Autumn Lose Weight Choose What Sports More Appropriate?

Autumn is a season of comfortable, lukewarm, cool autumn wind blowing from time to time, it is refreshing. Of course not live up to such a good season, you must go to outdoor sports movement. However, due to the fall of man’s motion amplitude decreases, and reduced flexibility, it is recommended not to do too much in the fall, when strenuous exercise. Some high-intensity anaerobic exercise and strength training likely to cause physical discomfort. So in the fall of aerobic exercise in endurance-based. What can be done that particular exercise to lose weight?

1. Running
Running favor blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve the body’s cardiac function, and also provide oxygen and blood supply to the brain cells, a more normal functioning of the brain, while effectively stimulate the body’s energy consumption, help create the perfect body. But in the course of the campaign, each exercise time not less than half an hour, the best time of 1 hour, while the speed of running or jogging speed places in the main, this is more conducive to fat burning.

2. Mountain
Autumn is the best season to long-term perspective. Climbing is an aerobic exercise can train a person’s heart and lung function, but also promote the metabolism speed up fat consumption. Climb time to pay attention to security, not too fast, to be a step by step and solid footing. If you do not have a wealth of experience to challenge climb too steep mountains.

3. Cycling
Autumn bike on the Greenway walking picture beautiful. Cycling is an easy sport, or an effective fat burning exercise. Cycling average hourly burn body fat is also very much, one hour will burn 450 calories to 600 calories, the equivalent of one and a half hour marathon! Ride a bike one hour a day, a week, you can cut down about one pound, the effect is obvious.

4. Tennis
Tennis is a very heart-healthy exercise. In addition, it can in a short time to get your arms and legs get full workout. Tennis This movement can also help women who want to lean belly, exercise at least three times a week, for two months to see a significant slimming effect.

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