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Why do women make love with eyes close more likely to achieve orgasm?

Many lover or husband and wife in the sex, the woman will choose to close your eyes, in fact, this is the experience of women and the enjoyment of sex, acquiesced in a desire for men as a phenomenon.

Eyes closed to avoid shy

For the intercourse, most women hold a shy attitude, even if there is a lot of experience of the woman, her bones also have a natural sense of shy, when a man with such a close together, more or less still have some embarrassment So many ladies do not feel will close your eyes and give everything to the feeling.

Eyes closed for more “sexual fantasies”

When she was in love, why did she keep her eyes closed? Ms. excitement is mainly through contact, kissing, hugging, intercourse to achieve, mainly emphasis on the feeling, so prefer to indulge in caress, say, women on the sexual behavior of the total number of shy mind, and eyes closed more conducive to them The fantasy. Although in the intercourse process, women are eyes closed, but their mental activity has not stopped for a moment.

Acquiescence of the man’s do whatever they want

Men are sex adventurers, always like to try different fresh moves, to get more sexual pleasure, such as the use of sex toys and so on. However, women may not be recognized, and some women, although agreed to try, but also embarrassed to say it. So she will choose to close your eyes, that is, acquiescence of the man’s request, then you can do whatever you want.

Most of the girls in the sex life, because the shy is not how to let go, and blindfolded this can be a good solution to this problem; not only allows girls to show more freely, but also allows boys to better off the girl Of the feelings, so that sex has become lifelike and without losing the passion.

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How to Have a 15-Minute Female Orgasm

Everything you need to know to have an seriously extended Orgasm is right here. So send this link to your guy, cancel your plans tonight, and get ready for major pleasure.

Step 1:

First, get undressed and lie on your back using a pillow for neck support. Your legs should be bent and spread, feet together in butterfly position. If this makes your hips uncomfortable on one or both sides, just put pillows underneath the knees.

Your guy should sit to your right side on top of at least two pillows and straddle his bent left leg perpendicularly across her torso, foot flat on the opposite side. (It almost looks as if he’s on top in reverse cowgirl position, except his weight will be to the side of your torso.)

Step 2:

Have him separate your labia and retract the clitoral hood upward with the heel of the palm. The he’ll anchor the clitoris with the right thumb by holding the hood back. He should put his left hand under your butt, two fingers under each cheek, with the thumb resting on (not in) the base of the entrance to the vagina.

Step 3:

The guy should imagine he’s looking directly at the clitoris from between her legs, with the top of the clitoris as 12 o’clock on a clock face. He’ll then find 1 p.m.—ideally a small indentation or pocket between the hood and clitoris—with his right hand’s index finger, and begin stroking using the lightest touch possible and only 1/16″ or so of movement. The tip of the finger is better than the pad, so make sure he cuts his nails beforehand.

Step 4:

Once he finds it, you probably won’t be able to take more than a very light touch. So ask him to stroke like a metronome at a constant speed for periods of two to three minutes, changing speed between periods. Have him keep this up for 15 minutes. You’ll most likely start to feel intense pleasure. If the orgasm contractions are a bit too much, breathe deeply and push out slightly as if you were going to pee. (Don’t worry, as long as you emptied your bladder beforehand, you won’t actually pee.) This will help you extend the plateau and minimize fatigue.

Step 5:

Once the 15 minutes have elapsed, he should do something called “grounding”, which just means applying strong pressure down on the pubic bone and up toward your head, using overlapping hands. (It sort of looks like he’s doing chest compressions, only on your nether regions.) Usually the strongest possible pressure the most pleasurable for ending a session.

We know, it sounds too simple to bring on a 15-minute climax. But the author himself tested it out and spoke with a number of sexperts to perfect the process. Give it a try then report back in the comments section.

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Women must not touch these miners in sex

Leading Read: In terms of sex, many women feel that they are familiar with the Road, know how to pleasure each other. But in fact, some unintended sexual errors, it is likely that the sex life has been precarious. The following are some of the most likely mistakes women are making, and we give ways to avoid ways to help women better enjoy sex.

