Diet Lose Weight – Are You Misled By These Errors ?

When speaking of weight loss, many of our friends first thought is diet, diet control. As opposed to exercise to lose weight, the diet is not so tired to lose weight, it seems easier. But when the diet diet we have to pay attention to errors, do not ignore that diet, what are the common errors in weight loss?

Drink plenty of coffee

Many people drink coffee every day, so as to resist the temptation to eat, so that although to deceive their stomach, but do not forget the coffee is not harmless, it will slowly lead to gastritis. Therefore, it is best not to coffee to lose weight, but drink water and diet drinks.

Eat a lot of fruit

Eat fruit, of course, to achieve the effect of weight loss, but the fruit also contains sugar, long-term will eat more fat.

Weight loss process to eat as little as possible

Although diet is very helpful to lose weight, but diet must be limited, not eat as little as possible. Excessive dieting on the one hand, easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, affect their health, and even lead to anorexia nervosa; the other hand, excessive diet will reduce the body’s metabolic rate, reduce calorie consumption is not conducive to weight loss.

Eat after 8 pm will gain weight

Obesity is not the root of your time to eat, but whether you eat something more than you need energy. Excessive eating, you will gain weight. Diet to lose weight, eat only fruits and vegetables to lose weight does not work, even if weight loss was obvious, but when you eat again, will soon rebound to the original size, so previous efforts are in vain. Female friends to master the scientific method of weight loss is very important, otherwise it is easy to cause irregular menstruation and other gynecological diseases.

Do not eat for a long time

Not eating time should not exceed 4h. If you do not eat for a long time, the body will release more insulin causes people to quickly produce hunger, and eventually forget the food taboos, let go of the stomach binge eating, but more fat.

Raw vegetables

Vegetables are rich in nutrients, some vegetables contain nutrients, but when raw is not conducive to absorption, cooked food and damage to the original nutrition, so many people tangle, in fact, cooked vegetables tend to be more conducive to the human body Of the absorption, although the destruction of some nutrition, but it is still relatively healthy, so we have to eat cooked vegetables Oh.

Salads are good for human health

Fruit salad and vegetable salad more and more favored by many women, many people will think that the calories contained in salads is very low, is the best choice for weight loss food, and because without going through other processes, so, vegetables and fruit nutrition The value is basically preserved, very healthy and nutritious, this view is actually very one-sided, in fact, salad dressing contains a high calorie and fat, there is no high nutritional value. Eat more, the same will make people fat, if you want to eat low-calorie salad, it is best to use yogurt mixed with vegetables and fruits, good taste, weight loss is also very good.

Brown bread is whole wheat bread

I believe this is a lot of people like to eat bread point of view, a lot of bread is brown, it is not because of its production of materials is whole wheat, simply because the addition of food coloring, some bread and even caramel coloring, , Not only can not lose weight, but will eat more fattening. Therefore, in the purchase of bread before, we must first look at the nutrient composition label.

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3 Things Make Men Ejaculation Weakness, After 50 Years Old Ejaculation Weakness Is Normal

Male friends in the sex life, some men will appear in the sex life to reach the peak ejaculation when there is no sufficient strength to eject the phenomenon of semen. This phenomenon may be ejaculation weakness. From the perspective of sexual physiology, the more powerful ejaculation, sexual pleasure, the more intense. On the contrary, if ejaculation weakness, sexual pleasure less, conscious of the quality of life of the poor.

Ejaculation weakness can be secondary to libido, impotence, serious impact on quality of life.

Most men have a strong sense of ejaculation. According to the test, the normal healthy men ejaculation distance of 50 cm in general, some people even up to one meter. If ejaculation when the semen is not spray out, but the slow outflow, this pleasure is not strong.

The reasons for the emergence of ejaculation weakness is nothing more than the following: intercourse too frequent, disease caused by ejaculation weakness, urethra muscle weakness.

Sexual intercourse is too frequent. Will control the ejaculation of the central nervous system caused by the burden of too much can not be a good command of the ejaculation, inverted ejaculation weakness phenomenon, another sexual quality of life is not high, the man lacks strong sexual excitement, or in some psychological factors The role of the brain through the impact of all aspects of sexual activity can also occur ejaculation weakness phenomenon.

Disease caused ejaculation weakness. Such as urethral obstruction: benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis or any urethral injury (urethral stricture, genital warts, tumors) can make the ejaculation power weakened.

Muscle problems associated with ejaculation. This includes the external sphincter contraction increased, decreased strength of the internal urethral sphincter muscle weakness and weakness of the pubococcygeus and so on.

In order to better conditioning the body, change the phenomenon of ejaculation weakness, life needs a good habit.

To do to relax the mind, open-minded, optimistic; moderation masturbation, regular sex life. Attention to health, to maintain the external genitalia, perineum clean, to prevent infection; develop a healthy lifestyle habits, insist on doing some appropriate physical exercise, improve blood circulation and enhance human immunity.

In fact, if the 45-50 years after the age of this phenomenon, mostly caused by age, do not worry too much. If the 35-year-old before the occasional there is no big deal. If frequent ejaculation weakness can directly affect a man’s normal life, and some will lead to feelings between husband and wife rupture, although ejaculation weakness is different from impotence and the like, but it will make your sex life affected, frequent and accompanied by Libido and other phenomena, it is necessary for timely medical treatment.

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How to Prevent erectile dysfunction?

Once men encounter erectile dysfunction, often unable to meet in the sex life to meet the needs of his wife, or even unable to sex. Healthy, reasonable sexual life is between husband and wife fun, but also the protection of childbearing, learn 5:00 anti-erectile dysfunction.

Experts said: lead to erectile dysfunction, the cause of complex, in addition to its organs and the disease-related, usually bad habits are also pathogenic factors. So, how can we actively and effectively prevent erectile dysfunction?

