How can we maintain a high quality of sex life ?

How to maintain a high quality of sexual life? Any age, people want to have a happy sex life. So, how can we maintain a high quality of sexual life? The following is to restore sexual desire and should pay attention to several aspects.

Maintain the initiative of life

Perhaps the way to maintain sexuality is only to use sexuality. Many experts agree that men and women who are willing to live a long-term sexual life and maintain a positive attitude in adults may continue to be happy from sexual life, whether or not the aging process brings some change to them, Are so. In addition, there is some evidence that regular sexual life helps to maintain the function, especially the ability to lubricate, and even stimulate the production of estrogen. In the absence of a spouse, masturbation is also feasible.

Try to change

Do not let sex life become routine, should do something extraordinary. Sexologists recommend living in different rooms or re-decoration of the bedroom; at different times of sexual life, such as in the early morning when both sides are fully rest after; for sex to create a romantic atmosphere, the use of candlelight, soft music and meal There are special dinners; try to use the new couple life posture; use sexual fantasies and sexual appliances, such as the oscillator and adult love film; understand and pay attention to the spouse’s request, desire and meet him (her).

Keep optimistic

If we remain positive and optimistic about life, we can not only improve our sexuality, but also change other aspects of our lives. The more optimistic about the life of the people, the more able to adapt to life.

Keep romance

Romance is not a trivial matter, I am referring to the romantic is not a spouse for the romantic, such as dating, with a spouse to go out, prepare a dinner, go out for a ride, go to a picnic or go to the spouse do not know where to give him (her) a surprise. To be romantic to have each other to participate in, do the other side like things, so that can only make sexual fun to restore.

Use body touch

We recommend massage to the couple, so that people know how important the hand; massage is not just the traditional sense of the prelude to sex. It is not just an alternative treatment (massage use of lubricating ointment, ointment can contain small amounts of estrogen). Amenorrhea almost does not affect the acquisition of orgasm, in fact, some women only after menopause began to experience orgasm.

For men, people are concerned about the decline in erectile ability. On the whole, men do not lose erectile function, and ejaculation with age changes and change. After 30 years of age men began to worry about the erection function, they noted that the function of sexual organs and young people have been very different, but did not realize that erectile function between the different people are very different, with age and stability The In fact, the hardness and verticality of the elderly after the erection is not as normal as before, he only need to do a little longer time to stimulate the erection of the state; visual stimulation in the role of sexual arousal will be weakened.

Some causes of initiating problems

There are many reasons that can affect sexual behavior. In addition to normal age factors, but also include a variety of diseases, such as: heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, prostatitis and cystitis; wine and drug abuse; surgery, such as prostatectomy and hysterectomy; There are psychological problems such as depression, marital problems; unfortunate events of tension and personality disorder. Of course, many people have experienced these difficulties, and always maintain the initiative. However, when there are problems, well-trained experts can help, most of the problems can be successfully treated.

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