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Eat These Food Can Improve Male Sex Ability Easily in Summer

In this scorching summer, men’s nightlife is abundant, while consumption is very great, then in order to couple a happy life, while for men themselves, in the summer impotence men need to eat some food to replenish their energy.


Kiwi is a fruit popular among consumers, but also a variety of fruits in the most abundant nutrients, the most comprehensive fruit. Kiwifruit contains excellent dietary fiber and rich in antioxidants, heat can play a pathogenic fire, moistening laxative effect, can effectively prevent and treat constipation and hemorrhoids; kiwi contains anti-mutagenic components of glutathione, can suppress induced cancer gene mutations, liver cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer and other diseases have a certain extent of cancer; kiwi rich in arginine, can effectively improve blood flow and prevent the formation of blood clots, reducing the crown The incidence of heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, and the treatment of impotence has a special effect.

Lychee sweet, warm, with replenishing qi and blood, Tim refined marrow, Sheng Jin and stomach, muscle Feng Ze skin and other effects. Both face fitness health benefits of fruit, but also for the treatment of disease, lack of body fluid and kidney wet dream, spleen diarrhea, insomnia, forgetfulness Zhu Zheng. Lychee can improve people’s sexual function, for the treatment of nocturnal emission, impotence, premature ejaculation, cold Zhu Zheng, and to improve anemia status of the body, as well as deficiency caused waist and knee pain, insomnia, forgetfulness embolism. Body thin black skin, impotence, premature ejaculation who take dry litchi 10, Schisandra 10 grams, 15 grams Jinyingzi, Shuijianbi a Jiufu, physical health, treatment of disease. But litchi and warm, can not eat. Heat and liver Huo who should not taste lychees.

Function jujube beneficial blood strong God, it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, etc., lysine, arginine and other amino acids, as well as calcium, iron and other 36 kinds of trace elements. Jujube also contains triterpenoids, has anti-fatigue effect, can enhance endurance. In addition, it is rich in cyclic adenosine monophosphate, this material has expanded blood vessels, not only can improve the nutritional status of the myocardium, but also to improve blood supply to the penis, increase erection hardness. So eat dates for premature ejaculation and impotence patients have a good therapeutic effect.

Papaya is extremely rich in nutrients, containing large amounts of protein and amino acids, also contains papain, vitamin A and B, C, D, E and other vitamins, papaya alkali. Papaya 250 grams, sliced ​​into 1000 ml wine or low spirits, and after two weeks of immersion taking Beverage 15 ml each time, twice a day, and even clothes for two weeks, can not move effectively alleviate kidney Yang Jian, symptoms of premature ejaculation.

Wolfberry, also known as wolfberry. Chinese medicine: medlar sweet natured, hepatic, renal, lung, nourishing the liver and kidney, shrewd eyes, and blood dryness, skin Chak Yuet Yan, Pei-Yuan UFA and other effects, is to improve the male and female sexual function health medicine. For the treatment of liver and kidney, dizziness, visual dim, nocturnal emission, impotence embolism. Supplements of wolfberry fruit, can delay aging, skin beauty benefits Yan and improve sexual function. Wolfberry has the role of excitatory nerve, eroticism should not take.

Oysters also known as oyster clams, oysters son. Rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, carbohydrates and other vitamins. Its taste salty, slightly cold, Yin and Yang, kidney essence astringent effect. Men eat oysters can improve sexual function and quality of sperm. Men nocturnal emission, virtual Laofa loss, kidney impotence has a good effect.

Modern medical research confirmed high nutritional value of shrimp, can enhance the body’s immunity and sexual function, kidney yang, anti-premature aging.

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7 Great Exercises Easily Lose Weight at Home

When talking about exercise to lose weight, many people first reaction is to spend money to go to the gym to do cards, in fact, do not have, to lose weight exercise can be carried out anywhere, not necessarily in the gym. Following small to you some exercise to lose weight at home easily thin.

Sit flat reach

Take off shoes and socks, sitting on the floor, legs stretched forward flat, close together, heel 13 cm apart, feet against the wall, hands reach, try to touch the walls. Note that the knee can not bend, not excessive force, the muscles relax as much as possible for 5 seconds. This action can exercise the spine, hip and leg flexibility. It helps prevent back and leg injuries.


