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Four wonders between husband and wife often have sex life

We have done a survey, mainly for the husband and wife, the purpose of the investigation is to see how long they have a sex life. The result is that most couples do not live on a regular basis, and some couples are even in two or three months. Couples do not have sex, will endanger sexual health. And regular sex, there will be four wonders.

1. Help to eliminate insomnia

Everyone is eager to have a deep, sweet sleep, but a variety of causes of insomnia, often troubled everyone. Especially women, more likely to sleep. And when experiencing a harmonious sex life, the nervous excited body began to relax, the muscles are also satisfied after the fatigue to stretch, sleep naturally hit, help to eliminate insomnia. And the more happy life, after the more easily fall asleep.

2. Reduce premenstrual syndrome

Women in the 5-7 days before menstruation, the blood flow into the pelvis increased, may cause swelling and cramps, leading to abdominal distension or abdominal pain. And sexual life in the muscle contraction movement, can promote blood flow out of the pelvic area, into the blood circulation, and reduce pelvic pressure, thereby reducing abdominal discomfort.

3. Semen can help women vaginal disinfection

Experiments show that semen has an antibacterial substance – seminal cytoplasm, it can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus and other pathogens. So it can help female genitalia from microbial invasion. Long-term no sex life of women, more susceptible to vaginitis, endometritis, salpingitis and other diseases.

4. Help protect your mind young

According to the Japanese medical research shows that: “with the waste back” sexual atrophy, but also for the lack of sexual life. Appropriate sexual life helps to prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, memory is also strong.

According to some doctors say, between husband and wife, to regular sexual life, you can also play a role in the prevention of disease. Especially heart disease and myocardial infarction, through sexual life can be a very good prevention. Because every sex can make the whole body activities in various regions, as if exercise on a normal day in general, especially healthy.

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What are the benefits of regular sex life between husband and wife?

In daily life, we need to pay attention to the feelings between husband and wife, more importantly, need to pay attention to the sex between husband and wife. Sex experts said that sexual life can effectively alleviate the pressure to promote the feelings between husband and wife, not just a sexual behavior, but also the pursuit of happiness. So what are the benefits of regular sex life between husband and wife?

1. Effective weight loss
30 minutes of sex can burn 200 calories, people can easily reduce the excess fat, keep slim, seductive good body.

2. Protect the male heart
A study by Queen’s University in Belfast, UK, shows that men have sex three times a week and can reduce the risk of heart disease by half. The study also shows that regular sex can reduce the men’s stroke by half.

3. Help sleep
Caressing and sex can be released to promote sleep endorphins, so that couples in some play, quickly into the sweet dreams.

4. Leakage urine
Sex can enhance the strength of the pelvic muscles, and then better control of urination, but also effective in preventing urinary incontinence.

5. Relieve pain
Sex should be no pain, all the harvest thing. In the heart after the ups and downs, the pituitary gland secretion of endorphins, help to reduce body pain, joint pain and menstrual pain can also be alleviated.

6. Menstrual regular
Columbia University and Stanford University scientists through the study found that women if at least once a week life, menstrual cycle will be more regular.

7. Relax
United States Massachusetts gynecological experts said that sex can effectively restrain anxiety, because the couple between the slow, gentle caress, you can calm down, forget the sadness.

8. Ease the pressure
Encounter bothering, shouting with it, not as good as through sex to release. Many psychologists in the United States regard happy sex as one of the best ways to get rid of stress.

9. With the progress, do not have to retreat
American marriage expert Davis pointed out that sexual ability is also a technology, the more sex the number, can stimulate more sex hormones, enhance sexual desire, but also exercise the sexual ability.

10. Vent
A soft and comfortable bed is a good place to release violence and control bad emotions and behavior. Sexual life happy couples, rarely appear extreme repression of violence.

11. Enhance confidence
San Francisco sex expert Sandel said that if a person’s performance in bed is good, not only can make the partner more happy, they will feel full of confidence and strength.

We need to pay attention to these advantages and benefits, but must pay attention to avoid excessive sexual life, will cause the body to be affected, usually we need to pay attention to the emotional exchange between them, pay attention to a reasonable diet, effectively enhance the physical fitness, To avoid causing more harm, we hope that as soon as possible to understand.

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Woman’s most craving sex foreplay skills

In the sex life, in fact, the foreplay of sexual life is also very important, foreplay done, and do enough of the woman’s most desirable sex foreplay, then the woman reached orgasm becomes very easy, so for the Sex foreplay skills, we come together to find out.

Woman’s most desirable foreplay skills:

1. The cold stimulation

A simple touch need to partner to feel, and for the implementation of the touch of the party, change touch strokes, increase the touch pattern can greatly enhance the feelings of each other. For example, with some suitable for playing the cold things to stimulate her feelings, such as a grape frozen for 20 minutes, when they are arranged in rows on her neck and thighs.

