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These bad habits make legs thicker and thicker

Many women want to have slender legs, exhausted a variety of methods, but the effect is still bad, it is better to try to get rid of some of the usual bad habits, may be effective.

1. Often sit down for long time

Sitting on a chair is a day … … the lower body is not fat enough While sitting the groin (the starting point of the feet) is oppressed, blood flow, lymph circulation so stay. Blood flow, lymphatic circulation is not only easy to edema, the old waste material can not break down, fat, moisture accumulation of cellulite formation. 1 hour to get up at least 1 times, do some stretching exercises is very important to help the thorn machine groin blood and lymph circulation.

2. On work desk to eat lunch

Lunch time is the only person who can work outdoors out of the way. If every day with their own lunch, or buy convenience store bread back to eat, and more lengthened sitting on the seat of the time. But choose to walk can drive leg muscles, so that blood flow, lymph circulation smoothly. Take the time, do not forget to leave some time, after a little meal in a small step.

3. Rarely go to the bathroom

In order to love the beautiful, to comply with the guidelines to drink plenty of water, but if you sit down all day, with the basic metabolism becomes low, the number of times to go to the bathroom will be less. If the water drink much, but rarely on the toilet will cause lower body edema, will slowly turn into fat. Drink plenty of water, run the bathroom so that the water metabolism, regular to do the lower body stretching exercises, walking is a good way to effectively improve the basal metabolism.

4. Endure low temperature

General office space is all-weather air-conditioning low temperature, even the big summer, feet or cold as cold. If ignored regardless of the lower body blood circulation is getting worse. As long as a feel cold, immediately with a scarf, blanket warm. In order to avoid looking back, the lower body fat a big circle of embarrassment, always alert, to develop a good habit of daily life is the most intelligent.

5. Often rocker legs

Whether at home or in the office, many people can not help but on the tilt of his legs. If you are sitting on your legs for a whole day, you will obstruct the blood and lymph circulation of the legs, causing the lower body to swell. Do not do swollen care, such as massage, lower extremity vein will gradually prominent, seriously affect the lower body circulation, leading to fat thickening, even the muscles will be stiff.

How to deal with those bad habits ?

1. Do high leg movement

After getting up every day, in the living room or room to do five groups of high leg movement, each group of 1 minute, each done 1 group can rest 2 minutes. High leg lift is a good thin thigh exercise, it is good to move to the muscles on the thigh, to promote the burning of leg fat.

2. After dinner stand for a while

Many women like to sit there after watching the TV or take a break, but doing so will lead to fat in our legs and hips continue to accumulate, so you become a thick leg. So after dinner, stand up and live for a stovepipe is very helpful!

3. Drink “barley tea”

Excessive intake of caffeine can cause ankle swelling. In fact, green tea and oolong tea also contains caffeine. Although they are less than caffeine compared to coffee or black tea, they still have an effect every day.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a beautiful ankle crowd drinking “barley tea”. It is not only caffeine, but also rich in minerals, will not lead to ankle swelling.

4. When sleeping, legs slightly pad high

For those who are very serious edema, it is useful to have a little padded high leg to sleep! Sleep in the heel or calf under the pad a pillow, so that the knee below the feet about 10-20cm higher than the heart, about 20-30 minutes or so, the blood and lymph will be smooth return, this time the original serious The phenomenon of edema will follow the improvement.

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How to exercise healthy and comfortable in summer?

In the summer, outdoor fitness becomes a little bit difficult things, do not say running at high temperatures, and even the normal walk will feel unbearable. We give you some advice on summer fitness, pay attention to make your movement more comfortable.

Change the way of movement

Summer for a cool way of exercise it, such as air-conditioned indoor pedal dynamic cycling, or the best way is to swim, do not sweat does not mean that your movement is no effect. In the cool environment is still able to consume calories.

Adjust the shower water temperature a little

Summer body is easy to overheat, especially after high temperature outdoor sports, the shower water temperature is reduced a little, help to cool the body. But also to the skin after exposure to a little rest.

