How Long For Male Erection Last Time Considered Normal


Male sexual response process, from sexual arousal, penile erection congestion, climax, sexual tension buildup to ejaculation, and then return to a calm state of such a complex, continuous and complete physiological processes. Male sexual function, erectile function is the most important, in a full sexual life, erection time can also be understood as a time of ejaculation, sexual medicine experts through random sampling survey of 650 men ejaculation time within the vagina the results showed that: Most people (70%) within seven minutes, and only about 1/4 of people can more than 10 minutes.

Many artificial erection time is short, quick ejaculation and sorrow, this is indeed a real problem. So, has entered the vagina and began to twitch who, exactly how long should insist on is the “macho” standard? I really like the people said, erection longer on the “more fierce” do?

In fact, this kind of mistake solution, not only because of prolonged erection prostate and perineum prolonged congestion cause local discomfort, but also lead to prostatitis, erectile function even harm; on the other hand, the couple’s sex life is a thing, If the companion suited for long erection time, the passage of time may lead to resentment companion, causing sex and so on. So long erection time is substantially more harm than good! In short, Mo to the length of time of “Heroes”!

So, how long the erection is appropriate it? In fact, due to the different individual difference is very large, ranging from 2 minutes to 1 hour. There are clearly defined, if we can, then ejaculation, erectile even if more than one minute of normal time, of course, erection time is not better, in general, the proper erection time should enable both partners to achieve a satisfactory sex life, this time before erection is the best. Once sustained erection more than four hours, in respect of timely treatment to prevent priapism caused irreversible structural damage.

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