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Sex Frigidity Make Women Physically And Mentally Impaired, 9 Strokes Let Women Pick Up Sexual Attitude

Young couple in bed

Young couple in bed

If a woman is not interested in sex, perhaps indicating that she is not satisfied on gender relations, fear of sex, and more importantly, there are some disorders. The following four cases are more common in women, a significant impact on sexual health issues.

Director of the Cambridge City Auburn Hills Female Sexual Medicine Center, Massachusetts Marjorie Green said, once the female libido situation occurs, you should consult Dr. Xiang Fuke or discipline a doctor as soon as possible. Among them, particularly appropriate discipline doctors. Because they are at the time of diagnosis, it will take into account the problems of both physical and mental, will be asked about their marital status. “In addition, some women can adhere to the movement, marriage counseling, etc., to restore sexual desire.”

Women sex do not blindly taking estrogen, estrogen can promote the development of reproductive organs despite, but because of the long-term excessive use can induce neoplastic disorders, it is not to talk about one of the most secure mental health theory from regulators, Women The reason is not necessarily formed frigidity estrogen lack of reason, there are often many of the health effects of psychological symptoms of women in everyday life, and thus make women have sex.

First, frigidity and secondary congenital or sex occurs has a big difference. Some women are born with physical illness and thus the development of sexual organs is not perfect, the married woman’s sexual organs are still old wounds can not get normal function, so that causes of female sexual cold talking about drug abuse can not be treated by. Especially married life under the sexual organs are healthy even if both sides of the case, some women have been sexually harassed after childhood or emotional subject clumsy, will produce female sex, in addition to gynecological diseases cause disharmony sex spouses gradually to generating sex, but also to the spirit of both result in different pressures, some women to avoid sexual intercourse is very large, these women often excessive masturbation or influenced by the traditional moral values ​​of life and to have a sense of disgust, if couples family life and very tense relations, the situation will be more serious female frigidity.

Secondly, frigidity syndrome are not the same in all its manifestations. Some men due to the cultural influence of the family and moral education, not only is abstinence, but also on the initiative of women hold to objectionable manner, while some men own work pressure, usually working excessive physical fatigue, daily work has consumed a lot of energy, the sex will be in a state of gradual decline libido. If the couple often quarreled, not only the man will have sex, the woman will also produce sex, female frigidity problem is not one or two days formed, but by the formation of social pressures and different ideas. Whether there may be generated when sex between heterosexual sex organs by observing the defect, and then analyze whether the body is suffering from other diseases, can be excluded if the two causes are still always maintained frigidity, psychological symptoms can be analyzed to symptomatic treatment .

Female sex seemingly no significant impact on life, but for the families of the men is a very difficult to accept, the following measures can relieve symptoms.

Women of frigid always pay attention not only to regulate the diet, but also to eliminate the psychological paranoia, avoid adverse factors of family life actions of sexual disharmony.

Since many families live often violent behavior of men, many women are forced to have sex, so that the woman vagina during intercourse is not easy to produce water, frequent vaginal intercourse occurs galling caused by gynecological diseases, only to keep mental health and well living conditions, in order to effectively improve the sex organ shortage caused by aging.

9 Strokes Let Women Pick Up Sexual Attitude Again

1. The rational use of vaginal lubricants
If your only problem is vaginal dryness, then use vaginal lubricants during intercourse can prevent adverse consequences for the fragile wall of the vagina caused. Selection does not contain vegetable oil, water-soluble and colorless, odorless, non-toxic formulation specifically for vaginal lubrication, and do not use do not have this special effect, such as petroleum jelly, cocoa butter and cream and other children . Because these substances not only dries the formation of sclerosis, but also increase the vaginal discomfort and hinder the body’s natural secretion discharged liquid.

2. Regular gynecological examinations
Status check your vagina sexual organs, without depending on whether you feel the menopause to come or have no menopausal symptoms. If the sex life has begun to appear unwell, they should promptly see a gynecologist and discuss with your doctor what to do.

3. Do kegel exercises to enhance sex muscle
In order to enhance the pelvic muscles, improve vaginal tone, Kegel exercises can be performed. Pelvic muscle is actually holding back the use of muscles when exercise these muscles can prevent vaginal relaxation and increase sexual pleasure.

Practice: do hold back action, of course, that you can feel better then vaginal contraction. Let these muscle contraction for 10 seconds, then relax, and thus contraction – relaxation – contraction – relaxation …… each time to do more than 25 times, do two to three times a day.

4. Sports exercises
Some large-scale survey of men and women found that regular participation in sports and exercise can enhance sexual desire. If this realistic, then the reason may be that physical exercise and activity can increase the tension throughout the body, stored energy, reduce stress and depression and other adverse psychological reactions.

