How to improve sexual ability for middle-aged men?

Men to middle aged and due to life stress and physical reasons, there will be a significant decline in sexual performance, then the middle-aged men appear to decline how to do sex? How to improve sexual ability?

How to improve the sexual ability of middle-aged men?

1. Self-psychological adjustment. Encounter troubles and sorrows, should be calm thinking, should not be long-term burden on the back, timely relaxation and adjustment of tension, ease and eliminate anxiety. Do some of your favorite things, such as listening to music, participate in collective activities and read useful books, or find family friends and relatives to talk, but the mood will be comfortable, sexual repression will gradually fade.

2. Actively participate in physical exercise. Persistent, proper physical exercise and outdoor activities will be beneficial to you, keep daily exercise, adjust stressful mental work or neuromuscular disorders, such as jogging or walking for 30 minutes a day. For a regular life, to ensure adequate sleep, and actively lose weight.

3. Avoid bad habits, to avoid unhealthy eating habits. Reduce the importance of entertainment, avoid alcoholism, control diet, fully aware of the importance and necessity of smoking cessation.

4. Excluding the disease, if necessary, go to the hospital. Eliminate urinary system diseases such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, or other diseases such as endocrine diseases, various systemic chronic diseases.

5. Family care, family harmony. Is conducive to the elimination of work and life in the tension. For her husband’s sexual desire and sexual decline, his wife should be treated frankly, tolerant treatment, caring and considerate, eliminate concerns, take the initiative with the treatment.

6. Active treatment. Reluctantly, depressed uncomfortable people, Chinese medicine performance for the liver qi stagnation. For more stubborn sexual loss, can be combined with traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment. At the same time to overcome the psychological barriers, if necessary, to find a psychiatrist to help.

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