How to effectively treat erectile dysfunction by food?

In this modern life, male impotence seems to be a common disease, impotence refers to the man’s penis atrophy soft, can not erect, or reluctantly erection, but not held, can not carry out normal sex life, may be because now life stress Too heavy or because there is usually no good living habits may also be because of the usual sexual life in life, these reasons are very likely to lead to the occurrence of this situation, impotence treatment process is relatively complex, and The time of treatment is also very long.

First: a lot of time we are male impotence are starting from the food treatment, so usually the male diet must be very attention, can not eat some of the prostate prostate stimulating food, such as some spicy food, some stimulation Fried food is not possible.

Second: usually life is also a lot of time for the male kidney has a regulatory function, such as lamb can be used to make up the essence and blood, but also help the role of Yuanyang, there are some marine products such as shrimp, shrimp calcium content High, impotence, kidney, fill the role of fine.

Third: the stomach of the patients usually have to remember to eat some vegetables, can not underestimate the vegetables, vegetables which contain a lot of nutrients for men’s sexual function is also adjusted, for example, leek is what we often say from the grass , Can help men adjust.

Men in addition to the diet should pay attention to these, as well as in normal life is not lazy, to remember a lot of exercise every day to improve our own immune capacity, so that the male sexual function is also adjusted.

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