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Do you know the best time of skipping weight loss?

Abstract: Skipping can lose weight, and is a very good exercise to lose weight, but you want to lose weight by skipping thin out, it is necessary to grasp the best time to jump rope to lose weight. You know the best time to lose weight skipping it? Do not understand it does not matter, now we take you to learn to understand.


Skipping is not strange for girls. Because this is not only a good exercise to lose weight, but also helps rid the body of toxins. However, some girls may feel Skipping not how effective, really better to eat some diet pills to the quick. There is such a feeling is not followed because the girls skipping the best time to lose weight. What? Best time to jump rope to lose weight? Was only followed the best time to lose weight skipping, jumping rope to lose weight will have effect.

The best time to lose weight of skipping

If you go to the gym, gym coaches believe it makes the ladies skipping aerobic exercise. Skipping to make the chest and buttocks excess fat disappear leaving pectoralis major and gluteus maximus become strong and elastic, so make your firm plump breasts and buttocks.

Frontal attention in skipping warm up exercises. I have seen many ladies desperately look up on the jump rope, the results did not a few die. To know it is to lose weight, physical examinations are not in school. Warm-up exercise is to look at the activities shoulders, wrists and knees and other parts.

There is skipping the stretching action is equally important. In particular, some ladies often doubt yourself skipping over the calf will not thicken. Of course, if you do not make the necessary stretching after skipping, will grow muscles. I’m not scared of you.


Skipping steps

1. People stand up straight, one leg backward step forward as far as possible, to keep the sole ground, keeping the leg straight behind the front legs bent, body vertical. Arms and try to pull back. Adhere to 8-12 seconds, switch legs to do it again.
2. People to stand up straight, one leg stretched forward and keep straight, legs bent, body slightly stretched forward, his arms stretched front. Adhere to 8-12 seconds, switch legs to do it again.
3. People stand up straight, shave one leg, hand grabbed the shoes, as close to the buttocks. To maintain balance hips, knees together, upright leg slightly bent, difficulty maintaining balance, if any, can hold on to a wall or chair. Adhere to 8-12 seconds, switch legs to do it again.
4. After skipping the body try to relax, take a deep breath 5-10 times, then do it again at the stretching. But now do, every movement insisted 15-30 seconds. There can be few more difficult movements Cadogan, can play for free, such as the following chart action and so on.
5. Adjust breathing again, relieve various parts of the body, but do some leg rope action to prevent nasty calf muscles grow.

Skipping not less than four times a week but not more than 6 times, generally need to have a day of rest and reflection, thereby improving faster. Every time control skipping between 30-100 minutes, too little will not achieve fitness results, more than two hours of overtraining also cause extreme physical fatigue.

The method according to adhere to skipping a day, allowing you to easily jump out of a good figure. So what, from now on you skipping weight loss program.

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Winter weight loss sunbathe more sun, can effectively control the appetite

Abstract: Many women are gaining weight in winter, in order to lose weight fast can not neglect the winter, then winter, how to lose weight, what weight loss methods it uses? It might more sun Research found that only allow winter sun to warm up the body, and health effects?! excellent, but also help us to control appetite.


Low winter temperatures, you will often feel sleepy, fatigue, depression, decreased physical activity; If hiding at home every day, do not go soak up the sun, it will stimulate the desire for sweets, hot drinks, carbohydrate etc. In addition, Christmas, New Year and other festivals and let everyone do not pay attention on eating and drinking, this, winter is indeed a relatively fattening season.

However, one study found that in winter the sun can not only protect our body’s yang, is conducive to health, more surprising is the ability to help you lose weight !

In fact, the human body has a way to stimulate the ” fullness ” feeling secrete serotonin chemicals – serotonin, the warm winter sun, you can prevent the precipitation of this serotonin, resisted the urge for food and greed, to appetite control effect. Even under the irradiation of artificial light in the morning, but also to control your appetite. Of course, if the nest on the sofa all day watching TV, this will lead to the secretion of serotonin reduction will not only increase appetite, mood will become depressed, to enter into the state of a vicious cycle.

What time of day the sun contributes most to lose weight?

