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How Long Is The Best Time For Exercise To Lose Weight ?

How Long Is The Best Time For Exercise To Lose Weight

Some people think that exercise to lose weight, not less than one hour. Those who adhere to this view became less than one hour movement excuse, “since I insisted less than one hour, then just give up training” excuse. The basic principle of weight loss is to make the body’s energy intake is less than energy consumption, thereby “owe” forced consumption of energy through the body of excess subcutaneous fat. Simply, it is to eat less and exercise more.

Long is an important factor related to the efficiency of weight loss during exercise. Body heat energy supply comes from three substances are fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Wherein the carbohydrate and fat as the main body of the fuel, a small part of the protein is also used as fuel for energy, but more protein in the post-exercise muscle tissue as a repair material. The proportion of the consumption of these substances depends on your training methods. Short-term high-intensity training, power projects, weight training and other large load short training programs tend to use carbohydrates for energy as a substance, which to consume glycogen and muscle glycogen based. Low load long continuous project, its fat for energy ratio will be greater than carbohydrates.

There is an extreme case, is to consider what is the main material for the busy stay in bed and playing on the computer when? Sleeping and playing on the computer are low load prolonged continuous “activity”, its energizing substances, the proportion of fat occupies more than carbohydrates. Note, however, this does not come to bed and playing on the computer can lose weight conclusion. Because these activities resting calories burned too gross, so basically would not achieve the role of weight loss, but can increase the risk of obesity effect.

The next error is common sense, “to lose weight, not less than one hour.” Although long would such a long time one hour sports remain high proportion of fat consumed. But there are two factors that affect weight loss campaign, the first one is a unit of time calories burned, and the second is after exercise “afterburn” effect. By two factors change and the same can be achieved in less than a good weight loss long within one hour during exercise. Calories burned per unit time is derived by multiplying the total training time calories burned, science high intensity interval training can create a greater than or equal long aerobic training of the total calories consumed in a relatively short period of time.

There are two ways to lose weight. You can choose a long aerobic training, such as jogging, cycling, continuous swimming, aerobics and other low-intensity long continuous training, each time greater than at least 20 minutes long, generally greater than 40 minutes. If your time is limited, weight loss programs can also take high-intensity interval training, the training is typically less than 40 minutes. Another factor is the effect of training to upgrade. Do not be scared when the one-hour long training, you can train every five minutes from practicing; the next training plus 30 seconds, can unwittingly added to half an hour, 40 minutes, and even more than one hour.

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10 Details Add Vitality For Sex


1. Responsible for their own sexual pleasure. Mainly for the wife, the wife has the right to make their own sexual pleasure initiative requirements. When the spirit of good, poor health, you should politely refuse her husband. In sexual life, to find their own pleasure for themselves, and try to make her husband understand their needs.

2. Harmonious everyday life contribute to a happy sex life. Daily life, mutual care between husband and wife, mutual understanding, strengthen their emotions, harmonious atmosphere, the best way to enhance intimacy.

3. The changing nature of life. Long-term in a way, prone to boredom. The two sides should continue to innovate, you can try different times, different environments, different conduct locations, different posture.

4. Do not wait for an orgasm. Women in difficult to reach orgasm, try other sexual lifestyle, such as self-touch stimuli, see some painting with sexual content, etc. This might be helpful.

5. Should be appropriate sexual fantasies. In this way, both sides can increase sexual pleasure.

6. Do not discontent into sex. If for a moment quarrel, sulk and whine, etc., but do not fit in the life of the other party, or suspend sex life, sex life will give future risks.

7. Sex questions to promptly consult an expert. If the problem is one of the sexual aspects, must not shy and suffer in silence, otherwise it will bring more family troubles.

8. Do not bottom in seeking perfection. Some people (especially men) always expect every time life is perfect, otherwise not blame the other side is to blame. To know, is an expert in this area is difficult to achieve a perfect bottom in.

