Improve the sexual function for middle-aged men

How can you be able to promote sexuality, and that the following methods, you may feel nothing new, but it is a good way to have no side effects.


1. Exercise can enhance the sexual function for middle-aged men

For men, the one-time behavior of oxygen consumption, rapid heartbeat, blood pressure rise, just like to climb 2 or 3 stairs. If you climb 2 or 3 stairs to blush, asthma, then you will of course can not enjoy good sex life.

So usually have more exercise, exercise and heart and lung function, in order to enjoy the beauty of good as long as the aerobic exercise can increase the ability of heart and lung are effective, such as running, riding a bicycle, swimming, play.

The human erection and the lower body of the motor nerve are closely related, but also have a strong ejaculation, must have a strong lower abdomen muscles, and the strength of the muscles tend to help, this is a serious love of people, after the feet and climbing After the same reason of soreness.

2. Relaxation can improve the sexual function for middle-aged men

The pressure is the middle-aged man “sex” the biggest fatal injury.People under pressure, must focus on dealing with, so it will cause tension, it is natural body adrenaline secretion will increase, resulting in accelerated vasoconstriction heart rate, blood pressure to cope with sudden The situation of the hair.

Adrenaline is a negative effect on male penis, because the blood vessels relax, penis can be erected, but the pressure of adrenaline increased the results, but let the blood vessels shrink, the penis naturally slump.

3. Curiosity can improve the sexual function for middle-aged men

Men should keep themselves fresh in their lives and be curious about things.

Among the many social roles, men are best kept one or two preferences, allowing some space to be able to face their own desires and setbacks.

“Fantasy is God’s best gift to mankind, especially in the physical retirement, it is a self-pursuit of life in a self-seeking,” said American sexologist, Target. “However, those creative fantasies should be tried with his wife, not to steal fishy.

4. Middle-aged man pay attention “3 do not” 

Do not stay up all night, do not smoke, do not drink. keep the law of life, is to maintain physical fitness and to prevent atherosclerosis caused by the basic principles.

5. Weight loss, treatment of chronic diseases to enhance men’s sexual function

Because of the disease (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids) caused by sexual dysfunction, there is no cure, so the most important prevention methods, or good control of the disease. Obese people suffering from these chronic diseases more likely than others, so the most good or to lose weight.

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