New arrival AUSWANG nature L-carnitine weight loss capsules


[Main ingreadient]: Cassia extract, lotus leaf extract, tea polyphenols, L-carnitine, magnesium stearate

[Iconic ingredients and content]: Each 100g contains: L-carnitine 39.2g, tea polyphenol 3.67g, total flavonoids 0.32g

[Health function]: Weight Loss

[Suitable for the crowd]: Simple obese people

[Not suitable for the crowd]: Children, pregnant women, nurse, chronic diarrhea

[Usage and dosage]: 2 times a day, 2 capsules each time

[Product specifications]: 0.40g/tablet

[Quantity]: 60 capsules/bottle

[Shelf life]: 24 months

[Storage]: Set cool and dry place

[Precautions]: This product can not replace the drug, after eating this product, such as the emergence of diarrhea, please stop eating immediately.


Find the mystery about whether the sports weight loss bounce or not

Will sports lose weight? Find the main reasons about the sports weight loss rebound or not.

First, improper selection of sports

Obese people exercise like sports normal in the case of weight-bearing exercise. Therefore, at the beginning of the exercise should pay attention to, first select a good sport. (Aerobics), such as cycling, dancing, walking, jogging, stairs, climbing, ball activities and gymnastics, skipping, swimming, swimming and so on. And walking in the water, etc., where cycling and swimming on the knee and foot joint load is not heavy, it is more suitable for obese exercise. To lose weight, it is necessary to consume a lot of fat, while the consumption of fat requires a lot of oxygen, and long enough exercise time. So to achieve the purpose of weight loss must choose a longer time, but also inhalation of a lot of oxygen movement (known as aerobic exercise), so the best exercise is to lose weight is to walk. This is the best way to consume this extra fat. To lose weight friends should always think of “ride as walking, sitting as standing” advice.

Second, improper physical control

Whether weight loss exercise can achieve satisfactory results, often depends on the size of the amount of exercise is properly grasped. Exercise is too small, can not consume excess calories, weight loss is not ideal. Exercise is too large, more than the burden of the body, but also cause fatigue, causing adverse reactions affect health, it is difficult to adhere to. General young people can be larger, the time can be longer, the highest heart rate can be controlled at 140 times / min. Frail or mild chronic disease, the size of its exercise should be limited to (exercise) heart rate 100-120 times / min or so is appropriate to exercise to achieve breathing faster, slightly sweat and then adhere to exercise for some time is appropriate, if After exercise fatigue, but the mental state is good, energetic, good sleep, good appetite, indicating the amount of exercise is appropriate. If you feel very tired after exercise, limbs, soft and heavy, the next morning is still very tired, and feel dizzy, the whole body weakness, poor appetite, tired of the movement of the feeling that the amount of exercise is too large, you need to adjust.

Three, can not persevere

The purpose of exercise to lose weight is to improve the metabolism, consumption of excess body fat. Exercise a lot of energy consumption, the strongest weight loss effect. After stopping the campaign, the strong metabolism of the body will continue for some time, the so-called “post-effect.” This “post-effect” duration is short and generally no more than one day. If the exercise 3 days, then rest 3 days, it may be due to “after effect” disappeared, appetite and excessive consumption, so that the original weight loss effect was offset, so come to naught. At the same time, it should be noted that the beginning of the weight loss exercise within 45 days is difficult to bear fruit, and a little increase in the amount of exercise is also particularly susceptible to fatigue, it is because the fat people in the fiber fast fiber, the activities of the rapid consumption of glucose rather than fat , And therefore not easy to become thin and tired. Strengthen the physical exercise must be sustained, such as exercise stop, then the fat cell volume will increase, leaving the weight back to pre-exercise levels, and even rebound to more fat than the original.

