How can we improve sex time?

For men and women, sex is a very wonderful thing, because in the sex life, you can feel the kind of water and fire together with the pleasure, but also can enhance the feelings between two people. Many people do not know how to make sex life more lasting, and today let the sex health experts to teach you some good way.

After all, sex life is a wonderful process, is to enjoy the process, should not have too much psychological burden to extend the husband and wife sex life, in addition to the mentality of the adjustment, you can carry out acupuncture massage, exercise, and add some useful food.

1. Stimulate the index finger impotence

Index finger is the human body meridian “large intestine” pathway, the index finger tip is “business point”. Chinese medicine believes that to stimulate this point, with a strong strong strong impotence effect. Massage this “business temple” from the occasion, time constraints, easy to operate; can also use other objects to stimulate this point.

2. Keep the amount of honey every day to drink

Honey is not only rich in nutrients, but also contains gonadal endocrine, with significant activity of active gonadal activity. Appropriate use of honey every day can improve physical fitness and improve sexual performance. Especially for those who are weak and sexual function has been reduced, insist on taking honey products is better.

3. The auxiliary elements: Zinc

Modern medical examination found that male semen contains a higher concentration of zinc, and zinc can promote the normal development of sexual organs, men can ensure the normal functioning of sexual function, zinc deficiency will lead to sexual maturity, sexual organs, hypothyroidism, decreased sexual function, sperm reduction Etc .; In addition, it also helps to improve the body’s resistance to disease.

4. Lose weight

Fertility of human sexual life is generally not ordinary people long, it may be because the weight limit of sexual life, the excess weight need to consume more physical, leading to sexual life in the process of fatigue, and ultimately can not extend the time.

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