2. Wrapped her in a group

Bundled with its own attraction: it can increase the excitement of the person involved. But those chains, ropes, etc. may be scared of her (and scared us), so try this method: with a large towel was her body wrapped up, so her hand can not move, and then to caress Exposed on the outside part: head, shoulders, feet, which are more simple than the bundles, natural and easy to accept.

3. Gentleman moves also hands

In this intimate moment, the hands are not idle, the pulp is too light can not light touch, fingertip turn circle, finger press, digging, in and out of the changing “finger skills” can be applied in all can imagine And to be developed on the sensitive belt. At the same time, tightly embraced, gentle embrace, the body rubbing and other contacts, and often make women’s hairs up, Jiaochuan again and again, the body gently trembling.

4. Cast your eyes

Many women lack a sense of security for missionaries, because you can not see their bodies. But if you are blindfolded, they will do more for you.

Request to allow: before “into” her, ask if she can. She will feel that this is very cute, so that they feel that they are respected, so that they are more secure, and thus more relaxed in the process of sex. When the first entry into the same time, kiss her mouth and face, this shows her attention to this individual.

Men are most cynical foreplay skills:

1. Kiss more caresses

All the fine kiss, caress and massage can be your flirting Dafa, want to come a little more exciting experience, you can also prepare a bottle of aromatherapy massage oil in the bedroom.

2. Multi-language tease

Language is the best flirtation and foreplay of the tool, may wish to praise him a lot, or describe a paragraph or your sexual fantasies will make men faster into the state.

3. Slow show strippers show

Sexy skirt lifted to the thigh, his hands swimming in the legs, faded socks. And then slowly unlock the shirt buttons, the last underwear from the shoulders on the slide, no one can endure this temptation.

4. Jump stage dance

Open the sound, the volume transferred to the maximum, so that men sit on the bed, and then jump a sexy sultry dance, and then take off a piece of clothing, will definitely let the man “such as pins and needles.”

Men and women flirting skills:

1. Mouth moan: face-to-face kissing when groaning, so that his mouth engulfed your voice, let him know your excitement.

2. The rotation of the stimulus: let him sit on the rotating leather chair, I will rely on his chest and sitting in the knee position, and then fiddle with him, and encouraged him to kiss my neck and hand stroked me.

3. Q get tongue: husband like me to stimulate his nipple skills, but he did not know that I actually use the tongue to scan the letters, which Q to make him the most used.

4. Pinch grasping the meat: the use of missionary style and achieve orgasm practice, mainly to make themselves completely excited, and then clutching his hips. This will allow me to tighten my abdomen and drive him deeper.

5. Sweet and warm tongue: licking a little honey on the tongue, and then with a taste of hot tea or hot water, and then contain it until the melted melted so far. Which can create a warm and smooth stimulation, teach him a memorable.

6. Throwing chest shaking hip: the female potential, I will lean forward to his chest pressure, and then arch waist and just move the waist and hip for the upper and lower movements. This active gesture makes him and I am more excited.

Before making love, men can kiss their wife, and can kiss her body, and can also be used to tease the language, in the sex life, we can jump a dancing, and female friends can actively cooperate with their own Her husband to change the action of sex, so that they can increase the feelings between each other.

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Husband and wife sex life can not be satisfied with the reasons

Husband and wife sex life harmony, for the feelings between the two people, has always been very important, but often some people in the process of husband and wife sex life, one party is not satisfied, causing such a phenomenon must be There are reasons, then what are the reasons for the husband and wife sex life is not satisfied ?

1. Sexual impulse is not enough to maintain sex

In the sex life, the emotions between men and women can be divided into four periods (honeymoon period or early marriage), the contradiction period (mutual adaptation period), transfer period (parenting period) and deep period (return to two worlds). If normal sex hormones are the cornerstone of a harmonious relationship, then good feelings are fusion agents, and appropriate sexual fantasies are catalysts.

Often, young people have normal sex hormones and rich sexual fantasies, but physical and imaginary impulses tend to dilute emotional factors. In real life, a graduate to break up the students, honeymoon an end of the divorced young couple is not uncommon, is the reason. Deal with bad feelings, then the simple physical impulse is not enough to maintain a good sex.

Therefore, young people should respect each other, understanding, tolerance, adaptation, in particular, to learn to accept all the advantages and disadvantages of each other, with the emotional fusion agent, will just build up the gender relationship sticky more solid.

2. Emotional transfer so that lack of passion for sex

The situation of middle-aged people is different from that of young people. They will spend most of their minds in training their children and hard work, emotional in the transfer period, stable but lack of encouragement. At the same time, menopause close, will lead to gradually reduce the level of sex hormones. The body and mind gradually away from the sweet, if not change this situation is dangerous.