Shorten your exercise time

Hot summer, do not think the more Khan will be more effective, not to sweat and forced too much exercise, each time just a short ten minutes in fact may help you achieve the role of calories, and one day Exercise 2-3 times is also possible.

Try to exercise in a cool time

Look at the weather software, find the coolest day of the day, in general, the most cool when the morning, so the summer sports time into the morning, relatively safer.

Choose a better sportswear

Thin, sweat function is better, breathable good sportswear is what you need, they can make sweat away from your skin, so you will feel the natural cool, not sticky feeling.

Find a cool place and slow down the movement frequency

Relatively dark forest path, along the coastline of the beach, are the best place for summer exercise, than the street cooling 10 degrees. And each exercise not more than 30 minutes, time and then long, your body will be too hot.

Keep drinking all day

Do not only drink water before and after exercise, but all day to maintain a lot of water, in order to make the body joints and cells are full of water, only before and after exercise water can cause dehydration symptoms. Every 15 minutes to keep a certain amount of water added to you better.

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You are so hard but still can’t slim down, all due to these weight loss errors

Guide Reading: We are angry to the people who no matter how much they eat, but don’t gain fat, while we are also finding the lose weight recipes to our body. From eat less, not to eat, to lug to eat … … perhaps in the “how to eat to can slim” problem varies from person to person, but the mine can not step on, or you didn’t slim down, but the healthy boat had been turned.

For many beautiful girls, summer vest shorts are essential. But the beautiful premise is to have a sexy slim figure, weight loss is inevitable. In fact, weight loss also need to be careful. Want to show your good body this summer, take a look at these big errors are there. Do not let some of the wrong diet weight loss methods hinder your weight loss plan.

Misunderstanding 1: meal products to lose weight

On behalf of the meal, that is, on behalf of the meal powder, on behalf of the meal bar, on behalf of the meal or on behalf of the meal fruit and vegetable juice, etc., instead of 1 to 2 meals a day part of the food, generally for fast weight loss, or busy, too lazy to cook people The

The truth:

For those who do not have the impact of disease or genetic factors, the use of food on behalf of the principle of negative balance of energy, as long as the strict accordance with the provisions of eating, usually in a short time thin down. However, the product claims that the satiety effect varies from person to person, many people can not tolerate hunger can not strictly abide by, resulting in abortion plans abortion.

Moreover, the heat of the meal is much lower than the recommended minimum calorie calorie standard, so that only in a short time will produce results, and it causes a decline in basal metabolism, will make our weight becomes very easy to rebound.

The most important thing is that long-term lack of heat, especially the lack of adequate carbohydrates, but also likely to cause blood sugar instability, nutritional absorption function decline, slow response and other serious consequences, careful!

Misunderstanding 2: every day to eat dark chocolate to lose weight

The truth:

Experiments show that the content of sodium and sugar in dark chocolate is indeed lower than milk chocolate, white chocolate, but the fat content (especially the content of saturated fat) is still very high. According to nutrition data website NutritionData shows that 100 grams of dark chocolate with calories 599kcal, containing fat 43g (including saturated fat 24g), is 66% of daily fat intake, saturated fat content is more than the daily intake.

Although studies have shown that dark chocolate may suppress appetite, it does not mean that it is “slimming food”. Weight is not controlled by a certain kind of food, the overall balance of energy balance is the key factor in determining the weight. For those who want to lose weight, the core problem is not what food to eat, but rather the total intake of energy. After dinner, pieces of dark chocolate? Come on! Your energy is close to the table!

Misunderstanding 3: Do not eat after eight o’clock night

The truth:

Cause you fat is not the time you eat, but what you eat, how much to eat.

Some weight loss recipe is recommended that you eat dinner in advance, after not allowed to eat, because now the office workers because of living habits, at dinner is likely to eat a meal.

