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How to adjust the sex barrier between husband and wife ?

Between husband and wife once there is a sexual disorder, the feelings for the couple is very unfavorable, but many of the husband and wife have ignored such a problem! There are many factors related to sexual disorder between husband and wife, and sex is perfect with the husband and wife both the degree of intimacy has a great relationship. So, if there are sexual disorders, couples should be how to adjust it?

1. Express feelings

Both sides of the couple to get real sexual satisfaction, they should often exchange their feelings in the sex life, to promote mutual understanding, so as to satisfactorily solve the problem of sexual intercourse between the strength of inconsistencies, coordination of both orgasm, so that Life tends to be perfect.

2. Update the content

Married husband and wife for many years, sometimes feel sex life monotonous, dull feeling, and gradually produce a boredom, which is the taboo of husband and wife life. At this time, both husband and wife should be bold in different times and different places to make love to enhance the romantic color.

3. Imagine fun

Emotional imagination can enhance both sexual excitement. In the process of sexual life, the husband can think of his wife as a passionate and bold woman, the wife can think of her husband as a favorite idol, both sides do not have to feel guilty, this can enhance each other’s sexual desire. But do not tell your spouse of fantasy secret, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

4. Avoid anger

Occasional quarrel between husband and wife does not mean that the relationship between husband and wife has been very bad, but if the anger is not required to make love, the result must be self-seeking trouble, sometimes anger, the best temporary stop sex. Once the debate subsided, the two sides get understanding, and then into the embrace of the spouse, will get the most sweet sexual satisfaction.

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5 High Quality Sex Standards, Are You Up To It ?

Between men and women in the enjoyment of sexual intercourse when the quality of sex can not be ignored, or between the freshness of the past, and may lead to both sides of the cold. In fact, high-quality sex is also a standard, usually there are five standards for reference, we can according to the enumeration of these standards, test their own sex quality is standard.

1, Learn to say “no”

Some women often say “no” to their husband’s sexual demands. Sexual life and harmonious couples, both sides to meet each other’s sexual demands as the most important, will try to overcome their original resistance, learn to say “no”.

2, Wonderful balance

In sexual life, each side must pay and accept both men and women need to serve each other and accept each other’s services. A perfect balance between the couple, who is happily offered, with each other, will make their sexual life always happy with both sides.

3, “Sex” “love” link

Not to “sex” and “love” to separate, they insist on sexual life and other areas, “mind” occupy the center position. They see sex as an extremely important part of a couple’s relationship, and they are willing and committed to their sexual satisfaction with each other.

4, Dare to talk about sex

In the community for a long time there is a taboo about sexual things precepts. Sexual life is very successful couples, never see each other as a man can read other people’s minds, but open heart to conduct a frank discussion of sexual life. They also know: hope that the other party or both sides to do a new behavior, action, posture or manner, does not mean that any mistakes.

5, Men and women gap

Sexual life of the couple will encounter the “gap between men and women,” the title, but because of their relationship is full of the other for the sake of each other to meet the spirit of mutual satisfaction, will take the initiative to make up for possible gaps.

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What kind of food can ignite woman sexual desire?

In daily life, there are many foods contain enhanced trace elements of sexual desire, so the food is not a fright of food. Studies have shown that women who eat food, can play a preventive role, to help regulate sexual feelings and enhance sexual ability. So, what food do women eat?

In fact, food is a drug source for many auxiliaries, and many auxiliaries are extracted from food raw materials. Therefore, if some women appear cold symptoms, may wish to choose to eat some can help enhance sexual desire food. Even in the very healthy life of women, eating food also helps to improve sexuality, for the sex life between husband and wife icing on the cake.

What kind of food can ignite woman sexual desire?

Many of the food in life, common with soy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and so on, these foods can add women’s estrogen required to play a dual role in beauty and help is to maintain good health can not Lack of food. In addition, in sexual terms, women are often psychologically more susceptible. Therefore, in addition to the food itself, the nutritional value of the useful role, through psychological factors led to the physiological aphrodisiac, the same can enhance sexual desire. Let’s take a look at the most reliable food here!

1. Seafood

According to historical records, the ancient Roman period people think that seafood is the ideal food to nourish sexual desire, including fish, shrimp, shellfish, seaweed food, especially fish. Seafood is rich in phosphorus and zinc, etc., for men and women functional health care is very important, “husband and wife sex harmony,” said. If women in the body of zinc deficiency, there will be weight loss, sexual intercourse vaginal secretions to reduce the symptoms, this time you can eat more food.

