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Let women quickly entered a state of sexual intercourse 4 skills

Sometimes men complained with their own partner or wife in the sex when there is no passion. Let their own how to caress or flirtion can not afford the other side of the bath. But want women fast burning bath look, usually you can use these skills, tease her nerves, so that she was quickly stuck by you.

Pleasure enhancement solution

Woman’s pleasure is not strong, caressing for a long time or even no love liquid out, you can use some female pleasure booster. As long as the pleasure booster solution in her key parts, you can make her want to fire up. Because the female pleasure booster is designed specifically for women, can quickly and effectively arouse women’s sexual desire.

Fragrance aphrodisiac

Before the start of sex, you can use some scent of awe, for example, can be aphrodisiac perfume sprayed in the bedroom, so that fragrance floated into her body, aroused her lust. Can also be in the foreplay caressing time, smear some Yilan flowers fragrant massage oil, in the lenium under the aphrodisiac effect, her sexual desire will slowly rise with your caress, until the love rushing.

Sex toys

The advent of fun tools, not only to make sex more fun, but also to sex more intense. For example, some intelligent fun massager, not only according to the skin’s response, giving women the most intelligent caress, so that women’s pleasure the strongest. But also play music, stimulate women’s hearing, do not forget the music can help. Women in the music and intelligent caressing double help, it is possible to get crazy pleasure.

Let her take the initiative

May be affected by the traditional concept of sexual life is generally male initiative, dominated by men, and women only need to accept or with it. In fact, sometimes try to let her take the initiative, will achieve the opposite sex less than the effect of it. For example, you can choose to let a woman in the above, by her to control the rhythm of sex and the frequency of pumping, so she can try to find the best way to make their own pleasure. And the female liberation of the men’s hands, you can let women in the sexual intercourse while enjoying the breast caress, how to stimulate her how crazy is not crazy.

When the real sex, women’s sex bath is not high because there are many kinds of reasons. But in sex women can also pass the male flirtation and caress. From the excitement of the middle of the bath, so men want women fast burning bath, you can use the skills.

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How to maintain sexual function for middle-aged couples

People to middle age, the gradual decline in hormone levels, coupled with the work and life of the pressure to increase the ability of sexual ability has gradually lost confidence, the performance of sexual response weakened, the number of sexual life has also been reduced. In this regard, a lot of middle-aged couples have produced negative and irritability. Thus affecting the family harmony. How to delay sexual aging, to maintain good sexual function, in addition to the basis of the feelings between couples, should also do the following:

Full of confidence in their sexual function

To be convinced that their sexual function is normal, strong, in order to delay sexual aging.

Keep a healthy state of mind

Character to be cheerful, happy to be happy, cultivate a sense of humor, mental depression will affect the sexual function.

Have a strong ambition

Work hard to make people excited, energetic, but also produce a sense of pride, great benefit to sexual function.

Maintain proper sex life

Abstinence and excessive sexual life can lead to premature aging, and moderate sexual life can promote the secretion of sex hormones, to avoid the sexual organs of the waste atrophy.

Often participate in physical exercise

Because physical exercise to enhance the physical, it can improve sexual function. In particular, often participate in jogging, cycling and walking, so that lower limbs get exercise, and sexual function of the “rise and fall” and the waist and legs are closely related.

Pay attention to appropriate increase in nutrition

Can eat some more rich in zinc, manganese, selenium and other foods with enhanced sexual function, such as oysters, fish, walnuts, mushrooms, sesame seeds, Chinese wolfberry, red dates, turtle meat, animal kidney.

Pay attention to keep the appearance of the younger

May be appropriate to dress up to make their appearance look young, the appearance of young help to maintain the psychological state of the young, but also help to delay the aging.

Pay attention to the scientific way of life

Do not smoke, do not drink, but fatigue. Live sometimes, diet, to maintain adequate sleep.

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Harmony sex life can make women more smarter

For a long time, national experts are working on ways to make people smarter. Recently, the German scientists found that the most simple way to make people smart is actually a regular sex life. The study notes that regular sexual life can not only make people’s body excited, but also to stimulate the human brain, so that the brain becomes very active, so that people become more intelligent.

And this effect in women who will be more apparent. The study was published on the famous “Anana Nova” website. German scientists say healthy and regular sex life can promote the body to secrete more peptides.

