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The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat – 2

7. For people who want to lose belly fat, you can choose an alternative drink soft drinks it?
According to the American Heart Association’s “soft drinks and other sugary drinks are the largest source of dietary Americans added sugars.” Added sugars means more heat, do not forget the heat is the leading cause of obesity and abdominal obesity, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is now gradually replacing the processed sugars in soft drinks, but is still considered resulting in the current obesity epidemic potential risk factors. Although some studies have suggested that people choose soda in energy restricted diets to help lose weight, but other studies have shown drinking soda may cause weight gain.

8. We should eat more foods containing dietary fiber to control high waistline growth?
Want to reduce waist size, you should increase the intake of whole grain foods in the diet. For example, substitute white rice with brown rice, processed foods often leads to weight gain, is not conducive to weight loss. A study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition display rich in whole grain foods and controlling overall calorie intake of dietary patterns, obesity can reduce abdominal fat and reduce waist circumference.

9. Compared with women together to form more abdominal fat men do?
Overall, men more likely to store fat in the abdominal area than women, which may be different for men and women concerned with sex hormones. 40 years ago, women may be more likely in the hip, thigh fat storage, after 40 years with the decline in estrogen levels, body fat redistribution and accumulation in the abdomen.

10. Abdominal fat than the rest of the body fat harder to lose it?
Weight loss during the middle of the effect of the general body would be more apparent. Reasonable weight loss plan can burn off fat, of course, here also include abdominal fat. The best way to control or reduce the waistline is a healthy diet and regular exercise combined.

11. Sit-ups and other strength exercises can reduce abdominal fat it?
Do sit-ups or other exercises can help you increase the power of the power of the core muscles, but this movement usually is not much action to reduce abdominal fat. In other words, strength training can reduce abdominal fat. The only way to reduce abdominal fat (or all parts of fat) is through diet and exercise. Running, swimming, cycling and tennis aerobic exercise for fat loss is very effective.

12. Abdominal obesity can lead to diseases?
Abdominal obesity is particularly serious damage to the heart, studies show accumulation of abdominal fat associated with heart failure, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Further risk factors for abdominal obesity or osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, colon cancer, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and other diseases.

13. What is the best way to lose belly fat is?
Most studies show that choose to fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, beans, nuts, lean meat, fish eggs and poultry-based dietary patterns, can provide a variety of nutrients the body needs, by limit energy intake, can achieve fat loss purposes. Weight loss experts suggest that, in addition to adjusting the diet, should also be combined with 5-7 days a week, 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise every day to be able to achieve better weight loss results.

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The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat – 1

lose belly fat 1About annoying belly fat, you must have a lot of questions about why you only gain fat on waist? Why can not afford to cut down the waist fat always? What is the best way to lose belly fat? Consider the following content, we summarize the follow ways to lose belly fat.

1. Abdominal fat more harm than fat elsewhere in the body do?
The accumulation of abdominal fat and other parts (hips, thighs) greater accumulation of fat on the body harm. Abdominal obesity and a lot of serious health problems related such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Are overweight or obese, as well as too much fat will accumulate in what parts of the body, in part determined by genes, but more is caused by poor lifestyle.

2. Fatty foods such as butter, cheese and fat, leading to abdominal obesity culprit it?
Eating high-fat foods is certainly not helpful, but the root cause waistline growth and abdominal obesity are excessive intake of calories, irrespective of the type of food you eat. About abdominal obesity, there is still not a single cause can explain genetic, diet, age and lifestyle all play a role. Changes in eating habits can help you reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat, such as reading food labels before purchasing food, reduce saturated fat intake, increase intake of fruits and vegetables and foods with a reasonable attention and control food portions.

3. Heat and calories from alcohol than other sources make it easier for fat accumulation in the abdomen it?
As long as excess heat, whether from alcohol, beverage, or an excess of food, can increase abdominal fat. Our body needs energy, it is the same in terms of standards, alcohol contains calories and fat close. In our view, it seems that with the increase in waist circumference of alcohol are closely associated, generally speaking, it is because when you consume alcohol, your liver will be too busy to bring alcohol to burn off excess calories, without empty calories of fat to deal brings, which will lead to “beer belly” occurs. Studies have shown that alcohol can also affect hormone secretion and make you feel hungry.

4. What type of fat can not only lead to weight gain, but also can be transferred from other parts of body fat to the abdomen?
Wake Forest University researchers found that the United States trans fatty acids can increase the amount of abdominal fat, and the rest of the body will lead to redistribution of fat in the abdomen. The following foods may contain trans fatty acids: margarine, desserts, cookies, crackers and fried snack foods.

