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Develop 3 good habits let you stay away from the bucket waist

Many people say that the most difficult to lose weight when the place is the belly, but in recent years more and more popular mermaid line and vest line, what should be done to have thin body?

1. Fasting warm water in the morning

When the morning to get up, the stomach is fasting state, this time eating into the stomach is the most important thing. In the sleep, the body will not have water to add, so after getting up to drink two cups of warm water, in addition to the body can become more humid, the constipation also has a very good help, more able to rule out the waste in the stomach.

2. Drink honey water to keep the intestinal smooth

Sometimes the cause of abdominal obesity is likely to be due to the accumulation of accommodation, therefore, to keep the stomach is the most important way. Add 50 grams of honey, coupled with 1 liter of warm water, drink every day, you can solve the problem of constipation, and thus improve the trouble of the belly woman. If you want to beauty beauty, you can add some lemon, add vitamin C.

3. Eat more low-calorie, high nutrition and fruits

In the weight loss, eat some low calorie weight loss helper is the same law, if you want to solve the problem of small belly, it should be more intake of some can help thin stomach food. Tomato itself is very low calorie, and rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, can be the body of fat excreted, and can solve the problem of constipation.

In addition, you also need often do these slim waist movement:

1, Legs raised buttocks

Supine, flex the right leg, left leg on the right leg. Hands palm down on the side of the body. Slowly up the hip, try to tighten the gluteal muscle, until the back straight. Repeat after repeated. Each side to do three groups, each group about 20 times.

2, Insist on sit-ups

Lying on a carpeted floor or sports mat, put your hands on both sides to stretch your legs. Bend the knees slightly and the heel sticks to the floor. If you feel the back is too curved or too tight, you can bend the knee a little more until you feel comfortable so far. Do not force the back against the floor. Put your hands on your neck. If put too high, each time the contraction will oppress the head and may twist to the neck.

Take a deep breath and expel your abdominal muscles. Contraction to muscle contraction, it will naturally pull the shoulder away from the floor. Let your neck straight but do not be nervous, the body lifted, and the angle of the floor not more than thirty degrees. Slowly lay the upper body back to the floor, while exhale. Repeat 10-15 times.

3, Squatting jump

Action and weight squat basically the same, an increase in the outbreak of force. Feet stand shoulder width, arms hold on the chest. Squat to the knee into 90 degrees, vertical upward pedal. Pay attention to thigh force, buttocks tighten. Each group about 10 times, do 3 groups. Because this practice jumps off when landing with the impact of the ground, the best in the pad, wood or grass to do, and pay attention to maintaining the body balance.

4, Deep breathing tight abdominal

Relax the body, with a large number of nasal suction into the air, then slowly exhaled mouth, spit about 7 percent, hold your breath. Shrink the lower abdomen, gas rose to the top of the chest, and then drum up the abdomen will be reduced to the abdomen. The gas mentioned to the chest, down to the abdomen, and then slowly exhaled mouth. Repeat to do 5 times, do a total of two groups.

5, Legs abdomen movement

And abdomen movement similar to lying on the ground and legs pointing to the ceiling. Holding the head, forced the heel to the ceiling, so that the body to form a “u” font. Hands and feet are lowered, and then repeat.

6, The ground movement

This is similar to the push-ups of the flat-panel movement ranked tenth, exercise belly, back and other key parts, the effect is very good. Practice: face down lying, before the arm stays. Toe stays, the body was prone. Rely on the power of the abdomen and arm to make the body in a floating state, can not let the ass concave to the ground. Keep this position for 20 to 60 seconds, then put it down and repeat.

7, Exercise abdominal round movement

Jian abdominal round can often be seen in the gym, the focus of exercise is the neck and arms. Practice: sitting on the abdomen, hand grab the handrail position. The abdominal muscles are contracted and tilted forward, repeating 12 to 16 times. Try to use the abdominal muscles rather than arm muscles to carry out.

Find the mystery about whether the sports weight loss bounce or not

Will sports lose weight? Find the main reasons about the sports weight loss rebound or not.

