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Treat Impotence Can’t Ignore These Aspects


Disease suffer in silence without any help, male erectile dysfunction if it is found, it is necessary and timely medical treatment, through proper and appropriate treatment, in order to effectively improve the situation of impotence. However, during the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), to pay attention to several aspects of psychological adjustment, diet, lifestyle, etc., treatment can be more effective.

1. Psychological adjustment is very important. ED is divided into psychological, organic and mixed, tension, stress, depression, anxiety and feelings of marital discord and other psychological factors can cause ED. So, psychology is an important factor affecting the treatment of impotence, especially psychogenic ED, but also to focus on the psychological aspects of adjustment. Blood estrogen although very small amount, can it pituitary gonadotropin secretion and testicular testosterone secretion plays an important regulatory role. Obese increase body fat, so that greater conversion of androgens to estrogen, the blood concentration of about 1-fold increase, or absolute androgen is relatively reduced, the performance of sexual dysfunction, erectile weakening or loss of sexual function, ejaculation disorders also appear.

2. Beat “tobacco, alcohol, obesity.” The impact of smoking on impotence is very large, it is understood that smokers suffer an increased risk of impotence than non-smokers is about five times the risk factor is obesity, impotence, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and so on. In addition, because of the man’s genitals after drinking long-term congestion (unnatural tension) can cause male sexual nerves relaxed, even for future sexual stimulation numb, serious also cause impotence.

3. Avoid over-exertion. Modern work pressure, often stays up late, overtime, not only physically keep up, sexual intercourse is also powerless.

4. Quit high-fat, high-calorie diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and high-fiber foods. Avoid too much oil, too sweet, too salty, avoid intake of saturated fat and trans fatty acids.

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There Are Many Benefits Of Running, Can Prevent Impotence

Core Tip: Brisk walking or jogging every day even if it is only 20-30 minutes, all of the ED have some role reversal. And compared to those who do not exercise, the risk of running more than three hours per week of people, the occurrence of ED can be reduced by about 30%, capacity will be young sex 2-5 years.

There Are Many Benefits Of Running

In many sports, the running is a lot of people like to exercise, much of all ages who are keen. In addition to running it with equipment from the site constraints, the benefits of simple, but there are many human health benefits.

1. Running help avoid “impotence”

In 2010, Massachusetts Chau one for the “why male aging,” the research firm, spent 15 years concluded: highest sedentary men suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction) ratio, and even if only a day of brisk walking or jogging 20 to 30 minutes, all of the ED have some role reversal. And compared to those who do not exercise, the risk of running more than three hours per week of people, the occurrence of ED can be reduced by about 30%, capacity will be young sex 2-5 years.

2. Running mental activity can improve IQ

Running can make you fit and healthy, but it is a truly a “brain alive.” A research report from the University of Cambridge to the people reveals the relationship between running and intelligence. According to the results of the study, out of a few days to a week jogging, can stimulate the brain, improve their thinking skills. Tens of thousands of people are running after a few days in the area of the brain associated with memory appear in the new brain cells, which will undoubtedly enhance people’s ability to remember, so that people learn faster and more efficient. No wonder many scientists in various fields who are running large coffee lovers.

3. Running skin can reduce skin cancer

Running can make the skin become more perfect? This is not a fairy tale, running plus coffee can effectively reduce the incidence of skin cancer, but also make the skin more running itself whitening. The whitening is another additional efficacy running, just like running a long time to face the “sauna”, constantly leaving the sweat to the skin’s metabolism to speed up, but also the face of “dirty things they” have clean. Compared to expensive cosmetics, the running cost is quite high, oh.

4. Running can reduce mortality

Studies have shown that, compared with no running man, running man always 30% lower risk of death, including the risk of death from cardiovascular disease will be reduced by 45%. On average, than non-runners who run more than three years to live. Further study found that even just five minutes of running every day, total weekly mileage and speed are not running to 9.6 km, or once or twice a week only running, but also to reduce the risk of death.

5. Running can improve muscle mass, enhance physical toughness

Running is a whole body movement, long-term adherence to make tendons, ligaments and joints to enhance resistance to injury, reduce the risk of sports injuries. Meanwhile, the skin, muscle and connective tissue may also become more firmly.