2. Red wine

The amount of red wine can speed up the blood circulation to speed up the promotion of the release of energy in the body, allowing lovers to relax, and actively contribute to the psychological level of sexual desire. If it can be used with nutrient-rich cheese, help double the effect.

3. Honey

Sweet honey contains gonadal endocrine, with significant gonadal activity of biological activity. Moreover, honey rich in boron elements, can help the body secrete estrogen, stimulate the woman’s sexual desire, the most basic sex hormones. Royal jelly contains aspartic acid “help” substances, can promote the development, improve sexual function, stimulate reproductive capacity, while enhancing the body resistance, promote metabolism and improve hematopoietic function.

4. Eggs

It is said that some places known as the wedding dinner to eat fried eggs, the purpose is to ensure that the wedding night fun of sex. Chinese medicine believes that eggs are sweet, nature, with protein, fat, a variety of vitamins, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and iron. With nourishing the nerves, blood, Ziyin Runzao effect. In addition, the egg yolk in the zinc can Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Yang Shen Yin, is a mature and mature nutrients.

5. Spices

There are claims that spices are natural aphrodisiac, rich smell has been intoxicated, is recognized as a great help to the aphrodisiac. Indian curry ingredients include a variety of spices, such as ginger powder, hutu, mustard, red pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, fennel, leaves and so on more than 10 kinds of spices, reminders of the strongest. In addition, the ancient Romans also used basil into the dish, acting as aphrodisiac.

6. Chocolate

Nutritionists believe that the ingredients of chocolate can stabilize the nerves and help open the senses, so that people look forward to the joy of both sexes. In the Western countries, since the 15th century, chocolate has been regarded as a stimulating sex of nutritious food, especially the Spaniards, the generation of it as a stimulating drug, “Valentine’s Day” allows lovers “sex” Bless the best gift.

7. Red pepper

Studies have shown that chili contains “capsaicin” can stimulate the human nerve endings, so that heart rate, lust. In addition, eating special spicy food can promote the “endorphins” secretion, this material produced by the brain, can make people feel happy and energetic, so help to create “sex” blessing life.

8. Almonds

Almond is a major source of fatty acids, and its smell will evoke the instinctive passion of women. In addition to eating no salt or sugar almonds, or almond crush on the salad above, for the next sex life to provide energy. In addition, you can try to light some candles with almond smell, tone up the mood of women.

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Reasons lead men’s erection is not strong, 5 tricks let you incarnate Iron Man

Male erection is not a common symptom, will all aspects of the life of men have a great impact, as people on their own health concerns, more and more people will ask. So, how hard is the man’s hardness? Penile erection after the hardness is not enough how to do it?

Reasons lead men’s erection is not strong

1, Age

With age, sexual performance will certainly decline. Men 50 years of age after sexual function will decline, penis erection takes a long time, but this is not impotence, does not affect sex life.

2, Physical illness

Erections may be early signals of certain somatic diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc., these diseases will destroy blood vessels, and penile erection is the process of vascular congestion. The survey showed that 30% to 70% of diabetic patients had erectile dysfunction.

3, Mental illness and psychological stress

Ten depressive patients, nine sexual function is not good, because the control of the erection of the “organ” is the brain center, the mental system problems will also affect sexual function.

4, Bad way of life

Erectile dysfunction in patients, smoking and drinking accounted for more than 60%

Fatigue, irritability, disease, etc., may affect the hardness, women should understand and care, do not complain, even accused her husband. A lovable wife should understand her husband’s occasional “failure” and make appropriate encouragement and comfort.

5 Tricks let you incarnate Iron Man

1, Strengthen sports exercise

The strong body is the strong backing of sex life, usually can exercise pelvic muscles and anal sphincter, which can enhance the erection and prolong the erection time, do aerobic exercise such as: jogging, swimming, sit-ups, push-ups and strength exercise ( This will be more powerful, more muscle, testosterone will change more).

2, Pay attention to diet conditioning

To control weight, eat less alcohol, refuse burgers and greasy food, eat more black food, honey, seaweed, pineal virgin, malt oil, nuts and seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, wheat, etc.), a day banana.

3, Pay attention to the frequency of masturbation

Masturbation itself is not for the wrong, it depends on your frequency, and too often will be a lot of bad, affect your sexual life, moderate masturbation but can give you blood pressure, to prevent prostatitis inflammation, to testicular production of sperm to testicular change There is no vitality, so when there is no normal life can be moderate masturbation, the most appropriate once a week.