First, improper selection of sports

Obese people exercise like sports normal in the case of weight-bearing exercise. Therefore, at the beginning of the exercise should pay attention to, first select a good sport. (Aerobics), such as cycling, dancing, walking, jogging, stairs, climbing, ball activities and gymnastics, skipping, swimming, swimming and so on. And walking in the water, etc., where cycling and swimming on the knee and foot joint load is not heavy, it is more suitable for obese exercise. To lose weight, it is necessary to consume a lot of fat, while the consumption of fat requires a lot of oxygen, and long enough exercise time. So to achieve the purpose of weight loss must choose a longer time, but also inhalation of a lot of oxygen movement (known as aerobic exercise), so the best exercise is to lose weight is to walk. This is the best way to consume this extra fat. To lose weight friends should always think of “ride as walking, sitting as standing” advice.

Second, improper physical control

Whether weight loss exercise can achieve satisfactory results, often depends on the size of the amount of exercise is properly grasped. Exercise is too small, can not consume excess calories, weight loss is not ideal. Exercise is too large, more than the burden of the body, but also cause fatigue, causing adverse reactions affect health, it is difficult to adhere to. General young people can be larger, the time can be longer, the highest heart rate can be controlled at 140 times / min. Frail or mild chronic disease, the size of its exercise should be limited to (exercise) heart rate 100-120 times / min or so is appropriate to exercise to achieve breathing faster, slightly sweat and then adhere to exercise for some time is appropriate, if After exercise fatigue, but the mental state is good, energetic, good sleep, good appetite, indicating the amount of exercise is appropriate. If you feel very tired after exercise, limbs, soft and heavy, the next morning is still very tired, and feel dizzy, the whole body weakness, poor appetite, tired of the movement of the feeling that the amount of exercise is too large, you need to adjust.

Three, can not persevere

The purpose of exercise to lose weight is to improve the metabolism, consumption of excess body fat. Exercise a lot of energy consumption, the strongest weight loss effect. After stopping the campaign, the strong metabolism of the body will continue for some time, the so-called “post-effect.” This “post-effect” duration is short and generally no more than one day. If the exercise 3 days, then rest 3 days, it may be due to “after effect” disappeared, appetite and excessive consumption, so that the original weight loss effect was offset, so come to naught. At the same time, it should be noted that the beginning of the weight loss exercise within 45 days is difficult to bear fruit, and a little increase in the amount of exercise is also particularly susceptible to fatigue, it is because the fat people in the fiber fast fiber, the activities of the rapid consumption of glucose rather than fat , And therefore not easy to become thin and tired. Strengthen the physical exercise must be sustained, such as exercise stop, then the fat cell volume will increase, leaving the weight back to pre-exercise levels, and even rebound to more fat than the original.

Fourth, the time of each movement is not long enough

As the saying goes: “slow work out fine”. Physical exercise is a “fine work”, need to adhere to a long time each time work hard to practice “slow work.” Although some people also participate in weight loss exercise every day, not three days fishing two days drying net, but very afraid of tired, each time the exercise is very short. For example, each exercise a dozen minutes to feel a little bit tired to rest, this is unable to receive the effect of weight loss. Scientific research confirmed that within 20 minutes of exercise, the body only rely on glucose to supply energy, do not use fat. Only 20 minutes after the movement, the body began to use fat to supply energy that began to consume fat. Therefore, the weight loss exercise every time at least 30 minutes, it is best to exercise about 60 minutes a day, if the day did not work to participate in exercise, afternoon after work and then go home to buy food to cook, then, may wish to develop a walk after a meal The habit of walking about 1 hour a day, which will be a great advantage for weight loss.

Which exercises to lose weight does not rebound ?

1. Walking down

Use the morning and evening leisure time with this method took about 15 minutes. This method not only has the effect of weight loss, but also to promote blood circulation, correct hunchback posture.

Walking down the knee will increase the amount of exercise load, it is easy to cause damage to the joints. So the exercise time should not be too long to 120 steps per minute speed to go on about 15 minutes on it. At the beginning of the time may be a bit uncomfortable, and will be very tired, but as long as unremitting to do naturally will adapt.

