How to exercise healthy and comfortable in summer?

In the summer, outdoor fitness becomes a little bit difficult things, do not say running at high temperatures, and even the normal walk will feel unbearable. We give you some advice on summer fitness, pay attention to make your movement more comfortable.

Change the way of movement

Summer for a cool way of exercise it, such as air-conditioned indoor pedal dynamic cycling, or the best way is to swim, do not sweat does not mean that your movement is no effect. In the cool environment is still able to consume calories.

Adjust the shower water temperature a little

Summer body is easy to overheat, especially after high temperature outdoor sports, the shower water temperature is reduced a little, help to cool the body. But also to the skin after exposure to a little rest.

Shorten your exercise time

Hot summer, do not think the more Khan will be more effective, not to sweat and forced too much exercise, each time just a short ten minutes in fact may help you achieve the role of calories, and one day Exercise 2-3 times is also possible.

Try to exercise in a cool time

Look at the weather software, find the coolest day of the day, in general, the most cool when the morning, so the summer sports time into the morning, relatively safer.

Choose a better sportswear

Thin, sweat function is better, breathable good sportswear is what you need, they can make sweat away from your skin, so you will feel the natural cool, not sticky feeling.

Find a cool place and slow down the movement frequency

Relatively dark forest path, along the coastline of the beach, are the best place for summer exercise, than the street cooling 10 degrees. And each exercise not more than 30 minutes, time and then long, your body will be too hot.

Keep drinking all day

Do not only drink water before and after exercise, but all day to maintain a lot of water, in order to make the body joints and cells are full of water, only before and after exercise water can cause dehydration symptoms. Every 15 minutes to keep a certain amount of water added to you better.

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Essential skills arouse your partner’s sexual excitement

Love men and women are so eager to share everything, imagine the two people feel the same thing. In fact, men and women have the same sense of the system, but their touch, as, sniffing, taste, listening and other sensory function is quite different. In the husband and wife sex life, the feeling of the difference is particularly evident, the experience of sexy also vary. How can arouse spouse’s sexual excitement, which requires considerable time to prove.

One, touch the power

Nerves and blood vessels and more places, the stronger the feeling of sexual stimulation. The body’s most skin does not feel the skin, feeling produced in the second layer of skin. For most people, genitals, earlobes, lips, breasts, buttocks, thighs are the most obvious sexy area. But many people’s sexy area also includes the neck, palm, soles and abdomen and so on.

In sex, the order of touch has an important role. In general, should start from the most sensitive parts, and gradually to the most sensitive parts of the transition. The beginning to touch the most sensitive parts, will only be counterproductive.

Men and women like to touch the different ways. Women seem to be more sensitive to touching. Usually they like to gently touch, and then gradually increase the intensity. Many people in their favorite way to touch the spouse, but this is not necessarily the other side of the favorite. You should first find out the other side of the real needs (such as touching parts and strength, etc.) in order to get good results.

Second, love eyes

Than the wife, her husband’s sexual excitement need more visual stimulation. This is just to explain why men love to like to open the lights, while women prefer to light dim, or completely in the absence of light love.

But women can also be due to visual stimulation of sexual excitement. Moreover, handsome men for them, with the beautiful woman for men, can cause the same visual pleasure. But they are used to avoid this.

Although visual stimulation is so important in sex, many people still mistakenly avoid using the eyes. They are worried that their appearance is not satisfactory and worry. Women may worry that their breasts are too small and the thighs are too thick; men may worry that their penis is too small and the body is too thick. Our self-lack of consciousness is so strong, often hard to believe that others will be due to their germination and excitement.

Third, sexy smell

Everyone has a body odor, formed by the skin surface of the bacteria, it is the same as the fingerprints vary. We feel that someone is attractive to ourselves and, to a considerable extent, about his taste. According to the survey, 71% of men and women think that body odor is an important “stimulant”. About 1/3 of the women think that the body of thick men than the sweet taste of sexy men. More than half of people think that musk-type body odor the most sexy. About 1/4 of people prefer spicy flavor.

The woman’s sense of smell seems more sensitive than men. They can smell the slight sweat of 3 feet away. In the ovulation period, their sense of smell is particularly sensitive.

The body is similar to the smell of musk produced in the genitals around the meridian and glands under the glands. In the animal kingdom, a fragrant complex, an exogenous hormone, plays a key role in courtship, which attracts male animals to chase prolific female animals. But the human condition is different. Smell the spice of a spice, usually not enough to make you lust. But the spouse of the body really do not have underestimated the role of sex. Modern people love to clean, always wash the whole body clean, no smell, make people’s natural body incomprehensible, of course, the smell of bad nature is also very upset. Therefore, the best way is to keep clean and keep the body fragrant.

Four, taste and sex

Our taste buds are about 10,000, according to different sensory functions distributed in different parts of the tongue: tongue taste buds feel sweet, tongue side taste buds feel sour, tongue back taste buds feel bitter taste. Only salty taste can be felt in various parts of the tongue. This can be considered a good thing, because the body is very clean when the salty taste.

