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How to effectively treat erectile dysfunction by food?

In this modern life, male impotence seems to be a common disease, impotence refers to the man’s penis atrophy soft, can not erect, or reluctantly erection, but not held, can not carry out normal sex life, may be because now life stress Too heavy or because there is usually no good living habits may also be because of the usual sexual life in life, these reasons are very likely to lead to the occurrence of this situation, impotence treatment process is relatively complex, and The time of treatment is also very long.

First: a lot of time we are male impotence are starting from the food treatment, so usually the male diet must be very attention, can not eat some of the prostate prostate stimulating food, such as some spicy food, some stimulation Fried food is not possible.

Second: usually life is also a lot of time for the male kidney has a regulatory function, such as lamb can be used to make up the essence and blood, but also help the role of Yuanyang, there are some marine products such as shrimp, shrimp calcium content High, impotence, kidney, fill the role of fine.

Third: the stomach of the patients usually have to remember to eat some vegetables, can not underestimate the vegetables, vegetables which contain a lot of nutrients for men’s sexual function is also adjusted, for example, leek is what we often say from the grass , Can help men adjust.

Men in addition to the diet should pay attention to these, as well as in normal life is not lazy, to remember a lot of exercise every day to improve our own immune capacity, so that the male sexual function is also adjusted.

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What are the reasons for erectile dysfunction

Because people’s diet does not pay attention, it will lead to a variety of diseases, like hard to be such a disease, only early cure erectile dysfunction, hoping to form a certain role in erectile dysfunction patients, and then according to the specific erectile disorder etiology to carry out some targeted treatment, what are the reasons lead to erect not hard, here we share some experience with you.

The first is the psychological side, the patient has sexual cold or other sexual problems, resulting in erectile dysfunction. If the patient has erectile disorder, the second is the patient may have the associated primary disease

Will reduce the excitement of ejaculation center, wear underwear too tight will increase the stimulation of the head and glans, or sexual excitement by watching the yellow novel, because of these inflammatory stimulation, foreskin is too long, phimosis caused by: men if the penis is too long, some Male genitourinary diseases such as urethritis, prostatitis, fine Fu inflammation and other easy to cause erection is not hard, often occurs penis erection time is not long. Film recording caused, resulting in erections not hard and erection time is not long.

To take more about sex education, the spirit of the heart pressure will lead to male erection time is short: If the men long-term indulgence, masturbation too frequent, emotional tension, excitement will lead to increased cortical central excitement, spinal ejaculation excitement also increased, Can carry out some physical exercise, it will cause penile erection is not hard and erection time is not long. With a scientific and rational point of view of sexual life, and other patients are advised to go out more, to develop a positive and optimistic attitude of life, erectile dysfunction in patients with erectile dysfunction related to treatment.

Only the early treatment of erectile dysfunction, know the penis erection is not hard and erection time is short, these explanation hope to erectile dysfunction patients to form some help, men should pay attention to prevention. Above is the advice on some of the views of erectile dysfunction, to help patients to restore the health of the body as soon as possible.

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