Hug arms crossed his chest, legs bent, heels 30-50 cm away from the hips, feet flat, toes hooked furniture along the bottom, upper back flat; up trunk and head forward when, try to touch toes catching furniture. 1 minutes in uninterrupted try to repeat. This action can be a strong abdominal muscles, the lower spine to avoid pain and maintain good posture.

Moving action

The left foot a big step forward, then slowly lower the right knee, until it almost touches the ground. Note that the left knee to become 90 °, the body center of gravity pressure to the left foot. Then he stood up and right foot toward the left foot, right foot towards the front, repeat the previous action, each foot 8 times. If you have just started some difficulties may be in place to advance movement on each side of the body 8 times, then repeat for the other side of the body.

Push ups

This action of men and women are different, women and children under 10 years of age, knees, leg cocked, head to the knee to keep straight, stretched flat palms, fingers forward, stays below the shoulder, palm and shoulder width apart. Then touch the ground with his chest volts, and then to the arm up with your arms straight. This action can exercise the upper limbs, shoulder and chest muscle strength and endurance, helps maintain good posture, avoid Hanxiong hump.

Side support action

First, sit on the ground side, a hand grabbed hold up the body to the ground, one hand raised high, legs straight as possible, hold the position for five seconds and then take a break and then continue to hold up. Left hand stays can be tired for the right hand. This action can be drilled lateral support to the body’s muscles, promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, thus promoting weight loss.

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7 Creative Sex Tips 15 Minutes to Make Woman Experience Orgasm

In sexual life, use some sex tips can make love love more harmonious. There are a lot of sex tips, everyone got some sex tips, but sex as a science, and only continue to learn and master new skills in order to make the sex is never boring. Below small to be introduced, a few more creative sex tips that can help your passion to explore new ideas.

1Creating fresh sex environment

If you want to change your environment at home, in order to bring freshness to sex, it is best not to act hastily, anyway, time is yours. You can always replace the bedroom arrangement (even color, according to color theory, pink, orange, red and pink can improve people’s “sex”, but not rigidly stick), you can put some soft music, you can wear different underwear, can Use a different brand of perfume.

Appointment in advance before sex

An old married couple who are usually accustomed to each other’s existence, forget dating beautiful, long time, and even sex have become routine. To change this situation, we must try to blush when you get back that feeling of love. The appointment can help you, at least before the planned sex life, the first for a romantic date. It also can be sexual fantasies in advance, it is an important factor in sparking and enhanced excitement.

Women have to learn to take the initiative

Although men are like when the slugger, like when the leader, but always make sure he took the initiative would affect his interest. Since this battle of the sexes is something the two of you, you do not need the old to let him act as waging war: the “culprit”, you can also target time for him to take the initiative! And occasionally active woman, men do not oppose, but more aroused his fighting spirit, make sex more passionate yet.

Open new ideas sex sites

The bedroom where the bed is undoubtedly the highest usage rate, but sometimes deliberately abandon it how? Living room floor, sofa, or even a kitchen – as long as you own space – you may wish to turn it into a “battlefield”, you just let him unexpected, let him refreshing. Avoid bedroom. In different places cabinet table, kitchen and other living room couch sex, it helps to break the practice. If money and time, but also to love to spend a romantic night in the hotel, I believe that will leave you with very good memories.

Some might say the pillow madness

Women can also say something pillow madness, of course, at this time you should have confidence in his eyes you are a woman rather than a fresh conformist yellow face. Words may help you in this regard. For example, you say: “I love you”, “I want”, “You’re great ah” …… not intended to compliment their mouth your comments and expectations.

Be honest talk between husband and wife

Perfect sex life need to communicate with each other, exchange between husband and wife is based. What is your trouble is? What effect you want to achieve? What do you think of his claim? And so on, you can say it was not necessary because the shy and hide. Between husband and wife, a healthy sex is always legitimate and useful.

Body massage each other

Before sex, conduct body massage, which helps the body relaxation and arouse excitement. Massage, you can use fun tools, not only can massage to relax, but also play the role of co-aphrodisiac. Like lelo the LIV 2, is a classic style and elegant medium sized vibrator, with a very delicate touch, appearance is also very smooth, ergonomic design, the massage can bring unlimited joy and comfort.

15 minutes to make a woman climax

Said a woman’s orgasm is slower, the light would need half an hour before the show? That is you do not grasp the sexual skills. As long as you got enough great tips that can make women in 15 minutes to have an orgasm. Do not believe what can be reciprocal. Here began the countdown 15 minutes to see how to get a woman to achieve orgasm.

