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What to Eat Before And After Exercise ?

Many female friends choose a diet and exercise approach to weight loss, however, in the case of physical hunger campaign will not only harm the body function, can easily lead to overeating after exercise. The correct approach is suitable food supplement within one hour before and after exercise, “prime time” in order to make weight loss a multiplier effect. Here, for several common sports for everyone to put together some dietary recommendations.

What to Eat Before And After Exercise1. Running

Before exercise: Before running can properly absorb some of the best avocado, black coffee. Because avocados contain healthy fats precious, high protein, high energy and low sugar characteristics, can accelerate the consumption of carbohydrates while running; and black coffee can stimulate adrenaline running, let heat consumption doubled.

After exercise: Muddy end sprinkle sweat, you must replenish lost water, electrolytes, vitamins and other nutrients, suggest that you can use papaya, coconut milk and so do the supplement, to restore blood glucose levels, while improving immunity.

2. Yoga

Before exercise: Yoga Many actions are in exercise flexibility and balance of the body, so we can drink some mineral water before doing yoga, to help the body get enough electrolytes in advance to prevent excessive sweating caused by electrolyte and water imbalance.

After exercise: Yoga done good health can add some fruits and vegetables, such as those containing tomatoes, lettuce, apples, bananas and other fruits and vegetables rich in fiber smoothie.


3. Strength Training

Before exercise: Strength training belong to anaerobic exercise focused on the group through several more rhythmic weight-bearing exercises to achieve improvement in muscle strength, body shaping effect. So the more the body needs adequate nutrition and energy to support the entire strength training. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat half a banana before exercise to add enough quality carbohydrates, potassium and fiber.

After exercise: After strength training, in order to help muscle repair, we also need to add protein. We can drink almond milk, strawberry milkshakes and the like. As a result, you can quickly restore the body’s energy, muscle repair.


7 Small Actions Can Help You Convey Love

Posted on the site of a health is reported that use body language to convey love, can play a more magical effect. Following limb “telegram” can play affection effect.

7 Small Actions Can Help You Convey Love

Shoulder movements. Shoulder is one of the most expressive body structure, it has a rounded shape, smooth skin and flexible mobile capability to complete shrug, lifting and scrolling and other actions, to express the subtle emotional changes, such as when when people were frustrated, shoulders will relax subsidence; when people feel good, the shoulder will become more flexible and powerful. Therefore, we recommend that ladies wear a sleeveless top in dating, men should be more focus on the shoulder muscles, so you can make the shoulder better expression of love of tenderness.

Imitate each other. She reach for a cup of tea, he also reach for a cup of tea; she drank a small mouth, he drank a small mouth. Anthropologists will this synchronous behavior is called “addicted with neurobehavioral.” In the animal kingdom, imitate each other is an important catch even means, this phenomenon is equally applicable in humans, imitation is the hope and the other close to a kind of instinctive-friendly behavior. Wear lovers, silhouetted against each other gestures, make you more intimate.

Staring each other. Eye contact is a powerful emotional connection tools, ordinary people staring at each other for three seconds will break eye contact, when prolonged gaze, it will pass out of love.

Head tilt. When talking with the opposite sex, careful observation of the head, if it is holding a friendly attitude, the other will head tilted to show harmonious relationship. During courtship, this action also with provocative. Head near the shoulder means harmony and recognition. Head tilt makes dating couple dialogue even more passionate and direct, communicate more freely.

Grow fonder. Professor of Communication Studies Butler University, Indiana, USA Jamie Como Stoke believes that shorten the distance between two people is the body to convey a powerful way of love. Will not help the body close to each other after the couple met, this time the first step body language expresses more affection and attractive than the spoken language.

Fast blink. Human normal blink rate is 20 beats per minute, when a person is in a state of excitement, blink rate will accelerate. Therefore, the blink is a way to convey the inner love.

Warm smile. Laughing allow each other’s feelings warming, but not all laughter can express love. When the couple sincere blooming smile, zygomatic muscles to shrink, mouth up, his eyes will appear crow’s feet. The next time you see a loved one, it may mobilize the emotions from the heart, to a zygomatic smile. To promote feelings.

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5 Major Benefits Make You No Longer Refuse Exercise

Although many people know that exercise has various benefits, but it can not stick with it, it may be because you made a mistake.

5 Major Benefits Make You No Longer Refuse Exercise

You also know that exercise is the best health care products, to be beautiful, to be healthy, are inseparable from the movement, but the delay is determined to adhere to? In fact, it may be because you only know not why, so it is lack of motivation. And the benefits brought by five major sports, may give you a reason to convince yourself.

