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5 Reasons leading to men’s premature ejaculation, what’s the methods for men to prevent premature ejaculation?

When sexual life, men occasionally have ejaculation too fast performance, but this is not the true sense of premature ejaculation, then how is premature ejaculation? What are the couples to treat premature ejaculation?

Five reasons leading to men’s premature ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation for many reasons, premature ejaculation experts based on years of experience in the treatment of premature ejaculation, cited the reasons for premature ejaculation for premature ejaculation patients to understand their own condition. Premature ejaculation refers to the penis in contact with female genitalia and not inserted into the vagina before the occurrence of ejaculation, although the erection of the penis, but ejaculation prematurely, too fast, the penis then weak and can not continue to live, so both men and women can not get sexual satisfaction, so Premature ejaculation is one of the manifestations of male sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation if not timely treatment, a long time is easy to lead to impotence. Here need to point out that the occasional premature ejaculation can not be said to premature ejaculation, only frequent premature ejaculation and can not be sex, can be confirmed as premature ejaculation.

First, the psychological premature ejaculation. The reason for the occurrence of premature ejaculation is complex, different patients with premature ejaculation have different reasons for premature ejaculation. Most patients with premature ejaculation as psychological premature ejaculation, by the brain pathological excitement or spinal cord excitement to enhance the impact of a small number of organic premature ejaculation.

Second, organic premature ejaculation. Differences in physical fitness and reproductive organs caused by premature ejaculation patients are also a minority.

Third, the wedding night premature ejaculation. The newly married man is prone to premature ejaculation due to stress.

Fourth, long-term or often masturbation caused by premature ejaculation.

Fifth, male penis prepuce, tight panties and other excessive stimulation of the glans will lead to male premature ejaculation.

What is the way for men to prevent premature ejaculation:

1. Intercourse, masturbation mourning

Long-term sexual intercourse, or frequent masturbation lead to mental fatigue, is leading to yang, premature ejaculation of the important reasons, was taboo list. Practice has proved that the couple split the bed, stop sex for some time, to avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nervous system and sexual organs are fully rest, is the prevention and treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation effective measures.

2. The elimination of psychological factors

To have a full understanding of sexual knowledge, fully aware of the impact of mental factors on sexual function. Can not because of one or two sexual intercourse failure and frustration and worry, lack of confidence; both husband and wife to increase emotional exchanges, eliminate dissonance, tacit understanding, the woman should care, caress, encourage her husband, try to avoid dissatisfaction, to avoid the pressure on her husband ; Sexual intercourse thinking to focus; especially in achieving the peak of pleasure, about ejaculation, but also to focus on thinking.

3. As soon as possible medical treatment, standardized treatment

As with all other diseases, early detection and early treatment is the best way to solve the disease. In addition to congenital refractory treatment, the majority of patients after professional, systematic treatment, can be re-live a healthy life. Therefore, patients and their families must correctly understand these diseases, if in a period of time frequent weakness, physiological function is low, intimate quality of life is not high, we must go to a professional hospital for scientific examination and standardized treatment. Through a comprehensive examination, identify the cause, with the comprehensive treatment of experts, and ultimately overcome the disease.

4. No smoking and reduce drinking times

Long-term smoking will hinder blood flow into the body periphery, affecting the penis blood circulation, the impact of the reaction. Foreign researchers pointed out that lead to poor blood circulation caused by impotence factors are smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and smoking as the most important. Wine is a gonadal toxin, drinking too much or alcohol can make gonadal poisoning, the performance of men in the blood testosterone reduction, 70 to 80% of people with impotence or infertility.

5. Use of condoms and other sex equipments

Consciously blocking the penis roots, so that the head feel slow; or intercourse when the transfer of attention, reduce ejaculation impulse; or try to increase the number of intercourse, reduce the sensitivity of the glans. Among them, increase the number of sexual intercourse and control sexual intercourse, transfer attention and ideological focus. To be dialectical, vary from person to person, due to illness varies, have their own use, not contradictory. In general, impotence who pay attention to the latter, premature ejaculation who can try the former.

Elderly sleep well can delay brain aging

Health, longevity is what we each hope, but to really do not easy. Recent studies have shown that health and longevity is the most basic sleep is fragrant, sleep better to a certain extent, is the guarantee of physical and mental health, adequate sleep is also conducive to delay the aging of the brain. What is the principle of this? The following family doctor online sleep channel for everyone announced.