9. Do not put a momentary sexual failure too seriously. Men’s temporary impotence, female accidentally reach orgasm are normal, do not always bear in mind, in order to avoid anxiety, tension, etc., to the subsequent negative impact on sexual life.

10. Create a harmonious sex environment. Happy and harmonious environment for the degree of sexual life has a positive role in promoting. Messy room, noise interference, no isolation facilities, etc., will seriously affect the quality and quantity of life.

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What Behaviors Can Easily Lead Men Premature Ejaculation?


The cause of premature ejaculation is very complex, generally considered more with the spiritual, psychological factors, is due to the brain caused by sexual excitability enhancements, some patients are too sensitive because of the penis or certain diseases caused.

Ignorance and lack of sexual experience. Up newlyweds seen in this case, especially in a period of honeymoon couples, premature ejaculation is very common, this is due to lack of knowledge newly married couples, sexual life are not good grasp each other’s psychological and physiological characteristics, lack of sexual experience, with a lack of understanding each other etc., and likely to cause “bridal chamber” where unpleasant. Some men may be due to one or several of the sexual failure, resulting in a heavy psychological pressure, causing a series of fear, anxiety and other psychological factors to induce premature ejaculation; some men a long time to indulge their feelings, indulge in sensual being also can induce premature ejaculation.

Psychological factors. Predominantly male spouse to be too strong feelings, so the ability to control ejaculation for casual ejaculation reflex diminished or lost. For example for his wife too worship and admiration, hoping to be able to show themselves in the life of man power, let his wife get the greatest satisfaction, but often did not, the more hope to perform well but the more worse, stress, anxiety, guilt sense, worry intercourse failed, but let the male quickly defeated; the opposite situation easier to understand the feelings of his wife weak, fear and hostility, or another new love, sex within marriage cite only payable, and thus want to quickly rush to resolve “fighting “and, eventually develop a” service “quick habits.

Poor sex life environment. In an inappropriate time and place, to select an inappropriate sexual partner to have sex, often because of fear of being discovered others factors such as the emergence of excitement, irritation, anxiety, anxiety, fear and other emotions, leading to a variety of problems, the premature ejaculation is a problem of the more prominent men at this time because of the difficulty of self-control and often leads to premature ejaculation, such as premarital sex and sexual intercourse situation can cause premature ejaculation.

Lack of reproductive knowledge. Some temporary does not plan to have children couples, for fear of the sexual life of his wife pregnant, her husband will therefore become very nervous anxiety, and in the choice of contraceptive measures and very confused, without a scientific program, some men even choose coitus contraceptive measures, making it difficult in the life of men do, “sex”, but also prone to premature ejaculation.

Sex is not regular. Mainly refers to the frequency of sex is relatively small men, such as fear of sex someone is too frequent and severe restrictions affect their health and frequency of sexual intercourse, so it is difficult to maintain a longer sexual intercourse, often explosive, premature ejaculation phenomenon; after long-term abstinence Solutions for those who want to, can also occur functional sporadic premature ejaculation.

Various diseases. Organic premature ejaculation may be due to the feeling of the penis is too sensitive, feeling nervous excitement increased, reducing the threshold due to ejaculation. These phenomena caused by inflammation of the major diseases of the genitourinary system, such as chronic prostatitis, chronic Seminal, chronic testicular epididymitis, after urethritis; prepuce or phimosis patients as well as those who are too short frenulum; psychiatric disorders, For example manic psychosis, depression; nervous system disorders, such as spinal cord tumors, spinal cord injury, cerebral vascular accident, alcohol and morphine poisoning, etc., there may be problems with premature ejaculation; diabetes.

Overwork and excessive physical weakness. Excessive sexual intercourse after marriage, workload and stress are too heavy, after heavy physical labor, just restored soon after the disease state of weakness, etc., are likely to cause premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction.

