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Ten Most Recognized Fat Burning Lose Weight Exercises

Summer is coming, beautiful women who want to lose weight, right, here are ten kinds of users recognized as the most effective fat loss exercise, we collected for you a reference.

1, 12 minutes freestyle, can consume the calories 836KJ

836KJ daily consumption of sports, 3 times a week, you can stay away from obesity problems. Max slimming time is short and the heat consumption of swimming is the best choice to save time. Also swimming, freestyle exercise relatively large, it takes only 12 minutes you can consume a lot of calories, quickly try!

2, Walking 10,000 steps a day can keep the body does not rebound

Some feel a little sweat rate, walking 10,000 steps a day, can consume 836KJ. A month you can lose weight 1kg oh.

In terms of time, the equivalent of walking two hours a day, you can use a little faster than normal walking speed of 4 km away. In sloping stairs and other places to walk more effective.

3, Stretching, once the best stick seven seconds

Doing stretching exercise, should choose their own exercise, under normal circumstances, a round adhere to the best around seven seconds. By stretching exercise to lose weight, if you drop out, it will cause the opposite effect, so be sure to adhere to!

4, Jogging 20 minutes or more can be the effect!

Aerobic exercise can fully burn body fat, and continue to transport Oxygen to the various parts of the body, the effect is a superior way to lose weight. After Jogging is aerobic exercise for 20 minutes, the body starts to burn fat, to lose weight. Swimming, walking, etc. also belong to aerobic exercise, can be selected according to different criteria.

5, Half-bath for 20 minutes in hot water at 37 degrees Celsius

In water at 37 degrees Celsius can activate body cells soak half-length, speed up metabolism. Leisurely bath in the water, which can effectively promote the sweat, so you are tender and beautiful from the inside to the outside people. 20 minutes of soaking tub is very slimming effect. If you do not like sports, I use simple half-bath, to complete the task to lose weight now!

6, 5 seconds press ear points 5 times can control the appetite

Ear acupuncture points to control appetite, hunger point is called. Daily pressed about 5 under, can effectively reduce the appetite. 5 seconds, press 5, preferably 30 minutes before meals, the better. However, the effect of weight loss also vary.

7, 30 minute foot massage, which can effectively reduce appetite

Massage, masseur said, acupressure is very effective in controlling appetite. 1 day diet is one of the most effective weight loss assist.

8, Take bus, one hour of standing toe lift, can exercise the leg muscles

Is only one-way travel time to stand than sit to consume about 84kJ, from a total consumption of about 167kJ. Lift the stand on tiptoe, slim fit ankle can make, it is recommended!

9, Jumped 1 hour in the club dancing

Various parts of the body have been active Para Para dance, just doing this one exercise can lose weight. After dancing every day, whole body feels thin. Want more slender, just some serious dancing to! In an hour’s hop dance club, it can consume 836kJ, which is the maximum amount a day consumption. Adhere to more than 20 minutes can be effective. Achieve movement in entertainment, once a day, the body is very useful.

10, 20 at each meal munching

A lot of chewing, which can effectively subtract facial fat. At least chewing under 20 can effectively subtract facial fat, therefore, we have to swallow to eat as soon as possible to improve the habits of people, beautiful slim body is so easy.

What Reasons Cause Of Male Erectile Dysfunction

The length of time for sex that men could show off the capital, and want a long sexual intercourse requires a healthy body, only a healthy body in order to ensure the normal male and normal intercourse erection time. Herbal vegetal vigra male enhancement, in life there are many factors that affect the normal function of the male reproductive system, affecting the normal erection to men.

What is erectile dysfunction

In clinical work, some patients are not private prosecution of sexual pleasure or euphoria lower in married life, affecting the patient’s motivation to participate in sexual activity, on the one hand, sperm can not get long-term stagnation in the prostate excretion, may further cause prostatitis (CP) occurs; on the other hand, does not participate in the long-term sex life, may lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs, and further lead to family discord.

The influence of taking drugs

Sedation benzodiazepines, barbiturates and other drugs, hypnotic effect may inhibit the generation of euphoria. Such as endorphins and other brain after consumption of lack of timely replenishment for further study whether there is brain medium.

Nerve endings sensitive point drop

Prostatitis, Seminal, man king, posterior urethral repeated long-term causes hyperemia and edema urethra, urethral mucosa sensory nerve endings on the decreased sensitivity.

Urethral pressure is insufficient

Prostatitis, Seminal, posterior urethral congestion and other causes of long-term repeated ischial cavernous muscle and bulbocavernosus other related muscle contraction and weak, the pressure within the urethra enough to make sperm, “shot” out and just out of, resulting in the expansion of feeling is not but at the moment to be released slowly released, pleasure is reduced.

