in order to better avoid the generation of the disease, all want to know how to prevent impotence effectively, impotence so what does, for that matter, I give the following recommendations, hoping to be helpful.

How to prevent impotence? Primary prevention of impotence are the following recommendations:

1, Use caution: avoid taking or stop taking drugs may cause impotence. As a result of illness must take certain drugs should try to choose those that have no effect on sexual function of the drug.

2, Eat dog meat, mutton, sparrows, walnuts, bullwhip, Yang Shen, etc.; zinc foods such as Vitex Dayton, beef, chicken liver, eggs, peanuts, pork, chicken, etc., containing arginine foods such as yam, ginkgo, frozen tofu, Calligraphists fish, sea cucumber, squid, octopus, etc., all help to improve sexual function.

3, When the man in fever, fatigue, mood such circumstances arise, or a stage of temporary impotence, mostly a normal inhibition, physiological fluctuations do not create extra burden of thinking man, the woman should not complain consequent, blaming, in order to avoid self-fulfilling prophecy, causing impotence.

4, Physical weakness, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress lasting mental, are risk factors, should be actively engaged in physical activity, enhance physical fitness, and pay attention to rest, to prevent fatigue, adjust the function of the central nervous system imbalance.

Through the above description I believe we have more understanding. Experts suggest that the majority of male friends, should actively prevent the occurrence of impotence, take part in sport, to develop good habits and avoid bringing more impact.


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What are the methods of male premature ejaculation care?

Premature ejaculation is a male sexual function obstacles of a performance, premature ejaculation is a blow for a man who will also affect the normal feelings between husband and wife, in fact, do some proper care as soon as possible to help cure premature ejaculation condition itself, but we methods of care, but do not know much, then, male premature ejaculation care what method?


Care of premature ejaculation, how to do with good effect ?

1, To prevent spicy, smoking, alcohol: Premature ejaculation as a common multiple Nankejibing in eating habits is the need to pay special attention, in the care of patients with the disease so that it can also allow patients to eat more food to write a kidney Qi You can also eat more seafood, soy, fish and other foods yang fill in fine, to quit drinking, to develop good habits and eating habits.

2, Should be actively Intervention Sports hone: If you want to completely get rid of premature ejaculation problems, the necessary physical exercise is essential, patients also need regular wholesome participate in some sports activities, such as listening to music, gym, etc., to Note conditioning sentiments, enhance physical fitness and so on.

3, For the sex life should correctly understand and treat: Premature ejaculation is a common male disease, male patients should be properly treat the disease, patients should pay attention to sexual restraint, but also pay attention to sexual health, get rid of masturbation habit, let the couple understand the nature of education, awareness premature ejaculation meaning. Patients also have to build confidence, to know that patients with premature ejaculation treatment methods, but with a positive attitude with the treatment. The best choice for a quiet couple intercourse, comfortable environment, to prevent noise and noisy.

If a long premature ejaculation situation, it is necessary and timely to the regular hospital for treatment, many patients with premature ejaculation because without a good face to the hospital for treatment, or because the occasional premature ejaculation on the back of a heavy psychological burden, not only premature ejaculation become more severe, but also cause impotence erectile dysfunction, male best friends so common understanding of the dangers of premature ejaculation, attention from the disease, the treatment of the disease early.