8 Skills make sex life more passionate

When speaking of sex, every couple is no stranger, but talked about the quality of sex, presumably most people will fall into thinking, how their own sex quality? Or in sex simply do not consider the quality of the problem, but very plain to complete this wonderful moment. This is certainly not understand what is the soul of sex and what methods can enhance the quality of sex life?

1, Couples bathing together

Husband and wife activities together to help narrow the distance, enhance feelings, but also increase the fun of sex. Vacation two people have more time, you can play with a bet game, sharing food, you can also bathe, wash each other for the body, enjoy each other, play, increase sex passion.

2, The temptation of sexy underwear

Do not think those expensive sexy lingerie is flashy, they really make men crazy for this. Especially with lace and chiffon underwear, can increase the sense of mystery and look forward. And so everything is ripe, both sides of the skin contact, the explosive and excitement will be more intense. Said sex skills is the common efforts of both spouses, but the sex life is not less fun with the supplies, more can not be less sexual satisfaction, so the appropriate to use “Masturbation G-Spot Rabbit AV Vibrator“, with dual motor drive, unique double shock, flow line symmetry modeling, rhythm sexy rhythm.

3, Timely shy with more passionate

If you are already familiar with each other, the sex has been no secret, may wish to try to suddenly change the style. Think about how you blushed to accept his affectionate request, so shy you will let him sex big hair. Men can ask if she can hold the porn movie together.

4, Self-warmer with more passionate

And winter cars, women in sex also need to warm up. If the candlelight, music and wine before dinner, the woman had been excited, then the process of sex is much easier climax. And her husband before the skin contact “savings” of the greater the energy of sex, the easier for women to reach orgasm. Women’s self-caressing is the best way to warm up, in addition, reading erotic novels can also lead to sexual association.

5, Ask the foreplay of desire

When the wife asked her husband, “whether you can use your face to rub your naked chest? Can you kiss your little nipple? Can you take off your pants?” When the problem is actually playing “pleading before the play.” This foreplay can make her husband in the “command” is gradually evoked, and thus enhance its combat effectiveness.

6, Light the lights more feel

“Sexual Behavior Archives” magazine published a study found that not only men in the sex concerned about visual stimulation, women will also be subject to visual stimulation. Sex can be opened before and after the lights, opened his eyes, which helps the two sides exchange, observe the other side of the reaction. In front of the mirror sex, or sexual life while watching the passion film, will help enhance the passion of both sides.

7, Master the power of the party

The traditional concept that couples in sex should be equal to each other, but the new concept has put forward, sex power can be handed over to the husband and wife control, as long as the couple can be satisfied from the sex and pleasure, who power does not matter.

8, Kiss the hand of sex life

Accept kissing ceremony is not a woman’s privilege, men also like the feeling of both hands kissed. Use the tongue to kiss the root of the mesh area, and then slowly slide up. The area as the inner ear, the sensitivity is extremely high, so you can let the man “goose bumps”.

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