As the modern people generally fall asleep, after eight can not eat the result is: late at night ten hungry … … this experience I believe you must not unfamiliar! This hunger is either disturbing your sleep, or it is likely to trigger a nightly snake bomb.

In fact, as long as the dinner, but the amount of small partners who can eat something after dinner, just pay attention to the contents of the food like, low-fat yogurt and the amount of fruit is a good choice.

Misunderstanding 4: the single food weight loss method

The truth:

The Internet on the rumors of apple weight loss, yogurt diet and so on “every day to eat a single food” approach, can really reduce the energy intake, substantial consumption of fat, but so the inevitable result in reduced metabolism.

Low intake of energy leads to low expenditure, until the recovery of diet, energy intake and expenditure balance is broken, weight rebound is yes. Coupled with a single food caused by in vivo nutritional imbalance, the body does not say, into a yellow face woman is afraid to cry too late.

Talk so much, then how to eat can be correct?

1. Diet should be balanced

Control the diet is to properly control the “quantity” rather than “type”. Rich species not only let us intake of a variety of nutrients, but also to make taste buds open, feel comfortable, and enhance the sustainability of thin.

2. Focus on eating

The study found that people who eat distractions will eat more when compared to those who concentrate on eating.

Members of the computer side of the side of the work side of the meal, facing the phone while chasing the side of the small partner eating, beware of the intake of “spiritual food” at the same time, your “food” also followed up.

3. Want to slim fast, eat like this 3 days lose weight recipes

Day 1:

Breakfast: black sesame red bean porridge bowl, tea eggs, a cold radish silk dishes

Lunch: clear stew carrot white radish lamb 1 bowl, parsley mixed with tofu silk 1 small plate, bread half

Dinner: red dates wolfberry black chicken noodles 1 bowl (containing a few pieces of chicken, 50 grams noodles, vegetables, mushrooms a few flowers)

Day 2:

Breakfast: red bean rice porridge bowl, refreshing dishes a dish (cucumber, carrot, celery with boiled spiced peanuts), longan or jujube

Lunch: tomatoes scrambled eggs, edible fungus mixed with celery, fried oil and wheat, rice bowl

Dinner: spinach pig blood tofu soup, fried potatoes silk, cold cabbage heart

Day 3:

Breakfast: a cup yogurt, whole wheat bread one to two, one egg or one apple

Lunch: fried spinach, a small bowl of rice, shrimp fried bitter gourd

Dinner: an apple, a cup of yogurt

Source: Women Health

What exercise to lose weight the fastest?

We all want to have a devil’s body, especially in the summer, more care about their own body. So which exercise to lose weight fast and effective?

What exercise to lose weight the fastest?

It is summer, if you do not lose weight really “sad”, and although we are now better material life, but the exercise time and space has been greatly limited, so many people will be obsessed with obesity. So what exercise can be carried out at home, and weight loss is fast and effective?

Sit back and forth

Off the shoes and socks, sitting on the floor, legs stretched forward, close together, heel 13 cm away from the foot to withstand the wall, his hands stretched, try to touch the wall. Note that the knee should not bend, force can not be too much, the muscles as much as possible to relax, for 5 seconds. This set of exercises can exercise the flexibility of the spine, hip and legs. Help to avoid back and leg injuries.

Curled up and sat down

Arms crossed chest, legs bent, heel 30-50 cm from the buttocks, feet flattened, toes hooked at the end of the furniture, the upper body back flat; up when the trunk and head forward, try to touch the toes Hooked furniture. 1 minute without interruption to try to repeat. This action can strengthen the abdominal muscles, to avoid the lower end of the spine pain and maintain a good posture.

3 Minutes jump

Put a small bench on the floor or a bundle of newspapers, about 30 cm in height, first right foot on the bench, left foot, and then the exchange of both positions at the same time – left foot stool, right foot, This is done alternately 24 times per minute. This method can exercise the heart to respond to persistent activity, reducing the risk of heart damage.