4, Maintain a good attitude

This is the main, but the mentality must be correct, not because of one or two unsuccessful on the worry, so bad. Remember that if the sex life problems do not have to try, to take a few days after waiting for a comfortable mood when trying, or if the trial will have a lot of problems Oh, but also psychological do not have doubts, anxiety, fear And other negative pressure, 80% of ED patients are caused by psychological problems, this will stimulate the cerebral cortex, forming a vicious circle.

5, Strengthen the penis reaction, training penis free up and down twitch

Morning erection, to the toilet before the urine, with your fingers gently from the front of the penis one-third, the penis down, so the penis will be close to the state, and then use the fingertips attached to the penis, it feels the reaction, Side closed anus, while the penis pushed up Repeat this action, probably for a minute.

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Men have excessive masturbation with five major hazards. How to avoid premature ejaculation caused by masturbation?

Appropriate masturbation is helpful for healthy men’s life, but excessive masturbation can affect your health and cause serious harm. It is understood that more than 95% of men now have masturbation during adolescence. Excessive masturbation will bring their own great trouble, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, no ejaculation, prostatitis disease, but also cause male infertility. Here we come to understand the male masturbation harm and prevention methods.

Men have excessive masturbation with five major hazards

1. Chinese medicine theory that masturbation and overworked, are caused by kidney qi deficiency, kidney essence, renal juice depletion of the main cause of the emergence of men’s spermatorrhea, skimming, impotence, premature ejaculation or ejaculation difficulties, and backache, Hair loss and other sexual function symptoms; women masturbation can occur vulvitis, vaginitis, cystitis, and even sexy or desires cold, severe cases can also cause pelvic bleeding and low back pain, or lead to neurasthenia and mental illness.

2. Men over masturbation can lead to genitourinary disease

Chronic prostatitis caused by frequent urination, diphtheria white, lower abdomen and perineal discomfort, backache weakness, loss of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, not ejaculation and so on. So long to read the newspaper or study time is not long on the dizziness brain swelling, long-term frequent masturbation can often cause serious mental burden, due to frequent ejaculation, can cause semen quality decline, loss of libido, and some increased by ejaculation threshold Normal life can not ejaculate, may affect fertility.

3. Male over-masturbation can lead to fertility

If you have married, but also masturbation several times a week, then the probability of lead to infertility will be greatly increased, because the normal healthy man, sperm mature generally takes about a week, a week later, if not excreted, it will automatically convert For the protein absorbed by the body, if you frequent discharge, then it will be due to lack of sperm vitality, the number of reduced lead to difficult to conceive. Excessive masturbation can often cause serious mental burden, due to frequent ejaculation, can cause semen quality decline, loss of libido, and some increase in ejaculation threshold, so that in normal life can not ejaculate, may affect fertility.

4. Masturbation is a serious damage to the spirit of the body

Masturbation is the consumption of “fine”, that is, with the bone marrow, brain connected to the kidney of the human body of the collection of the blood, the source of blood. Excessive consumption will lead to bone marrow void, brain marrow dissatisfaction, life ahead of aging, died, the body is extremely weak but the secondary performance.

5. The body by blood qi nourishing, blood gas source is the diet

No consumption of blood gas will be in the body when the depth of sleep into refined, hidden in the kidney, sealed in the bone to prepare for contingencies. If you consume less, save more, that is, longevity health protection; if the consumption of more, less savings, is the premise of aging short-lived.

How to avoid premature ejaculation caused by masturbation?

1, Cultivate good hobbies and interests, encourage more to participate in social activities, reduce the sensitivity to the opposite sex.

2, To be appropriate treatment of masturbation, to prevent the main, the application of mental therapy, psychological counseling methods to strengthen the spiritual civilization and sex education, so that attention to the moral and intellectual development in three ways to overcome the ideological too focused.

3, Pay attention to the law of life and life regulation, to avoid wearing too tight underwear, sleep on time, dinner should not be full, sleep when the bedding do not overheat, sleep should not be supine and prone, dinner should not irritating diet such as smoke, , Spicy products.

4, Adolescents who have committed masturbation habits, should not be severely accused, should help them, build confidence and determination to quit masturbation, can not use exaggerated, intimidating approach, otherwise it will increase their ideological burden.

5, The excessive masturbation of the harm should have a correct understanding, to establish the determination to overcome the habit of masturbation, the spirit of self-masturbation from the liberation of their own. If the reproductive system inflammation, taking anti-inflammatory drugs and other symptomatic treatment, to eliminate the patient’s discomfort.