1. Exercise to lose weight – create the perfect body

Exercise is a must go way keep fit. Sports, especially aerobic exercise need to burn fat to provide energy during exercise, burn calories, have reduced fat effect. In addition, some strength-training exercise can be a good human muscles, increase metabolism, so that increase daily energy consumption, to avoid the formation of heat accumulation of fat, but also makes muscle contours, people become bodybuilding, sunshine.

2. Enhance heart function – prevent heart disease

People in quiet time, heart rate is relatively low, while in motion when the heart rate increases. Regular exercise, resting heart rate and heart rate are far away, so that will be good exercise to the heart, which pumps blood to improve. Exercise can make blood vessels become elastic. Adhere to exercise, can prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. Fat – control diabetes

Glucose is a source of kinetic energy, through the movement of glucose consumption, can reduce blood sugar, prevent diabetes. And diabetics control blood fat through exercise is conducive to treatment.

4. Exercise bones – can increase height

Muscle, bone and joint structures of the human body architecture. Exercise, muscle tension, will cause bones oppression. Such pressure to promote bone growth. In the developmental stages, teen adhere to the movement, combined with diet, can be increased.

5. Improve brain function – enhance intelligence

People often use “more brawn than brains” to describe sports and fitness, but in fact, the human mind that is not a simple love sports. Movement can not only enhance the human body, but also can promote brain development, improve and enhance brain function, helps intellectual development. Movement, movement of people through the action of memory, essentials, can enhance people’s memory.

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11 Little Things Make Sexual Life Even More Better

The “Women’s Health” magazine cover story pointed out that the life of some unexpected factors will affect the sex life, do the following 11 things, allowing sex life is getting better.

11 Little Things Make Sexual Life Even More Better

1. Accept different sexual proposal. US sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner says sexual life should keep an open mind, to lay down moral judgment, listen to their inner desires and preferences respected partner, so you will find the two men will find more interesting sex world.

2. Innovative spirit. Sex and family therapist Dr. Pepper Schwartz said that creative and explore new ways to add fun to sex, is crucial to becoming a good partner. For example, the sofa cushion, bra that can increase sex more fun.

3. Often thought of sex. Dr. Ian Kerner said that sex has a great psychological component, so you want to allow themselves often think about sex, do not be restrained. Brain link between sex with, so often think of to improve sex life will help, but remember this is limited to between husband and wife or partner.

4. To love and dedication. Pay more attention to meet the partner’s sexual needs, will make their own sexual performance better, will make their relationship more harmonious. Dr. Kerner says love like in the morning such as sex or want to change the position, it would be “selfless generosity” to meet each other, he (she) will be reciprocated, make sex fun.

5. Cherish curiosity and spirit of exploration. Dr. Schwartz said, “If you insist on according to their own familiar way to have sex, to unfamiliar determined not, then life will be difficult to show in perfect.” So, for a sexual partner proposed to try new position, new of appliances, new skill requirements, it should have the “it will be very exciting,” the attitude to try.

6. Learn to enjoy masturbation. Masturbation can help people better understand their bodies better enjoy sex, it makes you become a good partner. But married people often ignore the role of masturbation improve sexual life. In fact, let love to see you masturbate, it is also a good foreplay.

7. Forget yourself. To better sex, do not worry that he is not good enough shape, performance enough to stick. Sexologist says confident of improving sex life good.

8. Some timely of wild sex. During sex, a woman must know when to cry out, showing some of the more wild. Schwartz said that most men want sex partner to do one thing when the sex is more vocal.

9. Active tease. Abroad had to investigate some of the men have done most controversial companion of sex, the answer into a single aspect: the dominant woman sex, surprise, or take the initiative to tease.

10. Regularly exercise. The study found that healthy and active, is the best aphrodisiac. It can promote health through exercise, so you can be more focused, enhance libido, improve endurance, enhance self-confidence.

11. More laugh. To a great performance in sex, one should maintain an optimistic attitude, find fun in every detail, keeping humor.

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Men All Life Are Inseparable From This Five Nutrition

Everybody says that men are stronger than women, but men’s health is more worthy of attention, five kinds of nutrients is a man in everyday life indispensable add a lot to be more healthy.

This Five Nutrition

The difference between men with more masculine female is strong, men need to consume more calories. Therefore, men want to have a healthy life, nutrients are male will complement. Male friends do not ignore them, ignore them equal neglected health.

Men need nutrients – Chrome

Chromium can enhance the body’s endurance, one of the minerals chromium maintain muscle strength is necessary. Middle-aged man needs every day at least about 50 milligrams of chromium, a large amount of activity needed more men. That what foods to eat can complement chrome it? Fruits rich in chromium-rich grapes, grape also enjoy the “chrome library,” he said. Therefore, men can eat every day a bunch of grapes or eat some raisins, there have always been on the table some whole grains.

