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Seize The Best Time to Lose Weight After Childbirth

After the birth of baby, your body will more or less out of shape, new mothers want to lose weight but afraid to affect  postpartum recovery of the body. So what the best time to lose weight? Also what should pay more attention? Want to be sexy hot mom would want to seize the best time to lose weight, and quickly take a look at what time for postpartum weight loss fast.

To restore pre-pregnancy slim body, we must begin to control diet, actively lose weight. But experts remind you, do not immediately begin to lose weight postpartum month, otherwise it will not only affect the secretion of breast milk, and even uterine prolapse and other consequences.

Six weeks postpartum
Feel his body out of shape, lose weight in a hurry to pay attention to her mother, six weeks after the soonest to postpartum weight loss can be appropriate, based on physical condition. Only in the body recovered, in good health and do not need breastfeeding when to use some small amount of exercise and dieting to slight weight loss program.

Two months postpartum
After two months of production, the new mother’s body basically recovered more than half the amount of breastfeeding began to slowly decrease the secretion of breast milk slowly decrease. So then you can increase the amount of exercise, reduce appetite, weight loss began to become more apparent.

Four months postpartum
After four months of production, under normal circumstances do not have to continue breastfeeding, so this time you can safely lose weight. Physical activity and food intake can return to the prenatal state. This time the best time to lose weight, physical recovery, breastfeeding stopped, can afford, but to avoid weight-loss drugs to avoid side effects.

Six months postpartum
To six months postpartum, and then the body can not recover or breastfeeding as a pretext for inaction. This time is the deadline for successful weight loss, after this period, the fat will be fixed in the body, will be used to take the shape of their own body, no motivation to lose weight.

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Master 5 Sex Tips Create More Harmonious Sexual Relationship

Modern people are very particular about the quality of sex life, however, there must have a lot of people in the sex life will be more emphasis on foreplay, while ignoring the after sex play. In fact, after the sex scene is two people discuss about sex, for the creation of a harmonious sexual relations has a very important role. Here we take a look after the five men and women will learn the sex scenes.

1. Discuss about sex performance
Sex is a healthy exchange move is to avoid Advantage sides can enjoy a better sex life. Truthfully tell partner after sex they like or dislike a particular aspect, but should avoid excessive behavior analysis. If you think the other deficiencies in some respects, be patient and have a strategy to tell the other side, should not be compared to the performance of its row with another person, otherwise it will hurt the feelings of both.

2. Plan the next sex life
When the two sides sex drive is strong, you can plan for the next sex program, which helps to enhance the sense of anticipation for the wonderful sex parties, but also to narrow the distance between the couple. When planning the next passion, passion should be highlighted during the last thing you like best, and mention that you do not like something, let your partner know better next time to do what should be avoided.

3. Express the sexual fantasies
Many people like to talk about sexual fantasies when you play in front, but in fact it should be the best time after sex, because sex partner will be more patient after listening to express your fantasy. So you can take advantage of intimate moments after sex to express themselves more sexual fantasies, I believe is in the “boundless” state partner will concentrate on listening to your fantasy story.

4. Enjoy each other’s body
Everyone wants to get appreciation and praise, and after adult sexual partner is the best time for appreciation of the body. You can personally tell partner, touching each other body to bring you the feeling of the heart, or how beautiful curves of their bodies, and so on, you know this to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but has a very important role.

5. Exchange “love whisper”
Your spouse may have said countless times, “I love you”, but none after ear gentle words of love more effect. Whether or verbal hug, love is the best catalyst. Many couples enjoy the finish fell down asleep after sex, in fact, a brief expression of sex how to love each other, how to care about each other are essential.

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Improve Female Orgasm Sex Tips

Men want to make a woman reach orgasm during sex, but a woman’s orgasm is always reluctant to appear, which requires men to master certain sexual skills, continuous stimulation during sex woman, when she could not help legs apart so that when you enter, you will have a major success! Well, the former opera to enter, what sexual skills it?

1. Do not worry to have sexual intercourse

Some men, too eager to have sexual intercourse, there is no ready for action, and immediately entered, such a person can not have a satisfactory sex life. Female orgasm is very complex physical, if not yet fully owned when fluid secretion from the vaginal wall of the vagina Bartholin’s glands, is more difficult to enter the penis, even if we can go in, painful feeling excited than sex also be much higher. As a real man, it is necessary to strive to do the stage before the show to guide women to reach orgasm.

