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6 Tips to lose weight, slim down in this summer

How to lose weight? Weight loss methods of all kinds, but only the right way to lose weight to see weight loss. Many beautiful women spend their minds to lose weight, but the final weight loss effect is not obvious. So what is the trick to lose weight?

Surprise 1: high calorie foods can eat

Q: really want to eat fragrant chocolate Oh, but this heat … …

A: want to eat high-calorie food? Can! Stay to 12 after it, the legendary Cinderella turned moment. Midnight between 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock between the most difficult to eat fat. Decryption: because it is in line with the human body clock. At night, the pulse and body temperature began to fall, the absorption function weakened, naturally eat what are not long meat! But this method has a certain impact on the body, the biological clock naturally stable regulation of the body part of the function, once disrupted the biological clock Will endocrine abnormalities. Long time so, it will cause the lack of energy.

Recommended tips: usually can also eat some eggs to add the protein part of the whole wheat sugar-free low-fat surface with some fruit nutrition is enough. But the fruit can not eat, otherwise it will face the “big stomach” of the danger. So the key secret is the vitamin + protein, plus some exercise, followed by waiting for their weight to fall.

Surprise 2: you can eat at night and how good it is not fat

Q: during the day in the company is always just eat enough to fill his stomach like a good night at home but did a rich dinner, do not eat too sorry mother, how do?

A: dinner want to eat good? Can! 4 hours later to sleep, do not have to wait until when Cinderella turned.

Special reminder: normal dinner to eat seven or eight into a good, can not eat up so far. Decryption: In fact, this is also nothing to understand the solution, it is easy to understand, eat more at night to easily cause fat accumulation easily. So the key is to promote the speed of digestion, even before sitting to write things are a kind of exercise, movement led to digestion, fat naturally will not pile up.

Recommended tips: no matter what to eat, what method to lose weight, remember that after dinner sports are right. Lazy crush can choose to take a walk, but such a low amount of exercise would like to rely on it to lose weight on the misses, but at least can help digestion! Other sports such as jogging, exercise time to last more than half an hour, not intermittent Oh, 10 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise is not the consumption of fat, so the most must hold up to half an hour or more.

Surprise 3: rely on fruits and vegetables to lose weight skills

Q: star on the screen, friends in the ears are told me, take fruits and vegetables when the food, will not be fat, really?

A: not any fruits and vegetables are conducive to weight loss. Best when the number of kiwi, cucumber, tomatoes, apples and peaches. Special remind: bananas and tomatoes fasting unfit for human consumption. Bananas potassium, magnesium content is high, fasting consumption will make the blood magnesium increased in the cardiovascular inhibition. Tomatoes contain a large number of pectins, persimmon pectin and soluble astringent and other ingredients, fasting food easily combined with gastric acid and stomach pressure, resulting in stomach discomfort, stomach pain. Decryption: This reason is also very simple, eat much better to eat right. Respect the body function, you can maintain a good cycle. Three meals as normal as possible. Long-term maintenance of nutrition and vegetables is not enough.

Recommended tips: some crush enough to be easy to sleep, especially after a day of work is not tired. Eat immediately sleep on the line? OK, remember the next morning do not eat breakfast, fasting to eat fruit such as Apple on the line.

Surprise 4: always stay up all night crush, do not worry about dinner will get fat

Q: I am a life of irregular people, but also often stay up all night, afraid of fat dinner did not dare to eat, how to do the middle of the night hungry?

A: life is not the law, often stay up all night, dinner can eat, as long as avoid sweets. According to their own schedule time to count every meal interval. The best time difference in 5 to 6 hours, lunch and supper to eat less. If the lunch heat is high and large, dinner is based on protein food. Decryption: In fact, popular point for it, that is, the heat evenly, not to hunger meal meal, overeating Oh, eat or eat, but the heat level is wrong.

Recommended tips: the irregular life of the crush, sometimes unfortunately dinner time happens to be their own “breakfast” time, how to do? You can try to eat fruit before meals, both can occupy the belly of the open space, but also help digestion, Serve two purposes In other words, the first thing to eat is very important, because the first thing to eat the first to be absorbed, enough absorption, naturally will not absorb other things.