Men need nutrients – Plant fiber

Plant fiber body’s role in can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, can reduce cholesterol, but also reduce blood glucose and fatty acid. So, when a man in the diet to eat some foods containing plant fibers. Rich in plant fiber foods: whole wheat bread, wheat bran, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, apples and other food.

Men need nutrients – Magnesium

Magnesium helps regulate heart activity, magnesium can lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, magnesium also helps improve men’s fertility. Eat oatmeal and eggs every morning, you can give the body some magnesium requirement. In addition, green leafy vegetables are also the best source of magnesium, as well as nuts and seafood are rich in magnesium. Men drink plenty of water every day can also add magnesium, because water is also a source of magnesium.

Men need nutrients – Vitamins C, E

Metabolism when muscle requires a lot of oxygen, but the oxygen in the oxidation process in because some of the factors that could cause “pollution”, is often said that the oxidation problem. So how do you prevent oxidation of the problem it? In fact, vitamin C and vitamin E on it. Therefore, experts suggest men friends usually in the diet should eat more beans, spinach, eggs, cabbage, peanuts and other foods, because these foods can enhance vitamin intake.

Men need nutrients – Water

Water is the most common, and every cell in the human body are not lack of moisture. Male friends if you want to keep fit and muscular, so he will need to drink enough water. Because muscle than fat in the water more water, about three times more. Especially the large amount of exercise male friends, the demand for water than ordinary men, so every day more to add plenty of water.

Nutritionists say that men want a good body, first need to diet revolution! To his stomach as a grocery store to accommodate all, a long time, I am afraid that will make your body becomes vulnerable. Proper eating habits is a day to ensure the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, fish, lean meat and a variety of nuts, but not excessive drinking.

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10 Factors Will Affect Sexual Life, Do You Know?

Not suitable for the home environment, it is easy to stifle people’s sexual feelings. Recently, the United States, “Women’s Day” magazine cover story, an inventory of the 10 factors stifling sex life.

10 Factors Will Affect Sexual Life, Do You Know

Room clutter. US health lifestyle expert Dana Clay said disorderly lethal for sex sometimes better than bad breath, body odor. If the room is full of bills to be paid, dirty clothes and half-finished work, your heart will certainly be thinking: “I have to go do the laundry, pay bills, to complete the work.” Even a corner of the mess, it will make people feel the whole family is very confusing. The best solution is to put the room tidy, do not misplacing things.

Bedroom put family photos. Sex expert Salvador Manz said the bedroom stood parent, sibling or child’s photo, love is that they “watched” feeling will lead to greatly reduced libido. Some may wish to put in the bedroom of the couple sweet vacation photos, on natural landscapes, flowers pictures or gentle, warm painting, so will inspire warm comfort and romance.

Too much technology products. Healthy lifestyle consultant Christine Eisner said: “The husband and wife should put all the technology products please the love nest as they will prevent you dedicate combination with the other half..” In the bedroom is best not to put televisions, mobile phones Tablet PC and audio and video players. Eisner also warned that should the charger into the closet or box, all the electronic products placed in a silent state.

Former male (female) friends gift. Save a former companion gift, and put them in striking position, God will make you love when you walk. The solution is to put them away, give it away or hide. Remember, “not the old and new do not come.”

Bathroom dirty. If the bathroom sink has hair or misplacing of dirty clothes will definitely reduce the quality of sex. Cray proposal put laundry basket in the bathroom, you can put dirty clothes in the bath inside. Also note that eliminate the odor in the bathroom. In short, to keep the bathroom clean and smell fresh, where it may be a good place for a couple making love.

Bed size too large. Twin or double beds are too small will affect the sex. But the bed is too large, when the two men sleep, “far apart”, is not conducive closely. Manz said the optimum size of the bed is both comfortable, generally more appropriate 2.2 meters wide. Bed full of pillows can also constitute an obstacle affectionate couple, to take away the extra pillows.

Can not find a condom. Nothing is more crucial moment to find that condoms disappointed. Contraceptives, lubricants and so should be placed in easy reach, but only for a couple, can not let others discover.

Lighting too harsh. The lights are too bright will kill the couple’s romantic mood, you should add to the bedroom a romantic atmosphere with soft, soft lighting makes tricolor couples want more sex.

Large number of items stored under the bed. Bed delegated too many things can also affect sexual mood. If you have to store things under the bed and try to sleep and comfort storage and related items, such as T-shirts, bedding and nightwear. Manz said, can not give any items to love, never put under the bed.

We can not afford to mobilize passions bedroom. Many people may wonder why a couple in a hotel will be easier to have sex? This is because the hotel room clean, and comfortable bedding, soft pillows, can easily mobilize lust. Make their own bedroom playing yearning love nest, tidy, comfortable bedding, pillows and so cute, people wanted a home and some love to bedroom intimacy.

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