Sleep enough to delay brain aging

The elderly should be 12 o’clock every night before going to bed, sleep at night time in 5.5 to 7 hours is enough. Alzheimer’s disease published data show that every night sleep limit within 7 hours of the elderly, brain aging can be delayed for 2 years. And long-term sleep more than 7 hours or less than 5.5 hours will lead to attention worse, or even senile dementia, increase the risk of early death.

Night sleep quality bad old man, it is best to develop lunch break habits, time not more than 1 hour. Otherwise, the brain central nervous system will increase the inhibition, to promote the brain’s blood flow is relatively reduced, slow metabolism in the body, easily lead to wake up after the whole body uncomfortable, even more sleepy.

Old longevity and sleep can not be separated, then you know what longevity method can be longevity? Here are a few.

Longevity regimen

1, On time drink water

Thirsty, suggesting that the body has been quite serious water shortage, then add it too late. According to the investigation and study, there are people who often drink habits, suffering from constipation, urinary tract stones were significantly reduced in people who do not often drink water. Moreover, on time drink water also on myocardial infarction and stroke and other serious diseases have a preventive effect. Therefore, the elderly, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, blood viscosity, coronary heart disease and stroke patients, as well as the relative need for more pregnant women, adolescents and infants, should develop the habit of regular drinking water.

2, Should have advanced health concept

Chinese medicine says: life is the most precious, health is more important, for the next generation, both are doing well. He thought sick early cure is the key, so the elderly must develop the habit of Chinese medicine health.

3, Scientific diet

Chinese medicine cited celery, bananas, jellyfish and other antihypertensive food, gynostemma, hawthorn, cassia, etc. can reduce blood fat. He also made a healthy diet to do four high and four low. Four high: high vitamin, high cellulose, high protein, high trace elements. Four low: low salt, low fat, low sugar, low carbon.

4, On time and toilet

Many people are when it is obvious when the right to the toilet, and even puzzled. This is extremely detrimental to health, urine in the body to stay too long, easily lead to constipation or excessive bladder filling and damage, and may even cause fecal and urinary toxic substances are absorbed, resulting in “own poisoning.” Therefore, should develop the habit of regular stool, especially in the morning as well. Timely solution of stool can prevent constipation, and can reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids patients also benefit.

5, Eat more fish

Studies have shown that dietary factors that are significantly associated with the health of the elderly are also frequently consumed fish aquatic products. The more frequent consumption of fish aquatic products, the elderly the better the health of the elderly. Fish and aquatic products contain nine essential amino acids in the human body and are easy to digest. 87% to 98% can be absorbed by the body.

6, On time examination

Longevity of the elderly is the most important thing is to adhere to physical examination. In the annual health checkups, often a lot of serious illness patients, such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so on. In fact, many diseases rely on self-feeling is very difficult to find early, only regularly go to the hospital for health checks in order to early detection, and thus early treatment. So, to regularly go to the hospital physical examination.

What should you eat when constipation? 7 Kinds of food teach you to solve the constipation problem easily

As the weather began to heat up, the body in the season when there is always a certain discomfort. Many women will have constipation problems. In fact, the problem of constipation can be up from the diet conditioning.

Supplement enough water

This is an important way to relieve constipation, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, especially in the consumption of high fiber foods, should pay attention to ensure that drinking water to promote the meaning. Be careful not to use coffee, tea, cola and other caffeine-containing drinks to replace water, because they will diure and inhibit intestinal peristalsis. Morning fasting drink a cup of light salt water or honey water with abdominal massage or waist, so that the water in the gastrointestinal vibration to strengthen the laxative effect.

Often eat dairy products

Milk is a natural laxative, constipation patients if you drink 150 ~ 200CC milk before going to bed, the next morning is easy to produce meaning. In addition, you can also eat yogurt, cheese, yogurt and other fermented dairy products to supplement the bacteria, adjust the gastrointestinal function.

Candied dates

Candied dates contain cancer cells, and even cancer cells to normal cells into the material, for the woman detoxification is very good. Jujube can improve immunity and metabolism, and can inhibit cancer cells, pharmacological studies have found that jujube can promote the production of white blood cells, reduce serum cholesterol, improve serum albumin, protect the liver.