There are three most suitable period of time in the sun. The first stage is 7:00 -9:00 am, this time the sun’s infrared prevail, low UV, people feel warm, comfortable and soft, you can play blood circulation, promote metabolism, helps in weight loss.

The second stage is 9:00 – 10:00 am, the third stage is 16:00 -17:00, in both time periods, a time when the UV-A light prevail, can promote blood circulation, accelerate weight loss, but also can promote intestinal absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and promoting normal bone calcification, enhance physical fitness.

However, experts explain, 10:00am – 16:00pm, in particular 12:00am – 16:00pm this period of time, not a long time in the sun. Because when the sun’s ultraviolet rays are B and C light beam prevail, not only no effect on weight loss, but also damage the skin.


Sun can not get in the office how to do?

If you work in the office building carrying sun, or your position is not a window, without adequate sunlight. Then you can choose the sun went down after lunch or a walk together and colleagues.

But need advice, although it is winter, but still remember to put on sunscreen, and time should not be too long. Because lower temperatures will result in a corresponding concentration of ozone in the lower atmosphere, less security barrier, seemingly strong ultraviolet radiation damage will be a great role. And experts say the red lethal radiation waves have a strong UV absorption, so wear red clothes in the sun would be more conducive to healthy weight loss.

How to prevent premature ejaculation before sex ?

Many male friends would ask, is there any way to prevent premature ejaculation occurs before sex life? In fact, the correct understanding and treatment of sexual life, understanding the meaning of premature ejaculation, can often prevent normal misinterpreted as premature ejaculation, eliminate unnecessary worry and tension, build confidence. Proper understanding of the need for life skills for the prevention of premature ejaculation helpful.


First, to maintain a good mood can prevent premature ejaculation

Before sex life the normal emotional life or not, have a significant impact on the speed of ejaculation. Emotional and tense, often lead to premature ejaculation. Each sex do not have stress, anxiety, the more intense the more thinking “Tonight can not premature ejaculation”, the results due to the strengthening of the psychological implications are even more likely premature ejaculation. Sex action too much, enhanced stimulation intensity, often accelerated ejaculation, so to bilateral cooperation.

Second, bring a condom during sex to help prevent premature ejaculation

Wear condoms during sex not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies, for the prevention of premature ejaculation can also help. Condoms can reduce the penis glans are stimulated to avoid early ejaculation. Also, drink a little bit nervous in front of the reception paralysis sex, play a role in the prevention of premature ejaculation. But still want to emphasize moderation, excessive drinking is no benefit.

Third, to avoid masturbation, sexual restraint, have contributed to the prevention of premature ejaculation

Avoid masturbation, sexual restraint, have contributed to the prevention of premature ejaculation. It has been argued that the occurrence of premature ejaculation in a few hours after sex life again, before one-time use of the inhibitory state after living to delay ejaculation, treatment of premature ejaculation, but that hinder health, can not often use this method.

Fourth, premature ejaculation is not only focused on health care, and active treatment

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Functional impotence treatment

General male friends went to the hospital to check out often belong to functional impotence impotence, male friends suffer from functional impotence ratio is very high, the current method of treatment of impotence into drug treatment and self-regulation.

Impotence is divided into functional impotence and organic impotence two kinds: organic impotence refers to the body’s organs appeared organic pathological changes caused; functional impotence is the body’s organs did not happen organic changes, impotence, just as each species causes the body pathologic reflex caused.


Symptoms of functional impotence:

1. The penis is not fully erect or erection is not firm, that it can not complete a normal sex life.
2. Young people due to the emotional exchanges and inadequate sexual partners or sexual habits do not agree, and the emergence of anxiety and impatience with impotence.
3. The occasional occurrence of impotence, the next time life is completely normal, it may be caused by temporary stress or fatigue, are not sick.
4. Impotence, although frequent, but in the early morning or masturbation penis erection can be maintained for some time, mostly caused by psychological factors.
5. Impotence and persisting progress, mostly caused by organic disease.

