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Seven Signals For Sexual Desire Loss

Sexuality is not sin, on the contrary, is the worship of life, is the gift of God, spring and summer is the gentle wind We should appreciate it with clear consciousness and happiness. All healthy, mature men and women will be eager for it and need it. — (German novelist) Frenson

Loss of libido for people, especially for men, is not only unspeakable, but also may be humiliated. New York marriage, sex expert Perel in an interview with “Network Doctor of Medicine” interview that men once found to have lost interest in sex, it is difficult to self-control will be shocked, that this undermines the image of their own men. But few people will go deep into the study, why will lose their sexual desire. In fact, the loss of libido is not overnight, but a gradual process.

University of Chicago professor of sociology Lauren that there are many causes of loss of libido, for men, generally include three aspects of the problem, one is worried about their performance, such as the duration is not long enough, the erection is not hard; To reach the climax, including premature ejaculation; Third, the heavy workload, the living environment caused by sudden changes in mental stress and suffering from sexual desire, erect state of the disease. For women, the more likely to be mental stress, so that the lack of sexual cause. According to Lawman statistics, only 26% of women are always experiencing orgasm in sex. Some men are always bothering friends, and the pressure so that they can not feel the joy of sex, and then lose their sexual desire. In addition, the couple feeling alienated or too close, may also kill sexual desire. For example, some men are very respect for their wives, in order not to affect each other to take birth or take care of the next generation, will deliberately forbear the desire, a long time, will lead to loss of libido.

Lawman believes that if more than three months time, are not interested in sex, we must be vigilant. And in order to early detection and prevention of this issue, the American sex experts put forward seven men and women early warning signal: only in the bedroom contact; no sense of sex from the combination and share the feeling; husband and wife is always a proactive, Is a passive helpless, feel compulsive; no longer look forward to sexual life; sex become mechanical, become routine; lack of sexual fantasies for love; monthly life up to one to two times.

How can a man revive herself? The experts gave eight guidance:

1. Exercise to promote sexual desire. This can make people relax and bring a sense of accomplishment and vitality, and enhance people’s self-confidence in sexual life.

2. Sex expectations do not be too high. Not every sex must be perfect, only 40% -50% of the sex life can be done so that both sides are satisfied. In addition, the frequency of sex is not the only standard of sexual desire, sex before and after the process are feeling good, is normal.

3. Sexual fantasy. Marriage experts regard sexual fantasies as a good thing. This can increase the “old couple” their pleasure, to the same sex warming.

4. Make the atmosphere.

5. Focus on the process. Regardless of men and women, should spend time warm strokes, can not go straight to the theme.

6. Communication and consultation. Couples should be on how to improve sexual desire to communicate, you can read a sex book, so that the other side to understand their own in seeking to make sex more beautiful way.

7. More than a partner to attend the party. When you go out for dinner with your friends, you will have the opportunity to see the new side of the partner, reminiscent of how interesting she is and how exciting he is. Similarly, the other side also have the opportunity to see your flash point. In this way, you will think of why to attract each other, come together.

8. If the above method does not work, it is necessary to see a doctor in time, check and treat the loss of sexual desire caused by the disease.

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Premature ejaculation is not caused by fatigue stress anxiety. Thirty percent of men are troubled

At present, there are common cognitive errors about sexual health problems. More than half of them think that premature ejaculation is only a psychological problem. One in four people think that all kinds of sexual health problems are all about one thing. Although sexual health problems are common and seriously endanger gender relations and even the overall quality of life, but these cognitive errors have made people do not go to the hospital for treatment to improve sexual health problems. Survey results show that by the premature ejaculation of men still have 77% did not go to the hospital.

Half of the couple are not satisfied with sex

The research project lasted for six months, a total of 3567 people, aged between 18-45 years of people involved, involving China, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China and other countries and regions, conducted an online survey, valid samples The number of 1002, of which male 499, female 503.

The study reported that 58% of men and 46% of women believe that sexuality is very important in gender relations. However, more than 50% of couples or partners are not satisfied with the current sex life, both in the Asia-Pacific region and China. “Asia and the Pacific as a whole the overall number of sex is 7.7 times per month, while the Chinese population as high as 9 times a month in the Asia-Pacific region is the number of sexual life is low, not because of sex between husband and wife Life caused by less.

