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Do you know these sex skills? Take a quick look at these practical sex knowledge

How to make sex to stimulate the taste? Want to get more pleasure in sex, you must master some useful sex skills, which not only make the two sides more harmonious life, but also help to promote the feelings, come take a look at these sex tips.

Skill one: Do not be immutable

If every time with a constant way to make love, even if you can enjoy the orgasm, a long time will become boring. In the use of the highest sense of excitement, before the climax of the beginning will begin to replace the other posture, so not only to delay the arrival of the climax, you can also take the opportunity to explore other posture fun.

Skill two: Understand each other’s body

Everyone is different, in sex is no exception. How to understand each other’s interest in sex? It depends on careful observation. Some people will groan, shouting to express his preferences; for “taciturn” type of people, can be in love when listening to his breathing did not speed up or breathe a breath, observe his pupil when suddenly amplified. Of course, the most obvious is the penis in what kind of stimulation is easier to harden. So continue to observe for some time, it is easy to match each other’s preferences.

Skill three: Love your own body

Many women feel fat, poor, in the sex of this self-deprecating view will also affect the quality of sex. For example, self-confessed chest is too small, may touch each other in the chest when the low self-esteem, subconsciously to avoid his touch, a long time such a signal will make the partner confused, thus affecting the relationship between the two sides. So both men and women should learn to love their own body, to avoid unnecessary mental burden.

Skill four: Make fun of sex supplies

It is also a good idea to use some sex toys in sex. Fun supplies can provide many new ideas, increase the sense of excitement when sex. In the purchase of fun products to pay attention to the purchase of qualified products, to avoid the necessary harm when sex.

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How to do can quickly ignite the men’s lust ?

Does man also need foreplay when in sex life? Many people will have such a question, it is because in the sex life we ​​say the most, is a man to know the foreplay, so that women quickly into the state, so people will naturally think that men do not need foreplay, then, in the Sex, foreplay for men is important? Do men also need foreplay?

In fact, the foreplay for men as important, foreplay is a man’s lust switch, perfect sex prelude to both men and women, for the whole sex process plays a vital role. First of all, the foreplay can meet the emotional needs of men, can give men a recognized, accepted and demand for a good feeling, that partner “want him”. Second, the warmth of the foreplay, help the body completely relaxed, is conducive to penile erection, but also effectively extend the sex time, so that men get more intense climax pleasure.

Men in the process of sex a sense of satisfaction, is hoping to get more partners to respond. And for the reaction of women in the foreplay process, men will be used to determine whether their performance is satisfactory to each other. If women in the foreplay from the implicit acceptance into active to meet, it will arouse the strong desire to enter the subject. It is important to note that foreplay is particularly important for older men. Because with age, male hormone levels will decline, blood vessels will gradually aging, there decreased libido, erectile dysfunction. At this time, you need enough foreplay to fully evoke sexual desire to help penile erection. So it is recommended that the age of 5 years of age, foreplay time extended 2-5 minutes.

So, for women, how can do the foreplay can ignite the man’s lust?

Women can learn the following methods. Men feel the organ is very developed, to receive sensory stimulation more direct. From the visual, smell, hearing, touch and other sexual stimulation can effectively arouse men’s sexual desire. Looming, want to hide the sexy dress, can cause men want to enjoy the instincts, if the expression and action, put on the appearance of full of feminine charm, but also make men heart; a touch of women can stimulate the secretion of hormones, Lifted the man infinite reverie; gentle or flirtatious tone, but also full of sexual hints of the best foreplay; ears, neck, chest and other sensitive parts of the caress and kiss will let men completely relaxed into sex The In addition, you can also use some help “sex” small toys or play some help “sex” game.

Sex is the behavior of two people, one of which is the elements of the interaction of two people, foreplay is the case, women need foreplay, men also need, when two people in love can be given each other, it is easier to get orgasm.

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8 Skills make sex life with more passionate

8 Skills make sex life with more passionate

1. Bathing together

Husband and wife activities together to help narrow the distance, enhance feelings, but also increase the fun of sex. Vacation two people have more time, you can play with a bet game, sharing food, you can also bathe, wash the body for each other, enjoy each other, play, increase sex passion.

2. The temptation of sexy underwear

Do not think those expensive sexy lingerie is flashy, they really make men crazy for this. Especially with lace and chiffon underwear, can increase the sense of mystery and look forward. And so everything is ripe, both sides of the skin contact, the explosive and excitement will be more intense. Said sex skills is the common efforts of both spouses, but sex life is not less fun with the goods, more can not be less a sense of sexual satisfaction, so the appropriate use of Durex M Huan Shuang Shuang Shuang earthquake massage, Contains a dual motor drive, a unique double shock, streamline symmetry modeling, rhythm sexy rhythm.

3. Timely shy with more passionate

If you are already familiar with each other, the sex has been no secret, may wish to try to change the style suddenly. Think about how you blushed to accept his affectionate request, so shy you will let him sex big hair. Men can ask if she can hug together to see porn movies.