Fourth, the time of each movement is not long enough

As the saying goes: “slow work out fine”. Physical exercise is a “fine work”, need to adhere to a long time each time work hard to practice “slow work.” Although some people also participate in weight loss exercise every day, not three days fishing two days drying net, but very afraid of tired, each time the exercise is very short. For example, each exercise a dozen minutes to feel a little bit tired to rest, this is unable to receive the effect of weight loss. Scientific research confirmed that within 20 minutes of exercise, the body only rely on glucose to supply energy, do not use fat. Only 20 minutes after the movement, the body began to use fat to supply energy that began to consume fat. Therefore, the weight loss exercise every time at least 30 minutes, it is best to exercise about 60 minutes a day, if the day did not work to participate in exercise, afternoon after work and then go home to buy food to cook, then, may wish to develop a walk after a meal The habit of walking about 1 hour a day, which will be a great advantage for weight loss.

Which exercises to lose weight does not rebound ?

1. Walking down

Use the morning and evening leisure time with this method took about 15 minutes. This method not only has the effect of weight loss, but also to promote blood circulation, correct hunchback posture.

Walking down the knee will increase the amount of exercise load, it is easy to cause damage to the joints. So the exercise time should not be too long to 120 steps per minute speed to go on about 15 minutes on it. At the beginning of the time may be a bit uncomfortable, and will be very tired, but as long as unremitting to do naturally will adapt.

2. Take a walk

If you just do it for a walk, it’s easy to be halfway by boring. You can go shopping, to the beautiful scenery to see the scenery, so that will not feel boring boring, but also to achieve the purpose of walking thin. At first, you may feel tired of the body, but also the phenomenon of swelling, but after the physical strength is no problem. Arm and legs, the greater the range of action, weight loss will be better, but do not overly barely their own.

3. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are very convenient to use. Hold the dumbbell to sit down, and then move forward to lean forward.

Both to reduce weight, but also play the role of abdomen. The key is to keep practicing every day. Especially for those who are obese upper body is very effective.

1. Legs stand apart and knees bent. The chest is tilted forward, but the back is always straight. Hands holding dumbbells, raised to both sides of the level, feel the back muscles in the force. Repeat this action for 2 groups 20 times.

2. Legs standing together, hands placed in the back of the cross, you can also open to the horizontal direction. Chest forward and then come back, repeat this action 3 groups 20 times.

3. This position requires the waist back close to the stairs to protect the lower back. Hands holding a dumbbell, palms forward, joints rushed. Hand dumbbells extend to both sides of the chest, higher than the body. Pay attention to the wrist to be straight, and the hand into a straight line. Elbow to be just below the stool.

Vertical out of the dumbbell, arms stretched out, with the wrist, elbow and shoulders into a straight line. Number 2, lift the dumbbell when the breath, lift the number of times, adhere to; then the number of four, put down the dumbbell back in situ, inhale. This action repeats 2 groups 10 times.

How is caused male sexual function decline ?

Sexual premature aging of such words, presumably we first heard, in fact, living in the work of a greater pressure on male friends, this time it is because of these too many adverse effects, and its low sexual desire, erection is not strong, sex life After the abnormal fatigue and so are very prominent, these are many people in life do not understand. What is the male premature aging caused by?

Sleep too late

Many important synthetic reactions in the human body must be completed in sleep, male hormone is one of them. Long-term stay up late on the one hand consume a lot of energy, the other side of the male hormone synthesis and metabolism. A study in the United States shows that if an adult male for less than 7 days of sleep less than 5 hours, the level of male hormone will be significantly reduced, sexual desire will be greatly reduced.

Reminder: men want to protect sexual function must be a good sleep “feel.” Child is 11 pm to 1 am, this time the most prosperous chi, yang weak, this time when the natural yin and yang alternately, but also the body of yin and yang of the gas rise and fall when the conversion, such as in this time to sleep can be reconciled Yin and yang, do not take medicine can also improve the role of sexual function.


