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Balanced Diet: The Best Way to Lose Weight Reasonable

A lot of girls think you need to lose weight is diet immediately. The best way to lose weight on a diet is a reasonable and balanced diet, most dieters should not be entirely correct to eat other foods, but there should be health conscious, with a scientific and rational diet, eating a diet completely undesirable. However, to reduce the intake of diet should be how to eat healthy and lose weight?

In fact, diet is good, or whether the effect is obvious, depending on your approach is correct, some incorrect because dieting, the body produces great harm. The best way to diet is a reasonable and balanced diet.

The first diet principles: A reasonable match
In order to reduce food intake while maintaining energetic, you need a reasonable mix of food every day, so the proportion of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates form the best of 2: 3: 5. You can be as nutrition guru budding Hollywood Gwyneth Paltrow as a wake up on the first day to arrange a full day of ingredients, they are lined up at the dining table, the most reasonable match. In addition, nutrition experts also remind you that these are all the best ingredients of non-processed foods, such as cereals, legumes, starchy vegetables, etc., because these foods are the main source of energy for the body.

The second diet principles: 7 minutes full meal to eat
Want to go on a diet to lose weight, they do not want to hurt the body, it is to a normal diet, but eat only 7 minutes full meal, not only conducive to health, but also to slowly reduce your appetite, so you can slowly control appetite and prevent excessive intake of calories. Some people will always eat the stomach stays up of came to a halt, so not only difficult to digest, but also lead to increased appetite, then you want to lose weight may make more difficult. Some people in order to go on a diet, you hunger a full meal, so it is likely to cause stomach diseases. So should be the law meals, eat 7 points full time, it left the table, slowly able to control their appetite.

The third diet principles: A large portion for a small part
In fact, the amount of people’s eating utensils and size have a certain relationship, if it is too large dishes, then eat the food will be above normal. If it is as much weight in the past, but replaced the small dishes, then people will be because of the psychological effect, I thought I overeat and to stop, so that we can reduce the number of eating.

The fourth diet principles: Keep soaring appetite
Some long-term diet, leading to soaring appetite, so weight does not fall. Want to control appetite, it would have to come slowly, if too anxious day, eat a little something, not enough to supply the energy required for the body one day, then it will make appetite surge, but also may menstrual disorders, amenorrhea and other problems, when may harm than good.

The fifth diet principles: Select fewer calories foods
Want to lose weight, then choose foods should both increase satiety, the heat is not too high. Vegetables, whole grains, beans, potatoes and other foods, not only low in calories, but also very high nutritional value, but also to increase people’s satiety, and prevent excessive intake of energy, in favor of weight loss, but also conducive to human health.

The sixth diet principles: Slow down the eating speed
Slow down the speed of eating can also reduce a person’s appetite, if eating too fast, it would eating too much food unconsciously. But if it is to eat slowly, they would feel that they eat a lot, because of the psychological effect and produce satiety. And slowly, then, can help us digest and reduce the burden of gastrointestinal.

The seventh diet principles: Replenish vitamin
Dieting girls want to know when the body is in the case of inadequate nutrition, fat is not burning. Burn body fat must be a lot of nutrients. Among them, the vitamin is necessary to add. When dieting, with the reduction of carbohydrates, must ensure that the nutrient intake, so as to ensure that the body burn fat. You, therefore, your daily menu should include milk, peanuts, poultry and green leafy vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins.

Be sure to choose a scientific diet, proper diet dieting to lose weight, do not blindly diet, excessive dieting to lose weight is a recipe for disaster and even suffering from anorexia nervosa. Therefore need science to adjust their diet, and with proper exercise, although this time the president spent some, but at least thin healthy, and will not rebound.

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Premature Ejaculation Patients Should Maintain A Stable Emotional

The occurrence of premature ejaculation and psychological factors have a close relationship, if suffering from premature ejaculation, mental in too nervous and worried, it is likely to aggravate the symptoms. It got premature ejaculation should pay close attention to maintain a stable mood. Before sexual intercourse, emotion is normal or not, have very big interference to ejaculate speed. The mood is excited and anxious, often can bring about premature ejaculation. The action range is too large, increasing stimulus strength, constant acceleration of ejaculation, so to the cooperation between the two sides.

What should pay attention for premature ejaculation patients? The problem of premature ejaculation is that many male compatriots are difficult, but also feel very helpless, what male premature ejaculation should be how to deal with, how to face. After the disease first must pay attention is the issue of timely to hospital for examination, treatment and positive after the diagnosis, that in order to recover faster, but also to pay attention to some matters needing attention in the daily life, is what?

Premature ejaculation patients should pay attention to the following these in daily life:

Avoid spicy, smoking, drinking
Suffering from premature ejaculation disease, diet must pay more attention to some need to pay attention to diet taboo Oh, hot excitant food is must be taboo, in addition to alcohol and tobacco are also taboo table many food or condiments (such as leek, onion, pepper, mutton, dog meat, animal kidney and whip etc.) have the effect of Bushen Yiqi, may wish to eat. In addition, eat seafood, soy products, fish and other help Yang food, can enhance a constitution.

