Is it really dirty for anal sex? The scientific guidance of anal sex

As the saying goes, radish cabbage each have love, since some people have demand, it should be scientific, accurate and detailed guidance, so today continue to add knowledge about anal sex. First of all, it should be noted that do not divide the anal sex and AIDS, the health partner between the anal sex will never create their own AIDS, AIDS has its specific route of transmission, but first of all have a source of infection. If both partners are healthy and do not infect any sexually transmitted disease (including AIDS) or carry any sexually transmitted disease pathogenic microorganisms (including HIV), there is no need to worry about the so-called infection problem.

Feeling “dirty”

“Do you think it is dirty?” This is the first question for anal sex to ask, the reason why people do not accept or reluctant to explore the main reason for anal sex is the so-called “dirty” problem. Need to be reminded that the place where the occurrence of anal sex is the rectum, it is not the place to store stool, anal sex or anal sex tool is impossible to achieve storage of stool sigmoid colon, so there is no pollution problem. In turn, if you recently gastrointestinal discomfort, and even suffering from dysentery, can only avoid the matter of anal sex, so as to avoid unpleasant dirty situation. Some people like to live before anal intercourse or take before surgery to use the bowel agent, in fact, completely unnecessary. It is necessary to take precautions to remember the defecation and wash the shower with soap or bath detergent. If you use the bowel agent, at least 3 hours before anal intercourse before taking, and can not be excessive use. To know that the bowel can also be addicted, and it is indiscriminate, all bacteria, whether good or bad all removed, and remove the layer of thin protective layer of mucus.

Prepare for work and skill

Lubricants for the anal sex is not a luxury, but must be used. Because the vagina itself has sufficient secretion, especially sexual excitement, and the rectum will not be so, it is only very limited secretions, which is comfortable for the insertion is far from enough. Anal sex lubricant choice should be water-based, but relatively thick, the amount is rather not lack, or even the more the better, but also pay attention not to let the lubricant through the perineum and into the vagina.

Anal and rectal tissue are very delicate, unlike the vaginal mucosa so can withstand friction stimulation. Its delicate advantage is that it is sensitive to all kinds of contacts, and its drawback is that it is especially careful to insert. There is no full preload and proper protection, it is possible to tear the rectal mucosa, so that the recipient appears discomfort, irritation and pain. Even if the purpose of tonight is anal sex, you have to stimulate his or her all sensitive areas, so that the other height aroused in order to make the muscles really relaxed down.

Good idea to explore with a slender tool or a finger, you can not put their fingers as the weak “little man”, finger superior tool is that it has the feeling, so you can feel each other’s body is how What about? You can detect each other’s reaction, you can easily conform to the rectal curve. The premise is to protect your fingers, do not have thick calluses, rough rough, and must be in advance to trim your nails. You can also bring a latex finger pad with a lubricant to further protect the rectal mucosa. Be sure to step by step, progress not too fast, to slowly, never impatient, do not be too deep. Your efforts more cautious, gentle prepared, your effect will be better, the other side will be able to experience the pleasure of anal sex. Do not think that A film shown in the easy and convenient, do not warm up, do not lubricate, if the simple imitation, the other certainly suffer, and probably no “after”, and a try “trauma” is terrible.


Fear of pain is another obstacle to the success of anal sex, fear of pain seems to be born, especially in the absence of experience, it is easy to exist fear, but do not give up a lot of good experiences and feelings, do not know how to know Is it fun? Bold attempt, careful exploration, this psychological off should not be difficult to go in the past. Of course, in my clinical practice encountered a lot of women because of fear and marriage after a few months, and even a few years can not complete the sex life, through the basic guidance can successfully overcome the fear, to complete life events. I think, for the vast majority of people, it will not stop at the pain off it.

So frequent anal intercourse will not cause relaxation of the anal sphincter, and even fecal incontinence it? Obviously not. On the contrary, as long as done properly, your ability to control the large intestine will be enhanced. Because, in order to complete the anal sex, you must fully relax the sphincter, in fact, exercise these muscles, the more you exercise, muscle tension and control ability is stronger. You do not stretch or relax the sphincter, and relax them so that they are inserted smoothly.

