5 Magic Weight Loss Methods, Easy Get Rid Of Waist Fat, No Rebound

When mentioned weight lose, we have to mention the tough “Waist Fat”, the French fashion magazine “ELLE” slimming teach magic, from diet to exercise, five strokes teach you to maintain a perfect body, thin does not rebound.

1. The balanced diet

Nutritionist Anne Laure Meunier (Anne-Laure Meunier) said that, in order to keep fit, we want a reasonable choice of foods high oil content, rather than try to eat them, because the body needs omega-3 fats provided. Movement is important to lose belly fat, but if dietary unreasonable efforts useless. Daily oil intake should be no more than four tablespoons eat low sugar content of starch, such as oatmeal, or legumes (lentils, beans, etc.), or sweet potatoes. In short, to avoid excessive intake of carbohydrates, choose lean protein foods, coupled with good hydration is perfect.

2. The plate support

Tablet support is to exercise the abdominal muscles, effective way to eliminate fat. Prone, elbows bent supported on the ground, the body straight from the ground to keep a minimum of 30 seconds up to three minutes. There is an opportunity to do so. Plate support can also be one-sided were done. Prone, arm stays on the ground, the body off the ground. Insist on as long as possible, so that the abdominal muscles get exercise. Ideal state is at least one minute on each side to do 2-3 times a week to do 2-3 group.

3. Cross crunches

Supine, hands placed behind his head, placed on the ground with one leg bent, the other leg supported thereon. Abdomen tighten, tighten the body toward the second leg. Hold this position for a few seconds, feel the abdomen slowly tightening feeling. Repeat this movement at least 15 times, then do the same action on the other side.

4. Side leg lift

Lying on his side, elbow support the ground, legs straight, slowly raised to the highest, to maintain this position for 5 seconds, then slowly down. Repeat for the other leg after. Recommends that each leg 10 times.

5. Bending to touch toes

Upright, bending, finger touch toes and then slowly stand up straight. In this movement, the most important thing is to tighten the abdomen. Repeat 10 times can be a little change, with his left hand touching right toe, right hand touching left toe.

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