Should be to maintain a stable mood
The occurrence of premature ejaculation and psychological factors have a close relationship, if suffering from premature ejaculation, mental in too nervous and worried, it is likely to aggravate the symptoms. It got premature ejaculation should pay close attention to maintain a stable mood. Before sexual intercourse, emotion is normal or not, have very big interference to ejaculate speed. The mood is excited and anxious, often can bring about premature ejaculation. The action range is too large, increasing stimulus strength, constant acceleration of ejaculation, so to the cooperation between the two sides.

Should actively participate in physical exercise
Want to promote premature ejaculation better, faster recovery, it must maintain a good attitude, positive physical exercise, take part in some physical, mental health and sports activities, such as listen to music, gym, adjust the sentiment, enhance physical fitness, these all contribute to the prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation.

Drug treatment is the key
For premature ejaculation is can make some drug conditioning, but the use of any drug, the concrete should be selected under the guidance of professional doctors, not casually medication, must be under the guidance of a doctor down to buy medicine, follow the doctor’s advice, opinions!

Premature ejaculation patients to pay attention to what issues need to be paid attention to in patients with premature ejaculation, must pay attention from the diet, the mind, also need to pay attention to take part in physical exercise, enhance physical quality, a good solution to the problem of premature ejaculation, when in fact, men must have a correct attitude!

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Symptoms and Treatment of Impotence

Do you know why more and more modern people suffer from impotence it? By the treatment of erectile dysfunction patients to observe, most patients have a greater life stress, stay up all night long plus malnutrition, it will aggravate the body becomes weak, had more and more people are in a healthy condition, coupled with the absence get timely care, they gave me the opportunity to take advantage of organic impotence.

Impotence symptoms:

1. Premarital sex impotence performance, some young people have sex before marriage, because of the tension, excitement comes and in a hurry, it is difficult to change the way marriage has been established.
2. The sudden interruption of sexual intercourse is one manifestation of impotence are, some people do not want the marriage to take place the application of condoms and IUDs and other contraceptive measures, and in vitro methods of contraception, because the two sides are very nervous to concentrate withdrawal vitro row the fine, the man likely to cause too tight early, causing impotence.
3. Impotence sexual performance because too often, some people live as a result of intense work and study, or the couple separated, or spouse a long business trip, did not occur due to prolonged sexual activity, sexual impotence require too strong and easy. Some people also worry about impotence, intends to reduce the number of sex, sexual tension caused by continuous savings, but heavier impotence.

Impotence treatment Note:

1. For a correct understanding and treatment of sex. Both husband and wife were sex education, understanding the meaning of impotence to prevent the normal misinterpreted as impotence. Get rid of the habit of masturbation, sex life should not be too frequent.
2. Maintain a stable mood. The incidence of impotence and spiritual, emotional, psychological and other factors very closely, as too much excitement, tension, depression, excitement, anxiety, fear, etc. can lead to impotence. Impotence is usually referred to spiritual factors.
3. Positive control a variety of diseases can cause impotence, such as prostatitis, the foreskin phimosis, etc., so to avoid the occurrence of impotence.
4. Should actively participate in physical exercise, avoid spicy, smoking, alcohol. Take part in more wholesome recreational activities, such as listening to music, gym, regulating sentiment, enhance physical fitness, all of which help to combat impotence.

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Crunches Can Lose Weight ?

Can crunches will help to lose weight? Do it slowly can lose weight.
Why do so many people sit-ups can not eliminate belly fat in it? The reason is that the body’s energy supply is a very integrated in the overall system, any part of the muscle can not “make the best” to get energy from the nearest fat deposits, but must be transported by the blood stored in blood, liver, as well as body fat The glycogen, use fat energy on the premise that the movement of at least 20 minutes, and keep rhythm in more than 55 percent of maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate is 220 minus age). Then the blood and liver glycogen, exhausted, fat can be used.

A lot of people after a long belly bulge, spare time to the gym, in your own home doing sit-ups to lose weight, and force must be done within a specified number of minutes, action, thinking that it can strengthen abdominal strength, in fact, is likely to cause abdominal muscle strain. Excessive frequency does not improve the effect of exercise, only the appropriate rhythm slow motion, in order to avoid fatigue caused by physical discomfort, abdominal enhanced training effect.

Practicing sit-ups speed to vary
Beginners, older practitioners, if you want to achieve the purpose of less abdominal fat, it is necessary to control the rhythm, start to do a lot to avoid a number of sit-ups, leading to muscle pain.

Initially you can try to do five times a minute, then slowly increased until it reaches about 30 times.

Women 30 years of age, many of gynecological diseases for the purpose of preventing the practice, then the frequency of the best control in 45-50 per minute, increasing age and decreasing the age of 50 a minute to do 25 on it a.

For those who have some basic fitness practitioners, more is to achieve the purpose of enhancing the abdomen through the exercise of power, so make sure to do about 60 times a minute.