If there is indeed damage, may be due to excessive friction, then the timely withdrawal of tools or penis, coated with some lubricant, look at, generally do not appear any big problem. If there is real pain rather than fear, then stop all efforts to withdraw the inserted fingers, tools or penis, then the pain should stop. For a small toy or reduce the insertion of the fingers, but also to avoid or reduce the pain of a good way. Change the target of sexual stimulation, continue to complete this sexual activity, do not let it become a failure experience. If only too nervous, then take a deep breath, let yourself fully relax and then continue to work hard.

Anal body position

As for the position of anal sex, and sexual intercourse is no different, optional even if the posture may be easier to try. Finger insertion can first press the anus outside, and then use the upward, downward, right, left to the order of the press, slowly let the anus loose down, so easy to insert. Once inserted into the woman’s anus, remember to move toward the G point of effort, although the mountain is playing cattle, but certainly have a very good feeling. If a finger does not feel enough to stimulate, then pull out and then cast more lubricant, increase the number of fingers. If the woman is very excited, but also fully relaxed, you can enter and exit to strengthen the stimulus. In short, to step by step as well, the key is to comply with each other’s feelings and needs.

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What’s going on for short time of sex life?

In life there are many friends will appear sex short hair loss situation, must be timely treatment. Sexual life is happy and passionate for both husband and wife. But for some people is not absolute. Some friends’ sex life is not happy. Most appear in the man, the performance of short sexual life or ejaculation time fast, erection difficulties and so on. Here to share some experience.

First: A lot of friends do not know the sexual behavior before marriage will have a certain impact on future sexual life between husband and wife. Because sexual behavior before marriage, because of excessive tension and excitement, making it difficult to change the marriage has been established before the way of life, so before marriage, must be controlled to carry out sexual life.

Second: In the sex life must be focused, do not have to disturb the outside world. Do not suddenly interrupt. If suddenly interrupted or suddenly disturbed by the outside world, will make the two sides of the sexual life of the passion. I and my husband in making love, my daughter to knock on the door, my husband no sex. After the boast. Therefore, in the sex life must be selected when the time and place.

Third: If the sex life is too small will also affect the quality of life and time, friends know? Some couples because of work or study the relationship, will be long-term separation. Then the number of sex life is very small. Once the opportunity to sex life, the two sides will be due to excitement lead to decreased quality of life.

Finally, in the weekdays, less alcohol and tobacco, do not stay up all night, exercise more, do not indiscriminate eating aphrodisiac, eat more leek, kelp, oysters, yam, lamb, pig and so have to help kidney.

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Recently weakness erection – how’s the matter?

Elderly sexual activity is the most reluctant to encounter men. Not only will lead to sexual gratification, but also lead to male self-confidence and self-esteem has been a great blow, if the daily life of a long period of life into the erection or no erection of the situation, basically belong to sexual dysfunction The Recently penis erection is how the matter

First: patients with systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, endocrine system diseases, neuropsychiatric diseases, blood and liver and kidney disease is the risk factor for the occurrence of fang fistula. Spinal cord, pelvic, urethral trauma surgery, drug effects and smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse can lead to varying degrees of erectile dysfunction.

Second, the more common in the work of tension, the cause of frustration, mental stress, male organs erectile center in a state of depression; or husband and wife feelings and lack of communication, lack of sexual passion is difficult to cause erection; or mating failure experience to produce sex anxiety and fear, fear of failure again, the more fear the more erection.

Third: fruit is an organic erection weakness, must treat the primary disease, erectile treatment, generally using the cause of therapies, according to the erection of the different causes of weakness, and impose different treatment methods. According to the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment, Western medicine on the functional erection weakness and mild organic erection weakness in the use of psychological counseling therapy, the physical erectile surgery can not use surgery, urge, hormone therapy, and supplemented by a variety of sexual function therapy instrument.