These are the common causes of premature ejaculation induced, in fact, some patients with premature ejaculation may be a variety of predisposing factors exist. Only to find the cause of premature ejaculation, and to avoid these negative factors in the sexual life, to let men stay away from premature ejaculation.

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Lose Weight Must Know ! 7 Ways Let You Eat Less


Weight loss is a lifestyle. Need to develop the habit naturally. Want to make yourself thinner overriding principle is to control his appetite, introduced seven let you naturally eat less habits to ensure that you unknowingly thinner.

1. Drink more water
Many people confuse hunger and dehydration physiological reactions, dehydration mistaken need to eat. So, drink plenty of water, plenty of body moisture to keep the day, allowing you to concentrate spending on eating healthy foods, avoiding unnecessary snacks.

2. Do more exercise
One recent study found that, running 60 minutes will result in inhibition of in vivo two appetizers hormones. More walking, more exercise results will not make you a good appetite, but will suppress your appetite.

3. Breakfast can not be ignored
The benefits of a hearty breakfast to the body are numerous. The result was later ignored breakfast make you a lot of calories. Let the body metabolism a little earlier, to help increase your satiety and to maintain the vitality of the day.

4. Protein intake
Energy and protein to keep you awake will, and will not be converted into fat. Ideal low-calorie high-protein meal is the food.

5. Eat afternoon tea
Afternoon hours, the stomach will be a little empty, and this was raging desire to snack time, so you can give yourself a cup of delicious tea, filled Tiandu Zi, nourishing the body, the appetite to stay to dinner.

6. Relieve the pressure
Who entered the state of boredom or under pressure, it will be to divert attention by eating. The best breath or out walking, do not become a prisoner of pressure.

7. Regular eating
Suddenly eat or eat can cause sudden hormonal disorders, hinder metabolism, so it is best to eat three meals regularly in peacetime, each eat Qi Bafen.

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Sexual Life Bring 10 Health Effects


Regular sex life can bring 10 big health effects:

1. Exercise
Pennsylvania School of Medicine study that: sex is equivalent to jog. Such as sex three times per week, the count, the equivalent of jogging 75 kilometers within a year, the combustion heat is 7500 cards. Regular sex life can promote metabolism, some say love is the bed movement, the sexual life unconsciously deepened due to respiration, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen available within the cells, and promote the function of various organs and tissues of the body. It seems there are still some needed.

2. Increasing hormone secretion
Men will secrete a day Buddhists called deoxy-one male hormones, but men also need to constantly replenish such androgens, because the only way to maintain male characteristics. Especially during sex before orgasm and ejaculation, the body’s natural release of the hormone can be 3-5 times higher than usual, so in the West, many men do not take drugs to supplement hormones, would prefer to release such a body can naturally have masculinity hormones. In women, estrogen enables women to maintain good blood circulation, regular sex life of women, estrogen levels than the occasional female sex is much higher.

3. Protect the prostate
Sexually mature male ejaculate regularly can help remove the prostate prostatic fluid accumulation. Per ejaculate, sperm 1/5, 4/5 is semen, including a large number of prostatic fluid, if long-term there is no ejaculation, prostatic fluid will accumulate obsolete within the prostate. But note that yes, sex is not too much, because of frequent sex, the penis in chronic heart conditions, leading to prostate enlargement, or swelling, susceptible to chronic prostatitis.

4. Effectively reduce the incidence of heart disease and myocardial infarction
Sex can make the pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles, spine more activities to promote blood circulation, strengthen the heart and lung capacity. Dangerous people with a harmonious sexual life of heart disease than people sexual disharmony reduced by at least 10% of the risk. However, there are also reports that some people in the process of sudden death during sexual intercourse, because sudden heart attack, so if the body has been found to have signs of heart disease, you should avoid sex when the action is too intense.

5. Relieving pain
Sex life (especially in the peak period) can reduce pain caused by trauma, joint pain, back pain and headaches, sexual arousal and orgasm release endorphins can improve the ability to endure pain.