2. Take a walk

If you just do it for a walk, it’s easy to be halfway by boring. You can go shopping, to the beautiful scenery to see the scenery, so that will not feel boring boring, but also to achieve the purpose of walking thin. At first, you may feel tired of the body, but also the phenomenon of swelling, but after the physical strength is no problem. Arm and legs, the greater the range of action, weight loss will be better, but do not overly barely their own.

3. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are very convenient to use. Hold the dumbbell to sit down, and then move forward to lean forward.

Both to reduce weight, but also play the role of abdomen. The key is to keep practicing every day. Especially for those who are obese upper body is very effective.

1. Legs stand apart and knees bent. The chest is tilted forward, but the back is always straight. Hands holding dumbbells, raised to both sides of the level, feel the back muscles in the force. Repeat this action for 2 groups 20 times.

2. Legs standing together, hands placed in the back of the cross, you can also open to the horizontal direction. Chest forward and then come back, repeat this action 3 groups 20 times.

3. This position requires the waist back close to the stairs to protect the lower back. Hands holding a dumbbell, palms forward, joints rushed. Hand dumbbells extend to both sides of the chest, higher than the body. Pay attention to the wrist to be straight, and the hand into a straight line. Elbow to be just below the stool.

Vertical out of the dumbbell, arms stretched out, with the wrist, elbow and shoulders into a straight line. Number 2, lift the dumbbell when the breath, lift the number of times, adhere to; then the number of four, put down the dumbbell back in situ, inhale. This action repeats 2 groups 10 times.

Spring weight loss coups easily let you lean lap

The spring season has come, and the clothes you wear are also gradually reduced, in the winter eat more ladies began to hoard for the winter fat and worry about, don’t worry, you can quickly lose weight in this season, so what are the spring weight loss coups?

1. A reasonable diet, with nutrition

Many people lose weight will choose vegetarian or do not eat some fat foods, in fact, this method can not effectively lose weight. Because vegetarian, such as vegetables, grains and other food than the same weight of meat, but vegetarian food is also no lack of high-calorie foods, and fat foods resistant to digestion, after ingestion can reduce the starchy foods and snacks intake, weight loss Will play a positive role. Therefore, the intake of the right amount of fat will not only affect the body shape, but also beneficial to the bodybuilding. In the diet, you can choose beef, rabbit meat, poultry meat and other low-fat meat, cooking as little as possible with oil at night you can choose to eat some salad to reduce the intake of oil.

2. A cup of warm water before meals or a bowl of soup

A cup of warm water before the meal or a bowl of soup soup, can properly fill his stomach, increase satiety, make the amount of meals has been reduced, while the temperature of food can warm stomach, speed up the metabolism, promote digestion after eating, improve Detoxification constipation. But it is worth noting that, try to avoid the cold water or soup, because the relatively cold flow of food will make a sharp decline in body temperature, and even slow down the metabolism, especially the relatively cold friends, cold flow will affect the body.

3. After 8 pm try to eat less

Dinner should be completed before 8 o’clock, the protein will increase sharply after 8 pm, if not digested in time, will promote the accumulation of body fat, so dinner before eating is better. In addition, we must hold back the glutton, do not eat supper, otherwise it will make the body more and more fat.

4. Ensure adequate sleep

Sleep is important to lose weight, one of the most critical is the secretion of leptin and hunger hormones balance, adequate sleep can make leptin full secretion, control appetite, but if you stay up all night, will make a large number of hunger hormones, appetite outbreak, want to reduce Is not easy. On the other hand, when the sleep into the “non-rapid eye movement period”, the body’s immune cells will be activated, enhance the resistance, if the sleep time is too short, the body’s resilience is very weak, during weight loss will be a lot of physical strength Slower

5. Through the brisk walking to consume calories

Walking can lose weight, but the effect is relatively poor, and brisk walking this exercise can quickly and effectively consume calories. Brisk walking, the posture is correct, first heel to the ground, and then fully feet landing, upper body straight, waist tightened, to achieve a little out of the best sweat effect. If you want to improve the effect of exercise, then the arms swing on a large bar, every walk for 15 minutes or more.