Countdown 15 minutes: Kissing 3 minutes

It dropped three minutes at least 15 minutes to kiss. Study found that a kiss will reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol tense. When you kiss, put your head skewed to the right – German scientists have found that this makes you look about her, so that her body covered with libido progressive chemicals, build trust and encourage her to come faster more.

But do not just her mouth pro. “Kiss of Art,” the author checked the 50,000 women, 96 percent of women chose to kiss his neck as the best warm-up. From time to time to let the lips slide from her neck so as not to make light of her neck lose sensitivity. Every kiss her neck, he saw the clothes are off. This is not only save you 15 minutes this time, but also let you build confidence on the body.

Countdown 12 minutes: tease 2 minutes

Now she has basically naked, but wearing twelve underwear, across the underwear caressing and kissing her, and do not go straight to the destination, so that she would expect to happen in full, rather than directly stimulate her. Make her feel this moment forever over the finish, then took off her underwear and began caressing her private areas.

Countdown 10 minutes: cunnilingus 3 minutes

Cunnilingus is to make 80 percent of women reach orgasm most infallible method. Also the fastest way to make women orgasm. Lifting up her clitoris with one hand, “he said.” Lick circle along the bottom of it, just above her clitoris, “with the other fingers on her perineum (the vaginal opening out in the following ). When you feel her contractions when you know you are in the correct position.

Countdown 7 minutes: out of the four minutes

While female orgasm foreplay is important, but only just before the climax of the play. Duration and consistency of orgasm foreplay is more important than the length of time being play. After enter will culminate even four minutes. This is now the best time to make her legs trembling orgasm. To do this, start with the classic net and then pulling back this missionary way the bottom of your penis just stopped in on her clitoris. Use your feet against the foot of the bed do you support then moves back and forth rather than directly into the penis. Your penis gently rub her clitoris, which she is very comfortable and gives you control of slow pulse dynamic alternative technologies is a burden on the sensorium. In and out of your time, you can use the NEA lelo Antonia placed between the two, Antonia clitoris massage, not only for masturbation, you can also put on between partners during sex, most precise massage parts of the body needs to meet all the desires deep inside.

Countdown 3 minutes: Keep out of the speed and intensity

The final three minutes, you just need to hold it, do not play too many tricks, although you can get pleasure by different sexual techniques, but does not mean more is better in a sex change, especially in her near climax, hold the can. When you start working on something and have responded positively when I continue to do, with the same speed and intensity, we can send her to orgasm pinnacle.

34 Pounds Weight Loss Experience Share, “Slow” is Most Healthy and Effective Way

First I have to tell you that, weight loss has two parts, one is weight loss, one is thinner. Lighter does not mean getting thinner, thinner does not mean a lighter. And then also a question of science. Our stomach is called belly warm temperatures, than all the local temperatures are low, normal human body temperature is around 36 degrees Celsius, the temperature is around 34 degrees Celsius abdomen. If the abdominal temperature below 34 degrees Celsius, it will be difficult to metabolize fat, it is particularly vulnerable to fat, abdominal temperature higher metabolic better, so abdominal temperature is very important.

I tried many ways, really do not know where to start, I want to achieve results from all concerned.

First, understand their own in the end what you need, how to achieve a multiplier effect of thin.

We want to achieve the ultimate aim is look thinner, wear nice clothes, no one is right for purely light weight. I think the most happy is the kind of a meat, but dressed Mimi thin, do not delay eating girl.

First the girls to be very careful to observe their own in the end Why was fat. For example, when I was 130 pounds, because Tuicu, most notably a large waist, I’ll start from the legs and waist, then 110 pounds, it is the face-lift it fat, 100 pounds when the arm thick, thin arm the entire people It seems lost a lap. If even a good fat sister, it is simply the most happy, because this girl is often very thin uniform.

As for how to identify their own system, I do not fully understand, I was wetter cold side, probably the performance is: belly fat, poo erratically, back fat, thick thighs, cold, energy is not abundant, the other constitution we can check. In determining where they need to thin, what method is not suitable for herself, the girls can boldly develop weight-loss plan, the effect of such efforts will be obvious, so the harder the more embarrassing in the wrong direction.

Second, how to lose weight quickly (within one month)

I want to say is this rapid weight loss are all not long, but little impact on the body, but I often use these methods assault to lose weight, I personally feel hard to slim down quickly accepted.