Move forward

Take a big step forward and then slowly lower your right knee until it is almost in contact with the ground. Note that the left knee to 90 °, the body center of gravity to the left foot. And then stood up to his right foot to the left foot, the right foot into the front, repeat the previous action, each foot to do 8 times. If you start some difficulties, you can do in advance into the movement, each side of the body to do 8 times, and then for the other side of the body to repeat.

Trembling fitness

This trembling movement can be done on the bed or on the floor at home. First drink a cup of cold water, supine in bed (or on the floor), pillow not too high, hands, feet naturally flat. After a minute, his hands slowly raised up, feet up, limbs and body to form a 90 degree angle. And then limbs at the same time gently jitter, each 3 to 5 minutes, sooner or later each time. This trembling exercise can promote blood circulation, help to heal headache, high blood pressure, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases and back pain and other diseases.

Push ups

This action men and women are different, women and children under the age of 10, knees to the ground, calf tilt, head to knee straight, palms stretched, fingers forward, under the shoulder side of the shore, palm wide and shoulder width. And then touch the ground with the chest, and then hold up with arms to arm straight. This action can exercise the upper limbs, shoulder and chest muscles and endurance, is conducive to maintaining a good posture, to avoid chest, hump.

Side support action

First side sitting on the ground, one hand to hold the ground to hold up the body, the other hand raised high, his legs as far as possible straight, keep the position for 5 seconds and then rest and then hold on. Left hand can be forced to change the right hand. This side of the action can be practiced to the body muscles, promote systemic blood circulation, improve metabolism, and thus promote weight loss.

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Clever control appetite, “5 switches” to eliminate hunger

Leading Read: When you hungry and you eat too much, when you see delicious food and also eat too much. So for weight loss people, how to control the appetite? In the face of delicious food to talk about control appetite seems not practical, but in order to keep the slim figure, or to hold back the mouth ah. Refuse the temptation of food is not difficult, as long as the control of five “switch” will be able to clever control of appetite, to defeat hunger. So what exactly is the “switch” so magical ?

Envy those who do not eat are fat people, but also envy those who can consciously control appetite. How many people encounter meat, sweets on what to lose weight, calories, calories in the back, a bitter to Meng eat up, how to control the appetite of carnivores it? The face of food frequently “foul”, what weight loss plan is equivalent to nothingness. In fact, as long as the control of the body of the five switches, you can always satiate, clever control of appetite, management weight is no longer difficult.

The first switch: choose high fiber, low fat food

High-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fungi, fruits, coarse grains, etc., are to eliminate hunger master, is also recognized as low-calorie food. High fiber content of food can enrich our stomach, people have a “support” feeling, that is, a strong sense of satiety.

In addition, to control appetite, to avoid high-fat foods is also very important. We have this feeling, golden fried food, sweet candy cake, high-fat hamburgers, barbecue, etc. more likely to arouse appetite, people unwittingly eat a lot, the energy intake far more than The needs of the body.

On the contrary, low-fat foods such as meat, fish, shrimp, chicken and other white meat, or thin red meat, contain low fat and high protein, so that satiety longer duration.

The second switch: eat snacks between meals

There are two points in the day, most people are more or less feel a little hungry. One is about 10:30 or so, when the body metabolism faster, the other is about 16 o’clock, then the body of glucose content has been reduced. These two points can be snacks, choose some healthy snacks, timely closure of the body hunger.

The best snack snacks are low energy, and there are satiety foods such as milk, yogurt, soy milk or nuts. In addition, you can also eat a small amount of fruit dry, which contains fiber and minerals rich, can help prevent hunger, control appetite.

The third switch: change the order of eating

We have such a life experience, eat a large amount of water food, such as drinking rice pudding, eat noodles, eat a lot of less oil vegetables, eat fruit, etc., will make the stomach feel “full”, the back of the natural control is down , Seven full feeling will come early in advance.