Reduce the amount of semen

Asked repeatedly within a short amount of semen ejaculation leads to lack of timely removal of organs supplement, prostate, seminal vesicles and other so reduce semen volume, sperm before ejaculation after urethral accumulated amount is not enough to generate sufficient inflated sense of the urethra, so that the ejaculation of euphoria is not strong, or ejaculatory threshold decline, already emitted when the urethra semen volume yet to accumulate a certain amount of time hard ten days.

When fatigue intercourse

Patients with fatigue, marital incompatibility or other reasons for the lack of initiative to participate in intercourse will cause the patient lacks sufficient sexual pleasure during ejaculation.

S fine low threshold patients with premature ejaculation when a sufficient amount of posterior urethral yet accumulated semen volume, center S has issued a fine of impulse. After increasing the platform of the patient, the patient in sufficient semen volume, sperm body ready to do S S fine, may increase the patient’s pleasure, super hard pills are the most commonly used method for treatment of premature ejaculation.

Standard Features Of Men’s Health

For a normal healthy man, there is nothing more important than the body’s reproductive system. Sometimes, a lot of the male reproductive system because small changes in organ will become very sensitive and cautious, vigour 800mg man sinks below we conclude for you to share professional doctors to give the men’s health standard feature.

Normal physiological function

Erectile and ejaculatory function normally, semen sperm count, morphology, activity functioning properly. No erection can not, erectile dysfunction and priapism, no premature ejaculation and ejaculatory dysfunction can not wait.

Psychological function

Libido, chinese herbal gold viagra sexual pointing normal, without any form of psychological abnormalities. Having sexual restraint and social environment to adapt. Sexual desire and sexual arousal intensity strength get to meet when there is a clear individual differences, with the mind and the external environment intercourse also has a close relationship. To avoid the pursuit and for more intense sexual gratification cause damage psychological balance, resulting in the loss of life in harmony between husband and wife, and even cause extramarital sex and marital breakdown, also may have contributed to lechery and sexual dysfunction.

Anatomy of the reproductive organs of normal

As primary symptoms of male genital anatomy within and outside the normal range, no hermaphroditism, penis, hypospadias, cryptorchidism or other congenital abnormalities. Adolescent sexual organs are well developed, the distribution of secondary sexual characteristics Adam’s apple, pubic hair, armpit hair and other body hair is normal.

Reproductive system does disease

Neither genital dysfunction, no organic disease of the reproductive system, such as inflammation, tuberculosis, cancer, a variety of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as erectile dysfunction.

Healthy sexual attitudes and behavior

Should have the correct values, premarital sexual restraint, loyalty to each other married couples should not have extramarital sex. With sexual promiscuity is immoral to prostitution as a disgrace. Blue diamond pills as to ensure the health of the vast majority of people, and promote marital harmony, maintaining family stability, reduce sexual fault, preventing the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Two Considerations For Running Lose Weight Methods

Long jogging shoes and be sure to choose the right track, if there are no conditions to run on the right track, at least shoes must be soft and flexible enough. Soft tissue inside the knee is very fragile position, the long-term impact will wear it, and once it is difficult to long wear well. It is not the same bones, the bones as long as you wear the proper protection and restoration president also back to the prototype, and soft tissue once wear, difficult to grow back to its original appearance, but the chaos long, also known as osteoarthritis. We must be careful.

Running can certainly increase energy consumption and reduce weight, but there are not only running after the workout weight did not fall, but the increase. Why is that?

First, the large amount of exercise, food intake is also large. Some people running exercise early weight loss, weight rose again insisted after some time. This is because running in the consumption of energy substances at the same time, can also stimulate the digestive organs, increase appetite. Still capable of beginning a diet that weight loss. After some time, due to the hungry, plus weight loss novelty is over, simply great drink great food, resulting in weight gain.

Second, can not be sustained. Some people, after a period of running exercise, they lose interest because aborted campaign. You know, the digestive system changes slower than the motion system, significantly reducing energy consumption after the suspension movement, but absorption in the gastrointestinal tract remains “strong” state. Shift, of course, increase the weight.

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Why Would Men After Ejaculation Get Pain Feeling

Men reach orgasm stage ejaculation occurs, but there have a lot of pain after ejaculation men. So why after ejaculation have pain feeling?

Some male ejaculation occurs when the penis, urethra, perineum, scrotum, etc. above paroxysmal pain, this pain called painful ejaculation. The main cause of painful ejaculation are: sex life too frequently, genital inflammation (Seminal, prostatitis, urethritis, etc.), urinary stones, urinary tract tumors, mostly caused by organic disease genital.

1. Sex Life Too Frequently

Too frequently sex life often cause the vas deferens, seminal vesicles and urethra organs produce inflammation, causing congestion and edema of these organs. Ejaculation, due to smooth muscle contraction, and stimulation of these congestion organs, causing pain.