At the same time, many respondents hope to extend the time of sexual life. From the Asia-Pacific region, 85% of men and 63% of women want to extend their sex life. It is noteworthy that in China, women want to extend the proportion of sex life as high as 96%, the data far beyond the average level of the Asia-Pacific.

In clinical practice, many men worry about their own confidence, will ask the partner is satisfied with the sex life. In this survey, more than 30% of Chinese men worry that they have not let their wives or partners feel satisfied with their sexual life. Among the major factors that lead to such concerns, 84% are associated with premature ejaculation. In the Asia-Pacific region, this percentage is as high as 80%.

Premature ejaculation is a serious impact on the quality of life between couples or partners, and even affect the feelings of both sides. According to the report, nearly 90% of couples or couples in China believe that premature ejaculation has a negative impact on gender relations, 30% of men and 40% of women will be due to premature ejaculation and refused to live, and even 21% of men and 22% of women due to premature ejaculation Lead to feelings and even marriage break.

Thirty percent of men suffering from premature ejaculation

The survey results show that the entire Asia-Pacific region, 32% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. Although sexual health problems have a lot of negative effects on sexual satisfaction and gender relations, many people have a lot of misunderstandings on sexual health problems and become a way to solve the problem of sexual health problems such as premature ejaculation. Hinder.

The results of the research report show that Chinese people are more likely to think that premature ejaculation is a psychological problem compared to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Nearly half of the people mistakenly believe that premature ejaculation is caused by fatigue, stress, anxiety, more than 25% Of people think that sexual health problems are basically the same disease, that premature ejaculation and impotence is one thing. And these cognitive errors for sexual health problems are leading to men did not go to the hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of the most important factor. The results of the research report show that 55% of the most important factors leading to premature ejaculation patients in the entire Asia-Pacific region are lack of understanding of disease knowledge, which is higher in China and 68%.

In this regard, although some part of the relationship with the psychological factors, but according to the latest research shows that the cause of premature ejaculation is more primary, and some even with the gene. “This shows that the previous simple psychological treatment of premature ejaculation is not useful, explains why we can not simply use psychological treatment to solve the problem of premature ejaculation.

Since most people do not understand the premature ejaculation, and nearly half of the respondents expressed embarrassment and shame, so in the self-reported symptoms of premature ejaculation in the male, only 7% received the diagnosis of the specialist, there are still 77% Has never received any doctor’s diagnosis, in China, also have 76% of men did not go to the hospital.

However, how to determine whether they belong to premature ejaculation it? Judgment of premature ejaculation depends on three factors: one is time, one is the control, as well as the problem of premature ejaculation caused by psychological negative impact. In clinical practice, doctors will actively help patients less than 2 minutes of treatment, but if it is significantly shorter time patients, even in more than 2 minutes, should also be diagnosed as premature ejaculation.

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These bad habits make legs thicker and thicker

Many women want to have slender legs, exhausted a variety of methods, but the effect is still bad, it is better to try to get rid of some of the usual bad habits, may be effective.

1. Often sit down for long time

Sitting on a chair is a day … … the lower body is not fat enough While sitting the groin (the starting point of the feet) is oppressed, blood flow, lymph circulation so stay. Blood flow, lymphatic circulation is not only easy to edema, the old waste material can not break down, fat, moisture accumulation of cellulite formation. 1 hour to get up at least 1 times, do some stretching exercises is very important to help the thorn machine groin blood and lymph circulation.

2. On work desk to eat lunch

Lunch time is the only person who can work outdoors out of the way. If every day with their own lunch, or buy convenience store bread back to eat, and more lengthened sitting on the seat of the time. But choose to walk can drive leg muscles, so that blood flow, lymph circulation smoothly. Take the time, do not forget to leave some time, after a little meal in a small step.

3. Rarely go to the bathroom

In order to love the beautiful, to comply with the guidelines to drink plenty of water, but if you sit down all day, with the basic metabolism becomes low, the number of times to go to the bathroom will be less. If the water drink much, but rarely on the toilet will cause lower body edema, will slowly turn into fat. Drink plenty of water, run the bathroom so that the water metabolism, regular to do the lower body stretching exercises, walking is a good way to effectively improve the basal metabolism.

4. Endure low temperature

General office space is all-weather air-conditioning low temperature, even the big summer, feet or cold as cold. If ignored regardless of the lower body blood circulation is getting worse. As long as a feel cold, immediately with a scarf, blanket warm. In order to avoid looking back, the lower body fat a big circle of embarrassment, always alert, to develop a good habit of daily life is the most intelligent.