Error 1: Pretending to orgasm. Female camouflage climax of the primary reason is to please sexual partners. But the camouflage orgasm will cause a lot of negative effects, for example, will make friends mistakenly believe that the current model is the best, and thus continue to do so. Over time, women in order to achieve the real climax will become increasingly difficult, and even make pseudo-climax into normal. Once the man found, may also hurt the feelings.

Avoid method: Consciously to maintain the real, frankly in their feelings in the expression of sex, so that partners know, through continuous adjustment, you can enjoy the real climax.

Error 2: Completely exposed. Exposure can not bring sexy, too much exposure may bring negative psychological impact, and even let men lose sex. On the contrary, men prefer the feeling of looming.

Avoid method: Do not naked in front of him, wear sexy underwear, outside the pieces of loose pajamas or silk texture of the skirt, looming just to cause his attention.

Error 3: When he can not erect when blaming himself. When the partner can not erection, the woman will feel that they do not have enough attraction, and even doubt men love for themselves. In fact, men have a lot of erectile problems.

Avoid method: Give him more encouragement and care, more time to let him find self-confidence, if necessary, to accompany him to consult a doctor.

Error 4: Compare him with other men. Whether it is in person or secretly in the heart of his comparison with other men, is not a good idea. Studies have shown that recalling past sexual relationships can affect the current sexual feelings.

Avoid method: When your mind starts to emerge from other men, try to stop thinking, and focus on your new partner.

Error 5: Think men need more sex. Women always think that men are “lower body” animals, all day thinking about sex, like more sexual stimulation. In fact, male sexual needs are not higher than women

Avoid method: Do not always guess his sexual needs, do not worry can not meet him, fully express your ideas, the two sides get together to meet the unity of sex and love is also a man want.

Error 6: Do not say what you want. Many women have their own sexual needs and preferences, such as a posture more climax, some kind of caressing more exciting, but they often do not want to say it, but waiting for each other to develop.

Avoid method: There is nothing to stop you from enjoying sex, find a suitable opportunity to say your thoughts, and boldly try, your sex life will burst out more passion.

Sex time also need to pay attention, 7 period not suit for sex

Sex is one of the sources of human happiness. However, unhealthy sex life is not only not met, on the contrary will harm the body. Sex is not taboo. For their own for each other’s health, please pay attention to sex time taboo. Here we come to tell you that there are seven days of daily life is not suitable for sexual life, but there are five time is very suitable for sex.

Sex time also need to pay attention, 7 periods should not be sex

1. When the disease can not be sex life

Is suffering from some serious organic disease, and the doctor has been asked not to have sex, not barely sexual life; suffering from tuberculosis and infectious, but also to avoid sexual intercourse; especially with a certain sexually transmitted diseases, Sex life. With sick life, not only their own victims, but also pass to the lover, should be avoided.

2. Fatigue sexual intercourse damage

Sex life to consume a certain amount of physical strength and energy, mental or physical fatigue when the sexual life is often not reached the climax, not satisfied with the results of both sides. Especially after the fatigue of sexual life immediately, will damage the health.

3. Bogey mood unhappy reluctantly sex

Some couples in a bad mood when barely sexual life, not only do not get the harmony of sexual life, but also make the poor side of the offensive. Such as repeated occurrences, will lead to the woman’s sexual cold or the impotence of the man.

4. Bogey period of sexual life

Women during menstruation, open the cervix, when sexual intercourse easily infected, leading to inflammation of the uterus or accessories.

5. Do not drink if sexual intercourse

Some people are accustomed to drink intercourse, some people even think that drinking life will “improve quality.” In fact, especially after drinking a large number of drinking spirits, but will lead to the male penis erection or premature ejaculation, hinder sexual harmony; and conception will endanger the fetus.

6. Do not pay attention to the foreplay, rush and on

Some people do not understand the special physiological point of women, do not do the preparatory work on the rush to intercourse, or because of time hasty, hurry and rush to withdraw troops. These practices can not make the woman reached orgasm, not only will not have interest in sexual life, but to bring pain, is the main reason for women to produce cold.

7. Do not eat full or hungry if sexual intercourse

Due to satiation to fill the gastrointestinal tract and congestion, the brain and the body of other organs of the relative lack of supply of blood, it is not just after dinner after a sexual life; the contrary, hungry, people’s physical decline, energy is not abundant, this When the sex life, often difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

Since so many times should not be sex, then when is the right time to make love?

