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These sex life methods between couples must try

Sexual health experts found that after marriage for a long time, between husband and wife sex life is like routine, no fun at all. And some couples, even if married for ten years, twenty years, still enjoy the sex life. In fact, there are many kinds of sex between husband and wife, such as the following described these, we must try.

Romantic sex. Romantic sex can not leave the mood and atmosphere, slow down the pace step by step: to see a movie, eat dinner, open the music, candles, pour champagne, dance together … … until you and your loved one in bed Over and over again. Suggestions: spend time to savor every detail and step, enjoy the fun of the whole process, provided that for this time to leave enough time and relax the mood. Benefits: romantic sex will make you and the other half in the emotional and physical are closely linked together.

Reconciliation sex. Sometimes noisy and can not solve the problem, but it can enhance both male hormones, people are full of passion in sex. If the contradiction is not so deep, it is better to go into the bedroom together, the physical touch will make you soon return to good. Recommendation: sex process do not mention the controversial topic, can be appropriate wild but not violent tendencies. Benefits: Sex can help you to eliminate the contradictions, while allowing you to understand, although there is a problem, but each other is still in love.

Vacation sex. Vacation is the most relaxing moment, you go home together, to a fresh place. During this period, there is no work, money and the pressure of the child, surrounded by beautiful environment will make people more sexual desire. Regardless of the spring night or all night carnival, you have the final say. Suggestions: Do not forget to take safety precautions on vacation, pay attention to rest. Benefits: space conversion can bring more passion, leaving a beautiful sex memories.

Marathon sex. When the weather is getting cold, the weekend does not prevent all day stay in bed, get into bed, chat, massage each other, to develop each other’s body, to the next marathon type of chronic love. Recommendation: Do not turn on the TV, turn off the phone. Benefits: Develop a new sensitive area, so that the time at home becomes interesting at home.

In fact, the couple can also try fantasy sexual life, each other fantasy eyes of the object, will make sex more exciting. But the prerequisite is that both husband and wife must communicate in advance in order to avoid in the sex life which will make each other be shocked. The benefits of doing so is to make your own dream come true.

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Not strong enough for sex ability? Try these kinds of sports

In sexual life, men are generally more active, but many men find their sexual function decline, the heart more fear, directly affect the male body seriously, but also affect the male life, usually We need to pay attention to some conditioning methods, reasonable care, then, what methods can avoid male sexual performance is not strong.

Not strong enough for your sex ability? Try these kinds of sports:

Eliminate the disease when necessary to go to the hospital:

Eliminate urinary system diseases such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, or other diseases such as endocrine diseases, various systemic chronic diseases.

Self-psychological conditioning encountered trouble sadness:

Should be calm thinking, should not be long on the back of the mental burden, timely relaxation and adjustment of tension, ease and eliminate anxiety. Do some of your favorite things, such as listening to music, participate in collective activities and read useful books, or find family friends and relatives to talk, but the mood will be comfortable, sexual repression will gradually fade.

Avoid bad habits:

Reduce the importance of entertainment, avoid alcoholism, control diet, fully aware of the importance and necessity of smoking cessation.

Family care Family harmony:

Is conducive to the elimination of work and life in the tension. For her husband’s sexual desire and sexual decline, his wife should be treated frankly, tolerant treatment, caring and considerate, eliminate concerns, take the initiative with the treatment.

Actively do exercise:

1. Prone to stretch

Prone and straighten the body straight, arms straight forward, the head slightly raised, arms as far as possible to stretch forward and feet as far as possible to stretch, each stretching action to maintain 10 to 15 seconds, and then slowly relax.

2. Supine

If you want to try a higher degree of flexibility of the sex position, it should practice this method, to strengthen the lower back and lower abdomen strength. Supine, legs bent, hands clutching legs, try to touch the chest with the knee. Each time at least 30 seconds, the more the better the number of times.

3. The back of the palm of your hand pressure

Is it helpful to exercise? Posture similar to ordinary palm pressure, the difference is the knee affixed. Arms slightly outside the head to support the ground, and then do not bend the arms of the palm of the hand pressure. Pay attention to maintain the waist into a micro-bend, each action to maintain 10 seconds, and then re-do the first time, but remember to follow their own capacity for.

4. Massage the scrotum

Often by hand massage the scrotum, you can make the testicular blood circulation improved. As can often continue to supply testicles to fresh blood, of course, will enhance the testicular function, improve male energy. Massage can be once a day, every 2 -3 minutes can be, with your fingers from the upper part of the scrotum gently rub the testicles, but the time is not easy too long, because the stimulation is too strong, but will testicular dysfunction. Massage is best once a day, to develop a daily habit than the occasional more effective.

Usually we need to pay attention to mental health care, psychology is also a factor affecting men, usually we need to pay attention to this situation, and in daily life, need to pay attention to self-care, but also pay attention to nursed back to health, effective treatment of the body, Self-exercise helps to regulate blood. Make men stronger.

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