Faster and Better Ways to Lose Weight

1. Away from the unhealthy way to lose weight
See a lot of books on the Internet and ways to lose weight, there is light to eat do not eat fruit, light yogurt have not dinner, there is little to lose weight eating soup. However, weight loss is not abuse their own, these extreme weight loss methods will not help you lose weight.

Do not diet pills, those who say intestinal tea is actually a class of white laxative. Because you want to lose weight fast can only be achieved by reducing the water in the body, but we all know the water body is not missing Taoist, and this laxative for weight maintenance by their own methods such damage is not too tricky, but not practical , of course, easy to rebound. Now there are a lot of pills caused health problems, painful way to lose weight so we can not help you lose weight, but also damage your health Oh!

2. Do not be too harsh on your own
Do not diet so hard on yourself, but this will result in eating and drinking after weight loss, eat all you want, just remember you calorie intake, reduce heat like other times. Of course, fried sweets class girls like, then amount to eat does not matter, do not like excess.

3. Analysis of your own reasons for obesity
This is critical, because some people some people is because the drug gained over the role of hormones, some people are born with gastrointestinal absorption fine too. Analyzes its own reasons to do to develop a good weight loss program for their own weight loss program is necessary. Of course, if your body is standard, would not have lost, too skinny is not good, really, men do not like skinny women, relatively little sensual woman is the most touching.

4. Reducing diet
Eating too much or 10. satiation very unhealthy, so the beauty of the MM diet to start slightly! First, we must choose a healthy way to lose weight, is not hungry do not eat, nor is eating very little food, and is to eat a healthy diet, eating 6-8 minutes full can, if they could not eat a lot of control, it is recommended for a small dot hold rice bowl, finished no longer add, so that can, if not too much control dish Press usually eat like, do not be too hard on yourself, step by step to lose weight, not one or two days a success.

You know, we can stretch the stomach, I used to eat a lot too much to stomach stays, so every time you eat a lot do not feel full, after a month of control diet, you will find, You eat a lot of things have stomach would fit, because the stomach is smaller, then you have stepped into a success.

5. Moving far, more standing
MM want to lose weight remember saying: can not stand to sit, can sit and never lie, never be able to sleep lying down. Foreign studies have shown that the station five hours a day, can reduce the incidence of diabetes, hypertension and other diseases, and even countries have adopted school student standing way, think about it, you can sit live it?

More walking is always better than sitting. However, note that the right amount of exercise, excessive movement reject excess Games and other diseases caused by muscle strain, in fact, this is not conducive to other diseases. Pay more attention to sports, you will find the bit to lose weight oh joy!

6. Drink more water than before
This would not have wanted me to say, we all understand. I recommend that everyone in the internal energy of the body can withstand the range, can drink as much as possible drink, rid the body of waste. Water is gradual, plus a little bit of a lot. You know, the water will confuse thirst and hunger sense, make you unknowingly eat more Oh! Of course, every morning to drink a glass of lemonade, better honey water or salt water, if no time to get, and warm boiled water is also good.

7. Give yourself a holiday during menstruation
Some women friends say during menstruation can eat whatever you want, chocolate, desserts not matter. Give yourself a break to lose weight, I think that varies. Take my own case, during menstruation I actually do not want to eat anything, ever tried to eat a lot of chocolate, the result is weight gain, after eating or control point. Of course, we can try to open the stomach to eat, because there are a lot of friends say there is no gain weight during menstruation, if found to gain weight, then, still good control.

8. Before going to sleep can also lose weight
If we want to reduce the leg, then you can also try to lift the foot before going to bed every day was 90 degrees, toes pointed, if at first you can not reach this standard, you can try to lift the wall, if you can lift at the same time do cycling action paddling feet, you will reduce faster oh.

9. Constipation ladies can try the yogurt drink every night before bed
Yogurt effect is self-evident, but also for weight loss have a good effect, but the best time to drink yogurt is two hours after a meal or before going to bed. A drink before going to sleep, sleep quality is also a very good help, and can help the next purge.

10. Opinion on diet food
Diet for weight loss is critical, therefore, want to lose weight we must know how to eat. Xiaobian to recommend some weight loss foods, for example, can occasionally replaced the usual rice buckwheat corn and other grains, can eat celery, cucumbers and tomatoes, meat, try to eat less calories of chicken, beef, eat more fruits and vegetables eat less food, drink barley tea, green tea, black tea.

Source: Beautiful Slim Body, Best Slim