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10 Misleading You Lose Weight Puzzles

Around us, always weight loss diet and exercise to lose weight information flying, even to the extent of more contradictory: the news this week is the king of proteins, carbohydrates dominate next week becomes; the supermarket checkout aisle, Cover all the magazine claimed the secret to losing weight in this issue; and the gym, but all of them are weight loss experts. However, the weight loss of the truth, how much do you know? Perhaps, you’re doing all these futile.

10 Misleading You Lose Weight PuzzlesUS health and lifestyle consultant and celebrity nutritionist Ashley Burton • Paula • Simpson commented on 10 healthy puzzles, some you may already know the answer, but there are always some help to you.

1. Do not eat after 8:00 pm?

No. Cause is not your time you eat fat, but what you eat, how much to eat. The reason why some diets suggest you eat dinner early, finished, do not eat anything else, is because some people (especially those who during the day and eat a meal) easily overeating at night. Burton said: “If you find yourself eating Shoubu Zhu at dinner, most likely during the day because you do not get enough high-calorie.”

Raiders: In fact, you can rest assured that after dinner to eat something, as long as pay attention to what you can eat – and Burton is the recommended choice for a casual meal or a glass of modulation of water, berries and a little fat from milk Xi. If you think this is too light supper, try using fat-free yogurt or skim milk instead of ice cream and potato chips cereal bar, or try to use snack crackers containing only 100 calories instead of puffed food bar.

Where the real danger is uncontrolled eating supper, do not sit in front of a television set to become a “couch potato”, and do not eat much under the influence of a cocktail of oh.

2. Calories good or bad?

How can. We should know: calories is a calculation unit of heat (Translator’s Note: It is defined as 1 gram of water rises at a standard atmospheric pressure required to heat 1 degree Celsius). The reason why people gain weight is because we ingest calories than we consume. However, not all carbohydrates are the same. Simpson introduced:. “After the poor quality of carbohydrates (refined monosaccharide) into the body quickly digested, is absorbed into the bloodstream when the blood sugar to go too high, the extra sugar will be stored as fat” and quality carbohydrates in the fiber helps slow down the rate of digestion of sugar, control blood sugar levels, so that there is a longer period of time before the body of excess sugar into fat to consume these calories.

Raiders: consume more types of carbohydrates – fruits, vegetables and whole grains – Avoid intake of simple sugars candy, soda biscuits and ordinary spaghetti (compared to whole wheat pasta, which contains less fiber ), as well as cakes, bread and the like “white food.” (Translator’s Note: The so-called “white foods” refers to those processed and refined, the color is white foods, such as flour, rice, pasta, bread, biscuits, cereals, etc.) Another reason for the choice of quality carbohydrates They are: blood sugar levels can as quickly digest monosaccharides significant fluctuations occur, which makes people feel tired, appetite control disorders. This is already find it difficult to control appetite us, it is not a good news.

3. Soup before meals to reduce appetite?

Correct. A study by Pennsylvania State University showed that eating foods containing high moisture will increase the people’s satiety. Interestingly, the only water to drink, then do not have this effect. Obviously, compared with the soup, paste food, clean water will be faster in the stomach is empty, do not give your brain to signal that you already full.

Raiders: Before you go out to drink a bowl of soup as an appetizer bar (note not cream soup)! If you are still drinking high-calorie fruit juice or soda, then quickly put them into water it. That small glass of water may not be able to make you eat more of some, but it is “saved” calories, but can help you to cut down weight. At the same time, it will bring you an “extra bonus” – the transport of nutrients to your cells go, the metabolic waste excreted.

4. The diet should completely away from red meat?

No need to. Because red meat is an important source of protein and iron.

Raiders: Choose lean meat and eat, such as beef tenderloin, sirloin, especially lean ground beef – take fat removed. Portion control is the key, Burton advises: “to try to reduce the intake of red meat per week and a half time and the size of the share of red meat you eat, the thickness of your palm should be similar, but not equivalent to you. Shaquille O’Neal palm or palm boyfriend yo … ”

5. “non-prescription”, “natural”, “herbal extracts” = safe and effective?

Wrong. Risk weight loss medication need to be cautious. Ephedra diet pills in the 1990s is a good lesson. You can buy in health food stores get, does not mean it’s healthy. Before a product by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) assessment, you should skeptical.

Raiders: Although There is no magic pill to lose weight, but there are FDA-approved diet pills, appetite suppressants (OTC and prescription). Medicines and low calorie recipes, exercise plans three-pronged approach to weight loss is a certain degree of help. Tips: Before you take any medication, you should consult your doctor.

