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The best time for sex life

What is the best time for sex life? Many people have such a question. In fact, there is no standard answer to this question.

The best time for sex life

1. Some people think that at night time as well

The so-called night, generally refers to about 22 points, for a considerable number of people, this is about to fall asleep time. Those who hold this view believe that sexual activity requires a lot of physical strength, in this period of time life, after the accident can immediately fall asleep, so that both sides get full rest, the next day can maintain plenty of energy.

2. Some people think that the early morning, that is about 6 o’clock as well

Those who hold this opinion that after a night of rest, physical recovery, sexual life has a better energy. In addition, from the physiological point of view, the human body adrenal hormone concentration is the highest, at this time the strongest sexual desire. In this time through sexual life, can be a short period of time into sexual excitement. Although sexual intercourse after the lack of timely rest, immediately to work, study, but because of the physical cost of life is not large. Early morning sexual life, to the feeling of sexual fatigue without discomfort to determine whether it is suitable for their own.

3. Some people advocate, it is best to sleep a few hours before, wake up and then live a better life

People who hold this view believe that the pace of modern life faster, after 8 hours a day of study, work, mostly tired, and in the evening would like to enjoy the relaxed nightlife, but also want to carry out the necessary social interaction, general Sleep late at night, in this case the sex life, physical strength, mental slack, may not be able to make both sides satisfied. If you sleep, get a period of time necessary to rest, that physical strength, energy have been restored, after sexual intercourse can sleep a few hours.

In these cases it is best not to carry out sex life

1. Please do not have sexual intercourse when sick

If you have some of the more serious organic disease of the food, must not be forced to sexual life, because such as tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, should also avoid sexual intercourse, because the sick life not only hurt themselves but also infected To love.

2. Please do not fatigue for sexual intercourse

Sexual life will consume a certain amount of energy and physical strength, so if there is mental or physical fatigue, such a sexual life is often not up to orgasm, but also feel more tired after sexual life, causing some impact on health.

3. Do not feel reluctantly engaged

Couples in poor condition of the sex life, not only not harmony, but also because of poor mood caused by the other side of the resentment, if repeated this problem, but also lead to women appear cold or male impotence situation.

4. Do not have sex life everyday

Women in the menstrual period, the cervix is ​​open, when sexual intercourse is more susceptible to infection, leading to inflammation of the uterus or accessories.

5. Try not to have sex intercourse after drink too much

Some people prefer to engage in intercourse after drinking, and even some people think that drinking sex will improve the quality of life, in fact, drinking or drinking spirits, but will cause the man’s penis erection or premature ejaculation, hinder sexual harmony, And this time the pregnancy will affect the fetus.

How to make the couple with more harmonious sex life?

1. Have a sense of enjoyment

Sometimes women want to meet their needs in order to fear that their husbands can not be satisfied. But sex is in fact the two sides with the subject, if blindly meet each other, in the end women will become hate “that file thing.” Women should be straightforward to her husband to explain their needs, do not have guilt or embarrassment, because in fact, men like to be able to enjoy sex women. When men find their own actions can bring women happy, which than what aphrodisiac can make him excited.

2. Do not pretend climax

In order to please her husband, some women can be realistic to pretend climax, so that men can not tell. But when they did so, they did not think of long-term consequences: if they did not feel happy but pretended to be climax, but let her husband next time continue to repeat his wrong action, because he mistakenly think that way to make women happy. A woman had this experience: her husband rubbed her pussy hard, want her to reach a climax, but made her very painful. She was embarrassed to tell him that his way was too rude, so he pretended to reach the climax so that he could stop. Did not expect, after every time he used this rude way to rub her, make her more and more pain, and finally she could not bear, had to tell him the truth. This makes her husband hit, and the woman is also very regretful, if the beginning to understand how good.

3. Do not ignore the feelings of your husband

It is generally believed that men seem to be able to enter directly without any foreplay and enjoy it. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Touch and provoke will make men more excited, because women do so, equal to say how much they like his body. Some women will be shy to act, but absolutely not a man will not like women to do so, so just do it, and will immediately get the obvious effect. Touch and provoke is very simple, as long as the fingers have been sliding over his body, especially the inner thigh and nipple; sometimes touch his lower as a tease. In addition, women can also use hair, tongue and eyelashes to increase the effect of provocative.