5. Often rocker legs

Whether at home or in the office, many people can not help but on the tilt of his legs. If you are sitting on your legs for a whole day, you will obstruct the blood and lymph circulation of the legs, causing the lower body to swell. Do not do swollen care, such as massage, lower extremity vein will gradually prominent, seriously affect the lower body circulation, leading to fat thickening, even the muscles will be stiff.

How to deal with those bad habits ?

1. Do high leg movement

After getting up every day, in the living room or room to do five groups of high leg movement, each group of 1 minute, each done 1 group can rest 2 minutes. High leg lift is a good thin thigh exercise, it is good to move to the muscles on the thigh, to promote the burning of leg fat.

2. After dinner stand for a while

Many women like to sit there after watching the TV or take a break, but doing so will lead to fat in our legs and hips continue to accumulate, so you become a thick leg. So after dinner, stand up and live for a stovepipe is very helpful!

3. Drink “barley tea”

Excessive intake of caffeine can cause ankle swelling. In fact, green tea and oolong tea also contains caffeine. Although they are less than caffeine compared to coffee or black tea, they still have an effect every day.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a beautiful ankle crowd drinking “barley tea”. It is not only caffeine, but also rich in minerals, will not lead to ankle swelling.

4. When sleeping, legs slightly pad high

For those who are very serious edema, it is useful to have a little padded high leg to sleep! Sleep in the heel or calf under the pad a pillow, so that the knee below the feet about 10-20cm higher than the heart, about 20-30 minutes or so, the blood and lymph will be smooth return, this time the original serious The phenomenon of edema will follow the improvement.

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Men should eat more these 9 kinds fruits

When speaking of fruit, our general understanding is its weight loss and beauty effect. In fact, there are other special effects of fruit, especially for men – the treatment of male sexual dysfunction and urinary tract infection.

1. Lotus seed

Take the fresh lotus seeds (lotus seeds in the central green small buds do not peel) 15 grams, Shuijianbi, together with the lotus seeds to take together to cure the dream too much, but also take fresh lotus seeds 10 grams (with lotus heart), steamed after the chew, every Twice a day, even for two days.

2. Lychee

With lychee nucleus 15 to 20, after the break with water decoction, can cure testicular swelling and pain.

3. Grape

Take fresh grapes 250 grams, peeled, nuclear smashed, add appropriate amount of warm water Beverage Service, once or twice a day, and even served two weeks, can cure prostatitis and urine short astringent pain.

4. Kiwi fruit

Fresh kiwi 50 grams, smashed and heated 250 ml of boiling water (about 1 cup), mix thoroughly after Beverage Service, can cure before the inflammation of the urine after the astringent pain.

5. Mango

Take 10 grams of mango, broken water decoction, twice a day, even for two weeks, can cure orchitis and testicular swelling and pain.

6. Ginkgo

Take 10 kinds of ginkgo fruit, with shell fried after eating, twice a day, even fat for two weeks, can cure excessive spermatorrhea.

7. Papaya

With 250 grams of papaya, sliced ​​into 1000 grams of rice wine or low liquor, soaked after two weeks of opening, each drink 15 ml, twice daily, even for two weeks, can cure kidney deficiency is not strong and premature ejaculation.

8. Red dates

Red dates have the function of blood strong God, red often eat can play the role of blood, premature ejaculation and impotence patients have a good therapeutic effect.

9. Walnut

Eat two to four daily, can play the role of kidney and blood, but also adjuvant treatment of kidney stones and urinary tract stones, and can delay aging.

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You have to notice headache after lovemaking

Sex is the love of both men and women, the soul and the body of the close communication, is a happy enjoyment. However, some couples in sex will be a headache situation, some people in the sex process headache, which may have the following reasons.

First, there may be sexual excitement or tension caused. Some couples will be too anxious when sex, nervous, resulting in human sympathetic nerve excitement, vasoconstriction, coupled with sex in the blood pressure to enhance too fast, the lack of obvious buffer, head and neck muscle spasms, blood circulation, and then because of vascular spasm And produce pain. If there is vascular stenosis, it will make the brain blood circulation is poor, coupled with sex when the blood concentrated in the reproductive system, can lead to cerebral ischemia and cause pain. For this type of sex headache, you can before sex life and sexual life in the process of consciously relax the neck, mandibular and shoulder parts of the muscles, usually have to relax for these parts of the practice.