6. Regularly relax the discharge pressure

Life in the face of a variety of pressure, work, study, interpersonal communication, modern life is basically the pressure can not escape the five fingers mountain. Long time in a state of stress, the body’s sympathetic nerve has been in a dominant position, excessive stress lead to stress eating, immunity will decline. When you feel the pressure, may wish to stop, take a deep breath, let the body and mind relax, so that the parasympathetic in the dominant position. Especially before going to bed, in the bed to do some simple stretching action, or even just stretched, can promote the body’s weight-loss factor, no longer afraid of emotions driven by overeating, physical decline caused by exercise loss of weight Good and other issues.

Diet Lose Weight – Are You Misled By These Errors ?

When speaking of weight loss, many of our friends first thought is diet, diet control. As opposed to exercise to lose weight, the diet is not so tired to lose weight, it seems easier. But when the diet diet we have to pay attention to errors, do not ignore that diet, what are the common errors in weight loss?

Drink plenty of coffee

Many people drink coffee every day, so as to resist the temptation to eat, so that although to deceive their stomach, but do not forget the coffee is not harmless, it will slowly lead to gastritis. Therefore, it is best not to coffee to lose weight, but drink water and diet drinks.

Eat a lot of fruit

Eat fruit, of course, to achieve the effect of weight loss, but the fruit also contains sugar, long-term will eat more fat.

Weight loss process to eat as little as possible

Although diet is very helpful to lose weight, but diet must be limited, not eat as little as possible. Excessive dieting on the one hand, easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, affect their health, and even lead to anorexia nervosa; the other hand, excessive diet will reduce the body’s metabolic rate, reduce calorie consumption is not conducive to weight loss.

Eat after 8 pm will gain weight

Obesity is not the root of your time to eat, but whether you eat something more than you need energy. Excessive eating, you will gain weight. Diet to lose weight, eat only fruits and vegetables to lose weight does not work, even if weight loss was obvious, but when you eat again, will soon rebound to the original size, so previous efforts are in vain. Female friends to master the scientific method of weight loss is very important, otherwise it is easy to cause irregular menstruation and other gynecological diseases.

Do not eat for a long time

Not eating time should not exceed 4h. If you do not eat for a long time, the body will release more insulin causes people to quickly produce hunger, and eventually forget the food taboos, let go of the stomach binge eating, but more fat.

Raw vegetables

Vegetables are rich in nutrients, some vegetables contain nutrients, but when raw is not conducive to absorption, cooked food and damage to the original nutrition, so many people tangle, in fact, cooked vegetables tend to be more conducive to the human body Of the absorption, although the destruction of some nutrition, but it is still relatively healthy, so we have to eat cooked vegetables Oh.

Salads are good for human health

Fruit salad and vegetable salad more and more favored by many women, many people will think that the calories contained in salads is very low, is the best choice for weight loss food, and because without going through other processes, so, vegetables and fruit nutrition The value is basically preserved, very healthy and nutritious, this view is actually very one-sided, in fact, salad dressing contains a high calorie and fat, there is no high nutritional value. Eat more, the same will make people fat, if you want to eat low-calorie salad, it is best to use yogurt mixed with vegetables and fruits, good taste, weight loss is also very good.

Brown bread is whole wheat bread

I believe this is a lot of people like to eat bread point of view, a lot of bread is brown, it is not because of its production of materials is whole wheat, simply because the addition of food coloring, some bread and even caramel coloring, , Not only can not lose weight, but will eat more fattening. Therefore, in the purchase of bread before, we must first look at the nutrient composition label.

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Beware Strayed Into Diet Weight Lose Misunderstanding, Weight Lose Requires A Scientific Plan

Dieting is a timeless topic, but also some misunderstandings and rumors, we only have to master the correct way to really achieve weight loss goals.

Beware strayed into dieting lose weight mistakes

1. Diet is the quickest way to lose weight

The study found that a significant reduction in calorie intake will metabolism into “starvation mode”, this mode will cause the body to conserve energy and reduce metabolic rate. Diet more frequently, the better the body’s ability to store energy. From a long-term perspective, dieting repeatedly potentially affect weight loss. Therefore, it is best not to use diet to offset the recent overeating do so would be counterproductive. Also, a diet without restraint over three days will lead to gall bladder disease, increasing the burden on the kidneys, resulting in decreased immunity, irritability, hair loss and so on.