1. Make love in the morning

This is the favorite time for men to love, because most men wake up in the morning when the erection state, which is the result of the bladder enrichment, so they think should not waste this opportunity, but many women in the opposite direction. Women in the process of making love more attention and enjoyment, so they are difficult to tolerate their own and the other did not brush their teeth to kiss, face to face murmured. In addition, the morning time is often more hasty, it is difficult to slowly warm up, often fast into the role, quick fix, no love after the gentle and whisper, which is a woman do not like the reason for the morning sex.

2. 12:00 to 2:00 noon time

Choose this time to have sex at least one benefit: diet. This time sex, from the physical point of view is very appropriate. 3 hours of work in the morning will not crush us, in the spare time and lovers do not have the taste. We hurried into the room, can not wait to lock the door, warm kiss, let passion burning.

3. Nap time

This time sex is very suitable for men, because women often complain that men love to fall asleep immediately after, even late at night, they should also have a whisper with the female friends have the right to co-eyes. Can be in the nap time, finished love immediately fell asleep, no one will accuse him.

4. 10 pm to midnight before going to sleep

No matter how unconventional the modern men and women, the courage to break the traditional way of life, we can not deny that the most able to make us feel the time of love is still the ancient physician recommended time. At this point the night has come completely, sleep has not hit, the day’s activities have ended, we can enjoy themselves to the senses, and then quietly sleep. A climax is more sleepy than sleeping pills.

5. Midnight express

Perhaps this is a man insomnia, or wake up at midnight, he felt the desire to bite him in a small mouth, but he did not know at this time should not be sleeping around the lovers wake up. He remembered reading an article in a magazine: “How to make love with a sleeping man without awakening him.” So he thought, and vice versa.

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The reasons lead to men can’t erect hard in sexual life

In daily life, a lot of male friends because of the busy and the pressure is too large, there will be sexual dysfunction. So the male friends should pay attention to their own health, in the usual time to pay attention to their own physical health, if the body had sexual dysfunction disease, we must promptly to the hospital for treatment, so as to effectively control the disease will not deteriorate, if ignored Treatment, then the patient will bring greater harm. Let’s take a look at what is the cause of male sex life.

There are many reasons why male sex life does not rise. Long-term masturbation and excessive sexual life, it will lead to serious harm to the reproductive organs, it will be in a state of congestion and swelling, so that will affect the patient’s sexual function, and the symptoms of unprepared.

Male impotence reasons may also be caused by bad habits. In the usual irregular life, often stay up all night work, often a lot of smoking and drinking, this will lead to physical decline, it will reduce the male sexual function and lead to the phenomenon of booming.

The cause of male impotence may also be caused by some chronic diseases. Prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis can also cause impotence, long-term stimulation of inflammation will decline. The body had a chronic liver and kidney disease can also lead to physical decline in the phenomenon of impotence.

Male friends in the usual life to protect their own body, should learn to relax themselves, to participate in outdoor activities, physical exercise to improve physical fitness and immunity, but also can improve the male sexual function.

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Why your sex life time is so short ? Try to find these reasons

Sex life is too fast to end is a very normal thing. And the current life, the pressure of the community has a great relationship, the pressure of men working or encountered something do not want to say, hidden in the heart, when the sexual intercourse no interest, mind not in this above, there are a lot of people because often drink smoking , Resulting in the decline of sperm, the speed will soon be completed, there are a lot of people because too familiar to understand each other, for sexual intercourse in terms of things, nothing interest at all, then I give you talk about sex life short Is how the matter 5 big reason.

For many men, sex to maintain a strong, lasting erection, consumption experience and time is relatively large, which is very important to testosterone male sexual desire to help complete the persistent erection, can make a long time, so that women can feel To the climax.

Caused a lot of sexual disorders, often smoking and drinking people while the quality of sperm and the body will be relatively poor, in order to have a good body, sperm active will be less smoking and drinking, eat more nutritious food, eat more some animal offal, high protein high food.

Men and women have to go to the hospital to check all of a sudden, is not suffering from a disease, be sure to keep the underwear dry and clean, changing clothes, try not to wet out, eat some spicy cold food, do some meaningful action, and let your body improve immunity.

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