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9 Good Ways Improve Quality Of Sexual Life

Improve the quality of sexual life is not so difficult, 9 small good ways to try it !

A young couple making love

A young couple making love

1. Exercise sex muscle
Sex education expert Dorian ยท Suoluo Te representation, Kegel training method is a strong genital muscle exercises, can enhance female sexual pleasure. Simply, it is to train the pelvic floor levator ani muscle contraction, as if trying to hold back or suppress the movement, like defecation, can simultaneously accompanied by a slight abdomen, buttocks and inner thigh muscle contraction. Ideally training several times a day.

2. Speak out your minds
Dr. Berman said that during sex, men do need guidance. Let the comfort of their own feelings wife tell her husband, or by moaning mode of expression.

3. Stimulate the sensitive areas
Sex during key “hot spots” friction helps to achieve orgasm. For example, the female host can make it easier for female clitoris direct friction with the male pubic bone. If you take the female inferior, in the buttocks underneath a pillow also contribute to a better stimulation of the clitoris. Sex experts said the process of sex can also use the oscillator as a sex waves.

4. Thrill-seeking couples together
Studies have shown that couples together, “thrill-seeking” activities (rock climbing or horror movies, etc.), can stimulate the brain dopamine helps increase sexual lubrication experience.

5. Slow down the rhythm of sex
Solute said: “The longer arousal time, the quality of life of the more violent outbreak.” Let yourself be close to sexual pleasure, after “replaced by a small fire,” slow down, repeated several times, the quality will be more fun dripping sex .

6. Use of breathing guide
Regulation of breathing helps promote sexual pleasure. Sex education expert said: “You can take advantage of the breathing guide sexual energy.” Good breath rhythm orderly sex couples, not in a hurry, “a vent of”, but ready to go, more intense orgasm pleasure.

7. Erotic foreplay to something new
Experts said that if the woman than the man evokes longer, so foreplay may try to send e-mail or text messages to each other sex begins.

8. Promptly seek medical help
If you can not get sexual climax, you can seek professional medical help. Doctors can scrutinize medical assessment or other relevant factors. Nerve damage or low testosterone may be the crux of the problem. Ninety Degrees, Gold Viagra, Lung Leader male enhancement products can help to improve sexual life quality.

9. Relax during sex
A French study involving more than 500 women in a recent survey found that more than 70 percent of women tested said that work pressure so that they lose interest in sex. Libido is clearly difficult to achieve orgasm. Therefore, before sex should eliminate all interference, total relaxation, easy battle, the quality of sex will be higher.

8 Tips Make Sex Life More Passion

When talking about sex life, every couple is not strange, but it comes to the quality of sex, presumably most people fall into thinking, how their quality sex like? Or simply do not consider the quality of sexual problems during sex, just very bland complete this wonderful moment. In this case certainly I did not realize what is sexual ecstasy, improve the quality of sex, what’s the method?

Man undoing woman's bra

Man undoing woman’s bra

1, Couple bathing together

Couples activities help draw closer together, to enhance the feelings, but also increase sexual interest. We have more vacation time, you can bet play games together, sharing food, but also a common bath, body wash for each other, appreciate each other, play, increase sexual passion.

2, The temptation sexy lingerie

Do not think those expensive lingerie flashy, they really make the man for this madness. Especially underwear with lace and tulle, can increase the sense of mystery and anticipation. And all ripe, skin contact with the two sides, power and excitement will be more intense. Sex Tips is said joint efforts of both spouses, but sex is not sex toys with less, not more sex less satisfying, so proper use some Durex Huan Jue M dual-drive dual shock appeal massage, containing the dual-motor drive, a unique dual quake, streamline symmetrical shape, rhythm sexy beat.

3, Timely attentive more passion

If you are already familiar with each other, for sex has nothing secret, try a sudden change about style. I think back to how you are blushing accept his affectionate request, that you will make him shy sex drive Daihatsu. Men can tap asked if she could watch pornographic movies together embracing.

4, Self preheat more passion

And winter cars, women in the sex also need to warm up. If, before the candlelight, music and wine dinner, a woman had been excited, then the easier the process of sex multiple orgasm. Skin contact with her husband before, “savings” of sexual energy, the more likely a woman to achieve orgasm. Women self-caressing is the best way to warm-up, in addition, read erotic fiction can cause sexual associations.

5, Urge desire foreplay

When my wife asked her husband, “Would it be possible rub your face bare chest? Can I kiss your little nipples? Can you take off your pants?” And other problems, is in fact playing “urge foreplay.” This allows the husband before the show in the “orders” was gradually aroused, thus enhancing its combat effectiveness.

6, Lighted more feeling

“Archives of Sexual Behavior” magazine published a study found that men not only concerned about the visual stimulation during sex, women will also suffer visual stimulation. Before and after sex can lights on, open your eyes, which helps exchanges is observed each other’s reactions. Sex in front of a mirror, or look to the passion of sex films, all help to strengthen bilateral passion.