Work pressure, long-term fatigue, male and female love of love are not into the brain, even if there is interest also feel powerless. This is because the tension and anxiety and other negative emotions will directly inhibit the erection, a long time will lead to erectile dysfunction. These negative emotions will also inhibit the “hypothalamus – pituitary – testis” the secretion of the gonadal axis, resulting in decreased levels of sex hormones, affecting sexual desire and erection.

Reminder: to relieve fatigue, you can moderate exercise, eyesight, or before going to bed before the stone calamus and leaves of 30 grams, add water, 3000 ml, boil for 30 minutes until the water temperature dropped to 45 degrees Celsius when taking liquid feet, and With massage foot. You can reconcile the yin and yang, sedative, warm pass yang, play the role of sedative and soothe the nerves.

Smoke too much

Smoking is the enemy of erection and sexual desire, this is no exaggeration. A large number of studies have shown that toxic substances in tobacco can affect testicular sperm and androgen function. Long-term smokers will appear sperm density, decreased vitality, deformity rate increased; at the same time there will be reduced male hormone levels. In addition, smoking can also damage the function of vascular endothelial cells, affecting men erectile, smoking male erectile dysfunction risk 50% higher than non-smoking.

Reminder: quit smoking is the only way out, quit smoking can be through the king without row seed pressing or acupuncture ear, commonly used points God door, Zhongwan, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, etc., you can also use puzzle, pearl powder, astragalus, Codonopsis, Ophiopogon and other generations of tea.

Drink too much

Such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, etc. These are the risk factors that affect male sexual function. These are the risk factors for male sexual function. Alcohol paralysis will inhibit the brain center, will reduce sexual pleasure. Drinking erection is often poor. Excessive drinking will also affect the secretion of male testosterone. Therefore, the drinking surface is helpful, but in reality “lost”.

Reminder: erectile function is a male health benchmark and barometer, male erectile dysfunction is a variety of early symptoms of medical diseases. Therefore, once the sexual function decreased to actively visit.

For the above is the male premature aging of the factors, so that these are usually life in the male friends are relatively neglected bad habits, especially the night stay up all night to drink, play games, smoking, and then let yourself of the sexual function has gradually declined, so we must be timely to strengthen the development of good habits is very important.

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Spring weight loss coups easily let you lean lap

The spring season has come, and the clothes you wear are also gradually reduced, in the winter eat more ladies began to hoard for the winter fat and worry about, don’t worry, you can quickly lose weight in this season, so what are the spring weight loss coups?

1. A reasonable diet, with nutrition

Many people lose weight will choose vegetarian or do not eat some fat foods, in fact, this method can not effectively lose weight. Because vegetarian, such as vegetables, grains and other food than the same weight of meat, but vegetarian food is also no lack of high-calorie foods, and fat foods resistant to digestion, after ingestion can reduce the starchy foods and snacks intake, weight loss Will play a positive role. Therefore, the intake of the right amount of fat will not only affect the body shape, but also beneficial to the bodybuilding. In the diet, you can choose beef, rabbit meat, poultry meat and other low-fat meat, cooking as little as possible with oil at night you can choose to eat some salad to reduce the intake of oil.

2. A cup of warm water before meals or a bowl of soup

A cup of warm water before the meal or a bowl of soup soup, can properly fill his stomach, increase satiety, make the amount of meals has been reduced, while the temperature of food can warm stomach, speed up the metabolism, promote digestion after eating, improve Detoxification constipation. But it is worth noting that, try to avoid the cold water or soup, because the relatively cold flow of food will make a sharp decline in body temperature, and even slow down the metabolism, especially the relatively cold friends, cold flow will affect the body.

3. After 8 pm try to eat less

Dinner should be completed before 8 o’clock, the protein will increase sharply after 8 pm, if not digested in time, will promote the accumulation of body fat, so dinner before eating is better. In addition, we must hold back the glutton, do not eat supper, otherwise it will make the body more and more fat.

