Middle-aged men’s sexual ability “emergency”

38-year-old Gu manager of the work of heavy pressure at night and busy entertainment, and ultimately, smoking and drinking, weight out of control. The most disturbing of him is sexual desire and sexual decline, and often accompanied by anxiety, depression, poor sleep and self-esteem damage, the relationship between husband and wife began to be a little nervous … This is a countless middle-aged men in a typical case.

Business and family burden, interpersonal stress, mental loss and other factors can lead to reduced sexual desire and sexual desire.

Inadvertently formed bad habits for the declining sexual ability “fueled.” Studies suggest that long-term smoking leads to chronic nicotine poisoning, can cause loss of libido, sexual dysfunction is a risk factor; excessive drinking, often lead to sexual inhibition or even lose sexual ability, can not complete sexual behavior. Recent studies have found that alcohol can damage the testis, the blood can appear anti-testicular antibodies, may be associated with testicular atrophy, decreased sexual performance. Although alcohol can “improve desire”, but studies have shown that chronic alcoholism in more than half of sexual decline; obesity patients susceptible to diabetes or high blood pressure, these diseases can lead to decreased sexual performance. Male obesity patients may appear blood testosterone levels decreased estrogen levels, resulting in decreased libido and sexual performance.

6 methods to effectively improve the male sexual ability:

1, Self-psychological adjustment encountered trouble sadness, should be calm thinking, should not be long-term burden on the back, timely relaxation and adjustment of tension, ease and eliminate anxiety. Do some of your favorite things, such as listening to music, participate in collective activities and read useful books, or find family friends and relatives to talk, but the mood will be comfortable, sexual repression will gradually fade.

2, Active participation in physical exercise sustained, appropriate physical exercise and outdoor activities will be beneficial to you, adhere to the daily movement, can adjust the tension of mental or neurohumoral disorders, such as jogging or walking 30 minutes a day. For a regular life, to ensure adequate sleep, and actively lose weight.

3, Avoid bad habits to avoid unhealthy eating habits, reduce the entertainment, to avoid alcohol, diet, fully aware of the importance and necessity of smoking cessation.

4, Excluding the disease when necessary to the hospital, excluding urinary system diseases, such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, or other such as endocrine diseases, a variety of systemic chronic diseases.

5, Family care family harmony, is conducive to the elimination of work and life in the tension. For her husband’s sexual desire and sexual decline, his wife should be treated frankly, tolerant treatment, caring and considerate, eliminate concerns, take the initiative with the treatment.

6, Active treatment of poor feelings, depressed uncomfortable people, Chinese medicine for liver qi stagnation, can take Shugan Jieyu of Chinese medicine such as Xiaoyao San, Yue Ju Wan, Chaihu Shugan Pills. For more stubborn sexual loss, can be combined with traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment. At the same time to overcome the psychological barriers, if necessary, to find a psychiatrist to help.

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