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How Should Do to Protect the Prostate for Men ?

Prostate is an important part of men’s health, related to male sexuality and reproductive health, then how should men protect the prostate it? Daily life should pay attention to what matters?

Men should be how to protect the prostate:

1, To ensure a healthy lifestyle, in order to alleviate or avoid disease progression. Such as sitting, not a lot of drinking, eating spicy, usually do not hold back urine, suffering from constipation or diarrhea, and should quickly rule. Because Chinese medicine believes that alcohol, eat spicy food easy to make hot and humid endogenous, plot in the reproductive organs to prostate congestion, causing prostatitis.

2, The body’s immune system and prostate problems are related. Such as a cold, cold may cause prostate disease. Therefore, men need to do more exercise to improve the body resistance, to avoid a cold cold, which is essential for the prevention of prostate disease.

3, Eat some of the goods of the kidney is very good for the prostate. Pumpkin seeds, walnuts is not only the kidney to share, pumpkin seeds are diuretic, walnut has a run effect, so the men to the elderly, should eat more pumpkin seeds and walnuts to kidney deficiency.

4, Quit smoking. The prevalence of prostate cancer smokers than non-smokers 1 to 2 times higher. Nicotine in tobacco, tar, nicotine, nitrosamines and other toxic substances can interfere with the innervation of blood vessels nerve function, affecting the prostate blood circulation, leading to prostate congestion. The toxic substances can also directly poison the prostate tissue.

5, Eat spicy food. Spicy food is not a direct cause of prostate disease, but alcohol, pepper and other foods on the prostate and urethra have a stimulating effect, can cause short-term perineal discomfort, can also cause vasodilation to promote prostate and bladder neck congestion, edema, resulting in prostate Resistance decreased.

6, Avoid sedentary, including prolonged cycling, driving motorcycles and cars.

7, Constipation rectal accumulation of a large number of feces, will increase the adjacent prostate congestion. At the same time, constipation is often forced to increase abdominal pressure, oppression of the prostate can make the urethra become thinner, urinary obstruction, adverse health of the prostate.

8, Drink at least seven glasses of water a day (about 2000 ml) every morning to drink a glass of water after drinking (70 ml). May at any time to protect your prostate, so that voiding, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, kidney.

9, In the bath when the water temperature is not too high, the bath must also be controlled when the water temperature slightly higher than the temperature under the premise of bath. Too high temperature is the killer and induced prostatitis murderer.

10, Often eat garlic and vinegar is very good, which is to protect the prostate and the prostate of the bacteria kill are good.

11, Negative energy of life and psychological factors may increase the probability of prostate disease. So the positive good mental state, very helpful for the maintenance of the prostate.

12, Perineal sweat glands, poor ventilation, easy to filth. Adhere to the daily cleaning of the perineum and frequently changing underwear is an important part of the prevention of prostatitis.

13, Men’s sexual life should not immediately after urination, because sexual life has just ended, the penis cavernous congestion has not subsided, and urethral sphincter and detrusor contraction has not been eliminated, which causes high urinary tract resistance, leading to difficulty in urinating.

14, Like to wear tight-fitting underwear men need to pay attention to, because the underwear tight easily make the perineum frequent friction, easy to make the prostate for a long time in tension and congestion.

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Running Benefits Take To Everybody

People know about the benefits of jogging. As a result, it brings so many benefits. And now we will list for you to have enough knowledge about this sport.

Running in about 60-90 minutes before breakfast very good for health, helps the body start slightly before work, limiting cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and also work to lose weight, limit fat accumulation in the blood.

Morning, afternoon, within the park or stadium very crowded also come here to jog. However, jogging How to achieve the highest efficiency not everyone know. I will introduce useful information to readers of this sport.


Effects Of Running In The Morning

Several studies have shown specific positive aspects of the practice run morning – before breakfast. In a study published in The Journal of Physiology showed that jogging in the morning is very beneficial for health. Practice mode also affects part on practice time.

Based on a research training group runs and bike rides around 60-90 minutes. Only advocacy groups before breakfast almost no weight gain and no sign of “insulin resistance” (this is the cause of reducing the blood sugar control, can lead to diabetes). Also do not have this capability.