Usually to avoid excessive fatigue, and more to ensure adequate sleep. Keep a good mood, avoid too nervous and depressed. But also to strengthen the body’s exercise, enhance the body’s ability to resist.

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Recommended five campaigns significantly enhance male sexuality

Erin McNamara, a doctor at Duke University in the United States, announced that men who maintain moderate levels of movement, such as running for 30 minutes a day, staying four days a week, or keeping other equities of the same amount, those who do not exercise the lazy guy to reduce the risk of two-thirds of erectile dysfunction.

While almost all of the campaigns are effective in improving male sexuality, Dr. Kenneth Cooper has carefully selected a group of sports for our readers’ friends, which is our healthy prescription today:

1. Brisk walking. A study by Harvard University of 3100 men over the age of 50 shows that aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by 30%. Walk 2 miles a day, you can consume at least 200 calories, release the body’s endorphins, relax and help increase blood circulation, so brisk walking and other aerobic exercise can make the male erection stronger and more durable.

2. Swim. Another study by Harvard University found that swimming in the 60-year-old male population and younger 20-year-olds matched their ability and quality in sexual life. Researchers believe that because swimming is a dependent endurance exercise, and the quality of sexual quality and men’s endurance and durability have a great relationship. 3 times a week, every 30 minutes of swimming can have a significant improvement effect. Swimming in the high temperature swimming pool is still a very effective way to lose weight, studies have shown that men after successful weight loss generally improved sexual performance and quality.

3. Yoga. Perhaps you want to change the posture, to your sexual partners to bring surprises, or add some fun and freshness. And slow, you’d better start doing yoga first. Otherwise you may be in the “sex” at the critical moment, feel more than enough. Do not be Hollywood blockbuster in a variety of difficult sex action confused, it is only to show! If you really want to try new tricks, be sure to have a vibrant and flexible body, yoga can help you achieve your ideas, but also enhance people’s endurance, which is to improve the quality of life is very effective.

4. Weightlifting. Although weightlifting is anaerobic exercise, but it is to improve the male sexual ability and quality, but it has an irreplaceable role in aerobic exercise. Because weightlifting makes your body produce testosterone (testosterone, that is, testosterone, a male hormone), it is the main pioneer of male sexuality. Weight lifting do not choose light weight, the general breath can give 10 under the weight of better. In addition to other aerobic exercise such as sit-ups, push-ups are good sports, are able to enhance the male sexual ability.

5. KGB gymnastics. This is a set of gymnastics to enhance the pelvic floor muscle, the gymnastics to the United States, Los Angeles, a doctor Arnold Kegel’s surname Kegel named. It is dedicated to exercise pelvic floor muscles, the result is to strengthen the endurance and control, increase the pubic cuneulate muscle (pubococcygeus, referred to as PC) muscle control (male urine can stop in the middle, rely on the PC muscle control). Do not underestimate this tiny muscle, it can help you improve sexual performance, men can exercise through the PC muscle to obtain the ability to delay ejaculation time, extend sex time to increase pleasure.

There is also a small problem that allows men to quickly and time-consuming exercise of PC muscle. Before practicing, may wish to try to repeatedly stop the toilet is excreted urination, familiar with the location and role of PC muscle. After getting used to you, you can actually exercise your PC muscles at any time and at any time. The way to exercise is to tighten your PC muscles like stopping the urine, for 10 seconds after the relaxation, repeated, until the fatigue. This is a piece of the majority of men ignored the small muscles, it may not be as developed chest and abdominal muscles as easy to attract women’s eyes, but it is an important guarantee of sexual pleasure.

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How to get an extraordinary sex passion for couples

How to shape the romantic life? Husband and wife get married for a long time, feelings and sex life will be like a cup of boiling water, and gradually cooling out, so this time the couple, you need to learn some methods, so you find sex romance and passion, Help you through the tough seven years of itching.

1. Strengthen the olfactory stimulation of the spouse

Regardless of men and women are very sensitive to the reaction of olfactory stimulation, do not let the unpleasant smell of the “sex”, can be used for this feature, the appropriate spray is not very strong but very warm and attractive perfume, can let spouse for the soul It is necessary to have an emotional exchange and a close relationship between the two.