6. Reduce stress, protect young minds
Now work stress, a lot of people want to decompression, clubbing, fitness, playing modern decompression choices are, in fact, when people feel good sex life, for both men and women are the most effective ways to reduce stress. But overworked, work pressure, also not in the mood to make love, because it will be exhausting, so the absence of the energy situation and do not have to. According to Japanese medical research shows that: appropriate sex helps prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, delayed memory loss speed.

7. Reduce the incidence of skin diseases, and promote beauty
Adverse skin blood circulation, can cause acne, acne and other skin diseases. And moderate sex will accelerate blood circulation, balance metabolism, so that the skin smooth and delicate, and play a role in prevention and treatment of skin diseases. Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland in Europe, the United States, 3,500 people (aged 18-102 years) follow-up study ten years, found that 25 percent of people from the appearance of genetic, 75% comes from behavior, but behavior includes three factors: physical exercise, mental activity, sex. You can say that regular sex can make people more beautiful appearance, but in turn it is not necessarily true.

8. Semen helps to clear vaginal bacteria
Experiments show that there is an antibacterial substance semen — semen cytoplasm, it can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus bacteria. Although semen ingredients have to kill pathogens, but also do not conclude that the sick to hospital, after all, very little of this bactericidal components, the body has been insufficient to resist the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, frequently misinterpreted as sexual intercourse when the use of antibiotics.

9. Improve the immune system’s resistance to disease
Modern civilized life, air conditioning, cars, air pollution, lack of exercise, etc. but let the people’s immune systems are more vulnerable than ever, tremendous work pressure reduces the body’s immune function. Sex can adrenal secretion balance, the immune system can be maintained in good condition, and the risk of promiscuous AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency) opposed.

10. Helps extend the life of both men and women
In Russia, Chechnya, outside the Caucasus, people have a lot of longevity. A 90-year-old man with a 37-year-old woman married, gave birth to five children, the youngest child is 96 years of age his father was born. There is a 135-year-old 127-year-old male said he did not stop having sex. Studies have shown that people in this region of longevity with their regular sex life related.

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Sexual Relations With Woman’s Hormones Strength


Women secretion of pituitary gonadotropins, you can adjust the level of constitutive secretion of ovarian estrogen, progesterone and other sex hormones on female sexual activity plays a decisive role. For example, women before and after the menstrual period, due to the decline in sex hormone levels, reduced libido relatively weak. Again, women into old age, because the ovaries gradually atrophy, decreased sex hormone levels, can cause sexual apathy. When these older women sex hormone supplements, can they restore requirements. These can prove: sex hormones closely associated with sexual desire.

Although closely related to sex hormone levels and libido, but also by the strength of libido central regulation and control. Nature center is affected by human consciousness, mental status, social factors, environmental conditions and other aspects.

For example, some of the women on pregnancy, abortion out of fear, usually sexual desire is not strong, especially those using the rhythm. It is strange that these women before and after the menstrual period, although low sex hormone levels, but instead appear libido enhancement. This fully proves that people’s mental state and awareness of the sexual center also has a huge impact.

So, how to get the woman to maintain good sexual desire it? The key point, both spouses should maintain a harmonious sex life. In sexual activity, to eliminate all outside interference, the man to strengthen induction of woman, the woman’s touch sensitive areas, such as the clitoris, breasts, etc., in order to stimulate the woman’s desire for sexual intercourse, and prompted the woman to enter the orgasm. At the same time, the man’s orgasm is best to synchronize with the woman, so that mutual immersed in warm incomparable among sex.

After the end of sexual intercourse, the man continued to caress the woman take longer allow the woman to fully enjoy sexual euphoria. Otherwise, only to meet the physiological sexual desire in men, and the woman never felt sexual pleasure, over time, will inevitably lead to female sexuality recession, resulting in unpredictable results, and even affect family harmony, thereby causing the couple divorced is also not uncommon.

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