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Good Sex Tips for Married Couples: 25 Tricks to Have Better Sex (19-25)

19. Open Your Eyes

To get the ultimate in bedroom bonding, you should make a pact to the two of you focus on each other whilst doing the deed. It means that you will stay in the present moment and get an eyeful of each other’s climaxes.

20. Prime Your Partner’s Perineum

In order to give your spouse intense pleasure, you can gently knead the nerve-ending-intense area which is behind his scrotum.

21. Naked And Unashamed

Just as you should not be ashamed of one another, you should not also be ashamed of sex. God created sex. Then, he had someone write an entire book about it (Song of Solomon), so it means people were born to do it. However, that does not make it any less difficult to overcome the cultural hang-ups that paint sex as dirty or vulgar or something Christians do not talk about.

22. Signature Sex Stunt

This tip sounds ridiculous, right? Yet, you should give it a try to see how wonderful your sex life will be. Think about your favorite move and give it a raunchy name. To do it, you can start with “the”. Add an adjective which applies to those small animals like frisky. Then, complete with the name of a certain wild animal, such as “gazelle”.

23. Tickle Your Partner With Your Own Hair

Let your locks brush alongside your partner’s torso. This is a big turn-on. It will stroke your partner’s biggest sex organ: the skin. That way, you are learning one of the good sex tips for married couples.

24. Unconditional Love

Does your husband have Sting’s flair or Brad Pitt’s abs for tantric sex? If he does not, then because your love is not all about his appearance, you can whisper gently to your man that you could not imagine getting up next to such a more exciting, sexier guy than him.

25. Sexual Role Play Or Book A Hotel Room

Role playing is one of the sexiest things a couple could do. Yes, it is more time-consuming and elaborate as both of you actually have to dress up instead of just getting naked. If you are tried role playing at any time and have not really been turned on, maybe you have chosen the wrong costume.

At times, you and your partner might not be truthful enough to speak about those outfits that really turn the two of you on. Give this a serious thought and dress up for each other. To begin, you can wear masquerade masks whilst having sex. That way, you will know how great and sexy both the two of you might feel.

Sometimes, a bit of romance could make married sex feel much sexier too. If you and your partner have some time off, then you can spend afternoon or a night in the hotel room. Sleeping in a brand new surrounding could make you feel more interesting and sexy, giving both of you the private space to try out something new and kinky like having sex close an open winder!

Use these 25 good sex tips for married couples to bring the sexual rush back into your marriage, and make your sex feel like the rush of a horny one night stand.

If you want to comment on any aspect of this topic of sexual health, you can drop your words below this post. We will feedback soon.

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Good Sex Tips for Married Couples: 25 Tricks to Have Better Sex (11-18)

11. Use The Heat

Another trick of many good sex tips for married couples are heightening the heat. Transform your usual missionary-style sex into such a sizzling passion with these position-switching movements:

  • You stick the pillow under the butt and the lift will warrant that you have rubbed in the greatest, most intense manner
  • Once he gets into you, squeeze the legs together to get a more tantalizing lift
  • Then, pull the legs up and cover around his thighs’ sides.
  • Gently push the tush of your partner with your soles

12. Intensify Ice Cream

Do you remember what was going on in high school, when you got a crazy rush from sharing the same cone with a guy? If yes, the next time you are Ben and Jerry’s bound, you split a scoop with him. Make sure that you lick to the drips off his chin and fingers.

13. Make It All About Him (Or You)

Want to get the greatest sex experience ever before? Take time out to spoil both the two of you. If sex has become a common routine of the same foreplay which is followed by such a missionary sex, you should spend time focusing on his pleasure and then swap. If you channel your own attention on him, you could try new foreplay techniques, find out which sensitive spots making him tick and opt for the positions that your partner feels the most exotic. The next time, get your partner focusing on you and find out what can precisely push your own hot buttons. Actually, exploring each other’s bodies will lead to amazing sex.

14. Experiment With Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is all about breathing, focus, concentration and stamina. They might be something that does not automatically occur every time you hit the sack. Yet, the key here is not to focus too closely on your orgasm. Rather than, you can prolong the foreplay as long as you could before taking your intercourse to its natural end. Though delaying orgasm maybe difficult for you, as a woman, especially for your partner, as a man, it could be done by using different techniques containing breathing exercises, meditation and massage. Simply stay off the bed and stimulate your senses with great massage, soft lighting and music.

Once both of you reach orgasm, you need to slow your moves and breathing down. It sounds illogical, nevertheless, as most people breathe faster when approaching climax. In particular, females could tense up at it when trying to make themselves come. Rather than, you should relax your tummy and take slow, long deep breaths. That way, you orgasm will last longer, and even be more intense.