2. Pay attention to self-image and appearance modification

Many married couples do not pay attention to dress up their own to attract each other, previously difficult to find the shortcomings will be unreservedly presented, it is easy to lose each other’s freshness and expectations. This is a harmonious couples living a huge potential crisis, long down will make people feel dull. Therefore, in the marriage should pay attention to appearance, to moderate modification, to show sometimes tender and beautiful when the wild million kinds of style, in the “bed” dress can not hasty.

3. The whole body of intimate contact

Whether the birds nestled in each other’s arms, or boldly embrace, are a good way to provoke, so that spouses have a chance to conquer and occupy your desire to increase the desire of each other. Of course, physical contact should include all parts of the body, such as the head, hands, legs, feet, etc., you may find a spouse’s “sexual” sensitive point in an unexpected place to stimulate each other’s greater “sexual” passion.

In fact, when two people get married or get along together for a long time, the passion will have a light of the day, so that we do not complain to each other, but to learn some gender methods and skills to find two people before the passion, so no matter Married or how long together, can make sex to maintain the initial passion.

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5 Good habits improve the quality of sex life

Sex is good for physical and mental health is well known things, but this does not mean the more the better the number of sex, but that high-quality sex life is more beneficial to people’s physical and mental health. If people can develop good habits, you can improve the quality of sex. The following experts to introduce some of the good quality to promote the good habits.

Eat seven full before sex life

As the saying goes: “eat seven full, disease free old age”, this theory is also used in sexual life. In the world of food, you have to “keep” your stomach. Romantic candlelight dinner can indeed add interest to sex, but if you eat too much oil is too full, easily lead to sleepy, and the stomach and sex organs compete for blood. Excessive diet may not only lead to indigestion, but also dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, affect sexual pleasure. Therefore, want to have a better sex life, sex should avoid dinner before.

Do not stay up late to sleep

“The body is the capital of the revolution”, a healthy body is the basis of perfect love. Stay up late to believe that most people are now unfamiliar, but the modern life is too diverse, most people can not refuse the night “temptation.” Do not stay up all night, sleep enough, is a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is the most appropriate means of maintenance, to enhance sexual endurance, we must put an end to sleep loss. The prerequisite for getting married couples is to ensure adequate sleep. In particular, men should avoid staying up late and so on affect the poor lifestyle of sleep, because sleep is the most inexpensive and efficient sexual function “health law.”

Appropriate exercise to enhance physical fitness

The importance of exercise is self-evident. Good body not only need the protection of diet, good living habits to maintain, but also need time to carry out a strong physical training of the body. To know that sex is not only a technical live, or a physical labor. To be sexually durable, energy is essential. To get enough energy, only through daily exercise. Regular exercise can improve endurance and explosive power, which play a role in improving the quality of sex, because the active exercise can improve sexual endurance and promote the body’s blood circulation. Sex is a physical labor, in order to have a perfect sex, we must have enough energy. And regular exercise can improve endurance and explosive power, thereby enhancing the quality of sex.

Often stretching the muscles of the limbs

In sex, due to emotional, action will inevitably be larger, brutal some, it is prone to strain, muscle spasms and other conditions, affecting the quality of sex. Often stretching the legs and hand muscles helps to avoid muscle spasms when sex. Stretching is also the easiest way to prevent muscle pain caused by various causes.

Sex environment should be warm not cool

When the sex life to warm cold, which is essential for women. Woman nature is cold, so too cold, the couple will not be positive. Women must give their bedroom warm to do a good job. Cold will reduce the blood circulation speed, will reduce libido. So, the perfect sex, must be carried out in a warm bedroom, so you can also prevent colds. The study found that the bedroom was warm and sex better. Bedroom temperature is relatively high, help blood vessels to expand, increase the body (especially sexual organs) blood flow. Especially in the winter when sex, we must cover the quilt. Even in the hot summer, but also need to avoid sex in the air.

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