6. 1 grams of fat = 1 gram of protein?

No. 100 pounds of bricks and 100 pounds of feathers, which is heavy? This question you have done, right? The answer of course is the same weight. But the 100 pounds of feathers must be better than the amount of space occupied by the 100 pounds of bricks space much more. The same is true for the analysis of the relationship between the weight of food and calories: 1 gram of protein contains 4 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrates contain 4 calories, and one gram of fat contains nine calories. Therefore, from this perspective, one gram of fat ≠ 1 gram of protein.

Raiders: Even if the two components of the same food, a food contains calories likely than another food. It is those “low fat” and “zero fat” product has been popular reasons. Control the daily fat intake, the daily calorie intake is maintained within the budget is no longer a difficult task of. Also, put your pantsChild size is maintained at the same number, is no longer a problem.

7. Genes determine everything?

No. See scales vacillating pointer, do not just complain about your ancestors. Simpson explained:. “Although our genes in our body composition does have a big impact, but we can still be controlled by an active lifestyle and proper diet,” even if very lucky, your ancestors gave you scrag gene, for your health, you should still reasonable diet and more exercise.

Raiders: You can not change is not your weight, but: If you do nothing, then nothing will change. Therefore, from do more exercise, more attention to the food you eat begin to change it! Then you will find that you lose weight on the road and boarded a new peak! In fact, the secret of weight loss is that persistence and self-discipline; When you reach your goals, remember not to let loose and regain past bad habits.

8. Hungry to eat?

Do not. Those who eat a meal or eating disorders often over-eating, in order to compensate them for not eating food. Moreover, too little intake of calories, but will make it easier for your body to store fat and burn less calories.

Raiders: Eat small meals finished eating habits better than starving. Also, my mother was right: breakfast is the most important day of a meal. A healthy breakfast makes you vibrant, for the upcoming day filled with oil, so do not eat breakfast oh!

9. Sweat = lose weight?

No. Not the slightest relationship between sweat and lose weight. Sweat just means your body to help themselves to cool it. Everyone sweat extent varies; as a short time at a high density of sweat is good, or low-density to sweat a good long time, so far unclear.

Raiders: When it comes to losing weight, the best method is suitable for your lifestyle and rhythm training methods, because you can always stick to it. Whether in aerobic or anaerobic exercise later, complete muscle movement will continue to burn calories.

10. The effects of the world in the end there is no food to lose weight?

Mustard? Grapefruit? Green tea? Celery? Neither. There is no one food can burn fat for you. While some food may be able to temporarily increase your metabolism, but it does not help you lose weight permanently. Simpson said: “Although a lot of research to support this claim, but in these studies, participated in the study who are long-term high intake of certain foods or natural health products.” Do not imitate these experiments at home in large numbers ingestion of a single food will offset the body’s digestion, absorption, and metabolic byproducts or toxins balance. For example, although grapefruit have better benefits, but it may affect the body’s absorption process, the excretion of certain prescription drugs.

Raiders: Whether the so-called special effects make food look how easy it is to lose weight, more magical, do not believe it. In fact, the so-called healthy and effective way to lose weight is that exercise and proper diet; occasionally eat cookies broken anyway.

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Doing Well 7 Things Can Make Sexual Intercourse More Wonderful

In order to make the atmosphere better before sex couples will exchange about, but the time to control how long the squatters? Some people are very interested in sex lunch, but lunch is just a short two hours, immediately after the House of Love can work it ? Today we’ll work together to find those little things and related it.


1. When the most sensitive man’s body
The most sensitive man’s body, it is often the most time is sexuality. So, to find out the man’s body most sensitive period of time, to fully stimulate a man’s libido, make the sex better. Sexologist Kamal Rana Branch Hu found that morning 6-7 points, the most sensitive male body, sexuality is also stronger. Because after a night of rest, fatigue can be restored, more energetic. Meanwhile, the male body male hormone secretion strong degree of erection harder and lasting. Relatively relaxed psychologically, to their sexuality and more confident. Therefore, early morning wake up, and his wife gentle look is a good choice.

2. From the strange to the intimate contact how long
Two come together, love the people, all from the strange to the familiar. This requires a process, but the process is not too short, not too long. This is because love is to know each other and explore the process, not in a hurry to enjoy the love of fun, too slow will lose passion. Psychologists study found that successful couples in marriage, they learned that the average time from sexual relations is six months. “Six months is not long, the schedule can make you emotional and sex are more harmonious.”