15. Turn The Bedroom Into A Boudoir

In reality, a bedroom which is filled with old gym kit, dirty laundry, and photos of your family is tot precisely about to inspire such a great sex. Thus, you need to turn your bedroom into a place where the two of you want to experience great sex. Get fantastic new sheets, black-out curtains, low lights or anything else that you feel sexy. Yet, do not forget to have a stash of necessary things, such as lube, condoms, blindfolds, toys, and erotica, in a convenient place so you will not have to dash around looking in the heat of the moment.

16. Begin Snogging

Did you remember when the two of you first got together and were kissing like those teenagers for over 30 minutes at one time? Then, now you can reawaken that passion by snogging like it is going out of fashion. If so, the breathlessness you might feel when you eventually pull away will surely make you want to rip the clothes of each other off.

17. Daydream About The Time You Are Together

When it comes to sex tips for married couples, this trick works well. In case you are struggling with how to get in the mood, then try daydreaming about that time when you have the most passionate, explosive, toe-curling orgasms together. Tell that story out loud to your spouse, if possible. If you have not ever been used to talking dirty when making love, begin innocent by saying, “Do you memorize the time when both of us…” and make things more interesting and naughtier when you go along. That way, he will get the message.

18. Naughty Videos

What about telling your spouse that you actually want to watch naughty videos together, then you can make him surprised by turning off lights and starting turning on a racy film.

Good Sex Tips for Married Couples: 25 Tricks to Have Better Sex (1-10)

Sex is awesome, nevertheless, not all sex is equally awesome. One of the fabulous things about marrying your soul mate is experiencing an unique connection and level of familiarity. Yet, when thing are too comfortable in the bedroom, it might cause problems. In fact, many couples reported that before they are married, their sex lives has little competition in their relationship. Yet, after getting married, sex has to compete with the confliction of schedules, financial concerns, in-laws and children. It seems to take a toll on their sex lives, particularly if compounded by the growth in sexual familiarity plus with the reduction in honeymoon hormones that are flowing through their veins. Here we reveals top good sex tips for married couples, helping them have better sex easily. Just take a look !

Good Sex Tips For Married Couples – 25 Tricks For Awesome Sex In Your Marriage

1. Learn Something

The first one in this list of sex tips for married couples is learning. You should find out what your partner really wants during intercourse. This does not mean that you just focus on what your partner wants, yet remember that sex is a two-way street. Ask your spouse about their own preferences in the bedroom. On the opposite side, you also need to learn what you love. You could not coach them if you do not acknowledge what really turns the hot button inside you. And, how could you know what can turn you on if you do not know about anything about sex? Thus, it is necessary for you to research and study more about sex via Internet or sexual manuals.  Whilst technique is no replacement for the emotional connection, those couples with their actions together sexually might know how to create ambience and be uninhibitedly playful and sensual. They also understand different positions of making love, and they could build an exciting, comfortable repertoire of sexual movements.

2. Accessorize Your Action

As a woman, in order to blow his mind, you need to break out the bling-bling and wear nothing but jewelry to bed. That way, it will fulfill your partner’s Vegas-showgirl fantasy. You can graze the nape of his neck with the chandelier earrings. Then, you slip on a stack of bangles and create a clamor under the comforter. Another suggestion is to skim your own long strand of faux pearls up and down your partner’s legs.

3. Beer In Bed

When it comes to good sex tips for married couples for better sex, beer in bed does work. This will make midweek nooky more naughty. Just simply pop several exotic microbrews in the sack, then drink them to welcome the fun.

4. Canoodle As If Celebrities

Well, who says women have to be Hollywood women to get caught sneaking such as sensuous snuggle with their men? If you want to spark your sex life after getting married, then the next time you din à deux, just simply squeeze in next to your partner on the same side of the table or booth, as if you are being at such the most romantic coffee house in Paris. After that, let the tongue do all the talking.

5. Wear A Dominatrix Attitude

I am not suggesting you don leather, all what I means is taking charge in your bedroom. Order your partner (man) to strip, then to kiss your own toes, your calves, your knees, then your…

6. Exercise And Sexercise

Believe it or not, there is a connection between having great, hot sex and working up a sweat. When your blood is strongly pumping, your orgasms will be more intense. To get maximal mojo, both of you should hit the gym together to promote your physical strength for better sex.

7. Try Sex Toys For Couples

This is called Lelo Tiani, which is a massager worn during intercourse for clitoral stimulation. Also, it could send vibrations down your partner’s shaft to promote pleasure for him during sex. In case this is not suitable for you, so why don’t you try using a simple massage? This is a small bullet vibrator. Or, another option is using Fifty Shades inspired love balls. Fact is, sex toys, if used properly, are a good way to help couples keep sex exciting as well as increase the chance of the orgasm of the two of you.

