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5 Sports Weight Loss Tricks

5 Sports Weight Loss TricksWant to lose weight, of course, sports. Beauty of the ladies also believe that this truth, and personally practiced this truth. But because there is no sure method during exercise good movement, the result is not very smug. Here we would recommend for everyone 5 exercise to lose weight tips to get you through exercise, slim down as you wish.

1. Anaerobic exercise + aerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise, usually by doing some weight training exercise muscle. In this process, the stored carbohydrates are broken down in the muscle, because the human body to consume carbohydrates to provide energy to the body by, once stored in the body break down carbohydrates are over, the body will begin to consume fat. Compared to anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise to burn fat better. Therefore, when aerobic exercise before, you can start to consume carbohydrates via anaerobic exercise, and then to burn fat through aerobic exercise, like this, weight loss can be more effective.

2. The body movement combined with local body part exercise

Some people figure is only a partial obesity, such as thick legs, abdominal fat. People often think that we will be a good weight loss remedy, so he is only part of the movement against obesity. In fact, in order to quickly lose weight, exercise time just only for a part of a very inadequate. Some targeted campaign fat consumption is not strong and in line with a number of body movements, such as running, swimming and other sports.

3. Do more outdoor exercises

The study found that in outdoor walking or running on a treadmill than you run ten per cent per cent more calories burned. Outdoors, relatively rough road leads to greater friction; affected by natural wind, the movement of the body will be greater resistance; in addition, uphill, downhill transformation also makes outdoor sports can be constantly changing rhythm . So whether it is running, biking or skating, outdoor sports practitioners receive greater resistance, the body itself needs to consume more calories. Duanlian than on a treadmill, outdoor running can consume more calories 3% to 5% of the card. In addition, the fresh air and change of scenery can make exercise more fun, but also to help practitioners persist longer.

4. Each exercise at least 12 minutes

Any exercise will burn calories, but to really achieve weight loss results, you need at least 12 minutes (warm-up is not) movement. Take the time to establish a training effect, thereby improving the body’s ability to transport oxygen, and produce more fat burning enzymes such as lipase, so you can burn more calories when in motion, and the time to do other things and more dynamic.

5. Hold on the exercise time point

The study found that mild exercise after a meal one hour at the most reasonable; moderate exercise should be scheduled two hours after a meal; high-intensity exercise can be carried out in three hours after meals. According to the optimal motion can be introduced several time periods: three hours after breakfast to lunch before; three hours after lunch to before dinner; three hours after dinner to bedtime.

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Sex Life Considerations For 30 Years Old

Sex Life Considerations For 30 Years OldFor sex life many men feel that they understand, with superb knowledge and sexual skills. However, the “Times of India” recently published an article that many men do not understand women inner thoughts. The following is a wife in my heart of several “sex mind”, the men know that, in order to better mobilize the enthusiasm of their sex.

1. The most pleasant conversation aroused my sexuality

Before sex, women like men to talk with their lives and ideas. They hope the couple can relax on the sofa talking, or while walking and talking. Then a man if you can say something, “I love you”, “I care about you” like love, then women will therefore have a very strong sexual desire.

2. For women, sex is inseparable with life

Men often bring pressure and other factors with sex life apart, a woman is not her lover how to treat her in the bedroom, a direct impact on her performance in bed. For example, she does not care, words mean, rude tone, etc., will not be put into her sex, were not enthusiastic about it.

3. I will because looks old and anxiety, fear of losing its appeal to you

For an old married couple, the wife often afraid of their own attractiveness to her husband’s not so big, for this reason, many women turn out the light after only dare to undress, attentive man can get a woman feel this anxiety. If she is no longer as flowers, no need to lie to her, do not say that she is no longer attractive, should act to show and let her know she was still attractive to you.

4. When sex please do not be so serious

Sex is the essence of a “game”, but many men too serious performance in sex, they forgot to laugh, not to make a romantic naughty behavior. Such pressure tends to become sex and dead, both men and women experience less sexual pleasure.

5. I like physical contact and caressing, sometimes nothing to do with sex

Women love romance, hugging, kissing handle and will make them happy. But many women complain that men in addition to foreplay, they rarely have such intimacy. Therefore, often hug and kiss her, she will feel happy.

