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Sexual Life Should Have Regularly Targeted

Some couples sex life prior to making a good time, perhaps someday do? When do every day when can not do? So casual sex should be a timetable or what? This will not be no passion, and become a routine?

Indeed, married life should not be pre-arranged with a rigid, it should follow the passion is, but also a concrete analysis of specific issues. Complete with the case and “security” may also have some contradictions. As a market economy and a planned economy, completely planned economy system not dead, nor fully liberalized market economy. That is, capitalist countries still have state-owned economy to ensure the smooth operation of the entire economy, such as this government to privatize certain sectors may, the next government nationalized it again.

Some couples are accustomed to the division of marital roles, everything orderly. In fact, this is not good, not did not order but not too much, it is important to understand and respect each other’s sides. Some husbands think that sex is determined by men, as long as you happy, do not consider each other’s feelings and physical condition, and even take the initiative to demand his wife’s very offensive. Also some husband said he should be responsible for his wife’s sexual needs, “no matter when and where, as long as she had requested, I will meet her, never refuse her.” In fact, this itself is a wrong idea, like sexual activity Total launched by his wife. Select the sex time is a critical factor in determining whether the activities by the woman welcome. Therefore, the husband looking for his wife’s sexual demands made should be preceded by the reaction of a nice day to think about whether his wife happy, if something goes wrong, you’d better come back another day dormant. When sick wife, the husband will bring more severe test, is always one up on the manifestations strong impulse, or more compassionate wife’s physical condition and give more gentle, caring and love? This requires the husband to temporarily give up their self-esteem, humility some more sensitive, considerate number.

Some men put sex into a regulation, pre-booked good sex every day of the week, or every six, eight and so on do not want to miss the good old days, when the woman did not consider sexuality or physical condition, thus strangling his wife’s sexual desire and enthusiasm. Obviously, just as none can be repeatedly used and did not add any change in the superior skills as sexual intercourse, it would not exist lovers welcome legalistic sexual intercourse. Incidentally, an important factor in the location of sex, though not of success, but we have no room for choice, but undisturbed, quiet, safe, place to regularly update its layout is always beneficial.

Some men are willing to seize the time to relive the morning mandarin duck dream, especially when the man’s sexuality has diminished, and only in the morning only response capability. However, his wife has to arrange the family’s breakfast, the children get to school and other chores, but also to pick up the dress make-up work, feel pressure, unable to relax and investment, of course, will have time to enjoy this time of sexual pleasure.

All these, which are subject to excessive restrictions on the role of division of labor and bondage of results, rather than try to play to their initiative, open communication and mutual adaptation, are not aware of the existence of a natural rhythm in marriage system and to work adapt to this natural change. “Who followed who go” problem which does exist illustrative life.

Some couples on demand has never been consistent, not you want me to do, what I want you to do. Even though I did the two sides agree on the necessary sense of humor, sadness and values ​​totally consistent, but not completely inconsistent, there must be some kind of communication, compromise and consensus on the issue is no exception. Both husband and wife on the same thing with grief with the music, and the strength to react the same way to be there is not a co-production of different levels and patterns of emotional response, but not too out of step completely out of balance. Wives may feel they are in a tragic state of solitude in marriage, entirely subordinated to the interests of the child, in sexual relations only passive obedience, their emotional response did not resonate with her husband; husbands always think wife own considerate enough, marital things indifferent, while the marriage-related activities but energetic. Thus forming a wife at home alone while her husband was crying out complaining of the situation. Couples in sexual life can have different ideas, preferences and pursuit, it is very natural, but it should be put out of different ideas to discuss, you can consult a doctor or specialist when you fail to reach consensus.

