Running Can Improve Male Sexual Performance

Many middle-aged men to feel their sexuality a bit powerless, even slowly, there is no sex, in fact, TCM pointed out that regular jogging can improve male sexual performance.

Sports medicine studies have shown that aerobic exercise, those activities can make arms and waist up endurance exercise can improve the quality of sex the most, the most typical is jogging, allowing 66 percent of humanity quality of life improved.

A US study also found that the proportion of men suffering from ED sedentary highest, and every day even if only 20-30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging, all of ED have a reversal effect. And who do not exercise compared to the risk of running more than three hours per week of people, the occurrence of ED will be reduced by about 30 percent, sexual capacity will be 2-5 years younger.

A survey found that human life like running more often. Other studies showed that runners are more sexually attractive not only from the outside, in the real and more harmonious sexual life. The reason is because the running for sex has the following major advantages: First, the pelvis muscles, the muscles around the vagina contraction, blood flow speed, touch-sensitive, improve the quality of sex. Second, can effectively improve the vaginal muscles, perineal muscle tension, enhance sexual pleasure. The third is to enhance the abdomen, buttocks muscle flexibility, makes people more sexually attractive. Fourth, make the body produce endorphins, helps to improve mood and enhance sexual excitement.

Indeed studies have shown that regular exercise can improve the body’s sex hormones, especially male body’s testosterone levels. But do not overdose, such as a continuous movement not more than two hours, otherwise it will backfire. Experts suggest that in addition to running, multi-practice frog legs, sit-ups tighten the buttocks exercise, you can increase the strength of the pelvic muscles, get more sexual pleasure. In particular, to do more hip movement, a conscious taut thigh muscles, can play a better effect.

Know regular jogging can improve male sexual performance, life also can practice, grit your teeth in the toilet when the thigh muscle buttocks conscious contraction.

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