Crunches position to the right

Many practitioners of crunches is not correct posture: lying on the ground, knees bent, lift the entire upper body, elbows touching knees, Shuangshoubaotou cross in the neck – this approach is the thigh muscles at work, instead of abdominal force, long-term effect will make the waist muscle strain; but also nerve compression of the neck.

The correct approach: sit on the bed, legs normal bent, hands on both sides of the ear fist half, try to open arms. When do the movements, so that the waist force, upper body straight up, pay attention to the waist do not leave the ground, then slowly drop the body in situ, repeat the above action.

When the abdominal muscles pull the body up, should exhale. This ensures that in the deeper abdominal muscles are simultaneously involved in the work.

During the exercise, the legs must not be straight, otherwise it is not only a waste of time, or even detrimental.

If the use of the fitness ball for beginners to do sit-ups, the fitness ball placed on the waist, not only to protect the back and waist, abdomen fully exercise also helps to improve the stability of the body during exercise. Physical good person, you can increase the weight, lying upside down inclined board, head below the center of gravity, better workout.

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Teach You Avoid The Five Slimming Errors

Slimming is a topic now pay close attention to every woman, there are a variety of different weight loss Cheats on the network. But in fact, many people understand the cognitive knowledge for slimming is not comprehensive, today teach you how to avoid the five slimming errors.

Error One: Carbohydrates
Many people think that carbohydrates will be very easy to gain weight, in the weight loss process will avoid eating. But this is wrong, the culprit is not the carbohydrates lead to weight gain, but fat. One gram of fat can produce 9 calories, one gram of protein and calories but a gram of carbohydrate only 4 cards, far less than the calories of fat.

Error Two: Fruits
In fact, do not think that the fruit must be eaten in the morning, in fact, the day you eat fruit at any time, the resulting effect is about the same, not because of different time periods and affect absorption, as long as you do not have any stomach discomfort can be, every day eat about 300 grams of fruit, the equivalent of two medium-sized apples.

Error Three: Eating at night will get fat
In fact, because the fat will not eat at night, but the injection of excess heat. Whether you are eight in the morning before eating or after eight pm to eat, there is no difference, whether you will depend on the accumulation of fat calories is more than your daily intake of calories consumed. As for when you bites, not much difference.

Error Four: Low-fat food
Many women believe that the supermarket to buy so-called low-fat foods can be thin, but this is a wrong idea. Calorie and low-fat foods actually contain not less than ordinary food, and some may even be higher, because the loss of part skim often taste and flavor, which required the addition of other substances such as sugar, thickeners, etc. make up, is bound to increase the heat.

Error Five: Organic Food
Relevant information on the nutritional content of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, such as organic foods contain no higher than normal food, so I want to rely on organic matter to replenish nutrients lost during weight loss, is unscientific. So if you feel that rely on organic foods to intake of various nutrients, in fact, is a misunderstanding.

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Five Elements Of Healthy Lose Weight

Five Slimming Elements One: The first stuttering fruits or vegetables
Meal, do not start to eat meat and fish, the first port should eat fruit or vegetable salad, then in order, eat protein foods (meat and fish), carbohydrates (starch). This will let you order a meal there faster satiety, and will not eat too much; but also to prevent the rapid rise in blood sugar, the body good. In addition, brown rice every mouth to chew more than 30 times, helps digestion.

Five Slimming Elements Two: Intake good quality oil
High quality oil-rich foods will make people have a sense of fullness, thereby reducing appetite. You can fine oil-rich green back by eating fish containing α-linolenic acid or sesame oil to the community of good quality oil. In addition, this quality can also help a good oil accumulation in the intestinal smooth discharge of stool, constipation for improving helpful. But pay attention, α-linolenic acid will oxidize when exposed to heat, it is recommended as a raw food mixed with juice consumption.

Five Slimming Elements Three: Time quantitative of water intake
Drink plenty of water must be done during the weight-loss thing. One day intake of 1.5 liters of water at room temperature, but can also be appropriate to drink some freshly squeezed juice and vitamins the body of water. But a lot of water, the water can not penetrate into the cell, the recommendation to drink a glass of water every one hour, and a mouthful of drink slowly.

Five Slimming Elements Four: Fermented foods beneficial digestive
Lunch can be more intake of some raw, pickled foods, fermented foods, such foods can enhance the activity of the enzyme, sashimi, pickled seaweed, natto, pickles and other foods are rich in enzymes. Fermented foods are beneficial microorganisms that people use a food processing and manufacturing, has a unique flavor, such as yogurt, cheese, fermented rice, pickles, soy sauce, vinegar, black beans, rice wine, beer, wine.

Five Slimming Elements Five: Eat dinner before 19:00
Dinner eat less to lose weight is a big point, but also pay attention to the eating of the meal time, try before 7:00. If the fear of the night hungry, drink fruit juice for breakfast and lunch, eat dinner as usual. But be sure to dine at 7:00 before the finish, you can choose Japanese or hotel breakfast. Weight control in 1/2 – 2/3, try not to let the digestive tract have the burden, let gastrointestinal rest.

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