Sex life too excited, strong brutal action can cause painful ejaculation.

Too frequent sexual intercourse, married indulgence, especially after sexual intercourse during the day, perineum or pain in the scrotum.

2. Genital Cancer

Male urinary genital malignancies, mostly cause painful ejaculation. Such as the testis, epididymis, prostate cancer, etc. happen, oppression or blocked pipes ejaculation, pain during ejaculation occurs.

However, the more relaxed nature of pain, mostly pain and soreness. Seminal vesicles, vas deferens, etc. opportunity tumors, while small, but more progress is occult lesions. Therefore, the pain should pay attention to.

3. Genital Inflammation

Male lower urinary tract infection is the most common cause of painful ejaculation.

Suffering from cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, ejaculation, these organs muscle rhythmic contractions occur, inflammatory lesions is a mechanical stimuli that cause severe pain. Some patients will happen painful emission.

4. Male Urinary Tract Stones

Male urinary tract stones are common, when small stones embedded in the urethra, especially embedded in the open parts of the ejaculatory product, ejaculation and peristaltic contraction of these parts, and produce pain squeeze stones. Such as prostate or seminal vesicle stones, these parts of the contraction will cause pain during ejaculation.

5. Other Diseases

People who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, penile erection during sexual intercourse will pain during ejaculation worse.

People suffering from urethral stricture, poor semen discharge, urethral attempted to force out of semen, can also cause pain.

Male urinary tuberculosis, urinary tract polyps may also cause painful ejaculation.

6. Psychological Factors

Some character good, or because of some failure of sex or, or some work stress, etc., resulting in too bad for ejaculation and anxiety induced spasmodic contraction of the perineal muscles, particularly tense, which is caused by a psychological factor.

There is also a particularly sensitive to the head of the penis, the glans when the hand touches, there is a pain, and psychological factors also should be said that there is a certain relationship.

Several Principles Keep Men’s Health

1. Multi-steak: risk reduction of 29%

Eat the loin sirloin steak done: Beef is rich in selenium and vitamin B, the former can be compression, which can clear homocysteine ​​in the blood – this is the culprit artery vessel wall damage. Steak 50% of heart-healthy fats are monounsaturated fatty acids. So, we might enjoy eating.

2. Look after liver drink less beer: 85% risk reduction

If you have ten years every day, drink a liter and a half of beer, then you certainly have suffered a torn liver disease. A summer booze, your liver will take 12 months to repair itself.

3. Eat more nuts bypass cancer: risk reduction of 48%

We refer to them nuts. Nuts are rich in elemental selenium, but it is the nemesis of cancer. So much to eat in order to have a Superman-like lung it? Takes only one day three.

4. No smoking: risk reduction 200%

Your breath smells so bad that even the dog back away in disgust; the main chemicals in cigarettes will increase your frustration, US researchers 300,000 military personnel investigation and analysis, found that those who suck every 20 or above cigarettes suicide rate is twice that of people who never smoked, and 80 percent of lung cancer are caused by smoking.

5. Drink red wine: 50% risk reduction

Drink four cups a week to eight glasses of red wine can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by half. Red grape skin is rich in resveratrol, which can inhibit the development of cancer cells.

6. Sun: 50% risk reduction

Sun 15 minutes of sun a day can reduce the chance of disease by half. Sunshine can help the skin produce vitamin D, and vitamin D can inhibit the synthesis of substances in the blood disease. Of course, when the sun do not forget to wear sunscreen.

7. Eat Sprouts: 24% risk reduction

According to US research, bean sprouts for anti-cancer have a very magical effect, because it contains a large number of plant glucosinolates (Glucosinolate), it can prevent smoke and other pollutants in the air caused by lung cancer. You can put bean sprouts added to salads and sandwiches to eat together or directly.

8. Clean your kidneys, kept moist: 80% risk reduction

According to a study of the British Kidney Research Center, if you drink at least two liters of water a day, then you have the chance of kidney disease will be reduced by 80%.

9. Slim: 40% risk reduction

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s investigation, the more body fat you are, the more recent distance from the steering wheel, then the greater your chances of injury. Lose your excess body flesh: every two points lower body mass index BMI, you will increase the chances of the victims from 1/3, the ideal BMI index is at 20 or so.

10. Hiking: risk reduction of 28%

According to the American Human Nutrition Research Center, conducted daily aerobic exercise for some time, especially jogging, can prevent food in the body time to stay too long. Lunch stroll in the colon where the shorter period of time, it is converted into a number of opportunities for undesirable substances and even cancer cells smaller. Join the ranks of the sidewalk on foot or meters runners it!