8. Try Some PG13 Bondage

Well, this sounds crazy, yet give it a try if you want to make your sex life more interesting. You do not have to begin smacking each other with spanking paddles in order to get the most out of bondage. Just simply begin with the silk scarf like a blindfold or the tie like soft handcuffs. After that, you may want to move on to feather ticklers and small floggers. Or, you could forget about toys altogether, instead, you stick to the options of dressing-up like leather corsets, bras with straps and buckles.

9. Free-Ranging Fingertips

Rather than parking your own hands in your partner’s hair or on his back, you should keep the fingertips roaming over his own body. Your fingertips are places having oh-so-sensitive nerve endings. This extrasensory experience, actually, will supersize both your pleasure and your partner’s as well.

10. Garter Belt

Have not worn it since the wedding? So, it is the time for you to give your partner a second viewing. The next time in your bedroom, you just need to slide his palm under your own skirt far enough so that he will realize you are not wearing your usual hose. That is such a great feeling, and a sexy mystery will start.

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You Should Get Rid Of 7 Things If You Want To Have Better(More Passionate and Connected) Sex Life

When it comes to sex, it’s not just what we do that is important, but what we don’t do. Most of us have a litany of preconceptions about sex. We have sex advice coming (pardon the pun) from every angle, and much of it is misguided.

So today, I’m going to name some things you’re better off without if you want better, more authentic, intimate, passionate sex.

Here are 7 things you need to get rid of if you want to have better sex:

1. The Term “Performance”
I totally understand why a man, in particular, might think of sex as a “performance.” But basically, the concept is thoroughly misguided. A woman doesn’t want her man to perform, she wants him to connect with her, feel into her, make love to her. When a man’s head is in the performance game, he is more self-conscious and self-centered. After all, one usually performs on a stage. Drop the performance idea, and adopt the concept of connection, and watch your woman open up.

2. The 69 Position
I have to admit, the idea of simultaneous, mutual oral sex seems really cool – in theory. But in truth, it’s awkward and uncomfortable. Men and women tend to be different sizes, and this makes the spacial aspect of 69 nearly impossible to master.  Then there is the confusion between giving and receiving – can we really do both fully at once? I don’t think so. Skip 69 and take delicious turns instead.

3. Physical Self-Consciousness
This is the woman’s equivalent to the man’s concept of “performance” and it too has to go. You can’t really open and make love if you’re worried about what your naked body looks like. Focus instead on the amazing miracle that your body is, and how good it feels to make love. And remember, if someone were to judge your body in the context of sex, then they’re the kind of person whose opinion you shouldn’t care about anyway.

4. Comparing
Whether you’re comparing yourself to your lover, or your lover to your past lovers, comparing in the bedroom will never add up to better sex. It makes the experience more mental and judgmental – neither of which leads to more passion. Enter into love-making with an innocent, fresh perspective and approach your partner’s body with awe and wonder.

5. Habitual Kissing, Touching, etc
We’ve all been kissing since we were teenagers, and this means we may have built up some habits. Good kissing is a co-creation between two people. And since no two people are the same, kisses should never be the same. If you’ve been kissing all your partners to the present in pretty much the same way, you’re “solo” kissing. Drop your habitual approach and allow your kissing to shift with a new partner – or even the same partner who is bringing new ideas to bed. The same goes for touching, licking, teasing, etc. Meet your partner half way. Don’t just initiate, respond.

6. Trying to Have ‘Movie Sex’
Hollywood scenes are indelibly printed in all of our psyches. This is particularly true for love scenes. But real life doesn’t come with production design, professional lighting and witty, pre-written lines. So quit trying to make love like you’re in a movie. It’s futile. Real sex is messy, delicious, awkward, funny and sometimes very, very hot. But it’s not lit to win a cinematography award, and it doesn’t need to be. Do yourself and your partner a big favor and drop any desire you have to make your love-life look like the Hollywood version.

7. Chasing a Climax
I know it’s hard not to chase a climax. There is that feeling that seems to rise and literally invites you to keep pushing. But the truth is, chasing that feeling ends your love-making before the party even gets started. I have a theory about why so many people chase the orgasm and it’s very counter-intuitive, so bear with me… I know most people think they go after an orgasm because they love the feeling, but I think on a deeper level, they go after it because they actually can’t contain the pleasure and they know the orgasm will give them relief. If you want better sex, don’t chase the orgasm. Stay with the pleasure, slow down, welcome it more fully and feel it blossom to a whole deeper and higher level.

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Make Women Feel Orgasm Sex Tips

A lot of people in sex, reserved, shy, pay attention to all kinds of etiquette. But sexual satisfaction and pleasure, just a short few minutes only, so when speeding during sex, we must abandon all etiquette and modesty, direct frankly tell each other your needs. Woman, you do can become fierce sluts, drunkenly asking him to quickly insert, or more depth some of the more intense action of some.