4. Self-warmer with more passionate

Like winter cars, women also need to warm up in sex. If the candlelight, music and wine before dinner, the woman had been excited, then the process of sex is much easier climax. And her husband before the skin contact “savings” of the greater the energy of sex, the easier for women to reach orgasm. Woman self-caress is the best way to warm up, in addition, reading erotic novels can also lead to sexual association.

5. Ask the sex foreplay

When the wife asked her husband, “whether you can use your face to rub your naked chest? Can you kiss your little nipple? Can you take off your pants?” When the problem is actually playing “pleading before the play”. This foreplay can make her husband in the “command” is gradually evoked, and thus enhance its combat effectiveness.

6. Lit the lights with more feeling

“Sexual Behavioral Archives” magazine published a study found that not only men in the sex concern in the visual stimulation, women will also be subject to visual stimulation. Sex can be opened before and after the lights, opened his eyes, which helps the two sides exchange, observe the other side of the reaction. In front of the mirror sex, or sexual life while watching the passion film, will help enhance the passion of both sides.

7. Catch the sexual initiative

The traditional concept that couples in sex should be equal to each other, but the new concept has been proposed, sexual power can be handed over to the husband and wife control, as long as the couple can get from the sex satisfaction and pleasure

Big kitchen. If you think the total sex in the bedroom some boring, then may wish to change the room. For example, kitchen, living room, bathroom and balcony. However, you must first do a good job of security.

8. Kiss the hand

Accept kissing ceremony is not a woman’s privilege, men also like the feeling of both hands kissed. Use the tongue to kiss the root of the mesh area, and then slowly slide up. The area as the inner ear, the sensitivity is extremely high, so you can let the man “goose bumps.”


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There have nine good ways to improve the quality of sexual life

When speaking of sex, each couple are no stranger, but talked about the quality of sex, presumably most people will fall into thinking, how their own sex quality? Or in sex simply do not consider the quality of the problem, but very plain to complete this wonderful moment. This is certainly not understand what is the soul of sex, to enhance the quality of sex, what methods?

There have nine good ways to improve the quality of sexual life

1. Exercise sex muscle

Sex education expert Dorian Sorotte said that the Kegel training method is a practice of strong reproductive organs of the muscles that can enhance women’s sexual pleasure. Simply speaking, training pelvic levator ani muscle contraction, as if trying to hold back urine or inhibit defecation when the action can be accompanied by mild abdominal, buttocks and thigh medial contraction of the muscle. Training several times a day ideal.

2. Tell your own ideas

Dr. Berman said that in the sex process, men do need to guide. His wife to let their own feelings of comfort directly tell her husband, or through the groan way to express it.

3. Stimulate sensitive areas

Sexual process in the key “hot” friction helps to achieve orgasm. For example, female upper can make the female clitoris easier to rub with the male pubic bone. If you take a female lower position, a pillow under the buttocks also helps to better stimulate the clitoris. Sex experts said that the process of sex can also use the oscillator for the sex wave to help.

4. Seek excitement together for couples

Studies have shown that couples working together to “stimulate” activities (rock climbing or watching horror films, etc.) can stimulate the brain of dopamine, help to increase the feelings of sexual lubrication.

5. Slow down the rhythm of sex

“The longer the sexual arousal, the more violent the quality of sexual life,” she said. “Let herself be close to pleasure, and then” change into small fire “to slow down the pace, and after a few times, the quality will be drier The

6. Use of respiratory guidance

Regulating breathing helps to promote sexual pleasure. Sex education experts said: “You can use the breath to guide the energy.” Good to adjust the breath of the couple’s rhythm of sexual orderly, and will not rush, “a vent,” but ready to go, climax faster and more intense.

7. Sex play with a new patterns

Experts said that if the woman than the man to evoke a longer time, then the foreplay may wish to send sex e-mail or SMS starting from each other.

8. Timely seek medical help

If sex can not get climax, you can seek the help of a professional doctor. Doctors can conduct medical evaluations or other relevant factors. Nerve damage or low androgen may be the crux of the problem.

9. Relax your heart when sex life

A recent survey of more than 500 women in France found that more than 70% of women interviewed said working pressure had made them lose their sex. Low sexual desire is difficult to achieve orgasm. Therefore, sex should be excluded before all interference, completely relax, easy battle, the quality of sex will be higher.

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8 Methods teach you to meet orgasm for men

Many people think that men’s orgasm in the ejaculation of the moment, so do not bother to “manage”. In fact, the men’s orgasm also divided the grade, in order to get the best climax, it is recommended from the following aspects.

Touch the perineum

Men’s perineum is between testes and hips. “The secret of sex pleasure,” a book co-author Dr. Arlene Goldman said that this part is full of nerve endings, sensitive to external stimuli. Some men said that the perineum to be pressed, there will be many climax, because the perineum can stimulate the prostate from the outside. Sexuality, female partner can put your finger on the partner’s position, press the stimulus.