“For a long time, many people mistakenly believe that sex in addition to being able to make people’s body excited, get pleasure, the only consumption of energy, and even the energy of the study,” said Werner Habermeer, a member of the Hamburg Institute of Medical Research, who led the study. It is often made that sex will make men shorter life expectancy. Now Haber Meier told everyone that in fact the regular sex, whether it is for men or women are very useful, it can make both men and women become more intelligent. Haber Meier explained that when both spouses devote themselves to life, the brain will become very active, thereby increasing the number of adrenal cortical hormone secretion, increased secretion of adrenal glands will stimulate the body to secrete more peptides.

Well-known growth hormone or human growth hormone is a linear peptide, and the peptide can also make the spirit soothing. A polypeptide in a female can stimulate the secretion of corpus luteum in female organs, causing ovulation and promoting estrogen synthesis. More importantly, if the number of peptides in the body increases, can significantly improve the human immune system.

Haber Meier through the study found that regular sex can promote the body’s complex amine secretion increased, resulting in increased memory.

Scientists say the key to determining a person’s intelligence is his intelligence. And intelligence includes many aspects, such as synthesis and reasoning, but the memory is clearly quite important.

As early as last year, Dominique de Quervain of the University of Zurich and his colleagues had done experiments on complex amines. They compare the two groups of people through the study, when the brain 5HT2a compound amine increased when people will short-term memory enhancement. Scientists say this is the first discovery of memory-related complex amines.

Haber Meier also on the hundreds of couples conducted a memory and composite amine comparative test study, the results found that couples with a happy life, short-term memory is better than ordinary couples, and the corresponding, their sexual excitement period Secretion of complex amine is also relatively more. Thus Habermeer concluded that the amount of compound amine secretion plays an important role in changing people’s memory. The more complex amines will become smarter.

Sexual life can make women’s emotional and mental state better, so that women are more intelligent. In the survey, the researchers also found that if the sunset in the cold winter, happy sex change on women than men more obvious.

Haber Meier pointed out that women born more than men on the weather changes are more sensitive, it is not simple sentimental, but because the female body structure and men are very different. Winter one, the female brain in the complex amine will be shortened due to sunshine and secretion disorders, resulting in physiological rhythm disorders and endocrine disorders. And endocrine disorders are “the source of the disease,” said it will lead to female unresponsive, tired, memory loss, nervousness, poor quality of sleep, headache and fear and other symptoms, resulting in emotional depression and mental state disorders. Especially perennial work in the indoor computer, very few sports women, more prone to winter depression.

In this case, a regular sexual life is particularly important, because it can greatly enhance the female brain blood levels of complex amine secretion, help to prevent physiological rhythm disorders and endocrine disorders. And this compound amine and now the most commonly used antidepressant drugs is the same chemical composition.

Werner Habermeer says people will become more confident and intelligent when people apply their experiences from sexual life to other areas of life that are not related to sex.

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Improve the potential of sex must know the skills

1. At least once a week love: the survey shows that at least once a week life can make you stay away from the disease and depression mood. It seems that reproductive stimuli make the immune system more effective, reduce headaches and treat acne, as well as slow down the pain of daily life.

2. Do not feel strange about the reaction: contrary to the popular idea, the erection is not a person can self-control so tired and stress are caused by the most common reason for no response. The statistics show that there is at least four such erection problems per seven men (sixteen years of age or older) in a year.

3. The distraction of sex factors to a minimum: watching TV in bed recently selected as the biggest sex killer. The bright spot on the screen of the TV is so obvious that you want to sleep, make your sexual sensitivity lower, and will completely destroy your whole night’s “sex”. If you want to have a better sex, then turn off the TV to start it.

4. Improve your climax potential: in order to better climax, exercise your abdominal wall muscles. Also known as PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which is what you will use when you urinate. You need to do is to separate these muscles only need to urinate, the middle stopped five times, and then relax on it. Once you find that feeling, tighten and relax 20 times a day (on the table, on the bus, watch TV can be), then gradually increased to 50 times.

5. Elusive G point is not so elusive if you know how to find it. Method is to love when to find, this time is G point will appear when. Will be a finger into the vagina, forward five centimeters, feel the front of the vaginal wall. When you feel a swollen organization, look at it, that is your point G.

6. Seize your body’s lust sensitive area: lust sensitive area – the body of the sex sensor – and then all the upper and lower have, not only in the genital area. If the care of the appropriate, these places in the foreplay, make love even after sex can give you the same excitement.

7. Often do health check: there is nothing more than abdominal pain, before the pain, itching and mysterious secretions can destroy your sexual life. If you find any place where you are worried about (or even a strange smell), then hurry to the doctor there to check for the wonderful, even if you are one hundred percent sure that is not a sexually transmitted disease.