He said that the basic habits of a premise, that is, the day you are really determined to lose weight, it is necessary to move a weight scale back fixed time every day wearing clothes or bare fixed weighed, and carefully down carefully recorded every day.

For this to lose weight, I have only a little experience.

1. Do not exercise sweating after the sun goes down, it will damage the kidney essence, the face will be yellow.
2. Do not suffer as the movement, you want to enjoy this process.

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Proper Physical Exercise Can Prevent Impotence Occur

Medical experts point out that exercise is not only beneficial to the human heart, but also beneficial to people’s sexual function. Convention, moderate exercise can prevent impotence, preventive dysfunction. Even middle-aged men began to exercise, can reduce the risk of some degree of impotence.

Male dysfunction including decreased libido aspect (sensory disorder), erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, sexual disorders. According to global health statistics, the problem of sexual dysfunction in men has been more than 40%, domestic accounted for 30% of the world, the data show: male friend sexual dysfunction problem can not be ignored. So male dysfunction prevention, friends, how to be a better preventive dysfunction happen?

Ongoing, appropriate physical exercise and outdoor activities will be beneficial to you, insist on daily exercise, you can adjust the tension of mental or neurohumoral disorders. Medical experts point out that exercise is not only beneficial to the human heart, but also beneficial to people’s sexual function. Convention, moderate exercise can prevent impotence, preventive dysfunction. Even middle-aged men began to exercise, can reduce the risk of some degree of impotence.

Physical exercise program varied, which projects to a man’s sexual function advantageous? Man physical exercise should pay attention to the project selection, walking, swimming is good exercise, but riding a bike is not suitable for a man, because it would increase the risk of sexual dysfunction.

Although increasing physical activity may be effective in preventing male dysfunction, but only on exercise is not enough. Because the causes of male dysfunction varied. Male dysfunction prevention better approach is to develop good habits, ban alcohol and tobacco, appropriate psychological pressure adjustment and mitigation and so on. Spiritual factors are the main cause of sexual dysfunction. Psychotherapy is particularly important. Family members of patients should be kept strictly confidential, so in the treatment of mental impotence. And carry out the work, so that patients eliminate ideological concerns, ease of mind and confidence in conquering the disease.

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How Can Make Ejaculation Feel More Strongly

Intensity and volume of ejaculate a man orgasm have a great relationship, namely, the more semen volume, the stronger his orgasm pleasure. So how do you achieve the increase in semen volume of purpose?

1. Abstinence is longer, increase semen volume, so it was deemed appropriate to increase semen volume abstinence helps to enhance male orgasm pleasure.

2. The longer the foreplay beforehand, the more semen volume. Therefore, a high level penis before sexual intercourse, prolonged stimulation effectiveness, is clearly beneficial. However, if the man’s self-control is not strong, it would be counterproductive, because it may speed up the reaction process, the problem of premature ejaculation.

3. Of course, the pelvic floor muscle (PC muscle), the stronger, the more powerful orgasm contraction, its accompanying pleasure also stronger. So the importance of exercise to clear the PC muscle. In fact, before the coming of ejaculation, the man already has a pleasant “climax like” pleasure, the pleasure is equivalent to approximately half before ejaculation orgasm accompanied by ejaculation pleasure brought strength. When this process does not mean the former pleasure response has entered ejaculation “inevitable” level.

If women want to get more sexual pleasure, we must actively keen to join the sexual activities, she had encouraged her husband to experience and dedication of all new attempt he could do, such behavior can be described as love is to love yourself help people is to help yourself. Because many men were brought up to a lot of sex bias and draw too many error messages, so there are all sorts of misconceptions about sexual issues. They never go to try new activities, because they do not want to “waste time” in that he did not hold on or do not have confidence. In fact, our body is fully capable of many activities, such as men can quickly get a second erection, of course, we may not be able to quickly second ejaculation.

Orgasm feeling is undoubtedly the most intense sexual activity brings pleasure, it is not no sense in the case of the previous sudden advent of sexual stimulation in the manufacturing process is always pleasure, from the beginning of the subtle, perhaps even discomfort The itching sensation or gradually and continuously strengthen and form a specific sexual pleasure, at the height of the dawn of pleasure reached a very, very strong peak levels. Wife could accumulate experience in practice, so that repeated stimulation understand the man is bound to bring unforgettable experience of pleasure, but also to know how to stop in time if it reaches the peak of stimulation, let the man trying to maintain a longer time in this a level, but do not let the man premature orgasm.

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