6. Running can make you more relaxed confident decompression

Jogging can inhibit adrenaline and cortisol secretion can cause tension in these two hormones, and can make people feel relaxed release “endorphins.” Running can effectively suppress the symptoms of depression, World Health Organization statistics, at present 20% of GPs would recommend jogging in the treatment of depression in alternative medicine as an adjuvant therapy. If you’re a snooker fan, you must know, “Rocket” O’Sullivan is a running enthusiast, but you may not know, he was a moderate depression patients. Now he walked 50 miles a week, in his own words:. “Running is the best therapy I’ve tried running because I am more optimistic than ever about their ability to be more sure.”

Winter Fast Weight Loss Five Methods

Winter Fast Weight Loss Seven Methods

Most likely to gain weight in winter, not only that, there is an endless stream of skin problems. So what winter fast weight loss method is it? Consider the following seven ways to lose weight in winter it.

1. Keep half an hour of exercise a day

Winter sports very people it was, in fact, the main winter aerobic exercise to lose weight, jogging, fitness is a good choice. Now a lot of people go to the gym are popular, and this is a good choice, do some strength training, not only lose weight but also to create a type of figure. Usually go to work or go to school to sit a little bus station, walk, take the stairs do not take the elevator, take part in the weekend when some cycling, swimming and other sports.

2. The control diet

We all know that obesity has a great relationship with the diet, so I want to lose weight, diet is the most important, if you usually do not have a lot of time to do sports, or do not want to be too hard, then hurry to lose weight by diet . Obese is because calorie intake is greater than calories consumed in the diet when you want to try to make fewer calories when you exercise more than the intake of calories when you’re on a diet, provided by your fat difference. In the daily diet should eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains (oats), soy products, meat intake generally choose fish, beef instead of pork fat and more. Do not go on a diet, not hungry, just adjust your diet, after all, you’re not fat.

3. Hot water wash feet to promote blood circulation

In winter, it is easy because a lot of girls virtual cold symptoms cause edema or lower body fat and other issues. At this time a perfect fit with their feet to lose weight, but also warm-up, as long as a day to soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes.

The principle of this method of weight loss: at the very beginning to start their feet warm feeling came after a few minutes, your body will feel the warm, then the gas will be with the blood circulation to every corner of the body, accumulation of old waste excreted.

The basic method

Prepare a large and deep bucket with water for more than half of the leg can be dipped in principle. Need to remind everyone that, not because of the small bucket and diagonal feet, to be able to comfortably flat on the bottom of the barrel, they are not to cramp. Soak for about half an hour, if the water is cold how it? Intermediate heated water 1 to 2 times.

Drink a glass of water before and after the feet, in order to facilitate metabolism and body fluids supplement. Before and after one hour, do not soak, lest affect appetite or digestion. During sprain swelling, if the wound, not soak, so as not to irritate the wound inflammation.

4. Massage slimming

Winter weight loss must first ensure the patency of blood, you can actuate fat through massage, making it soft and easy often in a state of combustion. In time to use the whole hand massage to massage, not the holding force, but the use of force strength, rub back and forth massage. Especially in the hard parts of the muscle is more effective. Zhuanie with half a finger, using your fingers until the second joint Zhuanie massage. After pulling like skin, finger pressing it feels to move the focus. Divided into small parts, moving slowly. For relaxation or fat and more parts. Reverse massage using both hands, use your fingers to massage the power of his hands. Thumb as the main force, the other fingers for assistance, so, in the opposite direction to reverse. More suitable for muscle and fat thickness of the site can be divided into small portions carefully massage.

5. Do housework

In the winter, many people are reluctant to go out, one would like to holiday at home, at this time you do not lose the opportunity to exercise ah! The method can be used to do housework to achieve fat burning effect, more washing dishes, mopping the floor, washing clothes, do not let yourself lazy all day lying, hyperactivity and thus promote blood circulation.

How to lose weight in winter, many are worrying about losing weight for the winter, because the winter weather is cold, many people are reluctant to exercise, and appetite has greatly increased. The above description of the most effective weight loss method in winter, hurry to try it!

