Laugh Brings Sex Benefits

Often laugh, not only can people maintain a good mood, but also helps improve sexual life. It is listed in the US on June 27 book “Laughing science to improve life” in the latest point of view. The book reveals the many benefits of laughter to bring sex.

First of all, laughter is a dose of natural “aphrodisiac”, the number of human life more laughter. American psychologist Dr. Tiffany gender Davies pointed out, there are a number of studies have shown that laughter can make the brain produce more endorphins happy hormone, which can make people become more active, more outgoing more gregarious, and therefore more likely to attract the opposite sex. But also stimulate the pituitary gland often laugh, to produce more endorphins, reduce stress, thereby increasing libido, people can quickly enter the state of passion. Meanwhile, two people in love in intimate acts before they occur, pleasant smile or laugh, can bring positive emotions, causing resonance, evoking both sides sexual excitement.

Secondly, laughter and exercise the body can activate multiple muscles, including the “love muscle.” “Love Muscle” is a group of pelvic floor muscles to help complete sex. Regular exercise can help men control ejaculation, erection enhancement; help women improve vaginal scalability, increase the chance of orgasm. An Australian study shows that laughter five minutes on the “love muscle” exercise effect is equivalent to 10 minutes zoned Han Chuan.

Again, laughter can often help improve heart function, promote blood circulation, and thus help prevent male sexual erectile dysfunction (ED). Mayo Clinic study found that men with erectile requires a lot of blood into the penis, and it is this continuous heart, the root of a stable blood supply, the laughter just to help the heart blood supply, thereby improving erectile.

Finally, laughter can also help lose weight, reduce the negative impact of obesity on sex. Laughing 10 to 15 minutes a day, one can reduce the weight down in 1 to 2 kg. Diet helps to improve the quality of married life. Mainly include:

1. Abdominal obesity can hinder the penis into the vagina, the impact of sexual action. If couples are obese, it will lead to vaginal intercourse impossible. Husband, wife, obesity can easily lead to discomfort or even “sex crush syndrome”.
2. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, and diabetes is likely to cause nerve and vascular disease, will inevitably affect the regulation of sexual function.
3. Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure, and many antihypertensive drugs will reduce sexual function.
4. Endocrine diseases caused by obesity itself can cause sexual dysfunction.

Source: Blue Diamond, 72HP