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Simple And Effective Postpartum Recovery Gymnastics

Postpartum Recovery Gymnastics

Postpartum recovery gymnastics, if the situation is good for pregnant women, postpartum first day you can do the proper stretching exercises, and strength to pregnant women themselves most comfortable state prevail. Then you can slowly increase the intensity, were shaping.

Postpartum recovery gymnastics, to pregnant women, the state itself is the most comfortable subject:

From the first day of the first week postpartum start, you can practice the three sports.

First, the pelvic floor muscle exercise. This is an exercise squat and stand up slow motion.

We can according to their own physical strength, try to do a few times a day. This exercise can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, childbirth if you have stitches, it can help you heal wounds.

Second, foot pedal movement. It can improve blood circulation and prevent leg swelling. Ankle forced the legs bent upwards, and then bent down and repeated practice.

Third is to do exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles. When tightening the abdominal muscles breath, maintaining a few seconds and then relax.

From postnatal day 5 onwards, if you feel good, you can do abdominal exercises pressed. Lying in bed with two pillows shore head and shoulders, legs bent and a little apart, his arms crossed on the abdomen above. Then when you lift the head and shoulders, exhale and gently press with two hands on both sides of the abdomen, the sides of the abdomen pressed together. Maintain this posture for a few seconds, then inhale and relax. Repeat three times.

The first two weeks postpartum, you can gradually add some exercise. Each movement must be repeated several times, but you have to feel comfortable as a limit.

Backward bending motion. Sit up straight, legs bent and slightly apart, arms folded on his chest. Then exhale, while tilting your pelvis slightly forward and backward curved body slowly until you feel the abdominal muscles are tightened up. In case you feel comfortable, try to keep this position longer. In the hold phase, you can take a normal breathing pattern. Then relax, inhale sat, ready during the next practice.

Bent forward movement. Sit on a flat, legs bent, feet slightly apart, hands rely on the thigh. Breath, raised his head and shoulders, the body stretched forward, so that his hands across his knees as possible, if your hands start not touch the knees, it does not matter, continue to do so. Done inhale and relax.

Lateral swivel movement. Lying in bed, his arms flat on the sides of the body, two hands are closer to the outside of both thighs. Head slightly raised, body deflected to the left, the left leg sliding arrive. Then sit, then repeat the action to the right, the left and right sides of each successive 2-3 times.

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Symptoms Of Premature Ejaculation Also Have True And False

Symptoms Of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the man most taboo sexual dysfunction, and the disease was widespread in men. Premature ejaculation is a sexual performance in general that is the beginning of ejaculation, sexual intercourse before ejaculation, or even a normal sex life. Statistics show that China has about 25% -35% of men suffer from varying degrees of premature ejaculation. However, premature ejaculation, also took part in the original “true”, the majority of male friends not real ones trying everything.

From time to determine whether the performance of premature ejaculation

Observe whether there is premature ejaculation performance, the key is to maintain the best time to observe sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation clinically generally divided into mild, moderate and severe. If sexual intercourse is not more than 3 minutes, or more than 50% of sexual activity can not allow the woman to achieve orgasm, premature ejaculation belongs mild; when the penis into the female private parts, less than 15 times the continuous twitching or not more than one minute they ejaculate, are moderately premature ejaculation ; penile erection if not already ejaculation into the female private parts, or enter twitch will not ejaculate, it belongs to severe premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation performance is not necessarily “true”

Premature ejaculation performance is very obvious, the patient can generally be judged. But precisely because of this, leading to a lot of male friends too nervous. Premature ejaculation actually took part in “true” is not quick ejaculation, sexual intercourse with a short time to really “premature ejaculation.” Due to psychological, environmental and other factors, premature ejaculation is normal between accidental phenomenon, male friends should not be plunged into negative emotions, so that turned out to be false premature ejaculation premature ejaculation will become true.

False premature ejaculation generally have these types of performance: as fatigue prone to premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse; first sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation often appear when the wedding or reunion; men are basically the first contact of premature ejaculation; spirit too tight or too much excitement appears premature ejaculation. However, if the exclusion of the above factors, over a period of time is still ongoing circumstances beyond our control ejaculation occurs, there may be lesions, this true premature ejaculation should be treated promptly.

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Mens Eat Celery Can Boost Sexual Drive


Antihypertensive effect of celery is well known, for hardening of the arteries, neurasthenia also adjuvant therapy. However, its most significant effect is to promote excited. U.S. publication “Always Healthy Ten Steps” proposed for men, celery is “vegetables Viagra”, has a good help effects.

Celery is known as “husband and wife food”

Nutrition experts have pointed out, is a kind of nutrient-rich celery, has a certain role in health care and medicinal value of vegetables. 100 grams of celery contains 2.2 grams of protein, calcium, 8.5 mg, 61 mg of phosphorus, iron 8.5 mg, and rich in carotene and vitamins, protein content 1 times higher than the average of fruits and vegetables, about 20 times the iron content of the tomato .

All along, the antihypertensive effect of celery is well known, for hardening of the arteries, neurasthenia also adjuvant therapy. However, its most significant effect is to promote excited. West once the celery is called “couples dish”, the ancient Greek monks had to be ranked as fasting, mainly because celery contains the male hormone, can stimulate the male. U.S. published a new book, “Forever healthy ten steps,” which has a chapter suggested for men, celery is “vegetables Viagra”, has a good effect to help sex couples drinking celery juice together more harmonious.