7, Master power of one sex

Traditionally, couples in love to be equal to each other, but the new concept was proposed, sex power control can be handed over to a spouse, as long as the couple can get satisfaction and pleasure from sex, does not matter who is in power.

8, Erotic kiss the hand

Accept the kiss on the hand is not a privilege of women, men also liked the feeling of being kissed hands. Tongue kiss finger root network region, and then slide up slowly. Like the region as the inner ear, high sensitivity, it can make a man “goose bumps.”

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8 Methods No Need Go To GYM Also Have Flat Belly

Lead: Seeing little belly fat piled more but no time to exercise? It does not matter, the popular weight loss programs from around the world “The Biggest Loser” fitness trainer Kim Lyons, as well as well-known MD Judith Reichman, and many experts taught us some simple methods, as long as a lot of attention in their daily lives, even if not the gym It allows you to have a flat belly.

8 Methods No Need Go To GYM Also Have Flat Belly

Always tighten your lower abdomen
Kim Lyons said: “The time to tighten your stomach can not only change visually stature, and in the process, your muscles are tight, help burn more calories,” she further explained: “In particular, at dinner, if you need to sit down to work immediately, and often do, tighten the abdomen because the food can also prevent gravity caused prominent belly. ”

Try to add some more water
Water shortages will lead to metabolic disorders. Kim Lyons coach told us, when dry, the body will have more than four pounds of metabolic garbage retention, so if you want to lose weight, or to maintain a flat abdomen, and that requires at least a day to drink more than 60 ounces of water or other low-calorie liquid Drink.

Extend your chewing time
“If you eat too fast, you eat at the same time in a lot of air into the stomach will also increase the risk of pregnant,” Professor Judith Reichman said: “Eating too fast will increase the burden of gastroenteritis, leading to not digest . ” So he suggested that in order to build and health reasons, at least to chew each bite at least 10-12.

Adequate intake of probiotics
Professor Judith Reichman and nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden believe that many of abdominal obesity-related health problems are related to the gut, so they recommend probiotics to maintain intestinal function and fight the abdominal obesity. Dr. Jonny Bowden recommends: “Every day should drink at least a cup of yogurt, or be ingested through nutrition tablets 50 mg or more of probiotics, such as bifidobacteria.”

Runaway program execution
If you do not have time to go to the gym, then the usual 30 minutes a day out of time to execute runaway program, Kim Lyons coach, said: “Wild also has a good weight loss, it can help you fight the waist and abdominal fat.”

Throw chewing gum
American College of Gastroenterology, a study showed that chewing gum does not suppress hunger, on the contrary, it will stimulate your appetite and make you swallow more air, so that the abdomen to swell. If you want fresh breath, you can choose some spray or mints.

Supplementary metabolic enhancers
CW Randolph, MD, believes, add some metabolic enhancers helps to maintain a flat stomach, he said: “Two of glucose, calcium, vitamin B are very good metabolism-boosting substances, which can inhibit fat accumulation, so that kept flat belly” .

Keep yourself relaxed mood
Professor Judith Reichman tells us: “When you’re tired, depressed, when depressed, your body will produce a lot of cortisol, when the body due to stress response, large accumulation of fat around the abdominal organs to protect the organs.” In short, if a long time in negative emotions, abdominal obesity is also very easy to find the door.

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Four Factors Will Lead to Male Impotence

First, fatigue: if too tired, the body can not recover well in life in a short time, not a long time to adjust will accumulate, the abnormal situation of overwork, and this time if it is easy to have sex abnormal symptoms of impotence, so pay attention to the rest of life, especially not frequent sex life, prevent disease appear.

Second, nervous system disease: sexual function will be adjusted to control the nervous system, so after muscle atrophy shrink or peripheral neuropathy and other diseases appear, will inevitably affect male sexual function,

Third, psychological factors: impotence caused by this situation is much more understanding of sexual knowledge, the first time to have sex or wedding occasion, often because the impact of psychological stress or anxiety, appear functional erectile dysfunction, serious it is the disease of impotence.

Fourth, masturbation habits: in life because of a number of factors, men will develop the bad habit of masturbation, masturbation is healthy appropriate, but frequent masturbation without control, it will lead to the body’s nervous system is disrupted, Some columns unusual symptoms impotence then there.

Understanding the causes of impotence, impotence treatment and prevention is helpful. For example, in normal life, we pay more attention to rest and avoid fatigue his body, get rid of the bad habit of masturbation can be a lot less likely to suffer from impotence.