Olive oil

Rich in smooth to stimulate the intestinal tract of trioleic acid, glycerol, in addition, there are lubrication of the intestinal tract, the effect of clearing the stool. Breakfast to drink a little olive oil, can eliminate constipation, fasting drink, can stimulate the intestinal tract to activate the intestinal peristalsis.

Green beans

I believe that many people do not know, in addition to the role of prevention of heat and heat beans, but also the same constipation has a very good treatment and prevention of the role. China’s traditional Chinese medicine, mung bean with heat detoxification, dehumidification diuretic, refreshing thirst quencher effect, so usually eat green beans and drink green bean soup, can help detoxification, swelling.

Sweet potatoes

For example, in the sweet potatoes contains a lot of fiber, it has a soft and easy to digest the characteristics of food can promote gastrointestinal motility, which can promote the use of sweet potatoes as a remedy and treatment of constipation, recipe, sweet potato has been so effective Help us better promote defecation. Sweet potatoes eat a lot of methods, and for constipation patients, the best way is baked sweet potatoes, and it is best to even bark together with the skin, eat together, so that it is more the role of treatment of constipation.

Eat high fiber food

“Constipation” has been plagued by a lot of people, most of the causes of constipation because of lack of fiber and water intake, coupled with reduced activity, gastrointestinal motility slowed down, affecting the excretion of feces. At this time more intake of dietary fiber, for the improvement of constipation is very important. Dietary fiber is mainly from the plant food, refers to the body can not be digested and absorbed substances, such as: fiber, hemicellulose, pectin, gum, lignin, etc .; can be divided into water-soluble fiber and water- Daily intake of 20 to 30 grams.

Men are aware of sexual dysfunction conditioning methods

When speaking of sexual dysfunction, i believe that many men will be slightly embarrassed, it is because the disease is still quite common; and many men in order to alleviate the disease and secretly take some impotence drugs, but the effect is minimal; The status quo, experts said: as long as the positive face and conditioning can be a good remedy, the following to introduce several ways to alleviate.

Suffering from sexual dysfunction how to do, according to the following methods conditioning:

1, Scientific diet and normal physical exercise, can prevent sexual dysfunction this disease. China’s most primitive and traditional treatment of disease is diet therapy. In fact, premature ejaculation can also be used to adjust the diet, male friends can eat some Zhuang Yang Gujing food, such foods are rich in zinc, zinc can not only improve the body’s immunity, or semen and sex hormones important components.

2, Such as leeks, lamb, animal kidney, seafood, fish, kelp and so on. Physical exercise is one of the best ways to prevent and treat disease, and it is also important for the regulation of male premature ejaculation. Moderate physical exercise can be strong physique, in promoting the recovery of premature ejaculation on the same effect. Specific sports items may be based on personal, but the intensity should not be too high, should not be too low, jogging, swimming, mountain climbing, ball games are a good choice.

3, Under the guidance of Chinese massage therapist, the scientific point of massage can effectively prevent sexual dysfunction. Acupoint massage is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, for men’s premature ejaculation conditioning can play a significant role. Ask his wife to help massage acupuncture, both to promote the recovery of premature ejaculation, but also deepen the feelings of husband and wife. Premature ejaculation massage can be used to pinch the penis, because the penis parts of the nerve and blood vessels, massage these parts, can play a relaxation of blood vessels, increase blood circulation, promote the active erection of the penis.

4, Massage can also stimulate the nerve, conditioning nerves on the response of the signal and so on. As the cause of premature ejaculation in the psychological factors accounted for part of, such as sexual life, psychological stress, life and work pressure can lead to premature ejaculation.

When male friends find themselves suffering from sexual dysfunction, the first need to do is calm mood, do not lose the confidence of life, followed by men need to actively receive the relevant treatment, and do not taboo jealousy, so not only will Affect their own health, for the relationship between husband and wife will have a certain impact.

How to solve sexual dysfunction? Alone sexual enhancement is not good

For sexual dysfunction, especially prostate disease caused by sexual dysfunction, many men, will use the method of rapid treatment of impotence.

Quick effect, the effect is very significant, sexual function recovery is very obvious; continue treatment, the effect will appear gradually weakened, or even completely ineffective; later, even a negative effect, sexual function began to become worse, Even completely lost.

Experts pointed out that the reason why there will be the situation, the main and quick impotence is not scientific and reasonable way related. As a “strong stimulation” type of treatment, quick effect of the principle of impotence, precisely, is to increase the sex hormones, to promote the excitement of sexual nerve, expansion of the organs of blood vessels, thus contributing to the recovery of sexual function.