Nowadays coincided with the fall in the original part of the harvest season, there are a lot of men find themselves the situation “in that respect,” but much larger than the other seasons, so very upset. Some experts have analyzed the hot summer months makes loss of appetite, lack of sleep, mental nervous, the body’s energy consumption is also large. The fall of temperature is moderate, it is easy to have a lazy feeling. Sleep sleepy summer compensation is excessive consumption generated a protective response, but many men and therefore enter a “rest period”, ED is often at the moment, the incidence is higher than other seasons. Data show that 1102 cases of ED patients, there are significant seasonal variation were a total of 772 people, and its distribution is: Fall 386 people, accounting for 50%; summer 116 people, accounting for 15%; spring 39 people, accounting for 5%; winter 231 , accounting for 30%.

Experts said that the ED in addition to drug treatment, but usually you can to supplement missing in this area through food, celery is a good choice.

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What Factors Lead To Loss Of Libido

Loss Of LibidoLong-term loss of libido not only affect their emotions, often the specific physical and mental condition of the reaction, it should be taken seriously enough, to timely health check, identify problems and timely solutions. Libido determined to rational factors, there are organic abnormalities, often accompanied by impotence, premature ejaculation, semen and other sexual dysfunction. Libido by regulating hormone levels, as well as by the impact of social, family and other ambient factors.

Factors leading to loss of libido:

First, the emotional factors: sex should be carried out under the psychological state of pleasure and joy. If the psychological barriers and many other adverse factors affecting the long-standing, can lead to loss of libido. Secondly, as long engaged in heavy labor, especially mental also cause loss of libido.

Second, disease factors: suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system, the emergence of discomfort during sex, thus inhibiting sexual desire, such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis. Others, such as endocrine disorders, a variety of systemic chronic diseases, is also due to the male hormone too little or metabolic disorders affect libido.

Third, drug factors: long-term use of certain drugs can also cause low libido.

Loss of libido symptoms: loss of libido in marriage or sexual relations patients, often suffer from psychological, mental burden of both sides, the wife of the normal sexual life because of the requirements have been repeatedly rejected and abandoned sense and lovelorn, lonely mood, the husband can not meet due to his wife’s sexual demands and feel guilty, these problems make the marital discord, sexual problems increased.

Libido by regulating hormone levels, as well as by the impact of social, family and other ambient factors. Relatively large individual differences in sexuality, different even if the same person, the level of sexual desire with age, mental state, physical health, living conditions, nature of work, marital relations, such as different manifestations.

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Proper Physical Exercise Can Prevent Impotence

Exercise Can Prevent ImpotenceMale dysfunction, including decreased libido aspects (sensory disorders), erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, sexual disorders. According to global health statistics, the problem of sexual dysfunction in men has been as high as 40 percent, the country accounted for more than 30% of global, the data show: male friend sexual dysfunction problems can not be ignored. So male dysfunction prevention, how to be better friends preventive dysfunction happen?

Continuous, adequate physical exercise and outdoor activities will be good for you, insist on daily exercise, mental tension can be adjusted or neurohormonal disorders. Medical experts point out that exercise is not only beneficial to the human heart, but also beneficial to human sexual function. Convention, moderate exercise can prevent impotence, preventive dysfunction. Even middle-aged men began to exercise, can reduce the risk of impotence to some extent.

Physical exercise program varied, which items to men’s sexual function advantageous? Men should pay attention to physical exercise project selection, walking, swimming is good exercise, but riding a bike is not suitable for men, because it would increase the chances of suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Although increasing physical activity may be effective in preventing male dysfunction, but only by physical exercise is not enough. Because the cause of male dysfunction varied. Male dysfunction prevention better approach is to develop good habits, ban alcohol and tobacco, appropriate psychological pressure adjustment and mitigation and so on. Mental factors are the main cause of sexual dysfunction. Psychological treatment is particularly important. Families of patients should be kept strictly confidential, so in the spirit of the treatment of impotence. And carry out the work, so that patients eliminate ideological concerns, feel comfortable, and establish the confidence to overcome the disease.

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Remember Five Points Prevent Ejaculation Inability

Ejaculation InabilityEjaculation weakness is that many male patients are often overlooked symptoms of sexual dysfunction. The so-called weak ejaculation is ejaculation during orgasm but found there is not enough power to the phenomenon of semen into the female vagina. It could be argued, the more forceful ejaculation, sexual pleasure is stronger; weak ejaculation, sexual pleasure is decreased, resulting in decreased sexual quality of life. Inability to ejaculate often also secondary to loss of libido, impotence and other sexual dysfunction.

The total number of male patients suspect that their inability to ejaculate, which leads to infertility. In fact, fertility and sperm quality, velocity, quantity concerned, and it does not matter how far can shoot. The real weak ejaculation is rare, some may be weak and powerless about the pubococcygeus. Prevent ejaculation weakness, should pay attention to five aspects of life.

1. Avoid ejaculation, inability to pay attention to sexual lifestyle. Especially in the life of a temporary ejaculation, the penis should speed up the frequency of pumping and friction, plus substantial. Intercourse halfway, the wife can be more stimulating her husband, in order to improve the man’s excitability.

2. Excessive sexual life can also lead to ejaculation weakness. Therefore, a conscious abstinence, one of the important methods to prevent and overcome weak ejaculation.

3. Eliminate all adverse psychological inability to ejaculate prevention activities. When sex life to “traveling light” and can not have unnecessary concerns and worries.

4. Eat spicy, spicy food, have repeatedly let prostate congestion, prostatitis organic disease may lead to weak ejaculation. Therefore, we should try to eat or not eat.

5. Preventing ejaculation and weak, should pay attention to exercise, in order to enhance physical fitness, prevention of other diseases.

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