4. Ensure adequate sleep

Sleep is important to lose weight, one of the most critical is the secretion of leptin and hunger hormones balance, adequate sleep can make leptin full secretion, control appetite, but if you stay up all night, will make a large number of hunger hormones, appetite outbreak, want to reduce Is not easy. On the other hand, when the sleep into the “non-rapid eye movement period”, the body’s immune cells will be activated, enhance the resistance, if the sleep time is too short, the body’s resilience is very weak, during weight loss will be a lot of physical strength Slower

5. Through the brisk walking to consume calories

Walking can lose weight, but the effect is relatively poor, and brisk walking this exercise can quickly and effectively consume calories. Brisk walking, the posture is correct, first heel to the ground, and then fully feet landing, upper body straight, waist tightened, to achieve a little out of the best sweat effect. If you want to improve the effect of exercise, then the arms swing on a large bar, every walk for 15 minutes or more.

6. Regularly relax the discharge pressure

Life in the face of a variety of pressure, work, study, interpersonal communication, modern life is basically the pressure can not escape the five fingers mountain. Long time in a state of stress, the body’s sympathetic nerve has been in a dominant position, excessive stress lead to stress eating, immunity will decline. When you feel the pressure, may wish to stop, take a deep breath, let the body and mind relax, so that the parasympathetic in the dominant position. Especially before going to bed, in the bed to do some simple stretching action, or even just stretched, can promote the body’s weight-loss factor, no longer afraid of emotions driven by overeating, physical decline caused by exercise loss of weight Good and other issues.

What we can do for the constipation in spring? Eat more this 8 kinds of food

Spring weather is relatively dry, it is prone to constipation. And constipation can lead to toxins in the body, resulting in gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, appetite and poor sleep, mental stress and other issues. What should spring constipation do? Want to relieve constipation, on the one hand to eat more laxative food, on the other hand but also more exercise, massage and so on.

Spring constipation eat more these foods:

Constipation is best to eat some foods rich in fiber, can help keep the intestinal tract smooth, such as bananas, apples, tomatoes and so on.


Bananas are rich in dietary fiber and sugar, with a good laxative function. However, this effect is only ripe banana only, raw bananas may play a negative effect.


Apple is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber – pectin. Pectin has the protection of the intestinal wall, the activation of intestinal bacteria beneficial to adjust the role of gastrointestinal function, so it can effectively clean the intestinal tract, prevent constipation. At the same time, the fiber in the apple can make the stool soft and easy to excrete. In addition, the apple organic acid, can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, help defecation.


Pineapple contains almost all of the human body needs vitamins, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption. Pineapple weight loss is the secret of its rich fruit juice, can effectively break down fat. Pineapple can also help people solve the concerns of digestion and absorption. Bromelain can effectively break down proteins in food and increase gastrointestinal motility.


It contains more dietary fiber and protein decomposition enzymes, these substances can be quickly removed in addition to the accumulation of harmful metabolites in the body, prevention, treatment of constipation, there is a good prevention of colon cancer and atherosclerosis. Daily morning fasting to eat 1-2 kiwi fruit, every 1 hour and then eat, the effect of treatment of constipation will be better.


Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, E, eat more cabbage, can play a very good skin care and beauty effect. In addition, cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, can clear bowel detoxification, cabbage contains pectin, can help the body to exclude excess cholesterol.


Tomatoes are rich in pectin and other food fibers, people are very easy to have satiety, the fiber can not only be intestinal digestion, but also adsorption of excess fat discharged together. Tomato lycopene can reduce calorie intake, reduce fat accumulation, and add a variety of vitamins, keep the body balanced nutrition. While tomatoes less sugar, low calorie, every 100 grams only 16 kcal, eat will not get fat


Walnut contains fat, protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron, β-carotene, riboflavin, etc., in addition to laxative, there are kidney essence, warm lung Dingchuan function, can cure kidney deficiency and cough, Low back pain feet, impotence nocturnal emission, urine frequency, dry stool and so on. Long-term use of better efficacy.