6. After sex life, i would like more gentle

Some women complain that men had finished on asleep. Indeed, many men climax is over, it is no intimate act. But this time the woman wants more hug or talk for a while, which make them more satisfied.

30 yeas old woman’s sex quality: Not Quantity

For 30-year-old women, a man’s participation is still very important. Because the 30-year-old woman not only to orgasm, but also the health of orgasm.

30-year-old Merrill had experienced such a climax, it is with her boyfriend when predecessor. The man was let extremely insecure woman who, he not only regularly missed appointments, and often do not comply with the time. “In those days, I am often so he was irrational and anxious, jealous I always think:? This man in the future be nice to me,” Merrill Lynch brought him to climax is purely physical stimulate, rather than happiness surging tides.

Open English Dictionary, the word passion has two very different meaning. It is warm and painful, emotional intimacy has not yet reached a sufficient time to get the climax is not conducive to health. Fanatical desire, impermanence and fear will initially feel blazing, but this is causing pain passion poison. Orgasm must get in the spirit of communication and emotional nourishment as a precondition.

30 years old woman’s dilemma: No Time to Love

The United States has done such a site survey: If God gives you the time of day, 25 hours instead of 24 hours, then you will take advantage of this extra one hour to do? 90% of men and 65 percent of women given the same answer: sex.

If you are too busy because of the pressure of work and life without emotion or time to make love, then you are not alone. According to what we have done tests show that: Most professional women at this age are facing this problem. 30-year-old is the critical moment the cause of profound knowledge, many years of accumulation in this fight, and who would dare to do at this time lightly? Good strong woman who is busy every day, they are like a gyroscope tired, never retired and sit, because suddenly I do not know what is going on behind the smoke whip, people have a reason to continue to rotate forever.

Record: 30-year-old love Kerry is now facing home to take care of newborn bb and served as department head selection. Work is already busy husband is a mess, of course, hope that love can come home to be a full-time mother Kerry, and with the “hand that rocks the cradle is the hand of promoting social” grand theory such as to encourage her.

Love Kerry heart began badly: on the one hand she was just quiet enjoyment of life, personally watching her daughter grow up; on the other hand she is reluctant to make a flourishing halfway. More push, she is likely to enter the company’s senior decision-making.

How to choose what kind of life it is to love Kerry ideological struggle a lot. In the end, I love Kerry decided to return to work, even if subjected to the dual pressures of work and family. Good strong love Kerry is now almost can not afford the time and mood to make love, almost all weekend to complement the sleep.

30 years old woman’s sex to quality rather than quantity

If the 20-year-old girl needs to prove his versatility, then 30-year-old woman will not be for sex and sex. Sex is no longer in order to satisfy and please the men, 30-year-old women pay more attention to the quality of sex. Since time is so precious, what must be high quality. 30-year-old woman also understand that there is no one to make your sex life frequency record, there is no measure of a so-called normal sexual has always been a very natural thing to do.

30 years old woman, relieved the heavy “armor”

20 years old likes to make life difficult for their bodies. Body clearly has like “bitter cauliflower” general slim, still with their own mirror sorry. Strange to say, 30-year-old woman even with the slight bulge in a small pot, more than 20 years of age to appreciate their own bodies. 30-year-old woman 20 years of age, although not as bright beautiful, but at this age than the age of 20, more confident, more accepting of yourself. Accepted his “imperfect”, but also be able to stop and actually enjoy all existing.

For many women, from the age of 30, sex is like a process of getting rid of fetters. 33-year-old Xiao Di revealed her feelings: “I always worry when having sex before he was not looking at my stomach that he is not averse my thighs or my chest is not plump enough if mind has been thinking? Such problems, we simply can not concentrate enjoy sex. And now I am confident that her husband must be very fond of my body.

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8 Tricks Help Couples Get More Passions

8 Tricks Help Couples Get More PassionsSexual passion requires joint efforts with the couple to achieve, but in reality, many couples because of a variety of problems led to discord sex. In fact, life age can enjoy sex so few years, after a hard day in terms of why even wronged yourself? Look at the recipe for sex appeal of the formula help to ensure that the sexual life “turned the corner.”