Sex life should have a certain rhythm, but it is not a constant, good or bad mood with the parties, factors libido strength, health, environmental conditions and the like. Marriage itself is like a scored a solid or a thermostat, when the two sides quarrel, the other party can help cool down, reduce pressure in order to restore the situation as soon as possible before the quarrel; one also can drive each other when the other party needs emotional support, to other temperature and pressure. Sex life is the same, there should be an adjustment mechanism to make the needs and satisfaction of both parties to achieve a proper balance. This adjustment mechanism could be called cybernetics, including adjusting the system to maintain, feedback, for heating or cooling the reaction system, acceleration or deceleration. Sex and intimacy itself needs to be adjusted, but they also tend to be able to play some kind of role in marriage regulator system. For example, when the two sides quarrel life tend to make each other’s anger vanished; and if when one is depressed, sex and intimacy often making them feel comfort to him, security, better able to face the difficulties and challenges. In general, young husband needs his wife from time to time to cool down the overheated reaction; and a young wife needs her husband to help her rise is heating up, the need for more sensitive to the needs of her husband, she can Mozhun “sexual pulse” . Workload adjustment mechanism is limited, “regulator” open or closed too quickly, too often tend to be able to “machine” burn, adjust failure, eventually leading to an unstable marriage. All in all this regulatory function has a certain range, overload or normal operation are undesirable. In a happy marriage, this adjustment mechanism is often automatic and does not need to bother to pay attention.

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How to Improve Metabolism to Develop The Slim Body

Many people know that boost your metabolism to lose weight, but specifically how to improve metabolism, how much do you know? Daily life and what increase metabolism approach? Today, we take you into this amazing fan door, so you know better how to control his body, improve metabolism, to develop easy to lean body, you will find your way through this develop easy to lean body is not difficult .

ONE: Appropriate amount of water can increase metabolism

1. Water helps the body consumes more energy.
2. All chemical reactions in vivo, including metabolism, need water.

50KG of body weight, for example, every day should drink 7 glasses of water per cup 200CC. If your urine is not a pale yellow, the color is dark, then it confirms your lack of drinking water every day. Remember that half an hour before meals or before snack, drink a glass of water.

TWO: Refuse to go on a diet to improve metabolism

Principle: Weight loss slowed the resting metabolic rate, hindering the weight loss.

WARNING: If less than 1,000 calories per day, then to promote the body’s lean muscle energy consumption proportion is likely to decrease.

Tips: The best way to lose weight is to: reduce the intake of 250 calories per day, while upholding the exercise consume 250 calories. This will not only lose fat, but not to reduce the impact of lean muscle metabolic rate.

THREE: The right amount of spicy foods can increase metabolism

Principle: Capsaicin accelerate metabolism, the body burns more energy.

The study found that a small spoon of pepper contains 30 milligrams of capsaicin, can increase metabolic rate by 23%.

Tips: 1. When cooking, add pepper or sprinkle some pepper. 2. The United States does not encourage girls to eat spicy snack in the street alley Oh, because does not guarantee the cleanliness of the food, the body intake of bad bacteria, it will have a bad effect on intestinal all.

FOUR: Add more protein can increase metabolism

Principle: The body needs more energy to consume protein.

Human consumption of energy is twice the desired protein consumption of carbohydrates. We can change what diet: increase protein intake, a corresponding reduction in carbohydrate intake, metabolism so calories consumed per day can increase 150-200 calories.

Tips: meal supplement 10-20 grams of protein. 1. breakfast drink a cup of low-fat yogurt can add about 13 grams of protein. 2. lunch a soy foods can add about 10 grams of protein. 3. A fish dinner can add 17 grams of protein.

FIVE: Intake of healthy fats can increase metabolism

Intake of healthy fats, such as omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids, eat at the same time you can improve your metabolic rate. Nuts, fish and some olives contain healthy fat, you can eat in daily life.

SIX: Often drink milk can increase metabolism

3-4 times daily intake of milk, yogurt and cheese in women than in those without any intake of dairy women can lose at least 70% fat.

Principle: Calcium can increase metabolic rate, allowing the body to burn excess fat faster, only calcium in dairy products in order to achieve this effect. Dairy drink three times a day and 1,200 milligrams of calcium intake of women, the body will maximize consumption of calories, contribute to the healthy and lose weight.

SEVEN: Tea can increase metabolism

Principle: Tea polyphenols can improve the body’s rate of fat consumption.

Drinking two to four cups of tea a day, probably containing 375-675 mg of polyphenols, can increase the body 50 calories consumed per day, one year, five pounds to make weight loss.

Tip: Drink a cup of green tea, while drinking lemonade can help the body absorb polyphenols.

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Autumn Lose Weight Choose What Sports More Appropriate?

