5 Good habits improve the quality of sex life

Sex is good for physical and mental health is well known things, but this does not mean the more the better the number of sex, but that high-quality sex life is more beneficial to people’s physical and mental health. If people can develop good habits, you can improve the quality of sex. The following experts to introduce some of the good quality to promote the good habits.

Eat seven full before sex life

As the saying goes: “eat seven full, disease free old age”, this theory is also used in sexual life. In the world of food, you have to “keep” your stomach. Romantic candlelight dinner can indeed add interest to sex, but if you eat too much oil is too full, easily lead to sleepy, and the stomach and sex organs compete for blood. Excessive diet may not only lead to indigestion, but also dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, affect sexual pleasure. Therefore, want to have a better sex life, sex should avoid dinner before.

Do not stay up late to sleep

“The body is the capital of the revolution”, a healthy body is the basis of perfect love. Stay up late to believe that most people are now unfamiliar, but the modern life is too diverse, most people can not refuse the night “temptation.” Do not stay up all night, sleep enough, is a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is the most appropriate means of maintenance, to enhance sexual endurance, we must put an end to sleep loss. The prerequisite for getting married couples is to ensure adequate sleep. In particular, men should avoid staying up late and so on affect the poor lifestyle of sleep, because sleep is the most inexpensive and efficient sexual function “health law.”

Appropriate exercise to enhance physical fitness

The importance of exercise is self-evident. Good body not only need the protection of diet, good living habits to maintain, but also need time to carry out a strong physical training of the body. To know that sex is not only a technical live, or a physical labor. To be sexually durable, energy is essential. To get enough energy, only through daily exercise. Regular exercise can improve endurance and explosive power, which play a role in improving the quality of sex, because the active exercise can improve sexual endurance and promote the body’s blood circulation. Sex is a physical labor, in order to have a perfect sex, we must have enough energy. And regular exercise can improve endurance and explosive power, thereby enhancing the quality of sex.

Often stretching the muscles of the limbs

In sex, due to emotional, action will inevitably be larger, brutal some, it is prone to strain, muscle spasms and other conditions, affecting the quality of sex. Often stretching the legs and hand muscles helps to avoid muscle spasms when sex. Stretching is also the easiest way to prevent muscle pain caused by various causes.

Sex environment should be warm not cool

When the sex life to warm cold, which is essential for women. Woman nature is cold, so too cold, the couple will not be positive. Women must give their bedroom warm to do a good job. Cold will reduce the blood circulation speed, will reduce libido. So, the perfect sex, must be carried out in a warm bedroom, so you can also prevent colds. The study found that the bedroom was warm and sex better. Bedroom temperature is relatively high, help blood vessels to expand, increase the body (especially sexual organs) blood flow. Especially in the winter when sex, we must cover the quilt. Even in the hot summer, but also need to avoid sex in the air.

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