8. Change the missionary position (male female lower body position): through when he lies between your legs, your legs will be straightened and stepped up to improve the previous men and women under the body position.

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Enhance sexual performance can not be rejected four of movement

Sexuality is one of the criteria for evaluating whether a person can guarantee that he or a lover is enjoying a wonderful feeling of sex. Many people will usually find, with the number of sexual life and age, sexual performance will have a certain decline. Therefore, the gender health experts recommend that you want to enhance sexual ability, you can try the following four sports.

1. Squatting

You can exercise the buttocks and leg muscles, so that the blood flow to the genitals, genital congestion to produce sexual desire.

Action essentials: feet open shoulder width, knees bent down the body, imagine that they are sitting on a chair. The lower the squatting, the more the gluteus maximus can get exercise. And then slowly stand up, stand up to pay attention to abdomen. Action to slow, continuous 10-15 times the best results.

2. Bow to go

Action exercises the power of the thighs can make people in the sex more explosive and initiative, sexual pleasure is also more intense.

Action essentials: one foot slowly forward step forward, try to bend the legs into 90 degrees. The back of the knee can be close to the ground, but do not touch the ground. At the beginning of the step 5 step, slowly got to step 10 step above, but do not touch the ground. At the beginning of the step 5 step, slowly got to step more than 10 step.

3. Lift the buttocks

Sex is the most used muscle is the pelvis muscle, exercise pelvic muscles can make the waist strength, in the sexual intercourse more arbitrary.

Action essentials: supine lying, knees, feet to the ground, shoulder width. Lift the pelvic site, let the body into a bridge shape. Pay attention to abdomen, and close the thighs. And then put down, and then lift, the action is slow, each practice under 20.

4. Dumbbells

Medical studies have shown that male hormones have an effect on the promotion of sexuality among men and women. If the female male hormone is low, it will lead to no sexual desire. Exercise biceps increase the body’s male hormone content, and will not make women grow a beard, nor will the female voice masculine.

Small tips: There are some foods also have a good ability to enhance sexual efficiency, such as rich in arginine food, you can provide the human body to produce sperm raw materials. In addition, the ability to enhance sexual ability to eat some shrimp, fish and other foods can be added to the body of calcium.

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Couples do these things before going to bed to enhance feelings

Couples are complaining that life is not passionate marriage, sex is the best living agent of the couple. In addition, some romantic before sleep can also make the couple’s feelings more harmonious, and the contradictions between husband and wife will be due to this way, has been resolved.

Go to bed at the same time

He loves to watch the phone, you love to go to bed early, sleep time is inevitable differences, but the intimacy need to keep the husband and wife as much as possible to stay in bed time synchronization. Therefore, the two discuss a good fixed time, adhere to the same time every day to sleep, not only will increase the time to talk on the bed, but also to the sex green light.

Put all the electronic equipment out of the bedroom

Electronic equipment will not only interfere with sleep, but also destroy the intimate relationship between husband and wife. The rest time is a great opportunity to establish a real connection with a partner in the same bed, and can not be disrupted by the interference of electronic equipment. People who love the Internet need to pay special attention is not so ignored the partner.

Pillow conversation

Dinner eat well, the child fell asleep, the couple finally have time to talk. At this time, the couple is best in bed for pillow conversation. Couples with clothes, snuggle together, talk about the day of work and life, you can vent the depressed, relax, put down a whole day of the hustle and bustle, more concerned about and pay attention to each other’s needs.

Into the bedroom before the start of the play

An important part of perfect love is the prelude to “doing business”. If only the foreplay is limited to sex before the start of dozens of minutes, then it will inevitably fall into the cliche, the course of time boring. In fact, you can in the morning on the mirror to the companion to leave a note of love, or during the day to the other half of the hair to send a provocative message.

Explore new ways of caressing

The best foreplay is selfless, not just to get paid. A gentle soothing massage is the best way to relax your partner. Its effect is far more than that, but also to enhance the sense of looking forward to the partner, intimacy and trust.

Every night kissing good night

Lying on the bed self-care asleep, I am afraid that many people most “hate” partner’s place. Married people, especially women, especially hope that at the end of the day, in the body and emotion there is a happy ceremony, kissing good night is the easiest way to close the relationship at this time. But to pay attention, kiss must be sincere, do not perfunctory.

Sometimes the couple also need passion and surprise. And their purpose of mutual complaints, not as much time to spend some time to let each other feel warm way to influence each other. This is also the best start of sex, but also the feelings of husband and wife, such as twisted one of the way.

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