Autumn is a season of comfortable, lukewarm, cool autumn wind blowing from time to time, it is refreshing. Of course not live up to such a good season, you must go to outdoor sports movement. However, due to the fall of man’s motion amplitude decreases, and reduced flexibility, it is recommended not to do too much in the fall, when strenuous exercise. Some high-intensity anaerobic exercise and strength training likely to cause physical discomfort. So in the fall of aerobic exercise in endurance-based. What can be done that particular exercise to lose weight?

1. Running
Running favor blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve the body’s cardiac function, and also provide oxygen and blood supply to the brain cells, a more normal functioning of the brain, while effectively stimulate the body’s energy consumption, help create the perfect body. But in the course of the campaign, each exercise time not less than half an hour, the best time of 1 hour, while the speed of running or jogging speed places in the main, this is more conducive to fat burning.

2. Mountain
Autumn is the best season to long-term perspective. Climbing is an aerobic exercise can train a person’s heart and lung function, but also promote the metabolism speed up fat consumption. Climb time to pay attention to security, not too fast, to be a step by step and solid footing. If you do not have a wealth of experience to challenge climb too steep mountains.

3. Cycling
Autumn bike on the Greenway walking picture beautiful. Cycling is an easy sport, or an effective fat burning exercise. Cycling average hourly burn body fat is also very much, one hour will burn 450 calories to 600 calories, the equivalent of one and a half hour marathon! Ride a bike one hour a day, a week, you can cut down about one pound, the effect is obvious.

4. Tennis
Tennis is a very heart-healthy exercise. In addition, it can in a short time to get your arms and legs get full workout. Tennis This movement can also help women who want to lean belly, exercise at least three times a week, for two months to see a significant slimming effect.

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Premature Ejaculation Treatment Should Pay Attention to The Impact Of Seven Factors

Abstract: The man should be convinced that their sexual function is healthy and normal, premature ejaculation had occasional colds like as soon healed, do not have to bear a grudge. Not only man I have to self-confidence, the woman but also to help build this confidence man.

How to treat premature ejaculation? What are the treatment of premature ejaculation? This is a lot of my friends have doubts. Experts point out that men sometimes premature ejaculation is not so serious, after normal care can be cured. But some people do not understand the sense of premature ejaculation What are the results easily into the errors of treatment.

Premature ejaculation treatment should pay attention to the impact of seven factors:

Factor 1. Confident
Experts said that the man should be convinced that he is healthy and normal sexual function, and premature ejaculation had occasional colds like as soon healed, do not have to bear a grudge. Not only man I have to self-confidence, the woman but also to help build this confidence man.

Factor 2. Environment
To choose the best time and the environment, such as a holiday after the morning wake up, or after midnight without any environmental interference, these environmental conditions can make the man more relaxed.

Factor 3. Calm
What should pay attention to premature ejaculation? Experts said that the man in the stage of life to arouse to make their own emotional stability, but the degree of excitement, if you get too excited, the method can be used to divert attention, such as reciting poetry, silent recitation of statistics.

Factor 4. Suggest
In the same room with his wife may imply himself: “I must be able to control their ejaculation time, certainly not prematurely discharged semen” to strengthen this idea, quietly self-suggestion, will receive good results.

Factor 5. Relax
Experts point out that sexual intercourse between husband and wife is a way of emotional communication and satisfaction. In sexual life not to focus on the idea of ​​premature ejaculation can produce, to relax a bit to understand his wife’s warmth.

Factor 6. Coordinate
Men in the treatment of premature ejaculation, the woman should be patient and take the initiative to meet the man, warm gentle physical contact, encouraging attitude of tolerance and the necessary caresses, etc., all contribute to the normal functioning of male sexual function.

Factor 7. Understanding
To the woman with compassion and caring attitude to comfort her husband, do not blame, sarcasm and ridicule, or make the situation worse.

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8 Strokes Training Sexual Capabilities, Make Men Revival Back

Loss of sexual desire for people, especially for men, is not only hiding something, but also may be a great insult. New York marriage, sexologists in the “Web MD” interview, pointed out that men once found lost interest in sex, made it difficult to be shocked that this stain on his manly image. But rarely someone will get to the bottom, why would lose libido. In fact, the loss of libido is not overnight, but rather a gradual process.

Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago Laumann believes that the cause of the loss of sexual desire has a lot of men, generally includes three aspects, one is worried about their performance, such as the duration is not long enough, hard enough erection; the second is premature orgasm, including premature ejaculation; three heavy workload, the average user consider Mori faction to improve their combat effectiveness, mental stress caused by mutations in the living environment as well as suffering from the impact of excessive sexual desire, erection disorders. For women, more likely to be mental stress issues, it is caused by a lack of sex. Laumann According to statistics, only 26% of women always experience orgasm during sex. “Some men always bother to please a partner, and the pressure so that they do not feel sexual pleasure, and then lost libido. In addition, couples feeling distant or too close, it could stifle sexuality. For example, some men have great respect for his wife, in order not to affect birth or care for the next generation of the other, would deliberately forbear desire, over time, can lead to loss of libido. ”

Laumann that if the time in more than three months, are uninterested in sex, you should be careful. In order to early detection and prevention of the problem, the United States seven male and female sexuality experts warning signal: contact occurs only in the bedroom; do not feel a sense of bonding and sharing from the sex; the couple always one active and the other people always passive helpless, felt forced; no hope of life; sex life has become mechanical, become routine; lack of sexual fantasies of love; life up to one month to two.

How can we get people to restore its former glory? Experts gives eight guidelines:

1. Motion trigger sexual desire. This can make people relax and bring a sense of accomplishment and vitality, enhance people’s confidence in the sexual life.

2. Sex expectations not too high. Sex not always have to be perfect, only 40% -50% of sex can be done so that both sides are satisfied. In addition, the frequency of sex is not the only standard of sexuality, and in the process both before and after sex feel good, is normal.

3. Sexual fantasies. Marriage experts have sexual fantasies deemed a good thing. This can increase the “old married couple” who thrill to rigid sex warming.

4. Manufacturing atmosphere.

5. Process-oriented. Both men and women should take the time to gentle touch, you can not go straight.

6. Communicate and learn. Couples should communicate on how to improve the libido, you can flip through a common love of books, let the other side to understand themselves in seeking to make sex a better approach.

7. Multi-party partner. When going out with friends for dinner, you will have the opportunity to see a new side companion, recalling her / him how much fun is exciting. Similarly, the other side also have the opportunity to see you shine. Thus, you would think why would attract each other and come together.

8. If the above methods do not work, you should promptly see a doctor, examination and treatment of related diseases cause loss of libido.

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Running Can Improve Male Sexual Performance

Many middle-aged men to feel their sexuality a bit powerless, even slowly, there is no sex, in fact, TCM pointed out that regular jogging can improve male sexual performance.

Sports medicine studies have shown that aerobic exercise, those activities can make arms and waist up endurance exercise can improve the quality of sex the most, the most typical is jogging, allowing 66 percent of humanity quality of life improved.

A US study also found that the proportion of men suffering from ED sedentary highest, and every day even if only 20-30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging, all of ED have a reversal effect. And who do not exercise compared to the risk of running more than three hours per week of people, the occurrence of ED will be reduced by about 30 percent, sexual capacity will be 2-5 years younger.

A survey found that human life like running more often. Other studies showed that runners are more sexually attractive not only from the outside, in the real and more harmonious sexual life. The reason is because the running for sex has the following major advantages: First, the pelvis muscles, the muscles around the vagina contraction, blood flow speed, touch-sensitive, improve the quality of sex. Second, can effectively improve the vaginal muscles, perineal muscle tension, enhance sexual pleasure. The third is to enhance the abdomen, buttocks muscle flexibility, makes people more sexually attractive. Fourth, make the body produce endorphins, helps to improve mood and enhance sexual excitement.

Indeed studies have shown that regular exercise can improve the body’s sex hormones, especially male body’s testosterone levels. But do not overdose, such as a continuous movement not more than two hours, otherwise it will backfire. Experts suggest that in addition to running, multi-practice frog legs, sit-ups tighten the buttocks exercise, you can increase the strength of the pelvic muscles, get more sexual pleasure. In particular, to do more hip movement, a conscious taut thigh muscles, can play a better effect.

Know regular jogging can improve male sexual performance, life also can practice, grit your teeth in the toilet when the thigh muscle buttocks conscious contraction.

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