4. Do not be afraid of fantasy

A woman admitted: she and her husband every time sex, are imagined and love Leonardo do love. This imagination made her unusually excited, and her husband was happy with her wild action. She felt that it did not matter, anyway, she could not really have an affair with Leonardo. Experts say sexual fantasies are healthy because it is not only a great deal of power, but what is happening in fantasy does not have to be done. For example, if a heterosexual male fantasy lesbian scene does not mean that he is gay; a woman imagines a man other than her husband who does not mean that she wants to have an affair. Sexual fantasies just show that this person has a lot of imagination, and it does stimulate sex.

5. Do not be static

If every night in the same way to make love, even if every time the climax, and finally will become dull, it is because there is no expectation. To a woman’s personal experience to say: as long as she in the above, to the buttocks rub the male genitals, will be able to achieve orgasm. So every time they make love to take this posture, and soon reached the climax will be a hasty end, the results are not satisfied. In fact, it is the old word: the more slowly the mouth of the things more taste. In other words, the more slowly reached the climax, the more intense pleasure. When taking the highest posture of excitement, one is enough to bring the excitement of the degree, do not wait until the climax comes, they should be replaced by other positions. This can not only delay the arrival of the climax, you can also take the opportunity to explore other posture fun.

6. Understand each other’s body

We know that everyone has a different point in the sex of the same thing. If women have had sexual experience with other men before, and sometimes use the previous way to the current partner, it is not appropriate. So, how do you know what the other side likes? This depends on careful observation. Of course, some people will automatically groan or shout to express his preferences, but many people may belong to silence is the type of gold, then you can listen to his breathing is accelerated or pour a breath, his pupil is suddenly enlarged, Collapse, and the most obvious is the penis is harder. This observation does not take long, you can and his preferences with a seamless.

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Always feel low sexual desire, how to do it ?

For everyone who has some understanding of cold, that is, there is no desire for sex, such as a month a one-time life, or once a month are not in the current society which is likely because of work pressure, excessive and so on, Will cause frigidity, the following for their own feel cold how to do this problem, the following made a professional answer for your reference.

Reason 1: male and female sexual arousal differences

In terms of sexual stimulation, the most effective for men is visual stimulation. Under normal circumstances, as long as there is sufficient visual stimulation, men will soon be able to achieve the state of sexual arousal and prepare for sex. But women are different, for women, visual stimulation is also effective, but the effect is much shorter than men. For women, the romantic atmosphere, gentle love words, affectionate embrace and touch more touched them. So let the sister heart, love, light off the clothes, but not enough!

Reason 2: external interference will affect women’s sexual feelings

For men, the mechanical stimulation of the penis can also bring sexual excitement and orgasm (although there is no romantic sex good effect), but for women, the simple clitoris, vaginal stimulation is not necessarily effective. If women want to achieve orgasm, must be devoted to sex, concerned about their physical feelings, to mobilize their sexual desire. If love is still thinking when they will not be pregnant, the work has not been completed, this month is enough money and other trivial problems, then no matter how good the stimulus is helpless!

Reason 3: simple vaginal sexual intercourse is difficult for women to orgasm

Studies have shown that only 1/3 of women in the simple vaginal sexual intercourse reached a climax. Most women need hands, lips and tongue to stimulate the clitoris to reach orgasm. So if the process of love in love only focus on pumping movement, then really is a lot of female compatriots can not experience the climax of pleasure! So love in love to pay attention to the feelings of women, pay attention to foreplay, with touch, kiss and other methods to increase a variety of stimuli, then even if the sister did not reach orgasm, will love the process of love to enjoy this intimate satisfaction , How will refuse love?

Sexual feelings are different for each individual. Although we can see this, that love love small Raiders, but it is not suitable for you two people have tried to know. So the golden rule in sex is – the two sides should communicate more. What kind of touch, kiss or position is to make me feel good, what kind of behavior or the environment is to make me feel bad. Only more exchanges can let two people find the best feeling.

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Wonderful and full of wild fun sex life

Busy work so that many couples have no time to live a life, not to mention the pursuit of spiritual harmony consistent with the climax of the extreme. Do not let boring sex erase your feelings, and try these wonderful way of sex, so that more fun sex.

But sometimes, if in such a stimulating situation, and then with some commonly used props, but more able to feel some of the more wonderful feelings. It is like the following of these items, you can always open the switch, to push themselves to explore the body of the fantasy journey.

1. Hot water with ice cubes

Whether you are traveling or premeditated wild games, as long as the empty bottle on the road can be. You can add a diet in the convenience store at the same time, pay attention to whether there is free hot water and ice.