2. Cleverly refers to technology caressing

Side with a hug to confirm the bare skin, lips and kissed the side of the body parts. In addition to kiss outside, plus the other body, such as intimacy nibble expanded to increase foreplay techniques. Although foreplay is a specific order, but preparations before this behavior, usually hand slowly rounded belly to feel the touch, then stroked the thigh, buttocks, genitals and then further movement.

If not performed sequentially, immediately hand isotropic probe the case, in addition to the cases already looking forward to the other party to do so, the average woman will not like it. Genital caress the outset, with the whole hand wrap genitals, while rubbing, while adding compression movement, we must pay attention to how you can bring the whole genital stimulation.

3. While touching female breast

Your other hand can be used to touch women’s breasts, lips and kissed each other’s body. At the same time should try a variety of touch. Among women, there are also at the same time there are many sites like stimulated, how to do that in order for there to touch women to be happy? The best way is to directly ask each other, but can not do so in the case where the male various acts should be repeated, tentative efforts to explore and learn from the mistakes of practical experience, to find another suitable skills.

4. On the private parts of flirting skills

Genital caressing hand along the labia majora, slide your finger cracks. Has stimulated secretion Aiye vagina, so smooth smooth slide your finger. Then, a light charge of the labia minora, clitoris, which is the highest female sexual stimulation. If lack of time wetting Aiye, saliva can also be used instead of the vagina. Focus on the clitoris stimulation, that gentle compassionate action. Whether male or female, a this stage, sexual excitement is quite high, can not wait to enter.

After sufficiently foreplay, female body’s cells have been burned up, vaginal secretion Aiye, genital also shaking vibration, showing hungry expression, waiting to enter the penis. Woman’s desire to be continued to be met, newer and more intense desire will continue to produce. In this way, through the accumulation of desire and excitement of soothing, the woman finally get an orgasm to relieve the same time, she also felt her most intense cravings.

5. Have a good opportunity to enter

According to the case of the woman is determined to enter the wet time. Foreplay takes time, a warm caress, intimate kissing, will stimulate the secretion of lubricating vaginal fluid, if not yet moist vagina, is excited to accept the woman has not yet reached the degree of the penis. Forcibly enter the penis, make her painful. So, if Aiye secretion is too small may wish to supplement with saliva during foreplay.

If foreplay reached by pleasure, women have become accustomed to fork legs will naturally open to allow easy access to the man’s waist own vagina, and issued softly, anxiously voice said: “Come in!” At this point, the male can be pressed into the penis within the vagina. Sex is both real and fun things to each other, this method can be said to enter the best time to grasp.

6. Penis into skills

When the woman’s vagina down supine, while the male penis upward. Therefore, the adhesion of the vagina and the penis is not easy. Male penis might lie a little toward the vaginal opening, plus help lubricate Aiye, they can successfully enter.

If you can not find the location of the vagina, penis men can try to imagine myself slightly below to explore the site, and then his fingers slowly moved up the glans can enter. Inexperienced people in the caress when you can use your fingers to confirm the entrance of the vagina, so it is easy to successfully enter.

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Bad Habits Affect Your Weight Loss

There are a lot of bad habits will affect your weight loss progress, do not know if you realize these habits in their daily lives, and quickly take a look below.

1. Excessive drinking coffee

Drink coffee for weight loss: caffeine in coffee is absorbed by the body, in the body so that the body secretes adrenaline activities, and this substance can promote the decomposition of the blood sport of fat cells, and then as the fatty acids are excreted.

Excessive drinking coffee: coffee in theobromine have a diuretic effect, addicted to drink coffee, it will reduce moisture intestine digest, easy to form a constipation affect weight loss. In addition, coffee contains high concentrations of caffeine, can change in heart function and blood vessels of cholesterol, people are likely to suffer from heart disease.

The right approach: within 30-1 minutes after lunch, drink a cup of strong coffee without sugar, helps digestion after meals, and promote fat burning.

2. Water shortage

Drink more water for lose weight: water promote metabolism, help smooth bowel movements, avoid eating too much, purify the blood multiple benefits. To lose weight and stay healthy is very good.