Mainly have the following points:

1, quit smoking wine. Tobacco can affect men’s penile blood supply, causing men to develop penile erectile dysfunction and erection time. Long-term smoking will make a lot of blood composition changes, blood viscosity. Long-term drinking can lead to decreased male function, to extend the male sexual maturity. Therefore, the best in patients with daily life away from tobacco and alcohol.

2, learn self-release pressure. Mental factors are the main cause of ED, the work of the pressure, every day under the weight of work in hard work, and suppressed as a human instinct needs. Therefore, the treatment of mental impotence, the psychological treatment is particularly important.

3, and actively participate in physical exercise. Prevention of sexual dysfunction to continue, appropriate physical exercise and outdoor activities will be beneficial to the body, insist on daily exercise, can adjust the tension of mental and neurohumoral disorders, such as jogging or walking 30 minutes a day. For a regular life, to ensure adequate sleep, and actively lose weight.

4, family harmony. Family care, family harmony, help to eliminate the tension at work and life. For her husband appeared sexual desire and sexual decline, his wife should be treated calmly, caring, eliminate concerns, active with the treatment.

5, active treatment of other lesions. Eliminate the urinary system diseases, such as chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, or other endocrine diseases such as a variety of systemic chronic diseases should go to a comprehensive hospital for comprehensive examination and treatment.

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What We Can Do For Low Sexual Desire Husband ?

Sexual desire is to affect the sexual harmony, but many women in life will encounter her husband’s sexual desire in the gradual decline of the situation, then how to do this time to do? To solve is the most effective?

Work Out:
If you do not have a regular exercise program, start now. Regular exercise can make you physical and mental health. When you feel physically energetic, sexy in the show will be full of interest.

In such a tight material society, many people’s hearts filled with stress and anxiety. This will significantly reduce libido. Take some time to relax and do what you like, to relieve stress, for the restoration of sexuality is very critical. Play a hearty basketball game with your friends or read a book that has nothing to do with work. Getting some mental relaxation may help you recover your passions.

Go to Bed:
Everyone needs to sleep, to ensure that 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. If you have a problem with sleep, make love. Doing this will help you to fall asleep quickly and quietly.

Boring is the desire to kill. If you feel sex is simply dull, then, most likely your partner and you think the same. You can try to do some fresh things – change a position, a number of toys, another room – gently touch your partner and explore new things forward.

Sex life:
It may sound a bit out of order, but a regular sex life – even at challenging times – has proven that sex can make sex more intimate.

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How Should Do to Protect the Prostate for Men ?

Prostate is an important part of men’s health, related to male sexuality and reproductive health, then how should men protect the prostate it? Daily life should pay attention to what matters?

Men should be how to protect the prostate:

1, To ensure a healthy lifestyle, in order to alleviate or avoid disease progression. Such as sitting, not a lot of drinking, eating spicy, usually do not hold back urine, suffering from constipation or diarrhea, and should quickly rule. Because Chinese medicine believes that alcohol, eat spicy food easy to make hot and humid endogenous, plot in the reproductive organs to prostate congestion, causing prostatitis.

2, The body’s immune system and prostate problems are related. Such as a cold, cold may cause prostate disease. Therefore, men need to do more exercise to improve the body resistance, to avoid a cold cold, which is essential for the prevention of prostate disease.

3, Eat some of the goods of the kidney is very good for the prostate. Pumpkin seeds, walnuts is not only the kidney to share, pumpkin seeds are diuretic, walnut has a run effect, so the men to the elderly, should eat more pumpkin seeds and walnuts to kidney deficiency.

4, Quit smoking. The prevalence of prostate cancer smokers than non-smokers 1 to 2 times higher. Nicotine in tobacco, tar, nicotine, nitrosamines and other toxic substances can interfere with the innervation of blood vessels nerve function, affecting the prostate blood circulation, leading to prostate congestion. The toxic substances can also directly poison the prostate tissue.

5, Eat spicy food. Spicy food is not a direct cause of prostate disease, but alcohol, pepper and other foods on the prostate and urethra have a stimulating effect, can cause short-term perineal discomfort, can also cause vasodilation to promote prostate and bladder neck congestion, edema, resulting in prostate Resistance decreased.

6, Avoid sedentary, including prolonged cycling, driving motorcycles and cars.

7, Constipation rectal accumulation of a large number of feces, will increase the adjacent prostate congestion. At the same time, constipation is often forced to increase abdominal pressure, oppression of the prostate can make the urethra become thinner, urinary obstruction, adverse health of the prostate.

8, Drink at least seven glasses of water a day (about 2000 ml) every morning to drink a glass of water after drinking (70 ml). May at any time to protect your prostate, so that voiding, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, kidney.

9, In the bath when the water temperature is not too high, the bath must also be controlled when the water temperature slightly higher than the temperature under the premise of bath. Too high temperature is the killer and induced prostatitis murderer.

10, Often eat garlic and vinegar is very good, which is to protect the prostate and the prostate of the bacteria kill are good.

11, Negative energy of life and psychological factors may increase the probability of prostate disease. So the positive good mental state, very helpful for the maintenance of the prostate.

12, Perineal sweat glands, poor ventilation, easy to filth. Adhere to the daily cleaning of the perineum and frequently changing underwear is an important part of the prevention of prostatitis.

13, Men’s sexual life should not immediately after urination, because sexual life has just ended, the penis cavernous congestion has not subsided, and urethral sphincter and detrusor contraction has not been eliminated, which causes high urinary tract resistance, leading to difficulty in urinating.

14, Like to wear tight-fitting underwear men need to pay attention to, because the underwear tight easily make the perineum frequent friction, easy to make the prostate for a long time in tension and congestion.

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