Recently weakness erection – how’s the matter?

Elderly sexual activity is the most reluctant to encounter men. Not only will lead to sexual gratification, but also lead to male self-confidence and self-esteem has been a great blow, if the daily life of a long period of life into the erection or no erection of the situation, basically belong to sexual dysfunction The Recently penis erection is how the matter

First: patients with systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, endocrine system diseases, neuropsychiatric diseases, blood and liver and kidney disease is the risk factor for the occurrence of fang fistula. Spinal cord, pelvic, urethral trauma surgery, drug effects and smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse can lead to varying degrees of erectile dysfunction.

Second, the more common in the work of tension, the cause of frustration, mental stress, male organs erectile center in a state of depression; or husband and wife feelings and lack of communication, lack of sexual passion is difficult to cause erection; or mating failure experience to produce sex anxiety and fear, fear of failure again, the more fear the more erection.

Third: fruit is an organic erection weakness, must treat the primary disease, erectile treatment, generally using the cause of therapies, according to the erection of the different causes of weakness, and impose different treatment methods. According to the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment, Western medicine on the functional erection weakness and mild organic erection weakness in the use of psychological counseling therapy, the physical erectile surgery can not use surgery, urge, hormone therapy, and supplemented by a variety of sexual function therapy instrument.

Usually to avoid excessive fatigue, and more to ensure adequate sleep. Keep a good mood, avoid too nervous and depressed. But also to strengthen the body’s exercise, enhance the body’s ability to resist.

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