Some suggested that effective weight loss from exercise you run before breakfast. However, studies indicate that there would be no additional benefit but to develop your ability to maneuver. The runners can use this information to self-evaluate and see what is the best time for the practice to achieve its intended purpose.

In addition, many prolific practice jogging to lose weight from the desired movement mode before breakfast. But there are people practicing good to improve the running and their toughness. This could include reducing the absorption Kilojoules during long runs routes, including sports drinks.


Improving The Quality Of Sleep

Running relieve stress. A tired body being happily would only dream to bring the rest of renewable effects. To put it simply: no possibility of regular exercise but insomnia.

Enhance Activity Of Blood

While running better blood supply to the brain is not only, but also for other parts of the body. You can add to this collective action of running is to make better health, improved endurance and also a better mood. And one more thing: you are always satisfied with their body.

It Make Our Young Out

A slender body, an upright posture, quick steps, eyes sparkling, bright smile, a body full of life, it is all set to run what can bring. Who runs a “senior” guess who they are, who in addition to always talk less than their actual age. Episode run on time or too late. So you do not make excuses age, especially not to excuse himself retired.

Add A Friend

When first time someone waving to you, you would think people mistake you for someone. But if the latter, the third running waving to you, you know right away is impossible that accidentally.

And rightly so. you run your file in the same boat with us. It does not matter you are a “rookie inquisitive “. Sense of community spanning the globe. If you go on holiday abroad, try asking a local who is running if you can set run. Instead of answers, you will be heard: join them for us to go.

Running has many benefits. Above we have listed for you so many advantages of jogging and running. You can practice it every day.

These are some knowledge about jogging. You run every day and just after a month, you will see the improvement of your health. Keeping it every day, you will not go to hospital.

6 Big Reasons Accelerate Women Skin Aging

Women are afraid of getting older, in general, women tend to be from the aging facial skin began. To delay aging as much as possible, we should first understand the causes of aging skin start. The following family doctor online editor for everyone summarizes several reasons easy to aging, we can all remedy.

Stay up deep late

Lack of sleep, the skin cells regulate the activities of a variety of disorders, affecting the vitality of the epidermal cells. So every day at least 8 hours sleep, if below this level, had better re-evaluate their own health index. Getting adequate sleep will be very easy on the surface now the skin, especially the delicate skin of the eye. And a sweet, good sleep, you can eliminate skin fatigue, skin cells regulate activity in a normal, slow down aging of the skin.

Drink less water

Water is the source of life. Skin replenish enough moisture is the key to skin of the Road. If the water intake is not enough, will lead to less oil secretion, the skin can easily dehydrated, so every day to drink 6-8 glasses of water, but do not drink caffeine-rich beverages.

Lace a balanced diet

Almost every kind of nutrient deficiencies are the quality and texture of the skin damage. Diet is varied and with attention to the need to emphasize that, over a light diet, like eating too much greasy, like skin texture and physical disadvantage.

Skin cleansing is not complete

This is what most people would mistake. Only with the facial cleanser is not able to thoroughly clean the skin. You should have regular deep cleansing work, so that our eyes can not see the dirt clogging the pores, affecting the skin to breathe properly.

Lack of exercise

Speed motion increases blood circulation and improve local skin microcirculation, had a significant effect on the skin texture. The right amount of exercise, especially aerobic exercise on the body and keep the skin young state are helpful.

Unreasonable to treat menopause

Menopause (called perimenopause) is a special physiological periods every woman goes through, it is generally after the age of 40, for several years to ten years. Women should actively take measures, including measures from vitamin supplements (antioxidant) to hormone replacement therapy (supplementary exogenous hormones), delaying the aging process.

Preventing Premature Ejaculation With Strong Pelvic Muscles

One of the most rewarding aspects about creating a men’s health product is hearing from our customers. Over the course of the last year, I’ve personally had the pleasure of talking directly to hundreds of men who’ve had life changing experiences from using The Private Gym pelvic muscle exercise program. I’ve also talked with many men who weren’t satisfied with the results and worked closely with them to troubleshoot the problems.