Brown rice

Brown rice is rich in protein, starch, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin E, cellulose, calcium, iron and phosphorus minerals, which are rich in cellulose to help defecation.

Treatment of constipation need more exercise massage

Constipation friends in addition to eat these laxative food, it is best to pay attention to the following:

Keep a certain amount of water

Constipation people generally have a dry stool problem. Drinking water every day to achieve 1-1.5 liters is the best, the correct way to drink is to drink slowly, do not big mouth mouth irrigation, because the basic can not reach the role of erosion of the intestine. Drink too much water, will only support your stomach capacity.

30 minutes walk a day

White-collar workers all day sitting in the face of the computer, lack of exercise also affect the intestinal peristalsis, the body of toxins, the pores of the toxins can not be cleared in time. It is recommended that white-collar women every day to go 30 minutes, the best day to do a set of aerobics. Usually weekend, but also more hiking, playing or swimming, this is a good way to improve the body flow.

Bath cleansing stomach governance constipation

Bath can be used in the abdomen in the clockwise massage, while the abdomen drum a large mouth to breathe, and shower the abdomen, can treat chronic constipation and prevention of hemorrhoids. And neurological constipation, will have to go along the intestine with 40 ℃ hot water for about 3 minutes, and then 25 ℃ warm water washed 10 seconds, repeated 5 times, can increase the peristalsis of the large intestine.

Hot feet everyday

To ensure that the blood circulation and smoothness can promote the normal functioning of the body, so that the constipation will naturally not bother you. Remember every day before going to bed with hot water bubble feet, want to double the effect, add a spoonful of sea salt feet 15 minutes.

Do you worry about constipation? Then you may wish to eat more laxative food, and more sports.

Men With Not Good Blood Pressure Need to Prevent Impotence

Clinical surveys show that about 52% of hypertensive patients and 68% of diabetic patients have ED. Experts remind male friends, a lot of folk remedies do not fly, the network of counterfeit “blue small pills” can not guarantee the quality and effectiveness, security is out of the question. Male friends encounter male problems, should find a regular medical institutions for medical treatment. Avoid the so-called “folk remedies”.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has always been a taboo topic for men. Today, fast-paced life, uneven diet, so that more and more people too early with diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease linked to the relationship. The ED and high blood pressure, diabetes and other closely related. Experts remind male friends, ED is not only “lower body” problem, but also to pay attention to the male body “overall health”.

Hypertension Diabetes should beware of ED

A clinical survey showed that about 52% of hypertensive patients and 68% of diabetic patients have ED. Experts say: high blood pressure, diabetes is ED high-risk groups; many poor condition control patients, ED is sooner or later.

Hypertension leads to ED, mainly due to arteriosclerosis caused by hypertension, so that lower body blood flow, thus affecting the penis blood supply, lead to or aggravate ED.

In addition, because sex requires a certain amount of physical, some critically ill or poor control of hypertensive patients, in the couple’s life will appear discomfort, which also increased the patient’s sexual deterioration of high blood pressure concerns, coupled with occasional sexual intercourse failed Psychological disorder. Diabetic patients can not erect, mostly also gradually appear. And diabetes and blood vessels and neuropathy, ED is one of the most closely related diseases.

ED treatment do not believe folk remedies

Speaking of treatment ED, folk there are many remedies, such as sheep kidneys, oysters, leeks, etc., are familiar to everyone, “aphrodisiac” the. Experts believe that for some impotence remedial and do not say, “from the grass” leek, for example, some experts have said that leek eat more on the kidney and other organs of the health of the organs have some benefit, but for the promotion of male hardness, but also Lack of real arguments. For the network is full of some fake “blue small pills”, experts believe that consumers to buy these products will certainly cause damage to the body, fake drugs can not guarantee the quality and effectiveness of security is out of the question.