Surprise 5: hungry before going to bed, exercise is easier than eating “full”

Q: always feel hungry before going to bed, this is a big problem, afraid of eating before going to bed will lead to fat accumulation, too horrible friends, how to do it?

A: want to sleep, but feel hungry, hold back do not eat? Can! The correct way is to do some abdominal muscle training, so that the body can be sweating slightly. This can both reduce the feeling of hungry hung also can play a very good weight loss.

Special reminder: rapid metabolism of the body at night, this time no matter what exercise can play a very good weight loss. Decryption: the body slightly sweating when the body will emit heat. Food is also the heat required to provide the human body, so although the stomach is still not filled, but the feeling of hunger will decline. At this time to do exercise weight loss is good, but remember not too violent, because it will stimulate the brain, once too excited to sleep.

Recommended tips: the more you eat more, the more prone to sleep before going to bed Since eating so happy, before going to bed and the next day will pay a little price for today’s happy? Never eat dinner! Can only eat low-calorie things, it is best to boil water, light Of the soup can be, cooking also try not to eat.

Surprise 6: 5:00pm to do exercise, the most conducive to weight loss

Q: every day the food is very good, although my diet control has been very good, weight did not continue to rise, but would like to reduce it seems difficult How to do it?

A: breakfast and lunch are eating more and more good, you can! After 5 pm to increase the amount of exercise can play a very good digestion and weight loss role, exercise should not be too light, of course, pay attention to step by step. Decryption: the movement, but the truth of the same hundred years, not only physical fitness can lose weight to keep the body, exercise it, right! Three kinds of adverse weight loss exercise mode will not continue.

Recommended tips: after eating after exercise, choose food is also very particular about it, eat more protein things such as chicken, fish, it is best not to take staple food, fried food. Millet gruel and the like is also on the election, but even these food should also be careful not to excessive, or to the big stomach, may be worth the candle!

How to lose weight faster and better in hot summer?

The hot summer weather will seriously affect the movement of the power and convenience, but there are still many ways to overcome. Summer is the best exercise time in the morning and evening, evening. In addition, if you are exercising during the day, please choose a tree-lined road or indoor sports.

How to lose weight in summer?

Weight loss of power can only give yourself! The The You do not have a strong desire for thinning, no one can help you.

Of course, the hot weather, will seriously affect the movement of the power and convenience, but there are still many ways to overcome.

Summer is the best exercise time in the morning and evening, evening. In addition, if you are during the daytime exercise, please choose the boulevard road or indoor sports, many people can not move in the air-conditioned room, of course, is the matter, or how the gym also go on it.

Swimming is a very recommended summer weight loss exercise: swimming itself is a very calorie exercise, and water buoyancy can reduce knee pressure. Water resistance can increase the difficulty of exercise. Do not swim, you jog in the water, absolutely fat burning.

Another warm reminder you: summer sports, sweating and more, pay attention to replenishment and supplementation of electrolytes.

Movement process, see the situation of sweat, every 15 minutes to drink a large saliva.

After exercise, drink a bottle of electrolyte containing the electrolyte (mainly sodium and potassium).

But now there are a lot of sports drinks are added sugar, will give the body to bring additional heat.

So if you are performing a strict diet plan, look carefully at the heat tag.

Sports functional beverages are not the only way to replenish the electrolyte. Mineral water, fruit juice, etc. is also possible.

But remember. Water is not the more drink the better. Drinking too much will dilute the electrolyte concentration of blood, causing hyponatremia, the same life-threatening.

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Sit-ups can really lose weight?

Sit-ups can lose weight? Slowly do to lose weight

Why a lot of people sit-ups can not eliminate the fat of the abdomen? The reason is that the energy supply of the human body is a very integrated whole system, and any part of the muscles can not “get the ground” from the recent accumulation of fat at the energy, but must rely on blood to store in the blood, liver, and body fat In the sugar element, the use of fat energy on the premise that at least 20 minutes of exercise, and maintain the rhythm of the highest rhythm of more than 55% (maximum rhythm of 220 minus age). At this time the blood and liver glycogen consumption is over, fat can be used.