Water shortage: the body of water to supplement, not only affects the function of the kidney metabolism, thin down. Moreover, lack of drinking water also causes the blood concentration and viscosity increase, easily lead to thrombosis, induced cerebral vascular and cardiovascular diseases.

The right approach: drink enough water per day, about 2000 to 3000 ml. Once 200c.c., after getting up in the morning, before exercise, fasting, drinking is a good time to lose weight.

3. Dinner is too rich

Eat less at dinner for lose weight: in the evening, the body’s various functions naturally into a state of rest. Synthesis of fat alone insulin secretion more in the evening. This means: eating the same thing, in the evening more likely to become fat settle down. So, to lose weight, need to eat dinner.

Dinner is too rich: the evening blood insulin levels for the peak day, insulin allows glucose into fat is condensed in the vessel wall, too rich to eat dinner, over time, people will be obese themselves. Meanwhile, the longer the duration of a hearty dinner, but also damage the body’s normal biological clock, people are likely to insomnia.

The right approach: dinner want to be partial elements, foods rich in carbohydrates, and protein, fat eating better.

4. Eating too fast

Relationship between eating speed and weight loss: food into the body, blood glucose should increase; when a certain level of blood sugar, the brain’s appetite center will send out a signal. If you eat long enough food from the stomach discharged intestine, small intestine to absorb blood sugar to rise, give the brain a satiety signal.

Eating too fast: food is not adequately chew food is not conducive to the mouth and saliva amylase preliminary digestion, increase the burden of gastroenteritis. Chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still over-excitement among vulnerable bulimia and obesity.

The right approach: eat slowly.

5. Do not eat breakfast

Eat breakfast: breakfast can effectively reduce hunger later in the day, is conducive to sustained weight loss, while providing major nutritional substances that help to improve metabolism.

Skipping breakfast: skipping breakfast will make people strung out, easy way to eat more to cheer, unknowingly fat. And do not eat breakfast also makes the sharp rise in midday meal oh. In addition, omitting breakfast will severely harm the stomach, people can not work full of energy, but also easy to accelerated aging.

The right approach: breakfast should be based on cereals, such as black rice, soy, oat bread, yogurt-based, with eggs or something, eat 70% full on the line.

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Exercise Winter Weight Loss Program – Easily Reduce Fat

Movement has been one of the most effective ways to lose weight, exercise to lose weight in winter and summer is different, because the weather was cold, the matter will be particularly important to note the following, we summarize the considerations winter sports to lose weight, help you easily maintain a good figure.

American fitness expert Brown said, winter sports program has two characteristics:

First of all, autumn and winter fitness program should focus on weight loss to develop. Autumn and winter the human digestive function enhancements, appetites, in the autumn and winter, many people have reached the heaviest weight. On the other hand, when the heat in winter exercise consumption is also large, is a good season to remove fat.

It is understood that the National Weight Control will all the thousands of members, they have a successful weight loss of about 14 kg per person, more than experience, and has maintained the weight loss of at least 3 years. When it comes to weight loss experience, members believe that autumn and winter is the year to maintain weight loss record of the most critical moment, the most important means is exercise.

Secondly, the autumn and winter people decreased immunity, easy to get sick, so another focus of winter fitness program is through an effective exercise to prevent disease. However, unplanned exercise, irregular not only physical health, but also because of physical discomfort and illness.

Rely on the aerobic exercise

Autumn and winter weather is cold, anaerobic exercise explosive easily cause physical discomfort, or even cause injury, so be sure to choose a health action to a lesser extent, the heat consumption of large aerobic exercise. On specific projects, may vary depending on the age difference: the young, can be arranged running high impact aerobics, which can consume more calories; middle-aged people can be arranged brisk walking, jogging, stair climbing and other low-impact aerobic movement; the elderly can arrange walking, yoga, tai chi and other projects.

Young autumn and winter exercise can increase the amount of exercise, time can be longer, such as running, can be more than 10-15 minutes in spring and summer.

Middle-aged health are generally in decline, not because the gym is not busy with work, according to the amount specified in the winter fitness program to activities.

After the autumn and winter to develop a good fitness program, to achieve the best fitness results, the key is to adhere to, not because the weather is cold or snowing so easily give up. Texas Woman’s University sports expert John Duncan did a survey recently proved: exercise intensity is not the most important, there is the law is the most important.

Choose a good time to lose weight in winter

There are two significant differences compared with the spring and summer sports program for winter sports program.