For middle-aged people, the best way is to increase the appropriate sexual fantasies. That is, in a state of awake or sleeping asleep, through self-stimulation of thinking activities, is a self-sexual behavior.

Sexual content is undoubtedly full of pornographic colors, it can be self-generated, may also be produced in masturbation. A US expert, for example, said that there is a middle-aged man who has been satisfied with sexual life, has been his wife fantasy into a young full moon, Jiaoqiao look like, and the two continue to change sex time, place, bedroom, kitchen, The bathroom has left their memories of sex, husband and wife between the boredom so a little bit to eliminate.

3. Lack of sex hormones lead to low sexual desire

Sex is accompanied by a lifetime of behavior, whether sexual, or sexual needs, after entering the old age are not lost. However, with the further reduction of sex hormone levels, 50 years of age in the elderly there will be low sexual desire, sexual arousal and a series of sexual problems. Fortunately, with the help of modern medicine, professional physicians can use hormone replacement therapy and drug treatment methods to improve the sexual status of the elderly. Of course, increasing sexual fantasies have a certain effect on them.

The process of sexual life, if one side of the premature ejaculation, such a phenomenon we must respect each other understand each other, tolerance each other, and must be fully prepared, and then sexual life, lack of sex hormones can lead to poor quality of life Phenomenon occurs, for such a phenomenon, we must promptly avoid.

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For the sex life to add new impetus

Sexual life is a bridge to connect couples feelings, have a harmonious sex life will make the feelings between husband and wife more intimate, happiness will arise spontaneously. But not all couples have a happy and happy sex life. Now we go to understand what the couple can do for sex to increase motivation.

1. Harmonious daily life helps to promote the happy sex life. In daily life, the husband and wife care each other, understand each other, is to strengthen the feelings of husband and wife, harmonious atmosphere, enhance the intimacy of the best way.

2. Responsible for their own sex pleasure. Mainly for his wife, the wife has the right to their own sexual pleasure to make active demands. When the spirit is not good, the body is poor, should be politely declined her husband. In the sex life, to find their own pleasure, and strive to make her husband understand their needs.

3. Constantly changing the way of sex life. Long time with a way, prone to boredom. The two sides should continue to innovate, you can try different time, different environments, different locations, different positions and so on.

4. Do not wait for orgasm. Women in difficult to achieve orgasm, may wish to try other sexual lifestyles, such as self-touch stimulation, to see some of the content of the painting and calligraphy, etc., this may be helpful.

5. Should have appropriate sexual fantasies. In this way, you can increase both sexual pleasure.

6. Do not bring dissatisfaction into sex. If for a while quarrel, sulking and grumbling, etc., and in the sex does not match each other, or temporarily suspend sex life, will bring future risks of life.

Whether it is a couple or a couple, a long time, the feelings will not be the same as the original glue like paint. Sex life will gradually lose the passion of the past, so that want to make sex life as usual sweet, then you need some skills. But also to increase the exchange between husband and wife, mutual trust and understanding.

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Sexual life is too frequent will cause ejaculation hurt

From the medical point of view, ejaculation pain is associated with ejaculation occurs penis, urethra, perineum or lower abdomen paroxysmal pain.

Ejaculation is a manifestation of male orgasm in sexual life, should be pleasant, how will the pain of embarrassment? This needs to be analyzed from the ejaculation process.

Ejaculation need vas deferens, seminal vesicle and prostate and other organs of the muscle contraction to complete, so any part of the lesion, there will be ejaculation pain. The most common is the male genitourinary system and perineal inflammation, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc .; In addition, the genitourinary system stones or tumors can also cause ejaculation pain. Frequent sexual life may also cause ejaculation. Because sex is too frequent, the prostate is always in a congestive state, and the prostate swelling, causing pain.

Appear ejaculate pain, to identify the cause, for the cause to determine whether the need for treatment. First of all should reduce the number of sex, if the pain to reduce or stop, it is caused by sex too frequently, just to reduce sexual life, in order to maintain the full rest of the organ, you can eliminate the pain. If the diagnosis is due to phimosis, foreskin caused by too long, you must do surgery, or not only affect sexual life, but also affect fertility. If caused by prostatitis, the diagnosis of prostatic fluid is diagnosed; due to vesiculitis caused by usually accompanied by blood sperm, urinary tract inflammation caused by urine tests can be found in white blood cells, these can be used antibiotic symptomatic anti-inflammatory treatment. If you can not find the above reasons, should be X-ray or ultrasound to exclude stones, reproductive system, the possibility of cancer.

Many men appear ejaculation pain first endured, over time because of fear of this pain and escape sex, so not only affect the feelings of husband and wife, more importantly, may delay the disease. Therefore, men do not ignore ejaculation pain. During the illness, in principle, the number of sexual life should be controlled to reduce the stimulation of local disease tissue.