Male Over Sex, In The End How Much Hurt The Body ?

Sex is good, but not excessive overdraft, naturally occurring, do not lust, not barely do it. Once it is released on the climax of it, but if you do not have to worry about exotic dull, safe accomplishment let it go and wait for the next orgasm to come.

After the sexual impulses of the root causes of back pain

After the passion you will not feel back pain? Some people think this is the kidney, it is not. If you have failed to reach sexual climax, pelvic congestion due to the emergence of back pain cases, the best solution of course is that each time there is the desire to make it happen, but if pelvic congestion and back pain that has been generated, then sleep When trying to elevate the waist with a pillow, which helps relieve back pain.

Male pelvic congestion is due to the genitals, gonads congestion, which led to a series of male symptoms, such as testicular bulge, groin pain, lower back pain, back pain, unable to urinate, etc. Occur in sexually active young adults but can not receive timely release. Intimate act between lovers, such as touching, hugging, kissing, etc., can as sexual stimulation, caused by reflex excitability of the cerebral cortex, the excitement on the one hand can cause penile erection, on the other hand also allows the gonads increased secretion .

When a large number of secretions, including prostatic fluid, seminal fluid, etc. accumulate in the seminal vesicles, vas deferens, epididymis and the urethra, if the sex and ejaculation of semen on the composition of these secretions, along with one by sperm injection. However, if you do not ejaculate, these secretions to accumulate in the body, the prostate, vas deferens and epididymis and other passive expansion, stimulation of these organs, nerves, causing pain reflex. Only testicular pain initially, with sexual excitement increased, the pain will spread upward along the vas deferens, causing abdominal pain, and even low back pain. Because these organs filling pressure stimulation of the urethra, the urethra is squeezed together, they had to urinate frequently, but no solution in the case of urine. After the first male ejaculation, pelvic congestion subsided time for a quarter to half an hour, while the absence of orgasm, the pelvic congestion takes one day to subside.

Sex should not fight fatigue

Under normal circumstances, a variety of central nervous system and the cerebral cortex of excitement central coordinating role in a dynamic state, if the cerebral cortex of the central inhibition enhanced sexual arousal, can involve all aspects of sexual function, but also can affect only a particular sexual function of stage and location. If erection involving the central, the performance of impotence. Typically in such cases, a small telephone call or a knock, will strongly stimulate the young man’s nerves, anxiety and fear is easy for the central nervous system regulating the imbalance, can not establish a normal sexual response mechanisms.

In addition, on the fatigue strength can also cause impotence, because of muscle fatigue or due to excessive use of the brain, depression, anxiety, stress and other psychogenic fatigue caused interference to arouse sexual desire, reduced brain function, including inhibition of sexual interest, cortical edge system reduces emotional excitability, and pituitary gonadotropin secretion and testicular androgen reduction reduces sexual arousal. In addition, the penis do not move or move without kin of mental disorder will become a major factor in causing impotence, if not corrected, will allow intensified degree of impotence.

Aggravate impotence refers to the role of fatigue due to fatigue in vivo lipid peroxidation produce large amounts of “fatigue substances,” said that such lipid damage directly caused by biofilm, a long time, the reproductive system pathology may cause irreversible damage caused by device quality changes. Thus, impotence caused by chronic fatigue, often in the earlier psychogenic, along with the continuous accumulation of fatigue, the gradual transition to organic and eventually become permanent.

Prevent fatigue induced impotence, to do the following: rational organization of work, with the brain science, positive fatigue, preventing the development of acute fatigue from chronic fatigue. In addition there must be a sufficient amount of rest, but also to actively participate in physical exercise. Do not force to have sex when tired.

Interrupt ejaculation will harm the body

In life, some men in order to prolong the pleasure, with the partner’s climax, while consciously delay ejaculation time, in fact, extend or discontinue ejaculation behavior not only useless anti beverages. The causes of male impotence are many, one of which is due to various reasons, do not tolerate sexual ejaculation often caused.

In the life of the man in a sudden stop when approaching ejaculation sexual intercourse, the purpose is to prevent sperm injection in vitro. Coitus interruptus causes vary: Some people think that radio can not tolerate the longevity, but also because some couples do not want to take contraceptive measures and forced to interrupt, but some people want to extend the time for sex.

From the physical point of view, coitus interruptus make the whole reproductive system and pelvic congestion can not be quickly dissipated, the cerebral cortex and the spinal cord is still a long state of tension can not be calm, seminal vesicles and other accessory glands have not emptied. From a psychological point of view, sexuality can not be met, will result in the sympathetic nervous anxiety. The female point of view, it is difficult to interrupt intercourse or good sex experience, followed by boring sex life. Regular coitus interruptus, make both men and women with chronic pelvic congestion caused by back pain, backache, abdominal pain and other negative effects of poor sleep.

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