In fact, for a serious disease of the organs, quick aphrodisiac, short-term, can indeed achieve the recovery of sexual function, but in the long run, it will further aggravate the level of prostatic hormone disorders, deepen the nerve and capillaries Level, to accelerate the function of the prostate overdraft and failure, resulting in rapid treatment of impotence late, sexual function decreased, or even completely lost.

Develop 3 good habits let you stay away from the bucket waist

Many people say that the most difficult to lose weight when the place is the belly, but in recent years more and more popular mermaid line and vest line, what should be done to have thin body?

1. Fasting warm water in the morning

When the morning to get up, the stomach is fasting state, this time eating into the stomach is the most important thing. In the sleep, the body will not have water to add, so after getting up to drink two cups of warm water, in addition to the body can become more humid, the constipation also has a very good help, more able to rule out the waste in the stomach.

2. Drink honey water to keep the intestinal smooth

Sometimes the cause of abdominal obesity is likely to be due to the accumulation of accommodation, therefore, to keep the stomach is the most important way. Add 50 grams of honey, coupled with 1 liter of warm water, drink every day, you can solve the problem of constipation, and thus improve the trouble of the belly woman. If you want to beauty beauty, you can add some lemon, add vitamin C.

3. Eat more low-calorie, high nutrition and fruits

In the weight loss, eat some low calorie weight loss helper is the same law, if you want to solve the problem of small belly, it should be more intake of some can help thin stomach food. Tomato itself is very low calorie, and rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, can be the body of fat excreted, and can solve the problem of constipation.

In addition, you also need often do these slim waist movement:

1, Legs raised buttocks

Supine, flex the right leg, left leg on the right leg. Hands palm down on the side of the body. Slowly up the hip, try to tighten the gluteal muscle, until the back straight. Repeat after repeated. Each side to do three groups, each group about 20 times.

2, Insist on sit-ups

Lying on a carpeted floor or sports mat, put your hands on both sides to stretch your legs. Bend the knees slightly and the heel sticks to the floor. If you feel the back is too curved or too tight, you can bend the knee a little more until you feel comfortable so far. Do not force the back against the floor. Put your hands on your neck. If put too high, each time the contraction will oppress the head and may twist to the neck.

Take a deep breath and expel your abdominal muscles. Contraction to muscle contraction, it will naturally pull the shoulder away from the floor. Let your neck straight but do not be nervous, the body lifted, and the angle of the floor not more than thirty degrees. Slowly lay the upper body back to the floor, while exhale. Repeat 10-15 times.

3, Squatting jump

Action and weight squat basically the same, an increase in the outbreak of force. Feet stand shoulder width, arms hold on the chest. Squat to the knee into 90 degrees, vertical upward pedal. Pay attention to thigh force, buttocks tighten. Each group about 10 times, do 3 groups. Because this practice jumps off when landing with the impact of the ground, the best in the pad, wood or grass to do, and pay attention to maintaining the body balance.

4, Deep breathing tight abdominal

Relax the body, with a large number of nasal suction into the air, then slowly exhaled mouth, spit about 7 percent, hold your breath. Shrink the lower abdomen, gas rose to the top of the chest, and then drum up the abdomen will be reduced to the abdomen. The gas mentioned to the chest, down to the abdomen, and then slowly exhaled mouth. Repeat to do 5 times, do a total of two groups.

5, Legs abdomen movement

And abdomen movement similar to lying on the ground and legs pointing to the ceiling. Holding the head, forced the heel to the ceiling, so that the body to form a “u” font. Hands and feet are lowered, and then repeat.

6, The ground movement

This is similar to the push-ups of the flat-panel movement ranked tenth, exercise belly, back and other key parts, the effect is very good. Practice: face down lying, before the arm stays. Toe stays, the body was prone. Rely on the power of the abdomen and arm to make the body in a floating state, can not let the ass concave to the ground. Keep this position for 20 to 60 seconds, then put it down and repeat.

7, Exercise abdominal round movement

Jian abdominal round can often be seen in the gym, the focus of exercise is the neck and arms. Practice: sitting on the abdomen, hand grab the handrail position. The abdominal muscles are contracted and tilted forward, repeating 12 to 16 times. Try to use the abdominal muscles rather than arm muscles to carry out.