The taste of men and women seems to be slightly different. Men prefer salty, women prefer sweet. But in sex, the most important thing is to remove any uncomfortable taste. Most of us like to have sex with our spouse after bathing. Although the film and advertising often sweat to promote as “sexy media”, but in fact few people willing to just finished tennis or golf after kissing the spouse and make love.

A good look at this sexy guide will help you understand the physical characteristics of you and your spouse, your sense of excitement, so that the sex life more pleasant. Super hard pills, black ant king and black king kong are popular products for improve male sexual performance.

You are so hard but still can’t slim down, all due to these weight loss errors

Guide Reading: We are angry to the people who no matter how much they eat, but don’t gain fat, while we are also finding the lose weight recipes to our body. From eat less, not to eat, to lug to eat … … perhaps in the “how to eat to can slim” problem varies from person to person, but the mine can not step on, or you didn’t slim down, but the healthy boat had been turned.

For many beautiful girls, summer vest shorts are essential. But the beautiful premise is to have a sexy slim figure, weight loss is inevitable. In fact, weight loss also need to be careful. Want to show your good body this summer, take a look at these big errors are there. Do not let some of the wrong diet weight loss methods hinder your weight loss plan.

Misunderstanding 1: meal products to lose weight

On behalf of the meal, that is, on behalf of the meal powder, on behalf of the meal bar, on behalf of the meal or on behalf of the meal fruit and vegetable juice, etc., instead of 1 to 2 meals a day part of the food, generally for fast weight loss, or busy, too lazy to cook people The

The truth:

For those who do not have the impact of disease or genetic factors, the use of food on behalf of the principle of negative balance of energy, as long as the strict accordance with the provisions of eating, usually in a short time thin down. However, the product claims that the satiety effect varies from person to person, many people can not tolerate hunger can not strictly abide by, resulting in abortion plans abortion.

Moreover, the heat of the meal is much lower than the recommended minimum calorie calorie standard, so that only in a short time will produce results, and it causes a decline in basal metabolism, will make our weight becomes very easy to rebound.

The most important thing is that long-term lack of heat, especially the lack of adequate carbohydrates, but also likely to cause blood sugar instability, nutritional absorption function decline, slow response and other serious consequences, careful!

Misunderstanding 2: every day to eat dark chocolate to lose weight

The truth:

Experiments show that the content of sodium and sugar in dark chocolate is indeed lower than milk chocolate, white chocolate, but the fat content (especially the content of saturated fat) is still very high. According to nutrition data website NutritionData shows that 100 grams of dark chocolate with calories 599kcal, containing fat 43g (including saturated fat 24g), is 66% of daily fat intake, saturated fat content is more than the daily intake.

Although studies have shown that dark chocolate may suppress appetite, it does not mean that it is “slimming food”. Weight is not controlled by a certain kind of food, the overall balance of energy balance is the key factor in determining the weight. For those who want to lose weight, the core problem is not what food to eat, but rather the total intake of energy. After dinner, pieces of dark chocolate? Come on! Your energy is close to the table!

Misunderstanding 3: Do not eat after eight o’clock night

The truth:

Cause you fat is not the time you eat, but what you eat, how much to eat.

Some weight loss recipe is recommended that you eat dinner in advance, after not allowed to eat, because now the office workers because of living habits, at dinner is likely to eat a meal.

As the modern people generally fall asleep, after eight can not eat the result is: late at night ten hungry … … this experience I believe you must not unfamiliar! This hunger is either disturbing your sleep, or it is likely to trigger a nightly snake bomb.

In fact, as long as the dinner, but the amount of small partners who can eat something after dinner, just pay attention to the contents of the food like, low-fat yogurt and the amount of fruit is a good choice.

Misunderstanding 4: the single food weight loss method

The truth:

The Internet on the rumors of apple weight loss, yogurt diet and so on “every day to eat a single food” approach, can really reduce the energy intake, substantial consumption of fat, but so the inevitable result in reduced metabolism.

Low intake of energy leads to low expenditure, until the recovery of diet, energy intake and expenditure balance is broken, weight rebound is yes. Coupled with a single food caused by in vivo nutritional imbalance, the body does not say, into a yellow face woman is afraid to cry too late.

Talk so much, then how to eat can be correct?

1. Diet should be balanced

Control the diet is to properly control the “quantity” rather than “type”. Rich species not only let us intake of a variety of nutrients, but also to make taste buds open, feel comfortable, and enhance the sustainability of thin.

2. Focus on eating

The study found that people who eat distractions will eat more when compared to those who concentrate on eating.

Members of the computer side of the side of the work side of the meal, facing the phone while chasing the side of the small partner eating, beware of the intake of “spiritual food” at the same time, your “food” also followed up.