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Middle-aged Men Keep High Quality Sexual Life 6 Coups

Middle-aged Men Keep High Quality Sexual Life 6 CoupsWhat middle-aged sexual dysfunction is the reason? People to middle age will face this problem because, after middle age, the human body will not feel forgotten the feeling a sense of fatigue and stress, sexual function is also much larger than before, and once in the middle-aged, then the problem will more serious, then middle-aged men how to maintain a good quality of sexual life?

6 Coups Help Middle-aged Men Keep Good Sexual Life:

1. Self-psychological adjustment troubles encountered sadness, should calmly, not long-term mental burden back, relax and promptly adjust the tension of mind, relaxation and eliminate anxiety and emotions. Some of my favorite things to do, such as listening to music, participate in group activities and reading useful books, or looking for family and friends to talk, but will feel comfortable, sexual repression will gradually subside.

2. Actively participate in physical exercise ongoing, appropriate physical exercise and outdoor activities will be beneficial to you, insist on daily exercise, you can adjust the tension of mental or neurological disorders of body fluids, such as jogging or walking 30 minutes a day. For a regular life, to ensure adequate sleep, positive weight loss.

3. Avoid bad habits to avoid unhealthy eating habits, reducing entertainment, avoid alcohol, diet, fully aware of the importance and necessity of quitting.

4. Excluding the disease go to the hospital if necessary, rule out urinary system diseases, such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, or others such as endocrine diseases, various systemic chronic diseases.

5. Family care family harmony, helping to eliminate work and life tension. For the husband appeared diminished libido and sexual performance, his wife should be treated calm, tolerant treatment, care and considerate, to eliminate concerns, actively cooperate with treatment.

6. Aggressive treatment to poor emotional, depressed people uncomfortable, TCM showed liver qi stagnation, liver qi stagnation of medicine can be taken as Xiaoyaosan, more Ju balls, Chaihushugan pill. For more stubborn sexual dysfunction, may Integrative Medicine. At the same time to overcome the psychological barriers can find a psychiatrist to help when necessary.

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10 Exercise Fast Burn Fat Lose Weight Ways

What is the best exercise to lose weight? Many women lose weight unsuccessful, primarily weight loss method is not correct, gave the following women are 10 super-effective weight loss exercise, women can choose the right sport according to their own circumstances.

Aerobic exercise can fully burn body fat, and continue to transport Oxygen to the various parts of the body, the effect is a superior way to lose weight. After Jogging is aerobic exercise for 20 minutes, the body starts to burn fat, adhere to 45 minutes or so to achieve weight loss effect. If Xiangshou faster, can meet the popular nutritional diet packages, such as lean Li Mei P series, AMYWISH, Amway loss combination, Avon Acme higher, the most classic case of thin Li Mei, two days minus 1 kg, and jogging with performed to achieve one day minus 1 kg of effect, the key also to improve the easy fat physique. The same diet and nutrition with the following nine kinds of methods, then, will be more effective.

Freestyle Swimming
836KJ daily consumption of sports, 3 times a week, you can stay away from obesity problems. Time is short and the heat consumption of swimming is the best choice to save time. Also swimming, freestyle exercise relatively large, it takes only 12 minutes you can consume a lot of calories, quickly try!

Some feel a little sweat rate, walking 10,000 steps a day, can consume 836KJ, 1 month you can lose weight 1kg, in terms of time, the equivalent of walking two hours a day, you can use a little faster than normal speed Walking distance of 4 kilometers. In sloping stairs and other places to walk more effective.

Stretching Movements
Doing stretching exercise, should choose their own exercise, under normal circumstances, a round adhere to the best around seven seconds. By stretching exercise to, if she had to give up, it will cause the opposite effect, so be sure to adhere to!

In water at 37 degrees Celsius can activate body cells soak half-length, speed up metabolism, can effectively promote the sweat, so you are tender and beautiful from the inside to the outside people. 20 minutes of soaking tub very effective, if you do not like sports, you use simple half-bath, to complete the task to lose weight now!

Ear Press
Ear acupuncture points to control appetite, hunger point is called. Daily pressed about 5 under, can effectively reduce the appetite. 5 seconds, press 5, preferably 30 minutes before meals, the better. However, the effect of weight loss also vary.

Massage, masseur said, acupressure is very effective in controlling appetite.

Various parts of the body have been active Para Para dance, exercise can only do this one a. After dancing every day, whole body feels thin. Want more slender, just some serious dancing to! In an hour’s hop dance club, it can consume 836kJ, which is the maximum amount a day consumption. Adhere to more than 20 minutes can be effective. Achieve movement in entertainment, once a day, the body is very useful.

A lot of chewing, which can effectively subtract facial fat, chew at least 20 under, can effectively subtract facial fat, therefore, have to swallow to eating habits of the people to improve as soon as possible.

Standing on tiptoes
Is only one-way travel time to stand than sit to consume about 84kJ, from a total consumption of about 167kJ. Lift the stand on tiptoe, slim fit ankle can make, it is recommended!

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