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Reasons for Lowering Sex Quality of Couples

Sex life is a very important part of husband and wife life, many couples because of sexual harmony and embarked on the road of divorce. So what exactly is the lower quality of life?

1. Sex life is not focused

Divine in sex is the fault that many people are prone to commit. General self-confidence, focus on people less distracted by the probability of distraction. Therefore, couples to believe that they have the ability to ease the tension of the body, the sex as a kind of entertainment. Weekdays can chat with friends to fantasy, to strengthen communication.

2. Speed is not uniform

Men worry about their own is not too fast, long-term ability to work? Its negative impact will be manifested in sex. To alleviate this fear, couples may wish to try to sleep in bed, more sexual fantasies. At the same time, try to slow down the action in sex, and fully enjoy every trace of pleasure.

3. Sexuality is not strong enough

Sexuality is the catalyst of sexual life, if even sexual desire are not, that sexual life is not healthy. But it is not to say that people have high sexual desire, of course, when the low sexual desire. Usually living habits are not correct, physical discomfort, the pressure is too large and so will lead to decreased libido. So what can be done to improve sexuality? You can try to change a fresh way such as oral sex, you can stimulate each other’s sexual desire.

4. Sex process is too silent

Many couples in the sexual life only when the completion of the task, especially women. When men need your response, you still remain silent, it will only make men feel that you do not understand fun, but also make him feel that they can not let you happy, and then lost interest. So in sex, the two sides may wish to say some praise each other’s words, to enhance their pleasure.

5. Sex postureĀ is too monotonous

You have to face the same person every day has been boring, and if married for several years to maintain the same position, it would indeed feel boring. So the husband and wife to jointly try new things, research shows that sex in the first action is equal to a more happy sex life, more orgasm and a more lasting relationship.

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