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Success Weight Loss People Have This Five Features

Success Weight Loss People Have This Five Features

What are the characteristics of successful people who have it to lose weight? Let us with a look!

First, they will find “looking organization”

Lonely boring and difficult to effective weight loss. Successful people lose weight often have to give their cheer and share experiences coterie. According to a thin App statistics, those with 10 or more “minus” Friends, less weight higher than four times to lose weight alone. “American Journal of Medicine” in a research also proved that adding interactive community of people lose weight is much greater success rate than those who lose weight alone.

Second, they have control of food calories

According to lose weight MyFitnessPal application data, records of people three meals a day meals, 88% of successful weight loss. One of the reasons is that we often lose weight easily eat unconsciously. To develop the habit of recording meals, you will be more attention to their diet and calories, easier to recognize their situation, so as to achieve weight loss goals.

Third, they are faithful to the data, and are happy to let others supervise themselves

Weight is the data, so let’s data transparency, in order to control the weight loss program. Determined to lose weight, it will not mean to others to share their true weight and calories daily traffic record. When you put these data on the internet, or with some friends to share, you know you are in the case of being supervised, will be more to restrain himself from dieting perspective.

Fourth, they are diligent fitness

Successful people lose weight, can not be just sitting immobile people. Similarly associations with diet, weight loss success is often a man will join the online fitness community (registered Fitness App), by recording the fitness data and share experiences with others to supervise themselves.

Fifth, they often cook their own food

According to statistics App lose weight, uploaded recipes member, less weight than people who did not share the recipe had 40% more. At home cooking, dishes will be more nutritious, heat will be much lower than outside of fast food. Fast food and packaged foods often contain a large number of industrial sugar and sodium, which are both diet killer. Cooking at home is the best choice for high-protein or high-fiber foods, nutrition I will make you feel fuller.

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Couples Should Learn The Correct Issue Of Sex Signal

In modern society, the affair is widespread, the reason for the affair happened, the feelings between husband and wife is definitely out of the question. But psychologists and marriage counseling family believes that a harmonious sexual life can resist an affair. This is how it happened?

Sexual disharmony is the primary contradiction couple

There are a lot of problems between the couple, but marriage experts and psychologists to sexual problems are arranged in the first place other married life. According to the staff survey showed that family life is not affected by many factors harmony, but the couple’s sex life disharmony in marital conflicts caused by many factors accounted for 50% ratio. Discordant couples sex life day and night so distressed, light complain about each other, severe divorce court. And some people have an affair.

Sexuality is the individual needs of a desire for sex

According to foreign reports, the strongest male libido age 17-18 years, women 35 years or younger. Our case shows that individual differences in adult sexuality great. There were waning, who have gradually increased, there were essentially unchanged. Sexuality and sexual different but related. Although some people desire, but the ability of sex is lower. General adult male sex 3-6 times a month, the duration of each sex for 7-20 more minutes. Through sexual intercourse frequency and duration may reflect the intensity of libido and sexual performance. Some lower ability of humanity, sexual psychological imbalance and sexual disharmony in married life, but usually it is buried in the psychological, a certain time, mental depression formed will further aggravate the incompatibility of life, further increased distress. Due to the traditional concept of feudal influence of adult sex couples are not satisfied with a large proportion of people. Sexual life are not met, some people will develop out. So, how to adjust their psychological, sexual function, and their sex life from the physical and psychological, is one of the major issues related to the physical and mental health in adulthood couples.

Adult couples sex life psychologically prepared

Compared with the wedding period, the degree of adult sex spouses declined, due to a heavier burden, requiring strength has diminished sex life, the need for re-adjustment feelings, and where adaptability is essential for life . It is mainly reflected in the psychological preparation marital sex life process. Both husband and wife should know under what circumstances, easy to arouse the other sex, it is willing to have sex, how to make each other and themselves “Sync.”

Under what circumstances is relatively easy to produce requirements

Generally in the following cases, it is easier to generate requirements: in joyous mood. Home and work have nothing to be happy about, or for some reason feel the two sides especially dear and beloved, often prone to requirements. When healthy, healthy physical and emotional predisposes spirits. In warm weather is moderate, the weather is too cold or too hot will affect people’s sexual demands. When quiet. Residential noisy surroundings, it will destroy people’s emotions, causing irritability, thus affecting the sex life. Accepted external stimuli. Such as movies, television in some shots, some pictures, some of the plot in the novel, easy to make the couple have sexual impulses.