For sensory stimulation, temperature changes can provide unexpected sexual development. In fact, as long as the preparation of hot water and ice, you can use the bite of the moment, with a hot water (or ice water), so that your sister to give you to stimulate. If you can, hot water and ice water should be used interchangeably, combined with sensory stimulation, absolutely for your trip this time to leave unforgettable memories.

2. Wrap lust wrapped in thin stockings

The excitement of the field is in fact with a little rude imagination. In the excitement and forget to start with the severity of the same time, thin stockings for the next wild sex, bring additional sensory stimulation. In other words, before going out to wear thin stockings, there will be in today’s journey will be torn psychological preparation.

For men, the stockings that slightly reflective refraction sense, fully demonstrated the female body is different from their own plump and sexy. Tearing stockings can also make men’s head full of sense of accomplishment. As if a layer of thin fabric in the broken, wrapped in the inside of the female lust also burst out instantly, can be unscrupulous rude collision.

In the end of the war at the same time, do not immediately take off the stockings, in the place to see a trace of rude, can be timely to maintain the sense of shame and the success of creating a sexual atmosphere.

Finally, you can imagine wearing a stockings for the men in terms of men can also be full of fun? If you can accept, you can use more than wearing the stockings feet tease your other half.

3. Let your prostate orgasm

With a condom There should be a basic common sense. But if you have been looking forward to close combat in the field, the condom can also have an unexpected use: to stimulate chrysanthemum.

After the fingers bring the condom, the use of lubricants within the package to ease the sphincter rejection of foreign body reaction, you can try to stimulate the chrysanthemum finger, chrysanthemum is second only to the glans of the nerve-intensive area, it is recommended to slowly scratch the way to stimulate Its contraction, for the penis hardness will be unexpectedly good results.

4. Avoid the fear of the oil

Things that are troubling in the wild are often for the needs of cleaning, and women are too frightening for their oral sex, the hardest part of which is the strong smell of male genitals.

Hands and tongue with the same flexibility, this time the function of lubricating oil is to put the effect of oral to his hands to reach. Lubricant amount put on his hands after contact with Tintin, the use of the temperature of the genitals to push the oil, the rest can also cast their own vagina, lower the next place due to the difficulties caused by sexual intercourse.

5. Newly stimulated remote jumping eggs

You remember the webmaster has talked about the use of outdoor dancing eggs of all kinds of play? This is about the challenge of open space to release the ultimate exotic love! After all, there will be no more than their own lover to others this thing, more It was shy.

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Notice four major signals to the dull sex life. How can make sex with more passionate?

No matter which couples can always keep sex life with “vigorous.” Even if the beginning of the time and then passion, there will have a dull day.

Four major signals show the sex life become dull:

Put the sex included in the schedule

“Friday night”, “Tuesday afternoon” or “news” and other planned sex time, ignoring one of the most basic characteristics of sex: spontaneity. Car refueling need regular timing, but sex is also so copy, will inevitably lead to his wife lost sex. Expert advice: to overcome this, men can grasp their own “sexual impulse outbreak” in the wife of the most unexpected time, give her a surprise. If you do not like the side of the cooking while caressing, it can choose a “unplanned time” passion. Morning sex or Sunday dating is a good choice.

Sex time only have 10 minutes each time

If sex is only 10 minutes from beginning to end, certainly belong to the abnormal phenomenon. Occasional sex fast food will add fun to the couple life, however, the normal life can not always so hastily. Experts advise, in order to extend sex time, be sure to do 10 minutes before the play. Lack of foreplay and reckless act, will inevitably lead to sex too dull, can not be long. In addition, sex after the gentle and love words should last longer.

Wife is not enough lubrication

There are many reasons for the vaginal dryness of women, it is important that sexual excitement is insufficient. The lack of effective male sexual induction or sexual methods are unpopular, will make the woman psychological preparation is not sufficient, can not fully evoke. Expert advice: foreplay kissing, hugging, caressing and irritating sensitive areas can greatly improve women’s lubrication, so that the husband and wife sex more smoothly.

Sex ways are immutable

If the sex foreplay, sex posture and orgasm to reach the way are always the same, it is easy to make both sides gradually become tired of feeling. Expert advice: occasionally try a new sex position, will make both husband and wife feel the excitement and surprise. Sex should be creative, only often change the new in order to maintain freshness, but also aroused the enthusiasm of both sides.

How can make sex with more passionate?

1. Eliminate the time difference of 12 to 36 minutes

Men average about 6 to 8 minutes to achieve orgasm, women usually take 20 to 40 minutes, there is between the time between about 12 to 36 minutes difference. Companion to realize this time difference, and more through the physical caress to shorten it.

