Raiders For Autumn Weight Loss Program, Exercise Diet 7 Strokes Help You Slim

The weather has been getting cooler, and less sweat, the body energy metabolism stable, people are easier to gain weight, a lot of summer weight loss unsuccessful pro who has some disheartened. Do not worry, Autumn weather is cool, it is also a good time to exercise to lose weight, plus a reasonable diet, weight loss program still can be implemented. Here we introduce Raiders Autumn weight loss program, exercise, diet seven strokes to help you continue to slim.

I believe now there are many weight loss began to worry: the weather cools, appetite increases, power want to lose weight hindered encountered. Autumn weight loss programs have to adjust it! Therefore, Xiao Bian send welfare came, weight loss plans to introduce seven Raiders fall, in the fall so that you can still continue to lean body weight to hold live.

Diet for weight loss

1. Control the staple food, and limit sweets
If the original food intake larger staple food can be decremented law, three meals a day minus 50 grams. Gradually controlled at about 250-300 grams of staple food, the staple food are wheat, rice and some grains can be used, but must be strictly limited food intake, to develop the habit of eating seven or eight full. Containing too much starch and very sweet foods such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, arrowroot flour, jam, honey, candy, candied fruit, fruit juice, sweets, try to eat or not eat.

Some contain too much fat foods, such as peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds and a variety of animal oil, cream and fried foods should also be restrained. Foodstuffs may be lean meat, fish, eggs, soy products and vegetables and less sugary, fruit.

2. Dietary fiber
Fiber can hinder the absorption of food, fiber swelling in the stomach, can form a larger volume, it gives rise to a sense of fullness, helping reduce food intake, have a role in weight control. People eat more foods containing fiber can be in a certain time be good for digestion and absorption and excretion of waste. Number of dietary fiber and more people are eating, chewing and more, and therefore slow down the speed of eating, so that the small intestine can slowly absorb nutrients, blood glucose levels is difficult to rise.

Because dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, if a lot of food, then constipation naturally reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer will decline. So obese or eat more fiber as well.

3. The amount of water or soup
Water is essential to people’s daily life needs. Summer edible watermelon, tomatoes and other thirst-quenching, watermelon juice, winter melon soup also diuretic. Excessive restrictions on water, make fat people sweat gland disorders, adverse thermoregulation, especially urine concentration, metabolism, residue is not easy to drain, can cause polydipsia, headache, fatigue and other symptoms. Amount of water, can add moisture, regulate lipid metabolism.

Often soup, healthy. Soup is good for human health. Study found that soup is a good appetite suppressant. Therefore, some obese people to lose weight on the use of soup. Drink some soup when dining in peacetime, in order to reduce the intake of staple foods to achieve weight loss goal.

Exercise for weight loss

1. Empty stomache: Fasting training
Fasting time training, you can better control the abdominal muscles, thereby better. It recommends wake up every morning, or at night before going to bed, also the last to join each training or abdominal training.

2. Frequency: High frequency
Abs requires a high frequency repeated bombing, it is necessary to conduct high frequency training, Ulisses recommend 3-4 times one week of abdominal training.

3. Cardio: Aerobic training
In fact, everyone has abs, big or small. But not everyone has a clear line because of the abdominal muscles or covered with a thick layer of fat or shallow. Aerobic exercise can help burn fat, Ulisses recommend at least a week of aerobic exercise three times. Some people may not do cardio, abs remains very clear lines. But remember: You’re not him, people have been trained to a muscle, basal metabolism high, do not move too fat burning, so obediently do have oxygen bar.

4. Variety: Action changes
Pay attention to changes in abdominal training exercises and crunches alone is certainly not! On the one hand the need to abs, lower abs, obliques, etc. exercises targeted, usually 3-4 each training group action. On the other hand, often we need to change the action, because the body will slowly adapt to an action, so as to stimulate the effect of decreasing, so often change action, you can strengthen the muscles of stimulation.

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