3. Want to slim fast, eat like this 3 days lose weight recipes

Day 1:

Breakfast: black sesame red bean porridge bowl, tea eggs, a cold radish silk dishes

Lunch: clear stew carrot white radish lamb 1 bowl, parsley mixed with tofu silk 1 small plate, bread half

Dinner: red dates wolfberry black chicken noodles 1 bowl (containing a few pieces of chicken, 50 grams noodles, vegetables, mushrooms a few flowers)

Day 2:

Breakfast: red bean rice porridge bowl, refreshing dishes a dish (cucumber, carrot, celery with boiled spiced peanuts), longan or jujube

Lunch: tomatoes scrambled eggs, edible fungus mixed with celery, fried oil and wheat, rice bowl

Dinner: spinach pig blood tofu soup, fried potatoes silk, cold cabbage heart

Day 3:

Breakfast: a cup yogurt, whole wheat bread one to two, one egg or one apple

Lunch: fried spinach, a small bowl of rice, shrimp fried bitter gourd

Dinner: an apple, a cup of yogurt

Source: Women Health

You Will Select The Girl is Hot or Fit For Sex

When faced with a girl on the bus, which word automatically comes to mind? Maybe it’s a case of national pride, but I know where my allegiances lie…

That man or woman that you see every evening on the bus ride home, do you think that they are “hot”, or “fit”?

If you think they are the former then the chances are that you live in North American (or watch too many North American TV shows) but if you think they are the latter then it’s pounds to pence that you hail from the British Isles.

There isn’t much that Britain has still got going for it but the natives use of the native language can, on rare occasions, speak with searing honesty about the world we live in and help transcend the pale verbiage that our language has become.

So while distinguishing between the uses of “hot” and “fit” may not seem all that consequential in the grand scheme of things, there is in fact some value in exploring the difference between those two small sounds.

First take the time to say both words out loud.

‘Hot’ can only be uttered as an exaggerated sigh that somehow serves to emphasize the unavailability of the object of desire.

It is, at its heart, an adolescent term that conjures up images of distant college athletes and nubile cheerleaders who forever frolic on the faraway playing fields but never venture toward the seats of the bleachers (let alone to that space beneath the bleachers that is, if only symbolically, a yawning chasm of sexual opportunity).

“Hot” is all Letterman jackets and white frilled pom-poms, clichéd objects that serve as tired fetishes rather than actual, unadulterated, desires.

Now say the word “fit”.

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How to adjust the sex barrier between husband and wife ?

Between husband and wife once there is a sexual disorder, the feelings for the couple is very unfavorable, but many of the husband and wife have ignored such a problem! There are many factors related to sexual disorder between husband and wife, and sex is perfect with the husband and wife both the degree of intimacy has a great relationship. So, if there are sexual disorders, couples should be how to adjust it?

1. Express feelings

Both sides of the couple to get real sexual satisfaction, they should often exchange their feelings in the sex life, to promote mutual understanding, so as to satisfactorily solve the problem of sexual intercourse between the strength of inconsistencies, coordination of both orgasm, so that Life tends to be perfect.

2. Update the content

Married husband and wife for many years, sometimes feel sex life monotonous, dull feeling, and gradually produce a boredom, which is the taboo of husband and wife life. At this time, both husband and wife should be bold in different times and different places to make love to enhance the romantic color.

3. Imagine fun

Emotional imagination can enhance both sexual excitement. In the process of sexual life, the husband can think of his wife as a passionate and bold woman, the wife can think of her husband as a favorite idol, both sides do not have to feel guilty, this can enhance each other’s sexual desire. But do not tell your spouse of fantasy secret, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

4. Avoid anger

Occasional quarrel between husband and wife does not mean that the relationship between husband and wife has been very bad, but if the anger is not required to make love, the result must be self-seeking trouble, sometimes anger, the best temporary stop sex. Once the debate subsided, the two sides get understanding, and then into the embrace of the spouse, will get the most sweet sexual satisfaction.

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5 High Quality Sex Standards, Are You Up To It ?

Between men and women in the enjoyment of sexual intercourse when the quality of sex can not be ignored, or between the freshness of the past, and may lead to both sides of the cold. In fact, high-quality sex is also a standard, usually there are five standards for reference, we can according to the enumeration of these standards, test their own sex quality is standard.

1, Learn to say “no”

Some women often say “no” to their husband’s sexual demands. Sexual life and harmonious couples, both sides to meet each other’s sexual demands as the most important, will try to overcome their original resistance, learn to say “no”.

2, Wonderful balance

In sexual life, each side must pay and accept both men and women need to serve each other and accept each other’s services. A perfect balance between the couple, who is happily offered, with each other, will make their sexual life always happy with both sides.

3, “Sex” “love” link

Not to “sex” and “love” to separate, they insist on sexual life and other areas, “mind” occupy the center position. They see sex as an extremely important part of a couple’s relationship, and they are willing and committed to their sexual satisfaction with each other.

4, Dare to talk about sex

In the community for a long time there is a taboo about sexual things precepts. Sexual life is very successful couples, never see each other as a man can read other people’s minds, but open heart to conduct a frank discussion of sexual life. They also know: hope that the other party or both sides to do a new behavior, action, posture or manner, does not mean that any mistakes.

5, Men and women gap

Sexual life of the couple will encounter the “gap between men and women,” the title, but because of their relationship is full of the other for the sake of each other to meet the spirit of mutual satisfaction, will take the initiative to make up for possible gaps.

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