5. Want to lose belly fat, you can choose the kind of food?
According to the study of the Journal of Nutrition, drinking green tea combined with exercise, can help you reduce weight. The researchers believe that catechins in green tea may activate the body burns calories and reduce belly fat. Blueberry may also have such effect, in a study in rats for study in a group fed with high-fat diet, the other group blueberry mainly based low-fat diet and found that a large group of feeding blueberries rat lower incidence of abdominal obesity.

6. Why eat fast food often leads to abdominal obesity?
Many alternative fast food is usually high in fat, high in calories and can easily make you unconsciously eat more. These are what we eat fast food often causes abdominal fat accumulation and weight gain. Many fast food restaurants do not provide nutrition information, but research shows that once customers have access to these nutrition information, they are more likely to choose low-energy food.

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3 Ways For Prostatitis Prevention

Prostate specific locations in which the decision should not be sedentary men should stand. Because prostate sedentary always be oppressed, so that the micro-circulation is blocked, blocked duct obstruct, is not conducive to its growth and metabolism.

1. Regular exercise, do not sit long time

Prostate specific locations in which the decision should not be sedentary men should stand. Because prostate sedentary always be oppressed, so that the micro-circulation is blocked, blocked duct obstruct, is not conducive to its growth and metabolism. Experts found that in the treatment of patients with an interesting phenomenon: men suffering from prostate disease, often standing work of workers, farmers, small shop assistant proportion, while the higher white-collar workers, clerical staff, drivers, postmen, the proportion of mental illness one of the reasons is that these people sit too long. Many people long desk, and lack of physical exercise, resulting in a high incidence of prostate disease and long difficult to cure. For prostate health benefits of sport is to enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, resist the evils of prostate intrusion, resist bacteria damage.

2. Insist on regular sex life

One day an expert in Chinese medicine Cao Yong opened outpatient clinics, met a 30-year-old young men. He readme urinary frequency, urgency, perineal bulge, and is accompanied by backache, insomnia, depression and other illnesses. After a medical examination found no special exception. Experts asked him: “? Harmonious married life yet,” the young man who said, “My wife went to study abroad for 10 months.” Experts immediately understand, he suddenly stopped because of sexual life caused by nonbacterial prostatitis. Originally, his age is in the sexually active period, when the natural release of energy in human factors encountered forcibly terminated, prolonged lack of sex life, secretions siltation, expansion of the tissue edema gland acinar between lead aseptic inflammation of the prostate appears. This case tells us: regular sex life, is essential for men to maintain prostate health.

3. Quit smoking do not drink

The prostate is an organ of tobacco, alcohol and spicy foods very sensitive. When the smoke and alcohol toxins into the blood flow through the prostate, telangiectasia, congestion, increased exudate cells and tissues, cell edema, swelling prostate is stimulated get larger. Therefore, people with chronic prostatitis smoking, after drinking, will soon feel the perineal bulge, testicular referred pain, urethral itching symptoms. After a drunken man, the prostate can require 3-5 genius oozing tissue fluid absorption, restore the original state. Repeatedly smoking, drinking, eating spicy food, make prostate edema, hypertrophy increasingly difficult to eliminate, causing its function is impaired. So, once suffering from acute and chronic prostatitis man, but this should cherish their gonadal organs, try to avoid stimulating it.

Usually Eat Apples Will Effectively Protect Prostate

Apple is the most common life of a fruit, but there are a lot of therapeutic efficacy, chronic prostatitis is often guilty man small problems, sometimes even without medication, as long as the diet, plenty of rest, these symptoms will disappear . At the same time, we might eat more apples, which helps protect the prostate.

Many parts of the country began to use Apple’s therapeutic for the treatment of prostatitis, it is because Apple can improve the situation of zinc deficiency in patients with chronic prostatitis, while zinc is an important component of sperm.

Compared with medication, drug efficacy Apple is more significant than zinc, and has a safe, easy to digest and easy to absorb the characteristics of patients. So, a friend might be suffering from prostatitis eat more apples.

Eat apples can improve male sexual performance. Zinc deficiency of male accessory sex organs when a significant change, the quantity and quality of sperm have some adverse effects. The prostate is a source of seminal plasma zinc, and seminal plasma zinc can provide energy for sperm motility.

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6 Kinds Of Weight Loss Ways Most Easily Rebound

6 Kinds Of Weight Loss Ways Most Easily ReboundUsing the wrong way to lose weight, not only in the process of lose weight is very painful, difficult to stick to and even cut down, it is easy to rebound. The following six kinds of weight loss method most likely to bounce you avoid it?