Functional impotence of self-control

1. Contraindications alcohol and tobacco. Long-term smoking, excessive alcohol will make harmful substances such as alcohol and nicotine on sperm, testicular and peripheral vascular adversely affect the reproductive organs, which will lead to impotence.

2. Moderate medication. Many drugs will have side effects, one in favor of remission, on the other hand will affect physiological functions such as blood pressure lowering drugs, sedatives, antipsychotics, diuretics can cause physiological desire is low, so patients should impotence moderate medication.

3. Adhere to exercise. Do jogging, swimming, hiking and other sports can enhance the ability of the heart to the sex organs of blood, blood and more erectile capacity will be enhanced.

4. To lay down the burden of thinking. A brief physical impotence is no need to worry all day, this is just temporary. In fact, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and other living under poor environmental conditions is entirely possible that a temporary impotence, patients should maintain a good attitude.

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Mood fluctuations for male impotence is a major incentive

One big reason is also the ups and downs of male impotence mood. In this regard, perhaps many of my friends still do not understand it. Today let me tell you about.


Prolonged depressed mood may cause male impotence, once repressed emotions will cause the loss of passion for life, negative, or even between husband and wife sex life uninterested.

Male impotence is also true, impotence patients in life often must shoulder the psychological pressure overload and long shrouded in the shadow of depression, work, life has been affected.

After the men who have feelings of impotence and vulnerability will feel the sky is falling down, like men suffering from male impotence easily lead to depression. Male impotence complicated with depression. Patients with impotence caused by anxiety, low self-esteem, marital disharmony, all of which easily lead to depression. Conversely, depression and many drugs can cause male impotence treatment. Male impotence and depression have become common in both diseases of modern man, and attendant, reinforce each other, creating a vicious cycle.

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Select the appropriate way to treat impotence

Impotence is the most common male sexual dysfunction! Occasional sexual intercourse 1-2 times failed, can not believe that is suffering from impotence. Only during intercourse failure rate of over 25% can be diagnosed as impotence. Got impotence how to treat it?

How to treat impotence? Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is defined as when there is sexual desire, the penis can not erect or erection is not firm, or an erection, and though there is a certain degree of hardness, but can not keep enough time for sexual intercourse, and thus hinder the completion of sexual intercourse or not. Two of congenital impotence rational and disease, the former is rare and difficult to cure; latter is more common, but the cure rate is high.

How to treat impotence? Some do not have to treat.

Impotence in men is not only a friend of damage physical level, there are often brutal destruction of the mind. So, how to treat impotence it? There are many types of impotence, erectile dysfunction is not all need to be treated.

Clinically, the following types of impotence is no need for treatment, only after appropriate psychological adjustment to:

1. Due to the emotional exchanges with young sexual partners or sexual habits are not sufficient is not uniform, but appears anxious and irritable and accompanied by impotence.
2. Impotence, although frequent, but in the early morning or masturbation penis erection can be maintained for some time, mostly caused by psychological factors.
3. The occasional occurrence of impotence, the next time life is completely normal, it may be caused by temporary stress or fatigue, do not belong to the disease.

How to treat impotence? Choose the right impotence treatment.

Occasional sexual intercourse 1-2 times failed, can not believe that is suffering from impotence. Only during intercourse failure rate of over 25% can be diagnosed as impotence. Got impotence how is it treated? Most cases of impotence are treatable, mental or psychological impotence is also temporary, as the spiritual and psychological solve the problem, plus some treatment necessary is completely curable.

Treatment of impotence as the case may be, suffering from impotence should go to hospital for examination and treatment, and made it clear that the condition in detail, so ask your doctor or identification of mental impotence organic impotence, scientific treatment is the best treatment for impotence methods.

If the patient is always normal erection when waking in the morning may not be organic impotence; If impotence is sudden, we must consider the spiritual impotence; If the onset is slow, and gradually increase the length of time, you should consider are organic impotence.

Spiritual impotence can be used to eliminate some adverse psychological factors, be positive psychological treatment, and strengthen publicity and education of knowledge, enhance physical exercise, improve physical health, impotence will heal.

Organic cause of impotence should be checked after taking medicine or surgery will be supported prosthesis implantation treatment.

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