Over the next several months, we will feature a number of these stories – – of course with no attribution. We’re completely committed to maintaining our customers’ privacy at all times.

I’ll begin with the story of a male in his mid-40s. He purchased the Private Gym to keep his sexual performance from deteriorating. After receiving the program, he sent me a chat request through our website.

“Since I can’t see them, how do I know if I’m actually exercising the right muscles?” he said. This is one of the most common questions we get from men. I texted him back to call me in the office and within seconds the phone was ringing.

We were off and running right away.

“I feel like I am clenching my butt muscles” he said to me. I explained to him that he needed to focus on the muscles that he uses to stop himself from urinating. I wasn’t sure he completely understood which ones I was talking about.

Let’s try another approach. “You know how you can make your penis move up and down when it is really hard?” I said. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

“I used to be able to do that,” he said laughing.

“You’ll soon be able to do it again,” I responded. “Those are the right muscles. They control your penis.”

We spent the next half hour talking. We covered a lot of subjects – – from how to get the most out of the program to what it was like being over 40 and seeing changes in our bodies. He didn’t have a problem; he simply just wanted to rejuvenate his erections.

Over the past several weeks, he’s checked in with me, each time telling me how well the program is working for him.

“I woke up with an erection this morning!” He texted me. “That hasn’t happened in years.” “Great!” I responded. “It means you are doing it correctly.”

Waking up with an erection is one of the most common bio-feedback responses that most men experience when starting The Private Gym program.

Yesterday, he contacted me to tell me that he started the resistance training portion of the program. While his erections were much harder, he wasn’t seeing great improvement in his ability to last longer during sex. We got back on the phone.

“Now that you’ve strengthened your pelvic muscles, it is time to use them!” I said enthusiastically. He paused. “What do you mean use them?” he said. It then dawned on me. Most men don’t even know that they have pelvic muscles, why should they know what to do with them once they’ve strengthened them and have the ability to control them?

Frankly, this is one of the most remarkable aspects of strengthening your pelvic floor – – gaining control. Control over an area of the body that for so long has been totally out of your control. Think about it, how often in life has your penis done what you wanted it to do, when you wanted it to do it? It’s like finding a talking dog. Of course, it never talks in front of anyone – – only to you. Our penis is so often the same way. It goes up, it goes down – – almost always at the wrong times.

But when you strengthen the pelvic muscles, something remarkable begins to happen. You get control over your penis. Just like bodybuilders can make their pectoral or chest muscles bounce up and down, you can do the same thing with your pelvic muscles.

So why is this important? When your pelvic muscles are strong, you can contract them, force more blood into your penis, keep it in longer, and create the rock-hard erection that so easily came to us when we were in our teenage years. How’s that for an answer?

Back to my customer friend’s question. So how do you use your pelvic muscles to delay ejaculation or help stop premature ejaculation?

Now that you can control your pelvic muscles, by contracting them during sex, you can “short-circuit” the ejaculation response. The pelvic muscles are not only the motor of ejaculation – – meaning they are responsible for propelling the semen from the penis – – but they also play an interesting role in preventing ejaculation. The stronger they are, the more forceful the contraction. Strong, hard pelvic muscle contractions can help stop the urge to ejaculate.

Simply put, you’re using your newly strengthened pelvic muscles to override Mother Nature, whose intention is to have you ejaculate as quickly as possible.

“Now that you have control of your pelvic muscles, put them to work, ” I told my customer friend. He will be getting back to me in a couple of weeks with the results. I’ll let you know how he makes out.
Quick Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation Using Strong Pelvic Muscles:

1. Properly strengthen your pelvic muscles. The stronger the pelvic muscles, the more effective they will be in short circuiting the ejaculation response.

2. During sex, when you begin to feel the urge to ejaculate, slow down and stop thrusting.

3. Contract your pelvic muscles 5-10 times. Squeeze them hard and hold the contraction for 2-3 seconds. The ejaculation feeling should subside.