Make Women Feel Orgasm Sex Tips

Blindfolded, mysterious pleasure

Sex, many people are close your eyes and enjoy sex pleasure. However, active eyes closed, its visual sovereignty still operating up to you. Therefore, it may put blindfolded, when the whole world into the Dark Ages, you need to borrow from the touch or hearing to identify the location. When blindfolded brought mystical experience very eager, excited! I did not see the other sensory perceptions have become so sensitive, extraordinary transaction will create an unprecedented surprise, form the best sex stimulation. You can exchange with each other blindfolded to experience full control of the other body, and the thrill of being in control.

Fresh tricks, to seek a breakthrough

Perfect sex can be achieved through a variety of fresh tricks. The static but sex is taboo, easy to annoying. You know, “skin is the largest organ in” erogenous zones vary, of course, for the sexual organs start fast hard accurate, but the unexpected touch, often have amazing stimulating experience. Do not let her find out your moves, just as when Competing, although there are martial arts routines to follow, but more can be done a superb job more able to hang each other appetite. Inadvertently attack her erogenous zones, so that her nerve endings happy shouting cool.

Passionate kiss, to lose ground

Sex, what contributes most to lust? kiss. Today, people in the pursuit of high-quality sex, and be able to kiss her Yuxianyusi, called foreplay heavy artillery through kisses to convey passion, so that women feel the man’s passion. Even without intercourse action, but also from each other, kiss them physically and mentally active. Woman’s lips and breasts are the first men to conquer new territories stronghold, ruthless man quasi fast opening, make a woman happy and Sesame.

3 Recruit Women Should Learn to Enjoy Sex Life

1. Listen to his physiological responses

He wanted to help create a memorable five seconds, of course, have to know his biological clock, it takes time to find the limit of his patience, and every man has a “personality”, generally when he temporarily stopped breathing, sprint action is more rapid, and began groan or cry, or, conversely, from the previous state became silent groan, these are close to the reaction ejaculation. You can pay attention to the signal emitted by his body, and he summarized the physiological response of orgasm prelude.

2. Taking into account his rhythm

Throughout the course of love, pleasure rhythm especially orgasm feel like turning back, is involuntary in control, and that was almost be said to be isolated, some sexologists think when more men are feeling physically and mentally separated, orgasm the taste of the more wonderful.

So you can take into account as much as possible while satisfying his own rhythm, that is, if he is too fast, you can slow to extend the time of arrival, which gently stroking him, bradycardia some action, if y’all almost his response began to give you “to” feeling, you can use the language or action to help him and you reach orgasm.

3. There are some you have to pay attention

For example, in “drive” during sudden braking, it makes him like a roller coaster suddenly mechanical failure, so people hung in the air is generally not the taste, so he is about to reach orgasm then stop, he still You can not control ejaculation, but lost the thrill of the World Cup as he finally got a shot, but was abruptly gave you this super goalkeeper stopped, which would make him disappointed, and will affect you later quality of life, so to understand “the hand on the shot, when the closed hand that is close hand.”

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Simple Tips To Get Back Your Sex Drive

Do you know what the most common female complaint about sex is? If you guessed ‘low libido’ you would be correct. Many women tend to face this problem at some point throughout their life. Those who choose to ignore it tend to lack fulfillment in their relationships and that can spiral out of control to affect other aspects of your life as well.

Why Do You Have A Low Sex Drive?

A low sex drive is created by an imbalance of hormones in the body. This imbalance can be caused by both internal and external issues. A few examples of these reasons include:

Sexual Problems (painful sex, inability to orgasm)
Medications (antidepressants)
Lifestyle Habits (poor nutrition, lack of exercise, over drinking)
Anxiety and Stress
Pregnancy / Breastfeeding
Low Self-Esteem
Lack of Connection With Partner

How Can I Get My Sex Drive Back?

You know that you lost that drive and you want it back. We have some great tips on how to rev up your sexual libido and enjoy the pleasures of sex once again.

Dieting Routine

If you find that your overly exhausted by the time you crawl in bed it may be a sign of a lack of dieting and exercise. If you are consistently eating foods that make you feel bloated or unenergetic, opt for foods that make your feel alive.

Cut out the alcohol, coffee, sugar, and processed foods. Opt for whole grains, fruits, and omega 3 amino acids. You can find those in flaxseed, chia seed, and hemp seed. These make great additives to your smoothies or salads.

Physical Exercise

If you don’t get enough exercise or physical activity in the day it can it can make you feel sluggish. This can also create a poor body image. Hit the gym a few times a week and let those endorphins fly out. You’ll be surprised at just how much extra energy you have to play between the sheets.

Try Some Natural Herbs

Herbs have always been known as a natural way to be healthier. Did you know that there are herbs that naturally heighten the female libido? There sure are! Maca, shatavari, damania, ginkgo biloba, and tribulus terrestris are a few.

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