Second, suffering from cerebrovascular disease or high blood pressure. If the frequent occurrence of serious headaches in sex, it is necessary to rule out suffering from blood pressure, neurovascular disease, some patients have migraine history, it is recommended to the relevant specialist clinics for blood pressure, cerebrovascular conditions and other checks. After consulting the doctor, sex before oral administration of a small amount of antihypertensive drugs or analgesics.

Again, the position of headache. Usually occurs in a sudden change in position, and accompanied by nausea, vomiting, may be low intracranial pressure headache. The coping method is to minimize the application of some discomfort.

Finally, if sex too frequently, too long, the body fatigue, poor sex environment, the air is not smooth, noisy mood makes people upset, can also lead to headaches. These headaches are generally occur occasionally, most of the adjustment can be alleviated or avoided. The two sides should pay attention to work and rest. Sex should not be too frequent, pay attention to control feelings, enough is enough, do not be excited too much.

It should be noted that if the process of sexual dizziness, headache, and even accompanied by chest tightness, suffocation, palpitations or chest area discomfort and other symptoms, should rest observation, if necessary, consult a doctor.

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How far are you from the premature aging of men?

Have you heard of premature aging? Thirty and forty years old, decreased libido, erection is not strong, ejaculation weakness, fatigue after sexual life .In fact, early sexual decline young men seem not far away. A lot of disagreeable bad habits, over time will lead to reduced secretion of male hormones, so fierce men become decadent, leading to the prime of life when the strong sexual desire to decline, causing premature aging.

Sleep too late

Many important synthetic reactions in the human body must be completed in sleep, male hormone is one of them. Long-term stay up all night on the one hand consume a lot of energy, the other side of the male hormone synthesis and metabolism. A study in the United States shows that if an adult male for 7 consecutive days of sleep less than 5 hours, the level of male hormone will be significantly reduced, sexual desire will be greatly reduced.

Remind: men want to protect sexual function must be a good sleep “child feel.” Child is 11 pm to 1 am, this time the most prosperous chi, yang weak, this time is the natural yin and yang alternation, but also the body of the yin and yang of the gas rise and fall when the conversion, such as in this time to sleep can be reconciled Yin and yang, do not have to take medicine can also improve the role of sexual function.

Work too tired

Work pressure, long-term fatigue, male and female love interest is not into the brain, even if there is interest also feel powerless. This is because the tension and anxiety and other negative emotions will directly inhibit the erection, a long time will lead to erectile dysfunction. These negative emotions will also inhibit the “hypothalamus – pituitary – testis” the secretion of the gonadal axis, resulting in decreased levels of sex hormones, affecting sexual desire and erection.

Remind: to relieve fatigue, you can moderate exercise, eyesight, or before going to bed before the stone calamus and leaves of 30 grams, add water, 3000 ml, boil for 30 minutes, until the water temperature dropped to 45 degrees Celsius when taking liquid feet, and With massage foot. You can reconcile the yin and yang, soothe the nerves of mind, warm pass yang, play the role of sedative and soothe the nerves.

Smoke too hard

Smoking is the enemy of erection and sexual desire, this is no exaggeration. A large number of studies have shown that toxic substances in tobacco can affect testicular sperm and androgen function. Long-term smoking of men will appear sperm density, decreased vitality, deformity rate increased; at the same time there will be reduced male hormone levels. In addition, smoking can also damage the function of vascular endothelial cells, affecting male erection, smoking men with erectile dysfunction risk 50% higher than non-smoking.

Remind: quit smoking is the only way out, quit smoking can be through the king without row seed pressing or acupuncture ear, commonly used points God door, Zhongwan, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, you can also use puzzle, pearl powder, astragalus, Chinese wolfberry, Codonopsis, Ophiopogon and other generations of tea.

Drink too much

Such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, etc. These are the risk factors that affect male sexual function. The risk factors of male sexual function are the most important factors affecting male sexual function. Alcohol paralysis will inhibit the brain center, will reduce sexual pleasure. Drinking erection is often poor. Excessive drinking will also affect the secretion of male testosterone. Therefore, drinking the surface is helpful, but in reality “lost.”

Remind: Erectile function is a male health benchmark and barometer, male erectile dysfunction is a variety of early symptoms of medical diseases. Therefore, once the sexual function decline found to be active treatment.

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