2. Outside the bedroom began foreplay

Foreplay must not be dispensable, but a “request”. It is not limited to the physical aspects of sexual contact, in addition to some explicit expression of sex, send pornographic messages, say compliments and massage each other can better stimulate the sexual desire of the partner.

3. Stop for a while before the climax

Companions can be used to “escape” approach to extend the sex time, that is about to reach orgasm when the abrupt end, to start again. It should be remembered that a slightly regrettable sexual life can not be changed overnight, and both sides must persevere in training and practice in order to learn to stay on the couch for longer.

4. Must use lubricants

Each couple can benefit from the use of lubricants: to help lubricate, reduce pain, increase the taste …… lubricant should become a standard, place in a readily available place.

5. Keep a good mood to help the climax

The survey shows that it is easier to reach the climax of those who are young, the overall relationship between marriage harmony, happy mood to relax people. When the mentality is good, happy life, the couple in the sex can reach the body and the soul of the double climax – this is the highest level of sex, not only women seeking, men are so. To get such a climax, to maintain a happy mood, to create a comfortable sex environment, the exchange of sexual feelings are very important.

6. Do not exclude sex toys

For some couples, the initial use of sex toys is indeed some embarrassment and unfamiliar, but this is only a process of sexual improvement. If you are not accustomed to vibrating rods and other toys, you can choose a floating point of the condom to add fun.

Finally, recommend a few mobs to mobilize sexual desire!

1. Men should be added every day with ginkgo ingredients nutritional supplements, it can promote blood flow, so that more blood flow to the brain and other organs. However, before taking the doctor to ask, in strict accordance with the doctor’s advice.

2. In the yogurt and eat cereal food, add 1 tablespoon malt, it is rich in zinc, the production of testosterone has an important role.

3. Every time through a sexual partner, please contact his/her body or kiss him/her. Through simple physical contact can improve sexual desire.

4. When you and your partner affectionate or kissing, please open your eyes, then look at the partner’s eyes to his / her pass the trust and honest information.

5. He/she talk about their own sexual fantasies. If you see your husband picking up the stump in the backyard, the big sweat of the beans is flowing down his muscular ridge, and tell him that you see the hind legs of the scene. If you see your wife coming out of the bathroom with a translucent pajamas, please tell her when you are surging. The close feelings in daily life with a close way to tell the companion.

6. Create some of their own and nothing to do with the scene. Every morning with a cup of steaming coffee or milk to wake him, better than the harsh alarm better? In the evening for her to prepare a hot bath water; every Tuesday and her partner outside the special dinner; look at the big popcorn to see when she massage feet. The key is to stick. Long to stick to it, these practices will become a secret language between you.

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How long have one time sex life will be healthy? What positions are more helpful?

In the sex life, many couples have a question. How long will sex be healthy? How many times a few times a week?

Together to see under the sex experts summed up the age of each age for the formula of sexual frequency standards:

1. For more than 20 years of sex formula: the “sex frequency = age first number × 9”.

2. For 20 to 29 years old, sex formula for 2 × 9 = 18,18 can be seen as a combination of 10 and 8, for 10 days had 8 sexual life.

3. For 30 to 39 years old, the formula for the 3 × 9 = 27, suitable for 20 days in 7 times.

4. For 40 years of age, the number of people should be 6 times a month, less than twice a week.

What positions will make sex life more perfect?

1. Normal position, rhythm movement

First of all, the normal position method to insert the penis after the combination, and women in the form of knees across the male waist, and with the male sexual movement, rhythmic movement of the waist.

Soon, then the women’s legs on the shoulders of men, and men took the opportunity to transfer the location, the female upper body pulled up, which became the front seat position method. Women tightly climbing the neck of men, men are hugging the female waist, the use of this position, women will be men down, into the half seat method, the male to strengthen the breast, clitoris, thighs and other caresses, gradually accelerated rhythm, Excitement Moreover, men stand up to raise the waist of women, has become a high waist position method. And women at this time by men strong action knocked down.

2. Lateral changes, right angle movement

The two side to the side of the way, the man raised the woman’s legs, so that the upper body up, and then kneeling way to transfer the position, at this time to exercise at right angles, then turned to the posterior position method, the female caressing. Especially tightly hug women’s waist, can strengthen sexual movement.

Then women stand up upper body, men are repeated sexual movement, until tired so far.

