Five Movements Enhance Male Sexual Performance

Sex life is both a technology work, but also a manual work. Regular exercise can improve endurance and explosiveness, which play a role to enhance the quality of sex, some sports have significantly help to enhance sexual performance. The following are recommended by the American sexologist “put small movement”, will let you keep practicing sex to the next level.

1. Abdominal crunch movement

Robust and enhanced pubococcygeus muscle can help increase stamina and control during sex.

Practice: Lying in bed or on the floor, knees bent, hands on belly, pressing down or taut abdomen, hips and leg muscles for 5 seconds and then relax, repeat 20 times. In practice interrupted when urinating urination, exercise can also play a role.

2. Squat

This exercise will not only allow the leg and buttocks muscles tight and firm, but also to allow blood to flow smoothly around the reproductive organs, thus enhancing male erectile extent and female lubrication. In addition, squats also help to strengthen the muscles controlling the climax, including pots diaphragm and urogenital system, smooth muscle, which helps men to increase sexual strength, so that women vaginal tightening greater strength.

Practice: Hold a dumbbell in each hand, put in the side of the body, hips and knees bent, do squat, as far as possible to maintain the lower leg perpendicular to the ground, exercise for 15 times.

3. Straddle Stretch

If you’re sitting at a desk or in front of computers all day, it will lead to the muscles below the waist becomes dull. Legs stretching movements make this muscles relax, blood flow back to the pelvic and groin area, thereby increasing pleasure, but also to help with some of the difficult action.

Practice: Legs apart sitting on the ground, elongated head, slowly leaning forward, while keeping the back straight, use both hands to reach the lower leg, ankle, keeping this position for 10 seconds, and 5 to 10 times, and with deep breathing.

4. The soles of the feet relative

This action can be relaxed thigh and buttock muscles, these two muscles in many important sex position for ten minutes.

Practice: Lying on the ground, legs bent to the chest, soles of the feet close together, coccyx down; grab with both hands and both feet, pulling to the chest; Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds.

5. Back Stretch

This position can form a protective effect on the lower back, avoid the heavy physical labor and intense sex life and injuries.

Practice: Prone on the ground, legs apart, the distance between the legs hip width; his hands on both sides of the chest, hands pushing down the ground, raised his trunk; shoulders rotate back down, stretch the head, do not hunched; Paul 15 seconds.

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