Massage Improve Sexual Ability With Significant Effect

Man’s sexuality has always been men and women are worried about the problem, if a man sexuality is bad, certainly can not meet in the sexual life of women, women have complained that, while very inferior man is guilty, so sex expert gives you some help improve sexual way is through massage to improve your sexual power.

Massage improve sexual life with significant effect

Lumbosacral massage. Sitting in a chair, or face down on the bed. Natural outstretched finger, the whole palm attached to the lumbosacral region, the pressure should not be too much under the palm,

Upper arm initiative, led palm, rub back and forth linearly. Frequency of 100-120 beats per minute, for 5 minutes to warm appropriate. When the operating force should be steady, sustained action should be uniform, breathing naturally, can not breath.

Massage genitalia. Before going to bed or leaning against the bed, legs naturally straight, slightly separated. Rub your hands, the hands of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger gently pinch the testes,

Gentle massage with the thumb. Then slipped bilateral epididymis, with your fingers gently twisting action massage. Finally, a hand gently penis to penis swell for the degree. The whole process for about five minutes. It should be noted that the external genitalia massage technique should be light not heavy, grasp light, soft, slow, uniform principles. In addition, people with epididymitis, urethritis patients and other reproductive system diseases should not use this technique.

Foot massage. Tuirou primarily with the thumb Yongquan foot palm before the middle of the depression. Focus on Yongquan unidirectionally linear motion massage with the thumb; or on fixed thumb Yongquan,

Forearm initiative swing, a gentle easing thumb drive swing. Tuirou frequencies around 120 beats per minute. Reflexology 2 minutes on each side.

Massage the lower abdomen. Mainly refers to massage the navel to the pubic hairs international sites between. Massage, leaning against the bed or lying in bed, naturally palm outstretched, attached to the lower abdomen the middle,

In the center of the wrist, forearm rotates together with the rhythm of nature. And coordinated action to ease, frequency about 120 times per minute, massage sustainable 5 minutes.

Improve men sexual performance of eight coups:

Good sexuality is an important symbol of man, in fact, normally some small change can help to enhance male sexual function. Recently, the United States, “Men’s Health” Web site published an article on men to make a guide.

1. Treatment of snoring. All organs of the body require sufficient oxygen to maintain the normal operation, the penis is no exception. Snoring can cause the body of oxygen, thereby affecting erectile function. If you have snoring problems, we recommended to choose a relatively high pillow. Serious problems need medical treatment.

2. Eat dark fruit. Dark fruits rich in anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant, helps male reproductive health. Such fruits including blueberries, grapes and purple cabbage and other vegetables in.

3. Exercise levator ani. A British study found that exercise the pelvic floor muscles, which is often levator ani action, can significantly improve the ability to control when the male sex. Action is very simple, at their leisure, contraction of the anus, and then relax, each lasting 10 seconds, falling naturally effective, perseverance.

4. Determined to quit smoking. Smoking can damage blood vessels, so that men suffer from erectile dysfunction the possibility of doubling. However, if men can stop smoking before age 50, and that this kind of sexual dysfunction due to smoking can lead to a faster recovery.

5. Eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a substance helps dilate blood vessels, thereby enhancing sexual function. Studies have shown that eating 45 grams of dark chocolate a day or so, you can make men better erections.

6. Check the drug. Some treatment of hypertension, depression drugs may reduce sexual function, if you encounter such problems, should consult a doctor promptly, to be adjusted.

7. Meditation exercise. Stimulate sexual desire does not rely on the visual, but also inseparable stimulate various aspects of touch, smell, taste, etc., and anxiety will be reduced sensory function. Take a few minutes each day to practice calm, can help you reduce stress, reduce the secretion of adrenaline and help restore sexual function.

8. Less abdominal fat. Abdominal fat may affect male hormone secretion, so that men decreased libido, studies have shown that obese people lose weight one kilogram, sexuality can be significantly improved.

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