4. Continue thrusting. When the urge to ejaculate feeling occurs again, stop and contract your pelvic muscles again.

How You Can Maintain an Ultimate Libido ?

Do you remember what life was like when you were 20 years old? Vaguely, huh? Well, those were the days when you had the energy to shoot hoops for three hours for nothing more than something to do. Those were the days of a 34-inch waistline and maybe some blonde highlights in the hair that grew on top of your head (not out your ears). And “ready for action” meant “ready anytime” not just for the next 36 hours like the Cialis® commercial promises.

When one thinks about sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (ED), the first thing that usually pops into the mind is, “the little blue pill.” But despite the fact that ED drugs like Viagra® (sildenafil citrate) and Cialis (tadalafil) don’t work for everyone and are associated with numerous possible side-effects, this doesn’t stop millions of men from using them. Figures show that one out of every five men over the age of 40 has tried Viagra with 48 percent experiencing at least one side effect.1

The problem with most ED drugs is they do nothing to increase sexual arousal. Just because the blood is pumping, doesn’t mean you’re in the mood to make things happen. This is where the “so-called” male hormone testosterone comes in. Testosterone is the key hormone of desire—in both men and women. As testosterone levels decline through age, so does libido. Studies show that low testosterone can lead to ED—especially in those with blood sugar disorders. Research presented in the International Journal of Impotence Research shows that testosterone supplements should be considered in the treatment of ED. The study indicated that testosterone therapy was able to alleviate ED in 34 percent of men who were unable to experience benefits from Viagra alone, whereas 38 percent of men showed improvements by using testosterone along with Viagra.2

One of the easiest ways to ensure healthy testosterone levels for maximum sexual health is to lose the excess belly fat. Studies show that the sexual function is usually diminished by the degree of obesity. In other words, the fatter one becomes, the harder it is to keep up in the bedroom (no pun intended).3

Enhancing libido and overcoming ED naturally

Following are natural way’s that have been proven to help overcome ED:

  • Follow a healthy diet. Italian researchers discovered that those who followed the Mediterranean diet (consuming lots of fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and monounsaturated fats) the closest, tended to have the lowest incidence of ED.4
  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise effectively reduces blood sugar and helps to clear occluded arteries (yes even that one).
  • Maintain prostate health through nutrient intervention. Nutrients like beta-sitosterol, flower pollen extract, natural lycopene, stinging nettle root, pygeum, selenium and zinc have been shown to help maintain healthy prostate function.
  • Supplement with Tongkat Ali Root (in order to elevate testosterone naturally). Studies show that a water extracted 100:1 extract of Tongkat Ali Root are able to naturally elevate testosterone levels and increase libido.

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Men Sexual Health Is Inseparable From Vitamin

Vitamins regulate sperm gonads and prolong life role. It can improve blood circulation, improve capillary especially genital capillaries movement, can increase libido, increase sperm production. There are some vitamins to strengthen your “desire” of great help. If you feel “sexual” down, try the following vitamin supplements:

The main function of vitamin A is to promote protein synthesis. Vitamin A deficiency can affect the testes produce spermatocytes, vas deferens epithelial degeneration, testicular weight decreased, decreased seminal vesicle, prostate horny. Ovarian lack of vitamin A, is affecting the normal secretion of estrogen.

Vitamin C is to reduce the sperm agglutination force in favor of semen liquefaction. Genetic DNA in sperm cells are protected by the antioxidant vitamin C, if the genes are damaged, it can lead to reduced sperm fertilizing capacity resulting infertility.

Vitamin E has regulate gonadal and prolong the life of the role of sperm. Vitamin E can improve blood circulation, improve capillary especially genital capillaries movement, can increase libido, increase sperm production.

Physiologically active vitamin B12 depends largely on the cobalt. Cobalt can reduce tissue oxygen consumption, thereby increasing hypoxia tolerance, and promote the vitality of the body tissue in hypoxic environment, long-term adherence vegetarians due to a lack of vitamin B12, semen sperm concentration was significantly lower than others , the amount of semen produced less than other people, affecting the normal sexual function.

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