The traditional order of eating is usually: seafood, meat, vegetables, staple food, soup, desserts or fruit. This order is not healthy, the control of appetite is no good.

For those who are not good stomach, may wish to eat fresh fresh fruit, and then drink a small bowl of appetizer soup, eat vegetable dishes, the stomach filled part. Then eat the staple food, and finally eat fish dishes. Both to ensure adequate intake of dietary fiber, but also to avoid excessive oil and other to ensure a balanced diet.

The fourth switch: slow down the speed of eating

Brain nerve to receive satiety signal usually takes about 20 minutes, that is, if you are less than this time on the hurry to end a meal, the brain will be too late to remind you have been full, resulting in actual energy intake exceeded.

And chew slowly to extend the meal time, stimulate the satiety nerve center, feedback to the brain “I have full” signal, so we will be early satiety and stop eating.

Another measure of chewing is the number of chewing each mouth, in general, it is best to ensure that each mouth is not less than 5 times, not easy to chew the food to a corresponding increase in the number of times.

The fifth switch: three meals a regular time

Want to control weight, the easiest mistake is to omit a meal. But it turns out that hungry meal can not reduce energy intake at all. Because people will be more hungry after high oil and high sugar food, eating will be more fierce, easy to lose control. Moreover, the meal meal time should try to keep the law. After eating a plastic fruit can help us consume excess calories, easy to thin Oh!

Under normal circumstances, breakfast arrangements at 6:30-8:30, lunch 11:30-13:30, dinner 18:00-20:00. Because people are eating, the digestive system will be mobilized, secretion of digestive juice. Long-term so, the brain and stomach will open the memory function, to the rice began to work. If this time do not eat, gastric acid is easy to form a stimulus, causing gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. And the time is chaotic, the digestive system does not know what time to go to work, hungry switch is more difficult to control.

The best five ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days

Losing weight is an uphill task to many people especially in a short span. To lose 10 pounds in 7 days, people usually spend hours of time in gyms, follows unhealthy diets or might take weight lose pills. But these negative ways can down your overall health, leaving sick and nutrition deprived.

There are many natural ways to cut down your weight lose in 7 days maintaining a healthy nutrition, diet, fitness, quality in sleep and of course the main source dehydration.

Here you can find out the best natural remedies to cut down your weight in a week-

Drink plenty of water-  Best diet Friend- Undoubtedly drinking water is one of the best ways to cut down your fat in 7 days. It is always advisable to drink at least 7- 8 glasses of water a day.

  • Keep oneself hydrated in drinking water
  • Lessens body over- heating

Drinking water is an extreme best option since it has zero calories content and simultaneously rich in anti- oxidant properties.

Work Outs- Excising is one of the most effective ways to cut down your calories in your body. You should pay attention on your work outs to lose at least 10 pounds in a week. But it doesn’t mean to spend your complete day at gym; however it is important to fit in your regular workouts to burn your calories. You are advised to try out some compound exercises like walking, bench press, squats, sports activity and dance (optional) etc.

Proper Sleep- Weight loss is connected to sleep-  It is most important to get good proper sleep, since while sleeping you loses weight through respiration and transpiration. These contribute a lot to weight lose. According to the research, it has been proved that less sleep can cause a lot of weight gain. Therefore a quality of sleep is most important to burn out your calories.

No Skip in Breakfast- Breakfast is MUST and the best fitness track. Skipping breakfast to cut down your calories is not at all a good option. It helps you to concentrate on whole day. Ensure to consume protein content food than eating oily or fried foods for breakfast. Breakfast helps in weight control.

Avoid late night snacking- Late night snacking hurts your weight lose efforts. It is the main cause for those extra calories in your body. So it is advisable to avoid snacking post- dinner.

Do you believe to be possible to lose 10 pounds in 7 days? Of course yes, when you have a good diet, proper sleep and fitness in your body certainly it can be!!!

Eat less, burn more !!!