Couples should learn the correct issue of signal

After one of the spouses had requirements, how to pass to the spouse, the spouse’s behavior and make themselves “synchronous” mean? This is called “Body Love”, which is the problem of how to send out the signal. Of the signal emitted by the general language of movement and nonverbal actions performed. Language action is divided into two kinds of direct and indirect: Direct action is relatively clear language, indirect actions, including language and suggestive language, related topics, etc., such as spouses and some dialogue about sex, to stimulate each other’s sexuality; or urging each other to bed early, as implied. Nonverbal action more performance for kissing, hugging, rubbing and other intimate action.

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What Should We Notice For Postpartum Weight Loss

Many postpartum mothers do not want to see his bloated body, more reluctant to expose in front of friends and family, many postpartum slowly the idea of trying to lose weight. Some new mothers postpartum immediately began to lose weight, but could not find the best way to lose weight but to enter a lot of misunderstanding.

1. Maternal lose weight should not drink tea

Postpartum should not drink tea, because tea contains tannic acid, which can be combined with the iron in food affect the intestinal absorption of iron, causing anemia. Tea concentration, the higher the tannin content, the more severe effects on the absorption of iron. After maternity great physical exertion, blood deficiency, postpartum should stay in bed, in order to facilitate physical recovery.

In addition, tea also contains caffeine, drinking tea, people in high spirits, difficulty falling asleep, the impact of maternal rest and physical recovery, while the caffeine in tea can enter the baby’s body through breast milk, easy to make baby intestinal cramps and reason crying phenomenon.

2. Acupuncture weight loss during lactation inappropriate

Interested by new mothers acupuncture to lose weight, you should try to quit milk to children in the future, because acupuncture to lose weight with diet conditioning needs, such as temporary with fish and chicken instead of pork, beef and lamb, but also in lactating women doing so may affect the nutritional content of milk, it should give up milk and other children in the future and then start weight loss regimen.

3. Postpartum weight loss is very sensitive to the waist

Many young mothers are particularly concerned about their body shape changes, and that postpartum abdomen tighten and help shape the recovery, not knowing that this could also give their bodies to bring unexpected trouble.

4. Postpartum exercise immediately

Strenuous exercise immediately postpartum weight loss is likely to result in physical rehabilitation of the uterus and cause bleeding slowed. Can also cause severe production cuts surgery section or vulva and damage again. In general, the birth mother of 4 to 6 weeks after before they can start doing postpartum weight-loss exercise, cesarean section requires six to eight weeks or longer recovery period. Cesarean mothers postpartum movement will be more dangerous. Postpartum weight loss should avoid high-intensity exercise.

5. Giving birth on a diet

Some new mothers eager to lose weight Medical Education Network | finishing, just finish the month began postpartum weight loss program, diet blindly. This is very detrimental to the body, experts say just finished production of the new mother, the body has not fully recovered to the extent of pre-pregnancy, coupled with heavy feeding is also responsible for tasks that require nutritional supplements. Forced postpartum diet, the body will not only lead to new mothers recover slowly, there may lead to serious complications postpartum, postpartum weight loss can not be so premature.

6. Breastfeeding will be able to lose weight

Breast milk is the best natural baby food, followed by breast-feeding can also promote uterine contractions, help new mothers postpartum recovery. Breastfeeding on postpartum weight loss benefit is certainly inevitable, but not just so you can sit back and relax, excessive eating is still not conducive to lose weight.

7. Anxious to lose weight

Postpartum weight loss can not be rushed, thin and very beverages during the month of lactation, the new mother must pay particular attention to. This period is most needed to restore his health, nutritional supplement, must not disregard his body, forced to lose weight.

8. Anemia, weight loss still persist

Generally, there will be blood loss during childbirth, postpartum likely to cause anemia. The new mother postpartum anemia body recover more slowly. If, at this time and hurry thin, there is no good solution to the problem of the body anemia, anemia easier to aggravate the situation.