Many people long “small belly”, the time can not spare time to fitness, in their own homes to do sit-ups to lose weight, and forced to complete the required number of actions within a minute, that this can strengthen the abdominal strength, in fact, this is Easily lead to abdominal muscle strain. Too fast frequency can not improve the exercise effect, only the appropriate slow down the pace of exercise, can avoid excessive fatigue caused by physical discomfort, enhance abdominal muscle training effect.

Practice sit-ups, speed varies from person to person

Beginners, older practitioners, if you want to achieve the purpose of reducing the belly fat, we must control the rhythm, to avoid the beginning to do a lot of sit-ups, resulting in muscle soreness.

Can initially try a minute to do 5 times, then slowly increase until 30 times or so.

Women under the age of 30, many of the purposes for the prevention of gynecological diseases practice, then the frequency is best controlled at 45-50 per minute, with the increase in age and decline, more than 50 years old to do 25 can The.

For those who have a certain fitness basis of the practitioners, more is to practice to achieve the purpose of enhancing the strength of the abdomen, so to ensure that a minute to do about 60 times.

Sit-ups posture must be correct

Many practitioners sit-ups are not correct: lying on the ground, knees bent, lifted the entire upper body, elbows touch the knee, hands clinging around the neck – this approach is the thighs of the muscles at work, Rather than abdominal muscle force, long-term will make the waist of the muscle strain; the same time, also oppression of the neck nerve.

The correct approach: supine in bed, legs bent, his hands half-fist on both sides of the ear, try to expand his arms. Do the action, so that the waist force, upper body straight up, pay attention to the waist do not leave the ground, and then slow down the body in place, repeat the above action.

When the abdominal muscles to pull up the body, it should breath, so as to ensure that the deeper muscles in the abdomen are involved at the same time. Practice the legs, the legs must not be straight, or not only a waste of time, or even harmful

Beginners if the use of fitness ball sit-ups, the fitness ball placed in the waist, not only to protect the back and waist, but also to the abdomen to get full exercise, help to enhance the stability of the body when exercising. Good physical quality, you can increase the weight, head down lying on the ramp, the head below the center of gravity, exercise better.

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The correct running can quickly get rid of the body fat

Many women will choose to exercise as their way to lose weight, but sometimes they can not play the desired effect, then how should the weight of it? Xiaobian today to introduce the correct running quickly get rid of the body fat.

1. Change the exercise time
Are you used to running in the morning? So, try to change the running time in the evening or evening. Simple time to change, will make your feelings and mood quite different. There is a change, have fun.

2. Landing skills
Correctly avoid the calf thickening method is to use the heel landing, and then the whole foot touch jogging. Can be compared to the race to go, recall which athletes under the calf muscles too developed it?

3. Hot water bubble feet
You can buy a barrel, bubble legs, listen to music to read books, and fully promote the blood circulation of the calf. Soak after the use of emulsion massage calf, the choice of the requirements for the cream is not high, put on the calf from the next massage, combined with the circle of massage until completely absorbed. After painting, gently beat the calf, let the muscles completely relaxed.

4. Finished to massage
It is recommended to finish the course after 5-10 minutes of massage, you can relax the leg muscles can also make the legs become slender. At the same time if you can, before going to bed with hot feet, can effectively eliminate edema and other leg fat problems, so as to achieve the effect of stovepipe.

5. In time to add energy
If you always feel tired during exercise, then you are most likely to lack energy intake. 90 minutes before exercise intake of high sugar content of food, sugar will quickly add your energy. At the same time, do not forget to exercise after the energy to add Oh, so that their own time full of energy, abundant energy.

6. Do not rush to increase training and speed
In fact, for all sports we need to maintain this principle. Only by gradually increasing the amount of exercise, our body can gradually adapt to the needs of the movement, to be able to avoid injury. In addition, the gradual increase in the amount of exercise can also enable us to maintain the interest in sports, so as to achieve better sports results.

7. Training and then a slight discomfort to stop
Running, the body should be in a very good state, the brain will secrete a variety of excitement of dopamine, tissue fluid also play a role in lubrication. Once the muscles, bones, ligaments have a slight discomfort, in fact, than in the imagination of serious. So to slow down, or even completely stopped to go. General small injuries can be recovered within 48h. If there is no self-healing that injury is not light. To attract attention, small injuries will become a large injury so that you can not train a few months. At that time you have to start from scratch, the fight against people is not a complete training is not complete comparable.