Single food lose weight, bounce rate: 95%

Many girls eat a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes to thin, can actually see good results in the beginning. Unfortunately, however, the rate of single complex fat foods is the highest. Single foods usually only one or a few simple nutrients, the body’s metabolism because of the complete nutritional intake is less than reasonable, and the gradual degradation of the body of the function may gradually become bad. Prolonged use of this method to lose weight girls, the menstrual period will receive the impact. And because the body’s uptake has been disorder, eat a little light on other things very easily gain weight.

Fight rebound method: balanced nutrition

Which is the most important health and lean? Surely everyone will choose the former. Faced with such a high bounce rate, the recommended intake of MM or to try some other foods, such as fish, mushrooms, vegetables are good food to keep fit, but remember that as long as the intake of fat, lean approach is not only cucumbers Oh, and tomato.

Do not eat oil lose weight, bounce rate: 90%

In all nutrients, the fat calories indeed is the highest and most easy to get fat, so weight loss has been treated as the enemy. But oil is not completely intake, otherwise the skin will become dry and hair, nails are easy to break, even if the result is lighter weight, there will not be a good rosy color.

Fight rebound method: replacement of edible oil

If you really care so much oil, and hope slimming effective, so try not to choose animal fats, unsaturated fatty acids can choose some olive oil. And the ingredients, for example, do not eat chicken skin, pork into thin, etc., so that, in order to thin beautiful from the inside out, thin health.

Of course, if you lose weight after eating and drinking nothing to worry about, no matter what you use to lose weight that is sure to rebound. So be sure to pay attention after a successful weight loss exercise and diet control.

Low-calorie foods lose weight, bounce rate: 70%

Summer weight loss, the biggest enemy is a high-calorie. So some low-calorie foods, such as mushrooms, tofu is very popular. Although these foods really good for the body, but the same as the single-food diet, the body will fully stand this harsh torture. Once the body’s intake of nutritional balance is broken, the complex fat will go hand in hand. Moreover, some beverages, although already stressed zero calories, sugar which can not be ignored.

Fight rebound method: control sugar intake

Calories just represents heat, for more cold weather, keep your body heat is certainly very important. So, want to keep fit, control sugar intake is very important. For some drinks, high-sugar foods such as fruits turn away from it.

Intense exercise to lose weight rebound rate: 30%

Weight loss is not difficult to see some girls to sweat in the gym. But after doing intense exercise, the body’s fatigue and powerlessness are very strong. And usually after intense exercise, in order to heal fatigue, hungry MM who will unconsciously eat a lot of food to add strength. Also, because it is very hard to do strenuous exercise, often it can not last long, not perseverance slimming course will quickly regain it.

Fight rebound method: regular exercise

Exercise to lose weight in mind and not wrong, just need to adhere to the word. So people want to lose weight exercise to keep fit requires a reasonable diet and moderate exercise, this is the golden rule is to lose weight. Regular exercise, moderate aerobic exercise can not only help lose weight, more sculptural body curve, so that the original baggy fleshy have become tight again.

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Prevent Impotence Methods

1Impotence is not only can not enjoy sex, the more important point is that serious harm to a man’s health, and cause great harm to the hearts of men. If you drag a long time without treatment, the consequences will lead to infertility. So do not suffer from impotence before, please have the usual preventive measures.

Expert analysis prevent impotence need to do the following:

1. Regular physical activity: the body is the capital of revolution, usually free from work, much to exercise, enhance physical fitness, enhance the body’s metabolism, avoid fatigue, which can preventative dysfunction.

2. Eliminate psychological factors: For once failed, do not have too much pressure, the woman should be more comforted the man, the couple more exchanges. Do not worry yourself, during intercourse daring to do what he wanted to do, to enhance their confidence and believe in yourself can do it.

3. Moderate sexual intercourse: sexual life, especially young married couples, sexual intercourse more frequently, even twice a day, this is not good for the man’s body, will make a man exhausted, in the back of intercourse, will be in a “weak” stage, as it will lead to man impotence.

4. Quit alcohol: We all know that men smoking, drinking, poor health, but it is addictive, in fact, it is OK to drink alcohol occasionally, but do not drink too much, it is best to quit, so good on sexual function.

5. Marital relations: both in ordinary life, but also frequent exchanges, increase feelings of men to women so that more of a desire to care, there will be one kind of love, the kind of man would stimulate desire in sexual intercourse , will be very invested, so their emotions, but also plays an important factor for sexual intercourse.

The above describes how to effectively prevent all relevant content impotence, hope that we can do in life, so that you can reduce the incidence of impotence. If you find that once they have signs of impotence, such as weak erection, erection is not firm, should go to hospital, do not have luck heart, procrastination will only make the condition worse.

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