First of all, there are very different timing, people of all ages according to their physical condition to select the time period activity. Young people due to the body’s ability to adapt to climate strong, good physique, physical recovery faster, autumn and winter fitness time can be arranged in the morning and afternoon; middle-aged somewhat less adaptable, able to after work, unwind 18:00 -20 points more relaxed time for exercise; elderly fitness autumn and winter time is generally to be elected at 14:00 -19 points, their poor health, choose the highest temperature, sunshine time for fitness activities easier to open, so as to avoid injury .

Secondly, the autumn and winter sports and fitness plans on the choice of the sun and spring and summer fitness program is different. Emphasized in the sun in winter sports, while in spring and summer activities is required in the shade to avoid heat stroke.

Winter exercise weight loss notice

Cardiac pressure

Autumn and winter is the high season for heart disease. Data show that the onset of winter, the chances of heart disease by 50% higher than in summer. In this period were a surprise a lot of movement, it will cause additional pressure on the heart, blood reduced ability of the body caused by hypoxia, increase the risk of disease. Before exercise is recommended to conduct low-intensity aerobic exercise, a gradual transition to strength training, after strenuous exercise to be walking and other sports, to restore stability in blood pressure.

Muscle strain

When autumn and winter sports, due to the cold weather, poor tensile properties of human muscle contraction. If you do not make the next ready sudden overload of stimuli in the body, it is particularly likely to cause muscle and ligament strain and tear. In the event of a muscle strain occurs after local pain, tenderness, swelling, muscle tension, spasms, dysfunction and other phenomena, seriously injured will produce subcutaneous bleeding and other symptoms. So, time to warm up exercises than usual were slightly longer, extended to 15 to 20 minutes.

Catch cold

Autumn and winter, whether in the gym or go outdoor exercise, should pay attention to the problem of cold. In this season due to larger changes in temperature, sweating so much easier. At the time of exercise, if you want to reduce the clothes, do not get much time off. Fever should wait until after the full body gradually decrease clothes. In addition, after sweating should keep warm, do not wear wet clothes for a long time.

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What’s The Difference Between Men and Women’s Sexuality

Men and women have a greater sexuality difference. As a couple, you should understand what men and women of sexuality difference in the end, only to master the sexuality characteristics of both sides, to make a nice couple’s sex life harmonious, happy.

Men than women, although the late age of maturity from 1 to 3 years old, but the man in the mature sexuality in general than women strong and vigorous. Before marriage, almost all men have a wet dream experience, some people will have to masturbate. Men’s sexual excitement focused on the performance of penile erection, through visual, auditory, tactile stimulation, immediately aroused sexual impulses, time takes only a minute or two. Once the cause of the impulses that can cause within minutes of orgasm, the performance of ejaculation. After ejaculation, sexual excitement quickly dissipated.

After marriage, husband and wife have sex, the man is still the same, and before marriage, sexuality comes, and very strong. And produces a sexual desire, hoping his wife to meet his requirements. But after orgasm, sexuality subsided very quickly, turns that come and say go go. In addition, the male sexuality are concentrated on the contact of sexual organs, and can easily be met.

Woman after sexual maturity, sexuality produce relatively slow and subtle, except for a few people, in general, have less impulse masturbation and other sexual performance. Female sexual excitement, mostly through the experience of life obtained. After marriage, sexuality impulses more slowly than men, but strength is weak. Female sexual arousal in men must also when sexual stimulation, such as kissing, hugging, touching genitals, etc. under the caress of the action, in order to gradually aroused.

Female sexuality but also with the menstrual cycle, usually before and after ovulation and menstruation strong sexuality, other times weaker sexuality. There are a considerable number of women in the early married life of sexual pleasure does not need to go through a year or so, will include students of sexual interest. Woman’s orgasm is relatively difficult to obtain, some women until after the birth of a child to know what is the orgasm, and even some women, life has never been among the high lake. Of course, most women in her husband’s cooperation, can obtain high lake brings pleasure.

Woman in sexual life, once arouse sexual excitement, too slow to disappear, often sexual excitement kept within a longer period of time. In addition to women’s sexuality is reflected in the experience of sexual organs, the more is the pursuit of emotional satisfaction, that life is a human instinct, to a certain age, men and women will have sexuality, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Sex and love the combination of height. So behave more lingering, not as impatient men.

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