5. Use of birth control pills
So oral contraceptives for middle-aged women in some issues also have a role. Low-dose oral contraceptives can be used not only to prevent pregnancy, but also allows you to maintain a good condition of the uterus. At the same time, they can correct menstrual disorders and to restore regularity, and can inhibit the early symptoms of menopause.

6. vitamin
Science has not confirmed whether the vitamin can enhance sexual desire, however, vitamin E may be beneficial in this regard, there is a similar situation B vitamins. And in any case, we eat each healthy meals, often contain essential nutrients and to whom it will not bring harm.

7. Take a warm water bath
Can improve local blood circulation, relieve vaginal itching, burning and discomfort.

8. Use of vaginal moisturizers
Vaginal moisturizer appropriate to reduce the discomfort of vaginal dryness can produce. Some menopausal women, due to lack of estrogen that began to be troubled by vaginal dryness, then use vaginal moisturizers can have good results.

It is worth noting that the anti-tissue amine drugs for nasal congestion nasal drops, atropine, some cardiovascular drugs, diuretics and stimulants can increase vaginal drying, and some also affect sexuality, should be used with caution.

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5 Ways Make Men More Healthy, Prolong Sexual Life Time

5 Ways Make Men More Healthy, Prolong Sexual Life TimeThis is a psychological problem many men are anxious. Man’s sexuality is not entirely because of their age and lower, mainly related to a man’s daily diet, or bad habits caused. If men can do the following, then set at a higher level of sexual function.

5 Ways Make Men More Healthy

1. Men’s need zinc healthy foods
Snacks patent is not a woman, but not synonymous with unhealthy. Men appropriate to eat healthy snacks, should be promoted, such as: zinc nuts such as white melon seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc., they are rich in zinc, can improve male prostate resistance to infection. In addition, “Apple therapy” has become the treatment of chronic prostatitis recipe, because apples contain a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients, wherein the content of zinc is also high.

2. Urging “Camel Man” drink more water
Health wisdom is that drinking more water will drink water, you can man not! They are either busy excuse or pretext for poor memory. In fact, many men susceptible to diseases such as prostatitis and chronic nephritis, are associated with inadequate water ingestion. 6-8 glasses of water every day to ensure that he is very important, please get up every morning before preparing for his cup of warm water, handed him a cup of white water between each meal and meals during busy working, remember to send text messages to remind him.

3. Urging him do male regular body check
His health management, but more important than the family property management of financial matters. From the age of 30, no matter how busy he was, he should urge him to visit a doctor once a year. Of course, to develop “exclusive medical packages” for him. Can before the examination, and doctors chat with him, such as his parents is suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cancer and the like, combined with the nature of his work, diet and recent discomfort, etc., ask your doctor for him to develop one of the most valuable medical examination.

4. Vigilance androgen deficiency
Women do everything possible to protect the estrogen, androgen male protection is a top priority! Andrology Center, Peking University survey showed that men over the age of 40, half of them belonging to the male hormone deficiency. Once androgen deficiency, it is easy to cause sexual dysfunction, depression, physical decline, cardiovascular disease and can easily be hit. Although the male testosterone after the age of 30 will be down 1% to 2% per year, but smoking, drinking, obesity, staying up late and other bad lifestyle, and huge pressure is the culprit.

5. Do not ignore the pillow grunt
Studies have shown that the probability of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in patients suffering from cardiovascular disease will increase. A person sleep at night, stopped breathing lasts more than 10 seconds is considered apnea, the typical symptom is loud snoring.

How to Prolong Sexual Life Time

For men in terms of the length of time of life, for they are very important, because it is for men believe that longer life, indicating better sexual performance, so every man wants to see his upheld event too short. So, how to prolong sex time? Take a look at a few of the following tips now!

There has a clear object for sexual fantasies
You can imagine the look of passion when a partner, which will strengthen the sexual impulses, can maintain 15 minutes without ejaculation.

Squeeze the penis
If you think about to ejaculate during sex, it can suspend the action, and gently squeeze the top of the penis, so that the stress is concentrated to the urethra, which makes blood-filled penis temporarily suppress ejaculation response.

Fen maintaining moderation
Sex state can be divided into four stages, namely the excitement continued, climax, subsided. Want to extend ejaculation time, it is necessary to grasp a good proportion between the different stages. If the level of excitement out is set to 10, 7 points that try to keep a state in which the body does not completely “hot” when it began operation, the gradual warming at a later stage.

Doing “sexual exercise”
Do some muscles, such as urination intermittently stop injection, the number of under 10 and then continue to urinate. In addition, you can also work at the desk, while driving, penis muscle contraction force to improve control.

Against the clitoris, not thrusting
Both body completely deadlocked, with penis clitoris against the partner. The initial action can gently feel the subtle changes in the stillness.

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