3. The woman most likely to produce sexual fantasies period
Sexual fantasies, is not abnormal behavior. In contrast, sexual fantasies can make sex better. However, women are not at any time have sexual fantasies. Experts through Harvard Medical School study found that about 22 o’clock, the female brain is the most active and creative cells, then they are good imagination, but most of the content of fantasy and “sex”, “love” relevant. Therefore, the best men go to bed before 10, shared passion with her. At this time, also the time most women want, do not ignore this time, oh.

4. Often for sexual partners and easy life shortened
Do not think that often change sexual partners is a very wonderful thing. Perhaps you really enjoy the different partners bring you pleasure, but also for your health is damaged. Often change sexual partners will endanger heart health, blood pressure is not conducive to stability. A French study found that, with multiple sex partners or frequently changed, will accelerate the rate of aging, let shortened life expectancy 4.7 years.

5. When the most unstable men sexuality
Man is a person, not a fighter, so there will be discomfort when. For sexual purposes, the day will be the most debilitating moment. 20:00 is a man the day the biggest moment of the male hormone fluctuations, this time he will feel tired, decreased libido. If you choose at this time sex, in all likelihood will play mad.

6. Long life and better exchange
At any time, we need to communicate, life is no exception. But when we communicate, we must pay attention to the time control. If there is any misunderstanding between you, you need to apologize or explain, and then do it to stay in love. The study found that after 15 minutes of sex, the highest recognition and tolerance of men and women on the other side, to seize this opportunity to tell him (her) communication, many problems will be solved.

7. Sex work should not be less than one hour
Although the House of Love is a very normal physiological needs, but it is not only physical, but also mental. So, after the House of Love, is not suitable for work immediately. This is because sex can inhibit the activity of the brain logical areas, accelerate blood circulation rate lower body, so that a temporary ischemic brain capacity, weakened logic and problem-solving ability, and therefore break after one hour of sex and then deal with other things right.

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9 Good Ways Improve Quality Of Sexual Life

Improve the quality of sexual life is not so difficult, 9 small good ways to try it !

A young couple making love

A young couple making love

1. Exercise sex muscle
Sex education expert Dorian · Suoluo Te representation, Kegel training method is a strong genital muscle exercises, can enhance female sexual pleasure. Simply, it is to train the pelvic floor levator ani muscle contraction, as if trying to hold back or suppress the movement, like defecation, can simultaneously accompanied by a slight abdomen, buttocks and inner thigh muscle contraction. Ideally training several times a day.

2. Speak out your minds
Dr. Berman said that during sex, men do need guidance. Let the comfort of their own feelings wife tell her husband, or by moaning mode of expression.

3. Stimulate the sensitive areas
Sex during key “hot spots” friction helps to achieve orgasm. For example, the female host can make it easier for female clitoris direct friction with the male pubic bone. If you take the female inferior, in the buttocks underneath a pillow also contribute to a better stimulation of the clitoris. Sex experts said the process of sex can also use the oscillator as a sex waves.

4. Thrill-seeking couples together
Studies have shown that couples together, “thrill-seeking” activities (rock climbing or horror movies, etc.), can stimulate the brain dopamine helps increase sexual lubrication experience.

5. Slow down the rhythm of sex
Solute said: “The longer arousal time, the quality of life of the more violent outbreak.” Let yourself be close to sexual pleasure, after “replaced by a small fire,” slow down, repeated several times, the quality will be more fun dripping sex .

6. Use of breathing guide
Regulation of breathing helps promote sexual pleasure. Sex education expert said: “You can take advantage of the breathing guide sexual energy.” Good breath rhythm orderly sex couples, not in a hurry, “a vent of”, but ready to go, more intense orgasm pleasure.

7. Erotic foreplay to something new
Experts said that if the woman than the man evokes longer, so foreplay may try to send e-mail or text messages to each other sex begins.

8. Promptly seek medical help
If you can not get sexual climax, you can seek professional medical help. Doctors can scrutinize medical assessment or other relevant factors. Nerve damage or low testosterone may be the crux of the problem. Ninety Degrees, Gold Viagra, Lung Leader male enhancement products can help to improve sexual life quality.

9. Relax during sex
A French study involving more than 500 women in a recent survey found that more than 70 percent of women tested said that work pressure so that they lose interest in sex. Libido is clearly difficult to achieve orgasm. Therefore, before sex should eliminate all interference, total relaxation, easy battle, the quality of sex will be higher.