The above is about the right run quickly get rid of the body of the content of fat, as long as we can learn these seven skills, you can easily get rid of the body fat.

Yogurt help to burn body fat, after dinner drink low-fat yogurt the best

Hot summer is coming, people for the needs of a variety of drinks increased, among these beverages, yogurt can be said to be favored. So in the hot summer, drink a cup of cold yogurt, taste smooth, taste sweet, is a special enjoyment. However, yogurt also have to pay attention, you will drink yogurt correct?

Do you know yogurt? Yogurt have many benefits, can inhibit harmful bacteria

Yogurt from pure milk fermentation, in addition to retain all the nutrients of fresh milk, the fermentation process lactic acid bacteria can also produce a variety of human nutrition necessary vitamins, such as VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12 and so on.

Lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can maintain the ecological balance of intestinal flora, the formation of biological barriers to inhibit the invasion of harmful bacteria intestinal. Through the production of a large number of short-chain fatty acids to promote intestinal peristalsis and a large number of bacterial growth and osmotic pressure to prevent constipation. And, yogurt contains a variety of enzymes, promote digestion and absorption. By inhibiting the growth of saprophytic bacteria in the gut, inhibit the production of toxins from corruption, so that the liver and brain from these toxins harm, to prevent aging.

By inhibiting the growth of saprophytic bacteria and certain bacteria in the intestine, which also inhibited the carcinogenic factors produced by these bacteria, to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer. Yogurt can also improve the body’s immune function, lactic acid bacteria can produce some substances to enhance immune function, can improve the body’s immune, prevent disease. Yogurt containing a lot of active bacteria can help improve lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, enteritis, Helicobacter pylori infection and other diseases. The US Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center is working on the elderly at the University of Taft, researcher Jean-Mayr said that yogurt can not only improve the intestinal environment, but also improve the body immunity. Coincidentally, a study in Taiwan also found that yogurt can improve the treatment of certain anti-inflammatory drugs.

Yogurt also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, the United States Harvard University School of Public Health epidemiological researcher Dr. Alvaro Aleansuo said that the study found that those who drink 2-3 or more yogurt a day, high The risk of blood pressure is 50% lower than those who do not drink.

Does the milk drink be yogurt? Businessmen intends to confuse the product concept

Some of the producers on the market today, “milk drinks” under the banner of “yogurt” under the banner of sales, deliberately confuse the two original different product concepts. Some milk drinks manufacturers began to hit the product name in the “edge of the ball” in the product packaging with large words marked “yogurt”, “yogurt”, “yogurt” and other meaning of the product name, Found next to the other few key small print – “milk drinks”, “drinks”, “drinks.”

It is understood that “yogurt” and “milky beverages” are two different concepts. In the ingredients on the “yogurt” is made of pure milk fermentation, is a pure milk category, the protein content of ≥ 2.9%, of which seasoning milk protein content ≥ 2.3%. And milk drinks containing only 1/3 of fresh milk, together with water, sweeteners, fruity agents. Therefore, the protein content is generally not less than 1%, its nutritional value and yogurt is quite different, can not be used to replace milk or yogurt.

Milk drinks can be divided into the preparation and fermentation type, the preparation of finished products in the protein content of not less than 1.0% called milk drinks, another fermented products in the protein content of not less than 0.7% called lactic acid bacteria beverages, are Different from the real yogurt or milk. Depending on the protein content on the packaging label, you can distinguish them from yogurt or milk.

Drink yogurt drink to lose weight? NO! Drink yogurt drink does not lose weight

Yogurt is fermented by high quality milk through lactic acid bacteria, essentially belong to the scope of milk; and yogurt drink, just a drink, not milk. Yogurt helps to lose weight, and yogurt drinks will be counterproductive. In general, yogurt drinks are added too much sugar drinks. So, yogurt drink weight loss will cause you to intake too much calories.

In fact, yogurt can help you lose weight, but, want to achieve better weight-loss effect, we must choose low-fat yogurt. Fat intake is also a major reason for obesity, and low-fat yogurt contains calcium can help you speed up the burning of fat, there will be no fat intake of excessive situation, the health is very beneficial to lose weight.