3. Riding position, before and after the movement

Women sitting on top of the men to achieve a combination of state, men have rhythmic shake the female’s thighs, repeated before and after the movement, and caressing women. With the opportunity to rise the upper body, converted into the front seat method, closer to the women’s waist and about the sexual movement. If men can induce women to twist the waist, the sexual movement is very smooth. And this action can stimulate the clitoris at the same time, so women can naturally be with the.

Female excited, if the body back, the male as much as possible to her body down, but also in the women’s feet, and men’s feet are staggered with each other, and shaking women’s waist. Then, the men re-up, the woman’s thighs around the large open, and then a strong penis inserted, this intense action is completed, the woman will not help excitement and called out.

4. Behind the posture, repeated movement

First of all the woman’s hips from behind, and the penis inserted into the repeated before and after the movement, a hand is stroking the female clitoris, this time, women’s breathing will gradually rapid, has a climax, Women’s waist, and put their knees into the women’s knees between.

To the last two are the formation of two inflection lines, and tummy women straight feet, men pull up the waist, inserted from the top, a strong impact throughout the women’s body, but also to men orgasm.

5. Rear seat position, the depth of movement

Men sitting in bed or chairs, the woman is sitting back to the man sitting above, to accept the insertion of the penis. This time, you can use the knee, forcing women to open their feet, so that the angle of the penis changes. And women get pleasure, it will strengthen the friction between male stocks, resulting in a very comfortable feeling. Men adjust the depth of insertion so that women feel anxious or satisfied. When the women began to excited, the male can be back to the body, so that the penis and vagina can be inserted directly into the state, when women twist their waist, and could not help but call out.

You can’t do these five things when you are in sex:

1. Do not take lover with others for comparison

When you are gentle, do not say the words, such as “your body is very good, only a movie star almost”, “in the people I know, you perform the best” … … even if you are sincere praise each other , So there is a more nature, then it is also easy to cause misunderstanding, so that the other side that you think of someone else in sex, and my heart will be awkward.

2. Do not just pay attention to sexual intercourse, ignoring emotional communication

Sex and life are inseparable, need a good emotional basis. If the two do not have any emotional communication, just want to get pleasure through sexual stimulation, not only difficult to get climax, and will doubt each other’s purpose, the heart more and more exclusion of sex.

3. Can not superstitious porn movies

It is wrong to learn sex skills or theory from erotic products. Pornographic drama is mostly exaggerated, deductive method, only as a sexual life of the swap, if blindly imitate, it may be counterproductive, but also reduce sexual desire, resulting in female frigidity.

4. You can’t do two things at one time

Obviously in the other and lingering, but also from time to time to look under the phone, watching TV, and even consider the work will be. In the other affection, this move is easy to be found, so as to dispel the enthusiasm of the other, and even lead to quarrel.

5. Do not force to act, or even forced each other

Some couples in a bad mood when barely sexual life, but not the harmony of sexual life, but also lead to bad mood side of the resentment, such as repeated occurrences, will lead to women’s frigidity or men’s impotence.

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How many physical strength will be consumed of one night sex life?

In sex life, man do the body of strenuous exercise, waist muscles and lumbar spine is to withstand the largest amount of movement, energy consumption is great. Sex life can be said to be a physical exercise. Twice a week to live, then, within a year in this area can consume calories can reach 5,000 kcal, which is equivalent to a year jogging 80-90 km.

A middle-aged man’s weekly sex life is only 0.3% of the daily activity. The energy consumed by the movement is determined by the time and intensity of the work. Orgasm time is very short, and the whole life process is only 10 to 15 minutes, so sex is not long, hard and not too much activity.

In addition to the consumption of calories and then get slim effect, the reasonable sex life also helps to enhance people’s physical strength. In sexual arousal and orgasm, accompanied by muscle contraction and relaxation, the higher the quality of sexual life, the effect of increasing physical strength is better. But men do not over indulge in it. Just as any kind of super-strength physical exercise, too much sexual activity can lead to damage, such as muscle fatigue.

Sex life is an “activity” that requires energy support, which is no doubt. Just as dancing, walking, swimming, like, is to consume a certain amount of energy and physical. If too much, too much sex, very prone to strain, until the last powerless.

Men have the strongest sexual desire, the best time is in the 18 to 22 years old, 22 years old after the downhill. Under normal circumstances, a reasonable sex time should be the second day after getting up without sleepiness, waist is not sour back pain. This is because sex after the back pain, in fact, the body of a self-protection measures, intended to remind men to reduce sex time.

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