Kegel training

Philadelphia clinical expert Eriks Robbie said that Kegel training is the pelvic floor muscle group (muscle) contraction exercise, to improve the ability of men and women is very helpful, if this part of the muscular, then the man can In the love when the heart control, and enhance the intensity of orgasm. Robbie suggested that men can exercise with pelvic floor muscle group, put down the penis.

Delayed climax

A recent study in the Journal of Sexology advocates the “climax” technique, which is a conscious extension of the climax until the most perfect and strong orgasm is achieved. The study found that when the man approached the orgasm reached 90% of the degree, you can stop, a little rest, and then re-“sprint”, then the final climax will be more intense.

Find men’s G point

Men also have G points: prostate. Can be in accordance with the method of touch the perineum, its external stimuli. In addition, the men who have some sensitive parts, if the husband and wife are interested, there are adventurous spirit, you can go to explore and find more to enhance the sexual pleasure of men, “G point.”

Improve testosterone levels

Testosterone helps men to erect, and this male hormone in the men for their support team cheer, or to see the blood of the drama will be produced when the surging. Greece Athens Military Hospital study found that men’s blood testosterone content is higher, the orgasm more intense. Therefore, before sex, may wish to carry out some activities to enhance the level of testosterone levels, such as brisk walking.

Hold up the testicles

In the climax of men before the advent of testis will automatically improve close to the body, thereby increasing the injection force. Therefore, Goldman said: “When the climax of men is coming, gently up the testicles will give men a great stimulus.

Focus on physical feelings

Sometimes in sex, the man will not consciously go God, such as that their female partner is how hot, memories of their most exciting erotic film. If you want to get a stronger orgasm, you should focus on the body experience, once absorbed, you will find their body reaction will be very different.

Slow down breathing

Goldman said: “Men can follow their own breathing frequency to draw.” Find the rhythm, and then slow down the breathing, until the same pumping action “with the frequency resonance.” When the tide is coming, you will find that breathing begins to become quick, but you will still try to slow your breath, because it will make the penis get more blood and oxygen, so that the climax is more intense.

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Ten tips for sex foreplay add extra points

Regardless of men and women all need foreplay to pave the way for sex. So what kind of foreplay can add scores for sex love?

Man for the pleasure of others

Many people think that money can win the beauty of the heart, but in fact the male body has a great impact on women’s sexual desire. Grow taller, wide shoulders, clean men are more likely to let women have the idea of sex. Although the height of adult men can not be changed, but according to “Evolutionary Psychology” magazine on a study, the photo slightly upturned in the men by women think more charming, because it will give people tall and straight feeling.

Show your ingenuity

Men in front of the beloved woman to show their wisdom, so more likely to attract women, women will be more willing to make love with you. Psychologist to let 200 women watch men on a variety of topics on the argument, the results found that women want the most talented male sex. Smart itself is a sexy, can stimulate each other’s desire.

Send her brightly colored clothes

Psychologists have found that wearing red, bright yellow, pink clothes help to enhance sexual desire. Of course, do not wear too much color on the body. So send her bright colors of the clothes, it is best underwear, so not only her happy, you can also get the visual enjoyment.

Quiet place to stay outside

In the open and beautiful places quiet love of men combined with women is a common sexual fantasy. Researchers let women watch different sex scenes, and found that 55% of women think that outdoor sex can not only evoke the body, but also more memorable.

Touch the arm of the lover

Body touch is the most basic action of sex, the arm is not only particularly sensitive, but also the first physical contact when the most comfortable. According to a study by the University of South Brittany in France, when a man speaks while touching a woman’s arm, she will increase the likelihood of a request by 50%.

Caress female breasts

From the neurological sense, the female nipples are directly connected with the clitoris. Rutgers University scientists have masturbation of women had brain scan, found to touch the nipple and stimulate the clitoris, can make the same brain area becomes active.

Pretty woman is preferred

Women in the foreplay stage than sexual intercourse is more likely to reach orgasm. Therefore, in the sex when the woman to give priority, by caressing stimulation, with the help of sex toys to her, she will also pay a report.

Use human body lubricants

Only 25% of men use sex in sex. But 2/3 of the women said that a little lubricant will make sexual intercourse more comfortable, orgasm is easier to achieve. Proposed companion standing lubricant, can increase sex fun. In addition, you can also use the Durex female pleasure enhancement solution, which is designed specifically for women, using a unique formula, can quickly stimulate women’s sexual desire, so that women enjoy more intense orgasm.

The bedroom must be neat

Bedroom to maintain good privacy and the right temperature, bed sheets to be clean, bright, dark red or pink bedding can give people a sense of fragrance. You can also put a mirror in the bedroom, which makes people feel passion everywhere.

Wrapped her in bed

Wrapped her into a group is to give girls a sense of security, this trick is basically applicable to all women. Girls because of the courage, like men clinging to their round and round, and in the room before, very few men only hold, in fact, is guilty of girls taboo to static brake but there will be unexpected results, not to mention Also attached a sense of security to the girls, when the girls get a sense of security, state of mind will naturally relax, your passion for the sex is not let you fascinated?

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