8 Strokes Training Sexual Capabilities, Make Men Revival Back

Loss of sexual desire for people, especially for men, is not only hiding something, but also may be a great insult. New York marriage, sexologists in the “Web MD” interview, pointed out that men once found lost interest in sex, made it difficult to be shocked that this stain on his manly image. But rarely someone will get to the bottom, why would lose libido. In fact, the loss of libido is not overnight, but rather a gradual process.

Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago Laumann believes that the cause of the loss of sexual desire has a lot of men, generally includes three aspects, one is worried about their performance, such as the duration is not long enough, hard enough erection; the second is premature orgasm, including premature ejaculation; three heavy workload, the average user consider Mori faction to improve their combat effectiveness, mental stress caused by mutations in the living environment as well as suffering from the impact of excessive sexual desire, erection disorders. For women, more likely to be mental stress issues, it is caused by a lack of sex. Laumann According to statistics, only 26% of women always experience orgasm during sex. “Some men always bother to please a partner, and the pressure so that they do not feel sexual pleasure, and then lost libido. In addition, couples feeling distant or too close, it could stifle sexuality. For example, some men have great respect for his wife, in order not to affect birth or care for the next generation of the other, would deliberately forbear desire, over time, can lead to loss of libido. ”

Laumann that if the time in more than three months, are uninterested in sex, you should be careful. In order to early detection and prevention of the problem, the United States seven male and female sexuality experts warning signal: contact occurs only in the bedroom; do not feel a sense of bonding and sharing from the sex; the couple always one active and the other people always passive helpless, felt forced; no hope of life; sex life has become mechanical, become routine; lack of sexual fantasies of love; life up to one month to two.

How can we get people to restore its former glory? Experts gives eight guidelines:

1. Motion trigger sexual desire. This can make people relax and bring a sense of accomplishment and vitality, enhance people’s confidence in the sexual life.

2. Sex expectations not too high. Sex not always have to be perfect, only 40% -50% of sex can be done so that both sides are satisfied. In addition, the frequency of sex is not the only standard of sexuality, and in the process both before and after sex feel good, is normal.

3. Sexual fantasies. Marriage experts have sexual fantasies deemed a good thing. This can increase the “old married couple” who thrill to rigid sex warming.

4. Manufacturing atmosphere.

5. Process-oriented. Both men and women should take the time to gentle touch, you can not go straight.

6. Communicate and learn. Couples should communicate on how to improve the libido, you can flip through a common love of books, let the other side to understand themselves in seeking to make sex a better approach.

7. Multi-party partner. When going out with friends for dinner, you will have the opportunity to see a new side companion, recalling her / him how much fun is exciting. Similarly, the other side also have the opportunity to see you shine. Thus, you would think why would attract each other and come together.

8. If the above methods do not work, you should promptly see a doctor, examination and treatment of related diseases cause loss of libido.

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