6, To reduce the bad sexual stimulation, do not look at pornographic books and movies. To develop good health habits, pay attention to keep the vulva clean, regular cleaning, remove bad fouling.

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What are the reasons for women’s sex frigidity? 5 Strokes teach you rekindle woman’s sex fun

If a woman is not interested in sex, may indicate that she is not satisfied with the relationship between the two sexes, fear of sex, to know that married life is a good way to promote the feelings between husband and wife, if women appear frightened, it will affect the harmony between husband and wife, easy Cause a contradiction. So if women have a cold problem must be treated, then, women are the reasons for the cold? Female sex cold how to do it?

What are the reasons for women’s sex frigidity?

1. Drugs stolen sexual desire

Oral contraceptives, antihypertensive drugs, anxiolytic drugs, antacids and antidepressants will affect women’s sexual desire. Recommendations, ask the side effects of drugs, and take non-hormonal contraceptive measures.

2. Electronic products intrusion bedroom

TV, computers, mobile phones and other “invasion” of the bedroom, not only lead to insomnia, and will bring disaster sex. Bed should only do two things: one is to sleep, the second is to make love. As long as not a variety of “technical equipment” into the bedroom, it may also sex face.

3. Busy life

Home outside the home and several positions, as well as modern life stress will lead to changes in female hormone levels, disruptive reaction cycle, affect sexual desire. Reasonable arrangements for life, take a hot bath and so help to relieve stress, relax, improve husband and wife sex life.

4. Aliasing body

Fat or pregnancy lead to body changes, will cause psychological pressure on women, and then affect the sex. Dr. Di Weile suggested that active exercise to lose weight, help to enhance their own sexual recognition, improve sexual desire.

5. Perimenopausal period

Before menopause, estrogen levels decline, resulting in sexual life affected. At this point, vaginal tissue lubrication worse, dry cause pain, and then let women fear of sexual life. Recommendations, and doctors to discuss the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy. If the vaginal dryness, the choice of estrogen ointment or suppository, or lubricant.

Know the cause of the reasons for the cold women, Xiao Bian proposal, concerned about the symptoms of disease, early treatment of illness, eliminate fatigue discomfort, restore healthy sex.

5 Strokes teach you rekindle woman’s sex fun

1. Masturbation

Many women are confused about treating masturbation as sexual treatment, but this is actually a very good treatment. Women through their own completely relaxed, without any burden of sexual fantasies, masturbation experience orgasm, the climax brought satisfaction, sexual pleasure is the ideal treatment of low libido ideal “drug”.

2. Mining new sexy point

Perfect sex is like the pursuit of new ideas, there is no need to stick to the rules, this is a very smart approach. Many of us do not know which part of their body likes to be touched, because we are always used to touch sensitive areas that have been proven. Spend about an hour touching his whole body – hiding his skin with his fingertips – and letting him do the same for you. You will find a sexy map that belongs only to you.

3. Trust the man

The psychoanalytic school emphasizes the subconscious psychological conflict, and they believe that part of the orgasm lacks the traumatic experience that is rooted in childhood. Such as the breakdown of the growth of the girls in the family, if her father’s brutal ruthless and mother’s bitterness is deeply impressed, will form a fear and distrust of men, adult marriage, despite the love of her husband, subconsciously on men Fear and mistrust will still prevent her from orgasm.

4. Acupressure massage

Patients supine, the surgeon with the palm of your hand, counterclockwise Mo small abdomen, the 30 times. Click on the gas sea, Guan Yuan, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao each 1 minutes. Prone position, the surgeon refers to a Zen by Shenshu, Xin Yu, liver Yu, Ming Men points each 1 minute. Palm rubbing the left or the right side of the back of the door below the door 5 to 10 minutes. And then supine, the surgeon to two fingers from the top of the patient within the Yin Lian, five-star point, from top to bottom kneading, by the circumference of the knee to the knee under the Yin Ling Quan, repeated 3 to 5 times.

5. Positive communication ease of relief

For a mentally traumatized or mentally worried wife, the husband should patiently guide his wife to help them eliminate the concerns. If the lack of female sexual knowledge caused by the pressure and discord, the couple should actively communicate, learn knowledge, mutual understanding of each other’s sexual and sexual needs, both sides agreed to actively explore and try, learn to appreciate and praise each other. To carry out sexual life to be meticulous, patient and gentle, foreplay more fully, to promote sexual harmony.

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