After conflict sex life
Heated arguments often intense exercise can also lead to the blanket. Quarrels can lead to increased levels of dopamine and adrenaline, which leads you and your partner in other areas will be very excited, such as sex. Each couple will have the occasional conflict, post-conflict sexual relationship often will you become more harmonious.

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Leave for vacation
When on vacation, you can enjoy your private time. In fact, the holidays will help you and your sex partner falling in love, more intimate sexual. If you are used to plan the journey time, remember to set aside time for sex, such as staying in a hotel in the early morning or after dinner back to the room to enjoy a pleasant evening together.

Aggression type sex life
A trace of aggression, but also with a sense of urgency, there is usually unexpected results. This is one of romantic mystery elements. You do not know what to expect. If you in the mood, you can try to tear each other’s clothes, omitted before the show, enjoy a different kind of pace inconsistent sex.

Simple comfort type sex life
Maybe sometimes he just needs a simple, familiar and satisfying sex. If he is in a slump the past few days, and this is a great way to express love and support, choose one that you and your partner like posture.

Spur of sex life
If you take part in a very boring party or family gathering, through this way to make this night becomes different. Quietly slipped out to find an empty bedroom, the possibility of being caught makes your sex life more exciting, different kind of fun. It can also give you a reason for looking forward to family gatherings.

Meet each other’s sexual fantasies
Everyone has sexual fantasies, as long as you both feel comfortable, there is no reason to refuse it into reality. Whenever possible, we should try to meet each other’s sexual fantasies. For example, if your partner always dreamed of sex on board, why not rent a boat and enjoy a romantic night in the sea it?

Enjoy quick sex life
If you are pressed for time, you can enjoy quick sex. However, to ensure that the other party is also willing, otherwise it will cause the other resentment. When she agreed to sex, perhaps she really mean to say no. So to really understand each other’s ideas, do not give you a long life overshadowed. If you add in sex when condoms Durex apple taste, even more so that sex has a fruit-like aroma of sweet taste, it is more Miaozai!

Harmony romantic sex love
Romantic love is the harmony of each food color dream of men and women, wish to take the time and effort to prepare a romantic evening, candles, music or some champagne. These can make you and your partner reach agreement on emotion, and then slowly and enjoy every minute with you.

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Sex Love Tips Make Men Long Lasting Erection

Sex Love Tips Make Men Long Lasting Erection

Men of their own sexuality is very valued, but often counterproductive, premature ejaculation has become their most inferior thing, in front of his wife suppressed. In fact, there are many ways to make men more lasting in bed!

Maintain a good attitude of mind
Mood before sexual intercourse is normal or not, have a significant impact on the speed of ejaculation. Emotional and nervous, often leads to premature ejaculation. Hardcore action too much, enhanced stimulation intensity, often accelerated ejaculation, so to bilateral cooperation. Once ejaculation are not mutually blame, blame, and should find out the reasons, together with the treatment.

Appropriate abstinence
Sexual restraint, avoid masturbation, have contributed to the prevention of premature ejaculation. It has been argued that in a few hours after sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation sexual intercourse again, the inhibitory state after first sexual intercourse before use to delay ejaculation, treat premature ejaculation, but actually hinder healthy, not often use this method. Proper sports activities, such as listening to music, exercise, adjusted sentiment, enhance physical fitness, helps to control premature ejaculation.

Prolong sexual intercourse
Prevent premature ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse it is a way to extend the time for sexual intercourse but should also have a degree, but will result in prolonged recession woman excited climax destruction, pay attention to lax, vaginal dryness, physical exhaustion, etc. For men, too much ” War Torn “causes excessive congestion of prostate, testes and spermatic cord, so that these parts appear heavy feeling the next day, and even induce prostatitis or spermatic cord inflammation, orchitis embolism.

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Apply testicles with cold water
Testicular washing with cold water, or with a wet towel wrapped around the entire penis and scrotum, so you can testicular temperature decreases, slowing blood flow, eliminate tension. The man can comfortably do caress of responsibility, until the time when the woman excited, and then move slowly into the reactive state, inhibits premature ejaculation.