“Do not think that yogurt can lose weight on the drink drink, no matter what food, should be enough to stop, drink too much yogurt can lead to excessive acid, affecting the secretion of gastric mucosa and digestive enzymes, reduce appetite.” Zhong Anjun said, More often feel spleen and stomach Deficiency, abdominal distension, more should not drink. For healthy people, about 250 grams per day is more appropriate.

“Yogurt is indeed the weight loss of holy goods, not only delicious, but also to speed up fat burning.” Zhong Anjun said, but only to drink yogurt to lose weight is not scientific, not only will you restore the diet when the metabolic decline, but also lead to nutritional intake Unbalanced, no good for health and weight loss.

Yogurt is a kind of enjoyment at night. Eat too much at night and exercise too little will lead to heat can not be fully consumed, long-term will cause obesity. So, eat less at night is very effective weight loss tips. However, in order to prevent the energy at night is not enough, you can drink some low-fat yogurt after supper, it can increase the sense of satiety while reducing calorie intake.

Healthy weight loss methods. How to lose weight healthy?

Exercise for healthy weight loss

1. Regular exercise

3-5 times a week to carry out fixed exercise, after all, to reduce body fat, weight loss, increase muscle, so energetic good way. Running, 5 times a week, every 45 minutes, the speed of 170 meters per minute, can be reduced within 3 months 10 pounds; dancing, 6 times a week, each 1 hour, can be reduced in 4 months 10 pounds ; Swimming, 4 hours per week, can be reduced by 4 pounds in 4 months; cycling, 4 times a week, 1 hour each time, 15 km per hour speed can be reduced by 5 pounds within 10 months. If you have not done a fixed exercise before, at the beginning to do less to prevent injury to the body. Exercise is too large, will increase the amount of food, so that can not achieve the purpose of weight loss.

2. Strength training

Strength training can enhance muscle. The more muscle, the faster the metabolism. 3 times a week 45 minutes of weight lifting exercise, can be reduced within 10 months 10 pounds of body weight. To avoid getting hurt the body, ask the coach to help choose the right weight and develop a suitable exercise program. Before and after exercise to do stretching exercises to maintain the flexibility of the body, the weight and weight of weightlifting can be gradually increased.

3. Reduce the combination of calorie intake and walking

With soda instead of Coca-Cola, a daily intake of 150 kcal of calories. Plus 5 times a week, every 45 minutes of 5 km walk, you can in 3 months to reduce the weight of 10 pounds. If the amount of heat to reduce the number of more, still maintain the above walk, you can in 7 weeks to reduce the weight of 10 pounds.

Diet for healthy weight loss

1. Appetite control method

Restrain appetite, eat only 70 percent of your usual constant. After a week, your stomach will naturally shrink, and the appetite will naturally drop. Most obese patients have a good appetite, so that you can reduce your appetite by medication.

2. Eat less

Eat more meals is to eat three meals a day, this daily diet is divided into more meals. When you feel hungry, eat the slower the better. This will reduce the accumulation of excess fat.

3. Fruit weight loss method

Fruit weight loss method is that in addition to fruit, what things do not eat, eat fruit all day, until the food so far. Of course not what fruit is suitable for weight loss, more effective weight loss fruit is apple, kiwi, grapes and so on.

Weight loss principle:

Eating fruit can cause weight loss in a short time, because eating only one thing can reduce our intake of food. Especially high-fiber fruit, can let us metabolic speed faster, thereby reducing weight.

Chinese medicine healthy weight loss

1. Herbal diet pills: we can use the anti-obesity effect of traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight. This includes some slimming pills and herbal oral medications. And now, the most popular is by extracting the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine made of oral tablets, greatly improve the absorption of drugs, and thus more quickly lose fat.

2. White vinegar for weight loss: white vinegar contains amino acids can not only consume the body fat, but also help to promote the metabolism of sugar and protein and other substances. According to the survey, daily intake of 15 ml to 20 ml of white vinegar, a month can reduce the fat 6 kg.

3. Drink tea for weight loss: We all know that unhealthy eating habits are the root cause of obesity. Replacing carbonated beverages with tea not only reduces calorie intake, but also promotes body metabolism and fat decomposition more effectively.

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