2. Do not eat breakfast

Some people think that skipping breakfast can help the body burn more fat, but this is a super big mistake.

Recently when magnetic resonance imaging scan of the human brain with the discovery, do not eat breakfast to lose weight no benefit. The researchers found that people who eat breakfast see high-calorie foods such as pizza, cakes and chocolate, the brain’s reward center very active. In fact, do not eat breakfast after the body blood sugar is low, people will want to eat something special, but no food more resistance, which leads to excessive intake of food after people.

The correct approach: studies show that two boiled eggs for breakfast can effectively suppress hunger and help people consume fewer calories at lunch. In addition, breakfast should eat some protein-rich foods, such as yogurt, berries, mackerel or smoked salmon and an omelet, or milk mixed muesli and nuts, which are thin breakfast choice.

3. Eat one kind food can lose weight

Fact: eating apples or vegetables and other single day of the so-called diet food, believing it can reduce energy intake, fat consumption drastically, in fact, because the energy and nutrients intake reduced metabolism caused by too little energy “less taken the expenditure will inevitably lead to low “, and also lead to nutritional imbalance in the body, damage to health.

The correct approach: control diet that proper control of the “quantity”, rather than control, “kind”, balanced diet.

4. Only drink water will gain fat

Fact: the water itself does not contain any calories. Instead, drink plenty of water is also an important prerequisite for weight loss – of fat consumption need water to assist, if the body of water shortage, fat metabolic rate will be reduced. Also, drink plenty of water can help you reduce the appetite, so you feel more satisfied after a meal, but also make your skin more juicy, more healthy color.

The correct approach: the first cup of water when you feel hungry, not to drink beverages. A liquid containing a large amount of calories is not water, but sugary drinks, high-fat soups and so on. So, when we talk about water, these are not count, and should be kept at a distance.

Need the scientific weight loss plans

Set goals

The weight loss goals written down, and then stick it to you every day you can see the place, you can always remind ourselves, towards this goal.

Update Recipes

Autumn weather becoming cooler, “stick autumn fat” good season again, if you have set a goal to lose weight, we must control themselves, eat high-calorie high-fat foods. In addition, the need to constantly update their diets, so that different food with, to enrich their own lives to lose weight period. These foods diet meals can refer to the ratio of low-fat, low-carbohydrate, high-protein standard.

Protein supplement

Although the time to lose weight to reduce calorie intake, but still want to try to give yourself a sense of satiety. In this case, you need to eat some relatively strong satiety foods, such as proteins. Relatively long time to digest protein, can give long-lasting feeling of fullness, so you are not prone to hunger, help to control calorie intake. Besides promoting protein can inhibit hormone secretion lipogenesis, reduce fat production.

Reduction of 100 calories per meal

When the intake of calories than the calories consumed, people are likely to gain weight. So, if you want to lose weight fast, it should guarantee the intake of calories than the calories consumed less, which is the key to all the ways to lose weight fast. Each meal when they are slightly reduce the number of calories, eat seven full. So you can enjoy the food, not easy to gain weight.

Good sleep habits

In autumn fast weight loss methods, the diet to ensure adequate sleep is the prerequisite. Although we are sleeping every day, but because of lifestyle reasons, many people can not get enough sleep. Time to go to bed can help you better rest. A survey conducted in 2011 by the American Heart Association launched the show: those who slept only four hours the next day than usual for Women (sleep nine hours) the average calorie intake of 329 kcal. Lack of sleep can cause a range of physiological disorder, the so-called “beauty sleep” is not just let you get rid of bags under the eyes, more important is to let the body rest and get a reasonable adjustment.

A good grasp of exercise time

If you are a white-collar work in the office, at least after the end of the day can take a few bus stops, put on light shoes to walk home. Day work or stay home and watch TV all day, followed by dinner time to enter, so is the need to break habits.

If you have a dinner, you will not miss, even at the expense of other possible time to ensure the smooth progress of these projects. Your fitness program should also be given equal treatment. So instead of the “free time go to the gym”, as after exercise to consider what free time, this is a completely different way of thinking priorities. The planned week exercise time.

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