It was also with a large glass of ice water sinks, to make organs cool, reduce tensions. An ordinary bath, cold water and warm water can be used repeatedly to stimulate the testicles, can play a role in training the men sexuality. By choosing sexual intercourse can also exercise the ability to control ejaculation. As the early morning wake up after sex change, energetic; the first sleep and then sexual intercourse, to avoid tension; after ejaculation, intercourse that night again, time must be extended; first masturbation ejaculation, sexual intercourse again after the refractory period, to achieve the extension of time effect.

Change the sex life time
It is generally the sex in the evening, but if you change it when you wake up, the body has been lifted tired, energetic, then chewing gum tablets flirting, I believe the same room quality will improve.

Wearing double condoms
May reduce the sensitivity of the penis and prolong ejaculation time. 5, to reduce the magnitude and speed of the penis twitch reduce sexual stimulation of the penis, while the woman’s initiative to meet the action, reaching orgasm as soon as possible, in order to satisfy both sides.

Doing This Five Steps Before Sex Life, You Will Get Unexpected Results


About sexual foreplay, we believe the answer, we all know the importance of sex. A good start, to get good results. The foreplay is good or bad, but also related to orgasm can come. So, how do we do it before the show? Here, we give you about flirting style sex, let you open the front perfect play.

1. Evoke desire sex
In the air around us, there is an invisible, intangible, can not hear the “smell of the language.” For example, animals can secrete a special scent called pheromones. After the sex smell, it will become excited; smell after sex, will stimulate them to courtship. Humans and animals, will also smell “Rapture.” This is what we want to say “sex scent.”

In addition to the faint female body body fragrance, and some unexpected flavor make men captivated. Chicago taste and smell research treatment and Research Foundation found, roses, chocolate can only enhance the romantic atmosphere.

The sweet smell of donuts and pumpkin can increase blood flow to the male genitals, but also aging amazing, can reach 16 hours. Licorice, cucumber and baby powder scent, allowing blood flow to the vagina about 13%, which means that the extent of her sex to arouse in significantly improved.

2. Slower than her
Her temperature lead your actions, rather than all of a sudden your desires burn her. This should be followed by any criteria you use a skill. For example, do not touch them until she did not take the initiative to straighten tempting chest; she did not hold your hand on the cruise only on her waist between his own legs and lower abdomen before. Well, even if you think you do not even have to make her orgasm, but the master and your difference here: they can make a submissive woman turned into a fascinating and charming bed and stuff.

3. Sending her sexy underwear
If you think sending ordinary underwear would be too old-fashioned, then select sexy underwear. It looks like you do not want to make love to find a time, for example, when in a restaurant to eat, under the table and handed her, and so she went to the bathroom to put. Seem exaggerated, but her passion is a little bit of door began to be opened. Of course, it is not recommended on the first date with this trick.

4. Meticulous gentle treatment
Stir out of the taste will never come over simmering gusto. When pro-like lip stick to glass, licking time to sweep the dust like to antiques, like to touch time to burn the back of painted cream …… In short accordance slow motion speed command your mouth, tongue, hands, it would let her become ever more sensitive skin.

5. Make the breast a hurry
We certainly know that a woman’s breasts for how you have the temptation, but this time to give you advice remains: Do not worry. For more than four weeks under her breasts, flanks, collarbone and neck these parts work hard, until she can not wait to hold you in both hands to his chest!

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How to make your other half get orgasm ?

Which men do not want to be in bed, “slugger” mean? But the real “macho”, not only have a strong look, but also a climax of sexual skills, so wife infinite passion, met on sex. Here are some sex tips, is essential macho, wife of passion can give tips. Take a look at the passion to help but let the wife Jiaochuang skill bar.

Take a banana on the bed
Bananas have a great role in sex, you can make beautiful wife bananas, while you caress her. Bananas in the process, can cause her sexuality, but not that the reason you think. Bananas are rich in vitamin B, therefore bananas can improve the quality of your sex life and orgasm by promoting blood circulation part of your genitals.

Find her G-spot
To get a woman of passion, the easiest way is to stimulate her G spot. Maybe you think the G-spot is difficult to find, but not so elusive G spot, if you know how to look for it. The method is to look for when making love, a finger extending into the privacy of the forward five centimeters, feel the front wall of the vagina. When the organization feels when a swollen look at, and that is the G-spot.